Moving up in the Cumpany

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Kind of a first time thing, decided I’d give writing a try.
It’s probably horribly and definitely a slow burn, so sorry in advance if you choose to read on.

In between jobs, John took whatever work was available. Being a quiet 18 year old, he knew he’d never quite fit in at a call centre but he took the job anyway knowing he had to make some money to continue paying the bills. Bills like the trips he had to take to make his long distance relationship actually work. It was tough but on weekends he’d do a lot of travelling to go see his girlfriend. They met in high school and were quite attached though often enough he seemed to feel more like the relationship was forced and the thought of breaking up seemed less favorable because she was all he had known and he didn’t want to be alone.

On his first day John walked in and was greeted by a nice girl at the front desk. He tried to pull together his words, “I… uhh just got hired and..-” She cut him off, “Oh yes right this way.” She said with a big smile. She walked John to a large room that had an enormous table in the middle surrounded by desks facing the walls with computers on them.
“Your trainer will be here soon, but for now you can wait here with the other trainees. Good luck Josh.”
“I uhh named..uhh thanks.” Was all he could get out.

She turned to walk back to her desk and half spun back to look at him again, with a small strand of her blond hair hanging infront of her face- she winked, and he caught a glimpse of her name tag that just said “Crystal”. That and that her blouse had cracked open briefly and he’d managed to get a peak at her breasts, which were big enough to be wrapped around his cock until it disappeared.

Trying not to think about that, John could tell he was turning red. Luckily none of the other trainees were paying much attention to anything and his shyness went undetected.

John sat there playing solitaire on his phone and texting his girlfriend who was asking him how it was going. He made sure to leave out his little incident with Crystal. Knowing somebody had winked at him, she’d have forced him to find a new job-and he needed money!

As the trainees rolled in, John noticed that this profession must have attracted more females than males. There were some elderly folks, some teens like him, a few girls who were carrying on merrily about the joys of child rearing, and a few girls who reminded John of Crystal at the front desk. Again, trying not to think about that-he carried on attempting to learn.

Days went by, John wouldn’t say a word. He went to his work, rushed by Crystal trying to make eye contact and dove into learning the ins and outs of tele-sales.

One morning John hadn’t been able to sleep too well and he must have drank at least a pot of coffee because by the time he got to work it was piss time and he had a dilemma on his hands.

He could dash up the stairs, down the hallway, through the training room and into the bathroom there, or ask Crystal if there was a bathroom closer. By the time he had pushed open the doors the decision was clear.

“Hey crystal..I umn, do there a bathroom down here?”
She giggled and beckoned him behind the desk to the office area “come with me sweetie.” She said with a smile so wide that it showed off how perfect her lips would be wrapped around…but John of course tried not to think of this either. This made John blush again and he was positive she noticed this time.

She brought him to a door in between two empty offices,”managers must not have to get up as early as the rest of us.” John thought to himself. She knocked on the door with that perky way of hers and another females voice answered on the inside “One second please” Crystal sighed and rolled her eyes and called out “come on Trish, how long does it take to get dressed!?”
John blushed again when Trish swung open the door half clothed with a lacy baby blue bra covering her large tanned tits and though he felt like a pervert, she and Crystal started laughing so hard that Trish hardly could get her work shirt on before walking out of the bathroom.

In the bathroom, john unzipped his pants and whipped it out. The pee stream basically started before he was even aimed and most of it caught the seat which he would clean up but the even worse part was how erect he was and how noticeable it would be given that he chose to wear that day. John did manage to calm himself down a bit. Cleaning up pee isn’t very sexy-even if it’s yours. Splashing some water on his face, he reached for a paper towel and dried himself off.

Feeling relieved he grasped the door handle and turned it and it swung around to a position on the door where Sex hikayeleri it was upside down but still locked. “Fan-fucking-tastic” he thought. What was he to do now? He jiggled the knob around a bit and still nothing. He knew what had to be done. He at least was still early for work but the anxiety of what had to be done gripped him so hard he nearly fell on the floor and curled up into the fetal position.

Knocking on the door he yelled “Crystal!??!” In response he heard her red high heels clacking on the floor, in stride towards the bathroom of doom. There really wasn’t a thing about her that he didn’t find attractive. Though trying not to think about it, he decided his girlfriend was getting a pair of high heels after his next paycheck. Ones that would sit firmly behind his naked thighs while he drew his knob in and out of her, and they had to be red.

“What is it Josh?” Crystal spoke into the door. Staring down at the ground screaming at his erection, telling it to fuck off and go away, John meekly said “The door handle, I think it’s broken. It’s turned all the way around.”

“Hold on, let me try” Crystal’s muffled voice said through the door. She began turning the knob, pounding the door and with each thrust she’d let out a little “ummph” this was not helping John’s pants situation at all.

Finally she popped on through the door and saw John standing awkwardly in the room.
“Are you claustrophobic?” She asked.
“No, just not in love with the idea of being locked in a bathroom for the whole day” John let out, surprising even himself. She giggled and he laughed a little bit too. She then grasped the broken side of the door handle and closed it.

“It’s so weird, it worked for Trish, it worked for me this morning. Why’d it decide to break on you?” She curiously questioned.
“Ummn I’m not sure.. haha.. probably just my stupid luck I guess” John Laughed.
“I suppose…” Crystal said, turning the knob to leave. At this point they both were struck with the same cold realization that Crystal had just effectively and unintentionally locked both herself and “Josh” in the bathroom together. She turned back to look at him “I am so sorry” she said in a sad tone.
“Do you have a cell phone? Nobody is around today they’re all in meetings.” Crystal inquired.
“uhh..yeah..and” John gazed at his phone, “it’s dead…or not working or something, fucking technology”
As if planned they both stared at the door and sighed saying “Crap” in unison.

For ten minutes they tried different methods of opening the door, and for ten minutes John listened to Crystal’s sexy little noises while attempting the door. On one occasion they both were pushing on the door and he nearly got so close to her she would have felt his erection grazing her butt cheek but he moved like a ninja out of the way.

Finally, they were defeated. Crystal stood in front of the door, sweating wearing a face of frustration. John stood with his back against the wall across from the door. They knew they were screwed and how this would look if a manager were to catch them. This didn’t seem to be a problem that plagued Crystal’s mind though.

Breathing heavily, crystals curvy bust lifted up and down. John was staring, she didn’t notice…or mind he supposed.

“Well we’re stuck.” She frustratedly noted.
“Yeah…” John could only answer.

A few minutes passed and they both managed to calm down a bit. Suddenly Crystal looked up at John and said, “Y’know, it isn’t all bad.” Standing in front of the door, her dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, her blouse ruffled, sleeves rolled up, legs wide, in a black skirt and red high heels she reached up to her top button.

She popped the top button, and the front of her blouse bounced open revealing her extra sized bust in a pink push up bra. It was as if even if she hadn’t opened her shirt, at any point during the day her clothes might had ripped at the seems and those weapons of willpower destruction would bounce out and John would have a real problem on his hands if he was around for that.

“I can see it Josh,” she teased “I felt it when we were prying on the door.”
“I umnn , ugh ..” John could only say.
“Shhhhhhhh” Crystal moaned with one finger placed in front of those delicious looking red lips, “Come on, let him out Joshy. I can tell he wants to play.”

John was wrong, now he had a real problem on his hands. But without any control over his own motor functions, as if his penis had completely taken over control of his body, he reached for his zipper. And that’s when Trish popped open the door spanking it into Crystals ass and scaring the complete crap out of her.

“Oooooo thanks Trish,” she yelled and then whispered, “guess we’ll just have to wait until next time huh Josh?”
“uhhh” is all John could get out.

Out Sikiş hikayeleri of the bathroom, finally. John raced to his training room and walked in on the middle of his class.
“I ughhh got stuck in the bathroom” John stuttered.
The whole class laughed, he sat down in his seat, red faced, hoping that nobody noticed his still pointed crotch.

The cute girl that sits next to John leaned over and said “Hey john, smell my shirt!” It was an odd request but he knew he had to do it otherwise she’d bug him about it for the rest of the morning.

Leaning over he saw straight down her shirt. She was wearing a top that showed an immense amount of cleavage and considering she was already incredibly massive in the tit department, he got the whole show while taking one long whiff of her shirt.

John leaned back and they both said it together, “pancakes!” They both smiled. He knew she was a bit of a stoner but she was pretty funny for what it was worth, and though she was probably stoned right now-hence being excited about the smell of her shirt, John let himself get excited about it with her.

“I made some this morning, chocolate chips, maple syrup…blah blah blah…”
John was off in his own world. He imagined this stoner…Brittany, pouring maple syrup all over her tits and asking him to lick it off. Given the size of them and how much syrup that would take, he’d likely be diabetic by the end. So he decided the best idea would be then to dip his wand in between them, let her mash them together, give her tits a nice fucking and then allow her to suck all the maple syrup off. Then he’d make her pancakes and cum on them because they’d be all out of syrup. He was a weird kid.

Back to reality.
It was lunch time and John had to pee, again. Racing to the bathroom only to find that this bathroom was out of order, he decided that he had to use the bathroom of doom, again. Subconsciously he’d hoped that Crystal would notice and follow him in. To hell with his relationship. It was too much for a man to bear and he was either going to fuck his way through this or quit his job right now.

Gunning down the stairs he glanced at Crystals desk. The older Secretary Janice was at the helm, Crystal must have been on lunch. Probably sudducing a drive through attendant. John asked Janice if he could use the bathroom in the staff area stating that he’d tried upstairs and it was out of order. Janice of course let him go and he wandered down the hall.

Because he was a clever guy, John decided he’d do something smart here and pull a business card he’d gotten in training out of his pocket, and use that to keep the bolt on the door open while he peed. Therefore, ruining the doors plan to get him locked up again.

John walked into the bathroom, set up the door and turned around only to find Brittany sitting in the corner, smoking a joint.

“Oh shiiit” she said, revealing her british accent.
“Oh Britt I’m sorry I’ll-” John was interrupted.
“No, stay. Care for a drag?” Brit inquired.
“Oh no I’m not really a-“
And the joint was placed between his lips. Shrugging, John took a bit of a drag and exhaled deeply.

“Ya…good shit right?” Britt asked.
“Oh, uh.. yeah!” John guessed.

“I wanna show you something k? Close your eyes Johnny.”
“Umn alright pancakes”
“Did you just call me pancakes”
“I can smell pancakes”
“John you’re stoned already!” Britt laughed, “okay open them”

Brittany was now standing a little in front of john, completely topless. Her tits were perky. They were large. He would have to use a whole bottle of syrup. Her pink nipples came out to big peaks and they were pierced with little silver studs.

She said not a word but went right to her work, tossing the joint into the toilet she undid John’s belt, slid down his pants and looked up at him.

“I’m going to suck your cock John.” she told him. She was a weird girl.

She placed the tip of John’s dick on her tongue, revealing that it was also pierced. With a twist of a knob on the bottom of the stud, her piercing began making a “zzzzz” noise. She then engulfed his entire tip and the vibrations pulsated through his shaft. John moaned and placed his hand on her head which must have excited her because she began moving her head faster and faster.

Beckoning him to lay on the floor John complied and she pulled off his pants the rest of the way. Brittany then went right back to work on his dick. Her big British beauties were hanging down, the studded nipples caressing John’s balls. He was in heaven, his phone suddenly went off and having not realized it was in his hand (or even functional) Brittany looked up and smiled.

With a mouth full of dick she groaned “Have you a girlfriend?”
“Uhhh..” John replied.
“Guess I’m a dirty girl then” Brittany Erotik hikaye muffled and then went back at it.
“You want to take a video so you can flog off to it later?” Brittany asked.

At this point John literally smacked himself just to see if he was dreaming. He was not, so he turned on his cell phone camera and began shooting his film he decided he would entitle “Pancakes sucks me off”.

Over and over, up and down she polished him moaning and smiling and staring up at him and his camera. At one point she began using her tits instead and at one point used both her mouth and tits. John was getting the tingles and jingles so he tapped her and she smiled intensely, pulling his cock out of her mouth she said “Come on John, give me a big mouthful, I’m your dirty girl” John nearly came just from that, but then the door opened.

Crystal walked in and slammed the door shut.

Waltzing over to John Crystal looked flabbergasted.
“What the hell are you two doing?” Crystal asked.
“I think it’s pretty clear, we’re making a porno. I’m sucking off John and he’s going to cum in my mouth” Brittany answered.

Passing over the few times John threw in a “umm” or an “uhhh”, with Johns cock still firmly in Brittany’s grasp, she talked Crystal into enjoying the show.

Crystal sat down on the toilet lid, spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy intently. Brittany went back to sucking and licking and tit-fucking the complete shit out of John’s cock and the bathroom became a moaning hot mess.

John decided he’d do something about Crystal.
“Come here Crystal” John motioned for her to come over to him.
She complied.
“Put your pussy in my face, I wanna taste it. I can see it from here”
Crystal nealt down on her knees and sat herself right down on john’s face. Brittany moaned harder, John could feel the heat coming off of her twat on his leg. He started eating out Crystals tasty treat while holding onto her ass. Crystal moaned and sighed loudly, but nobody was afraid of being caught, after all the bosses were all at a meeting.

Suddenly Brittany stopped what she was doing and John felt her move, he saw her pants fly up near his face and all of a sudden she had completely smothered his cock into her tight little box. It was so wrapped around it John couldn’t help but moan loudly. He was kind of thinking he’d started fucking her ass but upon glimpsing briefly he could tell he was wrong.

As they kept pleasuring each other John could hear Brittany and Crystal making out, they were grabbing each other. Crystal reached down and took John’s phone (still recording) out of his hand and placed it on the counter where it would be able to catch all the action.

With John’s tongue licking Crystal’s Clit like crazy, and his cock fully plunged into Brittany’s tight little box, both the girls began moaning hard. John knew they were going to orgasm right here and he was trying to hold back the excitement. When Crystal moved to adjust herself again John could see that Crystal was also fingering Brittany’s pussy. It was wet down there, she must have been licking her fingers, though Brittany’s Pussy had been dripping all over to begin with. As they both reached their high points John slid his thumbs into Crystals ass and she moaned loudly and screamed out “Don’t stop Joshy!” “Oh my god, fuck yes!”

In a flourish of bouncing tits and muffled moans both girls were completely satisfied. Britt got up off of John’s Cock, Crystal leaned forward. There work apparently was not done.

They both picked a side of John’s cock and slid their lips up and down it, kissing it, licking it, taking turns with it. Crystal returned the favor and shoved one finger into John’s asshole while Brittany had John’s whole cock in her mouth. Suddenly, John knew he was about to cum, Brittany Reached up and handed John his phone.

The two began whispering in each others ears. If this was a sport, they could win a medal purely based on the ability to jump right into a new team and work together as such.

Crystal started “John, we want you to film us.”
“Sucking your big fat cock” Brittany returned.
“Until you cum, all over” Crystal teased again.
“our faces” Brittany ended it.

With that they both continued their playful up and down the sides game, Crystal started plunging her finger deeper and deeper, then two fingers, then faster, into John’s ass, and then when they knew that he was about to cum, crystal grabbed John’s cock.

“Let me spill it on you first Britt, this is how a business lady jerks off a cock” Crystal said with a smile.

Crystal jerked off John’s cock and John began to cum, most of it glazing Brittany’s lips, then, Brittany took over and Crystal got a taste, then they both put their lips on the top and the rest came out and spewed all over them and in their mouths, Crystal’s fingers still quickly in and out of John’s asshole. They began making out and licking the Jizz off the sides of John’s cock until even more came out and John was dizzy.

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