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Nigel and I got married shortly after we both graduated from college, and fourteen years later he had worked his way up to an executive position at a multi-national energy company. This allowed me the luxury of not having to work, but also the challenge of him being transferred to a new city every few years and spending much of my time volunteering….or shopping. Not a bad life overall but, with Nigel’s work load and business travel, I sometimes found myself alone a bit more than I liked.

I was an attractive 35 year old, with long, blonde hair, a pretty smile and bubbly personality….it was what attracted Nigel to me in the first place….well, that, along with my natural 35E boobs, narrow waist, and shapely legs. Over the past several years, I still managed to attract my share of attention, and even occasionally enjoyed some strange cock every now and then to help pass the time when Nigel was traveling or working late.

Nigel’s recent promotion had us relocated just outside of Miami, where he was in charge of the company’s southeast regional office. Almost immediately after we got settled, Nigel fell into his usual routine of working late and frequent business travel, leaving me somewhat unattended in an unfamiliar place. Meanwhile, I checked out the neighborhood, scoped out the local shopping malls, and tried to get comfortable in our new home.

I had briefly met my next door neighbor – Adam – when we happened to be retrieving our newspapers at the same time one morning after Nigel had left for work shortly after we’d moved in. We waved at each other and, since our driveways were pretty close to each other, exchanged a few words as we shared ‘good mornings’ and a few pleasantries. Adam was a good looking, middle-aged man….maybe early 40’s….in excellent shape, with a great smile and friendly personality. He explained that he was single and worked from home as a financial advisor, so he was usually around, should I need a hand with anything. I thanked him, then bent over to retrieve my newspaper. When I stood back up, I couldn’t help but notice his gaze immediately drifting down to my big breasts, swaying loosely beneath my thin bathrobe. I smiled to myself as his eyes locked onto my wobbly boobs, then stood where I was, letting him enjoy the view for a few seconds, before continuing our conversation.

As we finished our morning banter and turned toward our respective houses, I saw that his bathrobe, which was not tied very tightly, had swung open in the front so that I could see inside….and I was a little surprised escort gaziantep manken bayan to see that he wore nothing underneath….in fact, I could see his penis dangling between his legs. It appeared to be flaccid, although it was clearly long and thick…I could even see that he was circumcised, with a beautiful, bulbous tip at the end of his shaft.

I smiled to myself as I headed inside, but the image of that impressive prick was stuck in my noggin the whole morning. When I stepped into the shower a little later, I wasted no time grabbing the hand-held showerhead, turning it to ‘pulse’, and blasting my throbbing clit until an intense orgasm crashed through my entire body. My God, that felt good!

Nigel was still at work later that same evening, when I was getting ready for bed and happened to glance out my bedroom window. I was surprised to realize that my 2nd story bedroom window looked directly down into Adam’s backyard, patio and pool area. I could see everything that went on in the pool, on the deck….actually, anywhere on his entire patio….and I mean ‘everything’.

As I stood there in the window, mostly hidden by the drapes, I saw Adam and an attractive woman – both completely naked – lounging together on the patio deck alongside his pool. Adam laid on a chaise lounge, chatting and laughing with his date, with his legs slightly spread, his hands clasped behind his head, and his long, flaccid cock draped over one of his thighs. The woman, who appeared to be in her early thirties, was sitting on the chaise lounge next to Adam’s with her elbows on her knees….her heavy breasts gently swaying in front of her….periodically glancing at his thick penis as they laughed and continued to shoot the breeze.

As I watched, the woman leaned over and wrapped her hand around Adam’s soft prick, gently stroking and fondling it as they continued talking. I could see it had begun growing in her hand as she continued jerking it….picking up the pace as it stiffened to her touch. She spit some saliva onto the tip, which she used to lubricate the shaft as she continued sliding her hand up and down Adam’s rigid pole.

Adam kept his hands clasped behind his head, but was obviously watching her heavy boobs sway back and forth as she continued jacking off his now fully erect penis more aggressively. With his eyes still locked onto her bouncing tits, his breath caught and he rocked his hips into her pumping fist as several streams of cum blasted from the tip of his escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan cock, shooting two feet into the air, before splashing back down onto his stomach, and pouring like lava over her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

I couldn’t hear much of what they were saying, but I could definitely make out Adam’s exclamations of pleasure as he enjoyed his climax, as his date continued stroking his glistening cock.

“Oh, yeah….yeah….just like that….keep going…I’m gonna cum….yeah….aaaaaahhhhhh…..oooohhhhhh…. yeah……aaaaahhhhhh……holy shit, that feels good…..aaaahhhhhhhh…..”

When Adam finally stopped cumming, his date grabbed a nearby towel and wiped off his shaft, balls, and stomach….being careful around his sensitive head….then cleaned the cum off her hand.

I realized I’d been unconsciously stroking my pussy and flicking my clitoris this whole time, and suddenly erupted with my own amazing orgasm, creaming all over my one hand that was tweaking my clit, while my other hand pinched and pulled on my fully erect nipples. Holy shit, that felt fantastic! Maybe living in this new neighborhood wouldn’t be so bad after all.

I continued watching the scene play out next door, as my climax slowly ebbed. Adam’s date was now straddling his chaise lounge, with one leg on either side of his hips, and her tits hanging down into Adam’s mouth, where he sucked and nibbled on her nipples. I couldn’t help it….I kept tweaking my bean as I watched Adam’s date begin sliding her wet vagina up and down his muscled abs, obviously grinding her clit against his washboard stomach.

From my angle I could see Adam’s cock growing again, as her ass cheeks bumped against it every time she slid along his torso. In no time, it was fully erect again, and she made a tiny adjustment, causing the tip of his prick to slide easily into her sopping wet pussy. She began bouncing up and down on his rigid pole, while Adam sucked and toyed with her stiff nipples. After just a few minutes, I could hear her squeal, then moan as her body convulsed in obvious pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, Adam….yeah….yeah….I’m cumming…..aaaaahhhhhhh….aaahhhhhhh….aaaaaahhhhhh…..shit, yeah…..fucking amazing……aaaahhhhh….keep going…..aaaahhhhhh….”

Watching them in action, and hearing her exclamations of pleasure, I launched into my own warm, tingly orgasm, as I pulled on my rock hard nipples with one hand, and pinched my sensitive clitoris over and over with the other.

While gaziantep masöz escort bayan I enjoyed my second climax of the evening, I watched out the window as Adam sucked a nipple into his mouth, grabbed his date’s hips with both hands, and pounded his cock up into her pussy over and over until he grunted and blasted a huge load of cum deep inside her cunt. He held her in place as he kept rocking his hips up into her twat, shooting more ropes of jizzm into her, until semen seeped out from the sides of his pumping staff, dripping through the slats of the chaise lounge and onto the patio deck beneath them.

When Adam was done cumming, his date flopped down on top of him, and the two of them rested and caught their breath.

I was completely spent, so I left the window and climbed into the shower to clean up. I couldn’t help myself….I turned the showerhead to ‘pulse’ again, and teased my sensitive clit until I blasted out another orgasm before cleaning up and calling it a night.

Nigel came home extremely late that night, as usual, and he must have been horny, because I felt him climb into bed behind me, lube up his cock with saliva, and shove it into my pussy from behind. I was still wet from all the creaming I’d done earlier in the evening, so I didn’t even need to help….I just laid there on my side, while he slid his dick in and out of my cunt until he climaxed, blowing a wad of spunk deep inside me, before rolling over and going to sleep.

Over the next two weeks, I saw the same patio show by Adam four more times….once with the same woman, once with a different woman, and twice with yet another woman. All of his dates were attractive young women…about thirty years old, or so…with great bodies, big boobs, and absolutely no qualms about lying about naked with Adam on his patio…..Adam clearly had a ‘type’.

I found myself rubbing out intense, earth-shattering orgasms each time I watched the show next door….either in the pool, or on Adam’s patio. I was definitely enjoying myself, but started feeling like I needed something more. Nigel’s late night ‘quickies’ weren’t really doing much for me.

So, one morning, after we’d been Adam’s neighbors for about three weeks, I waited until Nigel had left for work, then I got dressed in a thin, cotton tank top….no bra….a pair of work-out leggings, and sandals. I glanced at myself in the foyer mirror as I walked out the front door….nodding silent approval at how this top allowed my heavy boobs to jiggle when I walked, and also to show off the bumps my nipples made in the thin fabric.

I went next door and knocked on Adam’s door, hoping to catch him still in his morning bathrobe.

It worked! Adam answered the door in the same loosely tied robe that I’d met him in three weeks ago. He smiled when he saw me and said, “Good morning, Barb.” Then he laughed, put his hands on his hips, and added, “What took you so long?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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