Move Into You (Short Gay Erotica)

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A night of well rest has generally been limited to the imagination for Stephen Campbell for the past three months, especially for a sex-hungry young man who was also in desperate need of intimate affection. Swiveling and tossing in the disarray of blankets and pillows next to the agitated Katie Gurnick was a man merely lost. Crocodile green orbs watched the ceiling blankly as he contemplated many of the choices he’d made up to this point. It was past three a.m. and a persistent friend in his lower region wouldn’t refrain from bugging him as it throbbed against the fabric of his briefs. He’d occasionally move his legs in an awkward fashion to get a nice rub against them.

His skin sizzled from the friction yet he managed to refrain from moaning- breaking them down into deep long sighs. His hand wandered like his thoughts but never reached the point of destination. He couldn’t go there- not until he was sure that Katie was peacefully in slumber. He knew when she was asleep because she snored…hard. Unfortunately for her, Stephen’s occasional movement in the bed could be felt and she wasn’t in the most comfortable position nearly at the edge.

Stephen could practically feel the aura of Katie’s frustration and he felt pity, but not pity enough to move into another room. He had intentions.

He looked over to Katie who was turning the opposing direction, towards the opened window. A pool of moonlight illuminated her luscious figure, the blanket pushed down slightly past her waist- typical for a hot summer night. Even a whiff of her faint sweet almond scent drove him up the walls. He wanted her weight on top of his and her chest rubbing against his. Physical contact was suddenly now a life-essential.

Stephen boldly scooted over till he could feel her body heat. He pursed his lips and blew soft warm air against the back of her neck after gently combing her hair to the side. He slid his hand between her forearm and torso while planting light kisses on her neck.

“No,” she deadpanned, removing his hand from her body.

He frowned, “I want to cuddle with you.”

“No, you just want to get your dick wet.”

His frown deepened as his fingers curled into the bedding. “Well, we haven’t done it in a while.”

“I’m tired. Go to sleep.”

If anything was a boner killer it was rejection. He sighed in defeat and fell back into his pillow. “Are you still attracted to me?”

“Go to sleep, Stephen. Go to sleep,” she concluded. There was not a sliver of doubt in Stephen’s mind that if she could inch further away from him without being on the floor she would.

It was a question that now lived in his head and he wanted nothing more than to be free from these thoughts. He was a victim of his own inner sanctum- reduced to his most vulnerable self. But he also thought quite highly of himself. He was a twenty-five year old with a stable modeling career. Both men and women flocked to him like thirsting cats after a bowl of water. He had a swimmer’s build, wide chest, infectious smile, and ivory skin as unblemished as a marble statue; not to mention his best feature only a select few did get to see was his thick nine-inch cock that he handled quite well.

When he and Katie had first started dating a little over a year ago, she was addicted to cock just as he was addicted to letting her have it. He supposed he never foresaw her growing this bored of him for such a long duration. It was like she couldn’t stand being alone with him for too long without whipping out her phone and contacting a friend or going off on her own adventure. The thrill of being together was quickly diminishing.

What made matters worse is him moving with her to Paso Robles, otherwise known as “wine country” where they would be closer to her family. A decision he had now regretted as he knew he found more comfort in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles where more work was for him. He cursed himself for not having the balls to leave this relationship and he wondered why Katie was still a part of it.

The moving process was the worst. Aside from being crowded with boxes and suitcases, there were a few strangers that were hired from God-knows-where by Katie helping them move their belongings into two moving trucks. There was also the persistent nagging from Katie that he had to deal with. The majority of the hired individuals didn’t acknowledge and found their way around Stephen, an unfolding mass of chaotic energy. He was visibly uncomfortable with the idea of strangers touching his items though he was also dreading the move.

He never imagined leaving to be this hard. He felt like he was closing a book to his life and leaving behind memories. His anxieties about what social life would be like away from all of his closest friends were tugging at him. Furthermore, his mind wasn’t thinking about the worst of the worst, it was also taking him back to dirty places. It wasn’t long before his sex drive had taken the shaft of his imagination.

What if he had gotten laid? What if it weren’t with Katie? What if they catered to his every desire?

He wanted üvey kız kardeş porno someone to worship him.

His pants tightened. His cock just needed to be despunked. He was feeling riled up, partially anxious, and his body temperature had risen. The thought of having sex with someone else had crossed his mind numerous occasions as she had done it earlier in their relationship. Regardless of what they say, an eye was not for an eye, but the thought of it now was exciting him.

It was trashy, seedy, but if it ever happened, it needed to be good. He wanted to douse them with his warm cum again and again. He picked a bad day to wear tight jeans though he quickly stripped himself of his shirt so that he was only in his wifebeater.

Stephen overheard Katie talking on her phone as he walked into the living room for bottled water. “This is gonna be good for our relationship…to get away from Los Angeles. It’s too toxic out here. Stephen isn’t too sold on the idea, but it’ll grow on him. I am the brains in this relationship. I know what’s best for us.”

Stephen snickered at that. He was sure she was speaking to her best friend, Veronica; someone who lived out in Paso Robles. She gave the term bitch, a face.

“That’s funny, I always thought you two shared the same broken brain cell,” Veronica said, probably knowing she was on speaker.

“Fuck you too, V,” Stephen called out, ripping bottled water from a package on the floor. He was happy to find that Katie was kind enough to pass one out to some of the movers.

Veronica merely laughed in response. “Look, V. I gotta jet, we’re gonna help these movers get all this stuff out of here,” Katie announced before a real argument could start between the two. “Talk to ya later.”

Stephen was lost as to why Veronica seemed to go out of her way to throw shots at them and Katie never seemed to stick up for either of them. As Stephen took a swig of water, someone brushed past him to grab another box. Stephen caught the backside of him, a mover with rugged tan skin in a tight grey shirt where his biceps popped out of the sleeves. He was as fit as an ox, faintly taller than Stephen, who’s eyes were immediately drawn to the robust ass that filled his cargo shorts.

Stephen wasn’t gay though for a while pondered the idea that he could be bisexual. Bi-curious was moreso his area though he’d never confronted his sexuality nor told anyone about this lingering appetite. It’s not like it mattered. Anyhow, simply staring at the man’s fine butt just made Stephen want to grind himself against him. The man looked about his thirties, had a neatly trimmed beard, and suckable lips.

Stephen slid his tongue against his bottom lip; practically starving.

“Stephen, move these boxes out of the way so I can take a picture right here,” Katie said stepping by the patio door.

Stephen nodded swiftly, turning away. “O-okay. Can you help me get the dining table out of here first?”

“No, are you kidding? I’m not moving that,” she frowned.

“It’s wooden, not even that heavy…”

“Boxes,” she demanded.

Stephen watched her. He stared neutrally then pivoted towards the dining area.

“Really? You’re gonna just walk away?” she questioned as his figure disappeared into the other room. She swore he had sole intent to give her the hardest time.

The house frowned at Stephen as though sullen to find that he is finally leaving. The kitchen is empty. The bedroom and the dining room are empty; spotless. The hired workers had started to leave the house one-by-one as Katie gave them their handsome pay.

“I’m gonna go pick up some more boxes from Home Depot. I don’t think we took into account how much we’re sending out,” Katie told him, chasing her words with water. Stephen nodded, attention elsewhere as he thought it had been the first useful thing she’d done all day.

Within ten minutes the house is vacant much to Stephen’s desires. It was the first time all day he was alone. Stephen whisked into the kitchen from the den to get a glass of his favorite merlot, only to find the cabinets desolate. Everything was gone just as his will to stay sober. While drinking wasn’t something he was too accustomed to, he did use it to wind down. He feared he’d be drinking a lot more in the famous ol’ wine country.

Since he was alone, Stephen assumed he could divulge into something much more up in the air. He weaved his way back into the bedroom and into the closest to pick out a small red case where a plastic bag of stash resided. A tangy pine aroma clouded the environment around him. After retrieving his grinder and lighter, a smile broke like dawn across his lips as he stood outside waiting for a radiant abyss to wash over him.

Upon entering the house again, it was apparent Katie hadn’t returned, but something else had. In the lower region of his jeans, a robust bulge had formed and he felt too euphoric to simply ignore it.

Even walking had caused friction upon his cock and the fabric of his jeans. Chills ran down his legs xnxx porno as he gave the hungry swelling lump a squeeze. He was floating yet suspended and finally he pivoted into the bathroom. With his black shirt now tossed on the ground, he was focused on his lean and chiseled reflection in the mirror. He trailed a hand down his pecs, flexing them and moved along his abs then down to the helm of his pants.

The pants fell to the floor and Stephen’s thick needy cock sprung free, slapping against his pelvis. He held it with a choking grip causing him to grunt in pleasure. He clenched his eyes shut and rocked his head back.

“Fuck,” he moaned and rocked his hips forward into his fist. He was ripe for an orgasm. While he stroked his length with one hand, he moved the other to one of his nipples and gently pinched it. A tremor went off inside his body. After removing the busy hand from his dick he used it to stimulate the other nipple. He grinned and looked down at his thick and veiny length.

It stood firm like a rock standing out from a stormy sea. A string of precum rolled along his shaft, onto his balls, and fell gently towards his jeans. He cursed under his breath again and again as he began to ramp up the sweet torture he gave to his nipples. He vibrated with pleasure and his cock spewed out another string of precum. He bit his bottom lip and his eyes hardened as he stared intensely down at it.

A great wave of hunger was uncoiling within him as he watched his cock beg for its liberation. Delicacy was not his forte. He slapped it and it flailed up and down. He repeated this action a few more times and watched it grow a light shade of red from the abuse. He gripped it with both hands and began to plow into them, grunting with animalistic spirit. He made sure to make twisting motions with his hands causing his eyes to roll back.

Stephen was dimly aware of the shuffling coming from outside the door when he heard it shudder. He stopped stroking his cock although his erection had not subsided. He watched in horror as the door opened further revealing the mover from earlier that he had been eyeing-so-visibly. He opened his mouth only to squeak as his throat had gone arid. They locked eyes for a few seconds, Stephen’s cheeks were as red as a cherry.

In his head, he blamed himself, hated himself, and was filled with the utmost regret that he hadn’t gone flaccid yet. As always lady luck was working against him. “I’m sorry. I was just gonna ask if it’s okay to move the truck in the driveway,” the mover said, his voice sweet and low.

Stephen blinked before swiftly bringing his pants up to buckle them. The man’s reaction raised questions in his head. Katie could get here any moment; she could be here!

Stephen shook his head swooping down for his shirt and demanded, “Close the door! Close the door now!” He’s worked his eyes fully open, but with his high they felt like shoddy windows of an old shack. Time was moving slower than it should be and the fresh panic that surged through him was slackening.

The mover studied him, breathing hard as he stepped inside the bathroom and shut the door. He felt driven, mind and body.

“W-with you outside of it!” Stephen stammered as he slowed his movements to a stop, owl-eyed.

“I moved my truck in the driveway, I’ll move it back when your girl gets back. I locked the front door,” he said, still keeping his reposed tone. He hoped it was enough to ease this young stallion to a calm. “I saw you looking at me in a certain way earlier. If you want I can help you with…that.”

Were Stephen’s ears deceiving him? Had he smoked too much?

At this point, both their lustful appetites had seeped from them like water from a busted dam. While the mover didn’t mind taking naughty peeks at the other’s throbbing bulge, Stephen tried his best to keep his eyes straight- no pun intended.

“Stephen’s your name right? My name is Doug.”

Stephen gawked at Doug’s calm demeanor in such a predicament. He was generating such needy sexual energy which made Stephen certain his cock would not go flaccid. He couldn’t reciprocate. He was still in a relationship and there was no telling when Katie would arrive. This was seedy, scandalous, and- and just about everything Stephen was lusting after! He swallowed the lump in his throat, unsure of how to accept the man’s offer, unsure of whether he should.

Hell! He just wanted to cum.

Stephen watched, helplessly as Doug inched forward closing the gap between them. Doug dropped to his knees and rubbed Stephen’s cock through his jeans. Doug smirked as he watched Stephen exhale in ecstasy. Stephen couldn’t believe he had this powerful Herculean man down on his knees submitting his mouth to him. Doug knew exactly what he was thinking, but little did he know, he was the one submitting to him.

Doug pulled Stephen’s dick out of his jeans and chased it with his tongue. It was maddening how large Stephen was and Doug was willing to slut for it. Doug licked the length of his veiny shaft up to his head, lapping up his precum. zenci porno He hoped he didn’t cum too soon. He wanted to have some fun with him before the real fun began.

Doug began working his mouth furiously, taking most of Stephen’s cock in. He was rewarded with moans before his client combed his fingers through his dark hair. The feeling of Doug’s stubble would briefly touch him giving Stephen a nice tingly rush. The thrill was driving him wild. Stephen drove his hips forward repeatedly, his cock driving into Doug’s throat. Doug gagged, but kept a relentless rhythm ensuring complete soaking warmth for the other male.

Stephen’s eyes fluttered like butterfly wings as Doug softly began tugging at his balls. A few seconds later he’d merely end up choking and spitting up saliva, but Stephen made sure he got enough on the hard length to make it his lube. He used his two fingers that were coated with Doug’s spit and shoved it into the other’s mouth. Doug sucked on it before Stephen drove them back out. Stephen replaced his fingers with his mouth, leaning down to spit a glob of saliva into the man’s mouth.

Doug was caught off guard by Stephen’s sudden change in attitude, but turned on nevertheless. He took in Stephen’s cock again shoving his head hastily up and down.

“Fuck yeah, man! You’re destroying that thing.” Stephen cheered lowly. Doug’s ears perked up at this then Stephen rammed the head of his penis into Doug’s cheek plate after tilting his head back. He slapped him lightly making himself release a hearty moan. Stephen stepped back and wrapped both of his hands around the shaft of his cock, pumping it slowly.

“If you like that, maybe you should let me fuck you.”

“Yea…” Doug answered, taken back. It had been his go-to from the start, but he wondered who had been seducing who. Doug rose up from the floor, unzipping his pants, baring his own hard-on. It was big- not as big as Stephen’s- and in the clutch of its owner. Stephen scooted closer to Doug and began to undress him. He kissed and nibbled at his neck then down to his chest, running his tongue through the passage of hair between his robust chest.

Doug felt like a first-class meal as Stephen turned him around when he was fully nude. Stephen was mesmerized at the sight of his beefy and hairy ass, now in the possession of his hands.

He groped it, fondled it, and slapped it.

“Come on, big guy, you can be rougher,” Doug teased.

Stephen smirked and complied. He spread his ass wide revealing his hairy asshole that made his cock pulse. He worshipped it like a bible. The sensation of Stephen’s toasty breath over his gloryhole gave him enough reason to roll back his eyes as he leaned against the sink counter. He treated it with his tongue. First he covered it with spit and then he teased the rim with his tongue before shoving it in.

Stephen let his lips take charge as he covered it with wet kisses and began to suck at it. Doug gaped at the wave of bliss Stephen had given him. Stephen kissed his lower back as he made his way back up. Stephen pulled Doug to him by the waist, rubbing his slick cock along the crack of his ass.

He teased Doug’s hole, slapping his head against the anal rim and wiping more of his precum against his buttock. Stephen lubed Doug’s ass with more saliva and proceeded to enter the crevasse of a warm male-cunt. Doug released a swarm of profanities as Stephen growled. He’d become a hungry lion, feeding as he’d been depraved from this for far too long. He flexed his cocked deep inside of him and Doug had been ready for this kind of starved behavior.

In fact he relished in it. He pushed himself back, arching his back and watched their reflection in the mirror. They locked eyes momentarily and Doug noticed those blue eyes that were once filled with color were now drained of anything but lust and glee. Stephen broke his gaze, looking down at his cock as it was wrenched by Doug’s tight hole. He shot a glob of spit down onto his dick as he continued to weave himself in and out of the mover’s body.

The room was filled with nothing but the sound of skin slapping against skin, dirty grunts, and sexual ambition. The pair moved onto the toilet with Stephen seated and Doug riding him with his back to him. Stephen bucked his hips up and down as Doug slammed his ass back down on him. Doug held onto the counter and the wall for support. Stephen’s head fell back and he held Doug’s wrist tightly. His breath was being taken out of him by the hot impacts- a fast ascension into heaven.

Sweat beaded down both of their ripped bodies. Doug wiped it from his body, and proceeded to yank his cock as they neared the point of no return. Stephen felt the cum building at the base of his cock.

“Stephen fill me up! Fill up my ass with your hot spunk!” Doug begged. “Fill me up like I’m your girlfriend!”

“Fuck it’s so tight! I’m cumming!”

Stephen gritted as Doug gyrated and bounced. While semen dribbled out of Doug’s cock, his sphincter contracted and a rapture of emotions -all good- raced throughout Stephen’s body and exploded at the tip of his cock. Thick spurts of cum filled the inside of the moaning mover. Stephen felt conquered as Doug continued to ride out every last bit causing him to shudder and twitch. Semen leaked from Doug’s hole onto Stephen’s tense quads and rolled down to his thick calves.

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