Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 02

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Mum continued to find me all sorts of jobs to do while she was at work, one of which involved cleaning out a gutter on the side of the house. It involved putting up a ladder, and the ladder had to be set up just over the fence in the Higgins garden. Mum had already asked if it was ok, and although I’d not met them formally, I had seen Mrs Higgins getting shopping out of her car a couple of times.

I was beginning to question my own libido after my adventures with Anne and Gracie, so when I knocked on her door to tell her that I was using her side gate, I felt the old familiar anticipation of meeting yet another female neighbour, albeit someone in their late fifties.

Mrs Higgins was German, she was tall, almost as tall as me, with blonde hair that had the early signs of grey. Her body showed that she had kept fit, and I did know that she and Mr Higgins were gym users.

Indeed, she answered the door dressed in a tight lycra outfit, showing every contour.

I stuttered at first, “Mrs Higgins…mum said it would be ok to use your side gate, I’m clearing the gutters.”

“Hello Billy, yes, of course. I was just off to the gym, but I’ll hang on just to make sure the ladder’s safe, if that’s ok.”

“There’s no need, but thank you anyway, I’ll just bring the ladder in.”

It took a while to position the ladder in the narrow sideway, and over the fence, but Mrs Higgins insisted on overseeing it, and once I’d got it all set up she suggested a cup of coffee.

“Look I’m in no hurry to get to the gym, would you like a coffee before you get started. I’ve only spoken to your mum briefly, and you are new neighbours, it’s only right we should get to know each other.”

I readily agreed, and followed Mrs Higgins into her kitchen.

“By the way, I’m Hanne, I know you’re Billy, tell me a bit about yourself.”

As Hanne made the coffee I gave a brief resume of how we’d moved up from London, and my place at uni, and the fact that I’d got the year off, and how I was trying to get odd jobs. I added that I’d got some work via Anne Lansdowne and her friend.

When I mentioned Mrs Lansdowne, Hanne raised her eyebrows.

“I’m not sure if I ought to be telling you this, but I think she’s got ‘a thing’ with David over the road. I know I shouldn’t gossip but I have my suspicions.”

Hanne winked at me, and smiled, “We all have our little secrets!”

I blushed, but said nothing, as Hanne poured the coffee. Yet again my eyes were looking at places on her body that I shouldn’t have.

She must have noticed because she added, “I’m sorry, I’m not really dressed for entertaining, but I hope you don’t mind.”

This time she made eye contact, and watched my face redden, until I had to look away.

“Do you use a gym, you look a very fit young man?”

I wasn’t sure how she was using the word ‘fit’ as it had different meanings to different generations. As it turned out she was a member of the gym I had just joined.

“Great! I can give you a lift if you want, or Andy can if he’s going.”

Andy was Hanne’s husband who worked away most weeks.

“You must meet him this weekend, he knew that we had got new neighbours. Anyway I’m off to the gym now, I’ll leave the house open in case you need anything, just make sure you close everything up when you’re done.”

With just a suspicion of a touch on my shoulder, as she passed me to pick up her gym bag, Hanne disappeared outside, and I heard her car drive off.

She had certainly made an impression on me, I felt slightly hard, as I’d been observing the tightly stretched lycra for the last several minutes.

Trying to put that to the back of my mind, I needed to get on clearing the gutters. I had got my old jeans on and a ragged t-shirt, because it was going to be a messy job, and it was, but once I got started it took less than an hour.

I cleaned up, and washed my hands as best as I could under the outside tap, I put the ladder away, and popped back to Hanne’s to lock up. It was inevitable that I was going to be nosey, and have a look around.

Hanne was not someone who kept the house immaculate, in the lounge were a couple of dirty coffee mugs, magazines were strewn around, but at her work desk, and next to her computer, everything was neatly placed, files neatly stacked.

What caught my eye though, was a holiday brochure. It was for a hotel in Spain. Not unusual, except for the wording at the bottom of the front page. ‘An Adult Hotel for Adult Relaxation.’

Inside I could see that it was clearly a hotel for ‘swingers.’

Immediately Hanne Higgins became very sexual in my mind. My curiosity had been whetted.

I was tempted to look further, tempted to go upstairs, but I resisted.

I drew a deep breath, and locked up the house to return home.

Next day, on Friday, I decided to go to the gym as soon as mum had left for work. I cycled there, and was soon into my regime. After half an hour on the various apparatus I took to the treadmill for my long running stint, and pretty soon I’d built up quite a sweat.

The treadmill was jigolo escort gaziantep facing a wall of mirrors, and I happened to notice in the reflection Hanne walking behind me carrying her towel.

I didn’t stop running, but I saw that she was heading to use the cycles so when I’d finished my running I made my way over to her.

“Billy!” she exclaimed, “Great to see you again, are you here for long? I can give you a lift home if you like.”

“Well I’m on my bike, but if you can get it in the back of your car?”

“I’m pretty sure we can, tell you what, when you’re done meet me in the cafe for a coffee.”

“Cool, I’ll see you there, I’m done in about half an hour.”

I finished off, took a shower, changed into shorts and sweat shirt, and went to the cafe.

Sitting on a sofa, sipping my flat white, and casually watching the tv screen, I was startled by Hanne’s bag dropping on the seat beside me.

“I’ll just get a coffee Billy, hang on.”

I watched her go to the counter and saw the way she walked, a confident, almost arrogant sway, her ass magnificent for a mature woman.

“How lucky it is to bump into you Billy, I wondered if we would.”

Hanne sat down beside me, hitching up one leg under the other, and my eyes were drawn to the plump mound of her pussy wrapped in the crotch of her leggings.

She leaned forward, and with her hand on my thigh whispered, “It’s not often I can have a young man all to myself,” then leaning back she laughed.

I was asking myself if I really was that attractive to older women? It seemed I might find out with Mrs Higgins!

We chatted for a while before Hanne suggested that we ought to see if my bike would fit in the back of her car. Fortunately she had a reasonable sized SUV so with the rear seats folded down it was ok.

“Have you got many jobs at the moment Billy?”

The conversation on the journey home was mainly about me.

“Well I’ve got the gardening job for a morning a week from Anne Lansdowne’s friend, I told you about that, apart from that nothing, only the jobs mum gives me.”

“Well we may have some things to get done, I’ll speak to Andy tonight, when he gets home.”

“Thanks, that would be great.”

As we arrived back home Anne was just getting some shopping out of her car. Hanne shouted to her, “Look at this young man I’ve found!”

It was said with lots of laughter and heavy innuendo.

Anne left her shopping bags and wandered over.

“I beat you to it I’m afraid, I’ve already made his acquaintance!”

I watched silently as the two women discussed me as though I wasn’t there. Finally Anne turned to me and said, “Hanne better make use of you while she can, there are lots of jobs need doing around here.”

Hanne laughed again, and said to both of us, “Sounds like Billy’s going to be a busy boy!”

With a giggle Anne turned and went back to unloading her shopping.

As I pulled my bike from Hanne’s car she asked if I wanted a sandwich for lunch seeing that I was home alone.

I gratefully accepted, and I noticed Anne Lansdowne watching me follow Hanne indoors. I wasn’t sure how this would go down with her.

Once inside Hanne set about making both of us a ham sandwich, chatting all the time while I hung around the lounge answering her many questions. I remembered the ‘hotel’ brochure, and found it again on the table at the end of the sofa, so when Hanne brought the plate in with its sandwich, and went to place it on the table she hesitated.

I instinctively picked up the magazine to move it, so that she could put the plate down.

She went to take it from me, noticing my slightly raised eyebrows.

“Oh, I’ll take that Billy, I should have put that away, Andy’s leaves everything just scattered around.”

I daringly said, “That’s ok, quite an exciting holiday!”

Hanne’s face went bright crimson.

“Ok god you saw it, I’m sorry, I don’t know what you must think of me, of us.”

“I’ve heard about couples who like that stuff, but I don’t honestly know much about it.”

Hanne sat down beside me, with her sandwich.

“I’ll be honest with you, me and Andy went through a difficult patch about ten years ago, and we decided to try to do something to bring a spark back. Anyway I won’t go into details. Shit! you’re young enough to be my son, and I’m telling you all this.”

I laughed, “It’s your choice, exciting though.”

“Well we don’t swing with just anyone, we have one couple, Ray and Becky, who we meet regularly, and then occasionally we go to a club.”

I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Look I’ve already said too much, for goodness sake don’t let on to Andy that you know about this.”

“I won’t Hanne, if he tells me that’s fine, I’ll be discreet.”

I finished my sandwich, and said that I ought to get back home. Hanne saw me to the door.

“I’ve enjoyed your company today Billy, I hope we can become friends, I’m sure if you ever need a lift to the gym and I’m going at the same time…”

Hanne gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan gripped my shoulder, as if to emphasise the offer, and I smiled with some eye contact that I hoped would say, ‘I fancy you.’

Once back home I looked at my phone, and there was a text from Anne.

‘Did you fuck her?’ was all it said.

I replied, ‘You are so nosey. NO!’

‘You will though,’ came back her response.

I replied, ‘How do you know?’

‘Because I know her, and I know you.’

I just sent back two emojis, a smiley face, and a devil.

There was a pause, before, ‘You wanna come round now? before your mum gets home?’

I suddenly realised where this was going.

‘Why? mum gets back at 3pm on a Friday.’

The reply confirmed my suspicion.

‘Then we have forty minutes to fuck.’

After being with Hanne for the last couple of hours I’d become quite horny.

‘You’re so naughty, we haven’t got long, see you in a minute.’

Anne seemed to have an insatiable appetite, and I was already feeling hard when I went through the side gate, and opened the kitchen door.

Stepping inside, Anne was dressed in a t-shirt, and a very short skirt, but she was bent over the breakfast bar, legs apart, and naked under the skirt. Her pussy was staring towards me, inviting me to fuck it, indeed, the invitation was verbalised by Anne.

“For god’s sake fuck me quickly Billy, stick your cock right up me, fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Anne! …you are terrible.”

In a hurry I dropped my shorts, and stood behind her so that my cock pressed against her soaking wet pussy. Anne just wanted me inside her, and in an instant I was.

For a couple of minutes we fucked like rabbits, me almost lifting her off the floor onto the granite surface.

I couldn’t believe it when she came so quickly, and the sound of her scream must have been heard outside. I didn’t last much longer, pumping semen into her, and grunting with pleasure. In less than five minutes I was stepping backwards, my cock soaking from Anne’s juices, and the last of my spunk dripping onto the kitchen floor.

“God that was good,” Anne stood up, and turned around, her faced flushed from her orgasm, and both of us surprised by the speed of what had just happened.

“Like I said, you’re terrible,” I was out of breath, but elated.

“So you didn’t fuck Hanne Higgins? I’m surprised.”

Anne seemed almost disappointed at my lack of conquest.

“Why are you surprised, I don’t fuck every woman I meet?”

“No, but I know her, she will get you, eventually, just like me!”

Almost ignoring her comment I said, “Look, I’ve got to get back before mum gets home, she’s expecting me to have done things.”

“Well you’ve certainly done things, go on, go.” And I left with Anne’s laughter in my ears.

Friday evening passed with a night at home, mum watching tv, me gaming in my room, not even Anne to watch in her hot tub.

On Saturday morning there was a ring on the bell.

Mum answered it, and yelled out, “Billy, it’s Mr Higgins, from next door, he wants a word.”

I wasn’t sure why he wanted me, but it was good news.

Mr Higgins was a tall man, turning grey, with bright eyes, and a salesman’s energy.

“Hi Billy, I’m Andy, Hanne’s husband from next door. She tells me you’re after some work while you’re waiting for uni, how do you fancy a bit of decorating, nothing too challenging, but I haven’t got time to do it these days?”

It sounded great. “Sure, I’d be up for that.”

“Ok, if you’ve got time now, come and have a look, I’ll show you what I want doing. By the way I’m Andy.”

I followed Andy back into his, and Hanne immediately greeted me with an offer of coffee.

“Let me show Billy what we need doing first, we won’t be long.”

Andy led me upstairs.

“I want the second bedroom sprucing up, just a lick of paint. I will clear the room, take the carpet up, then it’s just emulsion on the walls, and ceiling, and undercoat and gloss on the woodwork. Do you reckon you can handle that?”

Yes, if you can supply the materials, I’ll have a go, as long as I can do my gardening job on a Tuesday.”

“Fine,” said Andy as we went back downstairs, “Hanne and I will go down and get the paint and materials tomorrow, and you can start on Monday if you like?”

Agreeing with that, Hanne had the coffee waiting in the kitchen.

“All sorted?” she asked.

“Yep, Billy can get stuck in on Monday, if we get everything tomorrow.”

Hanne seemed really pleased, and so was I when Andy told me how much I was going to get for the job.

We spent twenty minutes chatting and drinking our coffee, before I left and told mum the good news, and on Monday morning I was up bright and early for an 8am start.

I was greeted by Andy, just about to set off for the week up to Scotland, and Hanne still in her bathrobe. Both of them showed me to the bedroom, which was now cleared. All the paint, the brushes, gaziantep escort masaj salonları the ladder, and all necessary bits and pieces were standing in the corner.

“Ok Billy,” Andy said, “I’ll leave you to it, Hanne will be around today to answer any questions, she’ll keep you fed and watered I’m sure. I’m off now, I’ve got a long drive.”

Watching them kiss was slightly embarrassing, because it went on a bit longer than just a ‘goodbye’ kiss.

As soon as Andy had driven off, Hanne asked if I’d like a cuppa before she got in the shower.

I said that I’d get on and start work and have a coffee when she’d got dressed.

I must admit that it was disconcerting listening to the shower just through the wall, and knowing that Hanne was naked on the other side of it.

An hour later I heard her shout, “Tea or coffee?”

“Coffee please,” I replied.

A few minutes later she appeared in the bedroom doorway with a mug of coffee.

It must have been the good weather forecast because Hanne was dressed in shorts and t-shirt, reminding me of the shapely body I’d seen dressed in lycra in the gym.

“There you are, I’ll leave you alone now, I’ve got work to do downstairs, if you need anything just yell, I’ll make us sandwiches for lunch, about 12.30?”

Saying “yes,” I saw her disappear downstairs once more, and I got on with the preparation.

At 12.30pm sharp, I heard Hanne calling to tell me to wash up and that lunch was ready.

I joined her in the lounge and sat in the armchair opposite her. As we munched our sandwiches, I took in her bare legs, beautifully crossed, and her plain white t-shirt, showing her, still pert, breasts.

“Do you have a girlfriend Billy?” the question was the same one I’d been asked by Anne.

“No, I haven’t lived here long enough to get to know folk.”

“I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re queuing at your door!” Hanne smiled. “Have you tried these apps online?”

“God no,” I pulled a face, all those photos have been ‘doctored’ so much, I’d rather meet someone in the flesh.”

“Yes I know what you mean. When Andy and I decided to try our swinging thing, we put a profile on a website, the replies were just insane, and the people bore no resemblance to real life whatsoever. We were lucky to meet Ray and Becky in a club.”

Again I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Have you ever been with a man? I mean had…well…sex with a man?”

The question was so out of the blue I choked briefly on my sandwich.

“I’m so sorry Billy, that was a stupid question, and inappropriate, forget it!”

“No, that’s ok, you’ve been open and honest with me, and it’s only fair that I’m the same. Sex? well I did mess about with a friend on a school trip to Austria once, but it was sort of masturbating stuff, and daring each other.”

“Interesting,” she paused, “I find guys attitudes very interesting. Andy is bi, would you have suspected that?”

Again I was taken aback at the question.

“How did you find that out?”

“Spontaneously, it was after we’d got to know Ray and Becky, I won’t go into details, but it was a turn on for me watching them. Anyway Billy, I’ve probably said too much, you’d better get back to work.”

I returned to my task, somewhat surprised at the turn in conversation, and Hanne continued her accountancy work until mid afternoon when we had a break for a cup of tea.

Unsurprisingly she added to our previous conversation. This time I was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar and Hanne was standing, leaning against one of the worktops, her long bare legs crossed at the ankles.

“Do you mind if I ask you another personal question Billy?”

“Feel free,” I replied, trying to be grown up and mature about my openness to the questions.

“Have you ever been with an older woman?” then seeing my blushes, she added quickly, “Oh …Anne Lansdowne…I bet?”

Stumbling over my words, I managed to admit, “Errr…well…yes. She invited me into her hot tub a week or two back, it sort of developed from there.”

“I’m not surprised, she has a bit of a reputation, but I must say she’s a lucky woman.”

I went red again. Hanne’s eyes seemed to bore into me from across the kitchen.

“Do you fancy me, or am I too old to attract young men?”

My mind was in overdrive, and my cock, in my shorts, was playing tricks.

“God, Mrs Higgins, you’re beautiful.” The words I used, and me calling her Mrs Higgins, showed her my nervousness.

She smiled broadly.

“I’m sorry, I’ve made you nervous, go back to work, you’ve only got another hour, and you’re not here tomorrow are you…you’ve got that gardening job?”

“Yes, that’s right, but I’ll be back on Wednesday.”

“Good, I’ll try not to embarrass you so much then, I promise.”

“That’s ok, you can ask me anything, I enjoy our conversations.”

Again, I felt I was being quite bold, and I was admitting to myself that she turned me on a lot.

That evening I lay in bed stroking my cock, thinking of the growing number of women in my life, it was a crazy situation, but one that I was loving. When I came, the release was huge, and I slept like a log.

Next day I was up ready for an early morning walk to Gracie’s mum’s house. The weather was great, just a bit of dew on the grass.

Fortunately she remembered who I was, and I just got on with, at first, tidying, and then when the dew had largely disappeared, the grass cutting.

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