Motherly Love

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Humming softly, Victoria strolled in the hallway of her modest suburban house as she headed towards the laundry room. The voluptuous woman pushed a lock of her silky, golden hair behind her ear as she pushed open the door of the small room.

As she entered, her eyes glanced upon the mirror hung on the wall in the back of the room, and Victoria smiled at her own reflection. Putting her hands on her hips, the mature woman posed in front of the mirror. While she was not the young bombshell that had once seized the heart of her late husband, she still found herself attractive, and she took pride in that.

Hidden behind her tight blouse, her huge, gravity-defying breasts hung firmly on her chest. A long skirt rode her massive, firm butt cheeks and her broad, generous hips. Through the years Victoria had gotten plumpier than she had been in her youth, but that simply made her look more mature and not a bit less sexy.

Not a single white hair yet tarnished the glint of her golden blonde hair. Even during the laziest days such as this Saturday, Victoria made a point of always wearing a subtle layer of makeup that accentuated the ravishing beauty of her face, her deep blue eyes and her full, soft lips.

Remembering that had motherly duties to deal with, Victoria sighed softly and distanced herself from the mirror. Her eyes swept the room, and when she failed to find a laundry hamper full of clothes she frowned.

“LIZ! LAUNDRY!” Victoria shouted, hoping to get her daughter’s attention.

Victoria waited for a minute, expecting to hear her daughter stomping out of her room with an overflowing basket of dirty clothes, but nothing happened. With another sigh, Victoria began walking swiftly towards her daughter’s bedroom.

Elisabeth, or LIz as almost everyone called her, was Victoria’s cherished daughter and the best thing that had happened to her and her husband, but Elisabeth wasn’t exactly the most organized, tidiest or dutiful young woman. If it wasn’t for Victoria’s diligence, Elisabeth would be wearing the same well used t-shirt and jeans for days on end under all circumstances.

Without hesitation, Victoria grabbed the handle of Elisabeth’s bedroom, pushed the door open and took a step inside.

“Liz, is your laundry…” Victoria began, but she was soon left speechless as her eyes fell upon her daughter.

Elisabeth was currently sitting on her computer chair, her eyes glued to the screen and a headset firmly settled on her ears. Elisabeth’s slender legs were bare as she wore no pants nor underwear. Her left hand was under her top, roughly kneading her breasts as her other hand was furiously stroking her humongous cock, unable to close around its girth.

On Elisabeth’s screen, a video was playing where a massively hung futa brutally fucked a slutty-looking woman’s asshole from behind. Victoria could hear faint moans and grunts leaking from her daughter’s headset. Elisabeth herself was as silent as she could, gritting her teeth to hold back her moans. Sweat pearled on her forehead as she masturbated to futa porn.

Her lips pursed, Victoria took a discreet step back, trying to leave her daughter to her activities before being noticed. But right as she stood in the doorway, Victoria noticed Elisabeth’s hamper sitting on the floor of the room, almost within arm’s reach. She tiptoed to it, trying to not gaze at her daughter’s obscene yet magnificent display, but right as she grabbed the basket, the wooden floorboard under her feet let out a loud squeak.

Elisabeth froze and her head snapped toward the sound.. Liz’s face fell as she saw her mother standing there. Her hands instantly abandoned her body and accidentally knocked the headset off her head, making it roll on the floor right as the futa in the video very loudly finished inside her partner’s asshole

Hamper in hand, Victoria smiled awkwardly. “D-Don’t pay attention… Just keep… keep doing whatever you were doing…” She said, trying to defuse the situation but making it even more awkward instead.

With long strides, Victoria left her daughter’s room and slammed the door behind her. She went back to the laundry room, gently put down Elisabeth’s hamper then leaned against the wall, trying to calm her thundering heart.

Victoria obviously knew that her daughter was a futa, but the last time she had seen her daughter’s cock was when she was just a girl, and Elisabeth’s cock was no longer a cute little pee-pee, but now a massive, bitch-breaking log. The image of her daughter’s cock was burned into Victoria’s mind, indelible.


Victoria was setting the table for the dinner, a delicious smell coming from a pot in the center of the table, when Elisabeth finally left her room. She was wearing black sweatpants and a different t-shirt from earlier. Even under those unflattering clothes, her voluptuous figure was unmistakable, a gift from her mother’s genetics.

Biting her lips, she walked toward the table, and her mother, slowly, her hands shoved deep in her pockets kızıl gaziantep escort and her eyes focused on her feet.

“Only leaving your den when you’re hungry, that’s how it is nowadays?” Victoria said jokingly as she watched her daughter stand still next to a chair.

“Mom… I’m sorry. I… huh… I…” Elisabeth started, unable to face her mother’s gaze.

“You have nothing to apologize for. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have barged into your room like that. I’m sorry.” Victoria reassured her daughter, smiling gently.

Elisabeth finally found the courage to raise her head and looked at her mother interrogatively. With a sigh, Victoria continued.

“Listen, I know it’s probably hard for you to believe, but I’ve been young as well, once upon a time. I may not have the same… equipment… as you do, but I know that being a young adult is tough and that sexuality is an integral part of it.”

The young futa blinked sheepishly as she listened to her mother.

“What I’m trying to say is… Masturbating isn’t shameful or disgusting, it’s only natural. And what happened today is just an awkward little accident, something we should just both forget. Next time I’ll knock on your door.”

Elisabeth smiled happily and hugged her mother tightly. “Thanks Mom, you’re the best!”

Victoria gently hugged her daughter back. “Because I want to give my daughter a little bit of privacy?” She chuckled. “If only parenthood was that easy…”


In the few weeks that had passed since Victoria had accidentally walked on her daughter masturbating, the devoted mother had noticed that the time Elisabeth spent in the shower had been steadily increasing. Victoria had no qualm with her daughter’s masturbation habit, but she wished that Elisabeth did so without wasting hot water.

So when she walked past the slightly ajar door of the shower room one Sunday morning as Liz was supposedly showering, a frankly inappropriate and yet motherly curiosity took the better of her. Biting her lips and as quietly as she could, Victoria flattened herself against the wall and peered through the small opening.

The shower was indeed running, warm water loudly crashing on the tiled floor, but Liz was leaning against a wall outside the shower itself, completely dry except for the sweat that made her naked body glisten. Her quiet moans and lust-filled breaths were conveniently drowned by the noises of the shower.

Victoria’s eyes narrowed when she noticed the red, lacy fabric that was wrapped around the tip of her daughter’s cock as Elisabeth gently stroked her massive cock with both hands. Victoria suddenly pushed the door open and stepped in the shower room, looking furious.

“ELISABETH ELEANOR LAWSON! What on earth do you think you are doing?!” Victoria shouted as she entered, startling her daughter.

“Mom?!” Liz said, squirming as she let go of her cock. “I can explain… It’s not what it looks like…”

Taking a wide berth around her impressively hung daughter, Victoria stopped the shower then stood in front of Liz. “Really? Because to me it looks like one of my favorite panties is currently wrapped around your c-… your penis.”

Elisabeth lowered her head, her eyes focused on the floor at her feet. “I couldn’t… couldn’t stop myself. You’re so sexy, mom, and you always tease me with your tight tops and short skirt…”

Victoria felt a pleasurable tingle spread from her inner thighs in her whole body as her daughter lewdly complimented her. She hadn’t felt desired ever since her husband’s death a decade ago and she craved for more, so much more. Still, she mustered an authoritarian look. “So you took my dirty underwear from the laundry and used it to masturbate? What I am going to do with you, young lady.”

Victoria took a step forward, reached her arm and plucked her underwear from Elisabeth’s cock, her fingers lingering an instant on her daughter’s throbbing cock. Liz shamefully moaned as her mother’s delicate fingers brushed her cock.

Turning around, Victoria took a step towards the door, leaving her daughter standing awkwardly still with her hard cock throbbingly demanding more attention. Devious thoughts swirled in Victoria’s mind and liquid fire ran through her veins. After a very brief hesitation, she spun around to face her daughter.

“Do you really think that your old mommy is sexy?” She asked calmly.

“Y-you’re not old! You’re the hottest woman in the world!” Liz let out without thinking. As she realized that the words had really left her mouth, she blushed heavily and carefully avoided her mother’s gaze.

Victoria took a deep breath as she gazed at her daughter’s flushed face and discreetly glanced at Liz’s appendage. “I can’t leave you like that if I’m part of the issue, can I?” Victoria said, her voice part motherly care and part unhinged horniness. “Maybe I could help you… relax?”

Without waiting for an answer, Victoria closed the distance between gaziantep kızıl escort bayan her and her daughter, then wrapped her hands around Liz’s eager shaft. The dutiful mother felt all sensible thoughts leave her mind as she listened to the chorus of delirious moans her daughter let out as she began playing with Liz’s cock and sensitive tip.

“Does it feel good, honey? Shall I go on?” Victoria whispered in Liz’s ear.

“Yes!” Elisabeth almost screamed. “Mommy, it feels so much better than when I do it myself!”

Victoria grabbed a towel from the nearby rack, her hands regretfully leaving Liz’s warm cock, unfolded it on the floor in front of Elisabeth and dropped on her knees, her face mere inches away from her daughter’s magnificent dick.

Gently, Victoria began stroking the slick length of Liz’s shaft with one hand and began fondling Liz’s hanging ball sack with the other, much to the young woman’s obvious pleasure. Victoria leaned forward and messily slobbered over the leaking tip of Liz’s cock as her fingers skillfully danced on the massive rod of flesh.

“You’re so fucking good…” Elisabeth let out in between wanton moans.

Victoria’s hand instantly stopped. “Language, young lady!” She reprimanded, frowning. But after a second, her face softened, she smiled and resumed her mind-blowing handjob. “And I may be a bit rusty, but I still have quite a decent amount of experience in making cocks like yours happy.”

Teasingly, Victoria opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out as her daughter looked at her from above. Victoria engulfed the tip of Liz’s cock in her waiting mouth, letting it bask in the warmth and wetness for a minute. Then she began fiercely bobbing her head up and down, shoving as much of Liz’s length as she could in the depths of her throat.

Elisabeth was a mess. Her head was thrown backward as she relished in her mother’s crazy blowjob. It felt miles better than everything she had tried on her own and her whole body was quivering as delight drowned everything else in her brain. Not knowing what to do with her shaking hands, the young futa finally began groping her own sizable breast roughly.

Victoria let Liz’s cock flop out of her mouth and took a loud breath, coughing slightly. Her hands swiftly returned to Liz’s saliva-drenched shaft and resumed where they stopped as she caught her breath.

“I must admit that while your father was already quite impressive, he was not as ridiculously huge as you are, honey.” Victoria said quietly, her voice dripping with arousal.

Liz thrust her hips forward, pushing her cock against her mother’s busy hands. Her orgasm close at hands, she couldn’t handle the teasing dirty talk.

“Mommy… mommy…” she pleaded. “I’m so close… please…”

Wanting only the best orgasm for her daughter, Victoria swiftly sped up. Both her hands stroked Liz’s cock at breakneck speed, her painted nails merely blurs of color on Liz’s flesh. With the tip of her tongue, she repeatedly cleaned the overflowing precum that dripped out of her daughter’s tip.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cummiiiiiiiiing!!!” Liz screamed in ecstasy.

The first blast of cum exploded out Liz’s cock and hit Victoria’s face with the strength of a water hose, but the mature woman barely flinched. Instead, she lunged forward and made Liz’s cock disappear in her mouth. Elisabeth came ropes after ropes of salty spunk inside her mother’s welcoming mouth, and Victoria diligently swallowed again and again as she felt her daughter’s never ending load fill her mouth.

After Elisabeth’s orgasm died down, she pulled her softening cock out of her mother’s mouth, then the two women stayed still and silent for a few minutes, slowly taking the measure of what had happened.

It was Victoria who finally broke the silence. “Liz, sweetie, there’s an urgent errand I want you to run.”


Victoria was sprawled on her bed, wearing nothing but a set of black, raunchy lingerie. She hadn’t had the opportunity to wear such risque underwear in years, and she was quite happy to see that it still perfectly fit her. Her hands were lazily wandering on her body and teasing her sensitive spot. She held her breath as she heard the front door of the house open and close.

“Mom, I’m home!” Elisabeth shouted and Victoria giggled like a schoolgirl.

“I’m upstairs, honey, in my room!” Victoria shouted back.

Victoria listened as her daughter stomped around the house and flew up the stairs before finally pushing the door of Victoria’s room open, a paper bag in hand. Liz froze and loudly gulped as she saw her mother scantily dressed, laying on the bed.

“Have you found what you were looking for?” Victoria asked as she straightened and sat on the bed.

Liz nodded swiftly. “I wasn’t sure of the correct size, so I took the biggest…” Liz grabbed a fresh pack of condoms out of her bag and showed it to her mother.

Victoria beamed and nodded. gaziantep kızıl escort “Why don’t you shed those clothes, sweetie, and show mommy what a gorgeous young woman you are now?”

Elisabeth almost jumped out of her clothes. Her hoodie and t-shirt were the first to be discarded, swiftly followed by her jeans and boxer. She stood proud and naked, her cock already hardening, in front of her mother.

Victoria laid back on her bed and enticingly spread her legs wide. “Would you be a dear and help me out of these pesky panties?” She asked, wiggling her butt.

Elisabeth stumbled forward, as if hypnotized by Victoria’s crotch. With shaking hands, she slid her fingers between her mother’s skin and the delicate black fabric, then delicately slid the indecent underwear down her mother’s long legs.

Victoria’s pussy was drenched, and a wet trail of arousal clung to her panties as it traveled down her legs. When Victoria’s underwear finally lay discarded on the floor, she shoved two fingers inside her cunt and looked her daughter in the eyes.

“We won’t need any foreplay honey. I want you to fuck me! I want to feel your monstrous cock buried in my cunt!” She practically begged her daughter to shove her enormous cock in her yawning pussy.

Liz didn’t need any more encouragement. She jumped on the bed, her threateningly huge cock rock hard. She lined her cock with the entrance of her mother’s depths but was interrupted before she could shove it forward.

“Wait, wait, sweetie, a condom!” Victoria gently but firmly reminded her daughter.

Liz reached out her arm and grabbed the discarded paper bag. Clumsily, she fidgeted with the pack of condoms until she finally managed to open one and slid it on her massive erection. The thin layer of latex was obscenely stretched on her cock.

“Much better.” Victoria congratulated her daughter. “Now you can do it, sweetie.”

Elisabeth wasted no time and went straight back to where she was, her cock pressed against Victoria’s entrance. With the awkwardness of a first time, she pushed her cock forward, feeling her mother’s tight cunt slowly stretch around her monstrous, latex-covered girth.

Victoria gasped as Liz’s cock pierced her cunt. “How… How does mommy feel around your cock, sweetie?” She asked, the words feeling somehow even more perverted than the act.

“It feels so much better than I ever dreamed of, Mom! I… I… I feel so good!” Liz moaned.

Carefully, Elisabeth began going back and forth, pushing her cock deeper inside the seemingly endless depths of her mother’s pussy with each thrust. Both women were mewling deliriously as Liz slowly remodeled her mother’s cunt around her cock. Before long, her cock was pushing against Victoria’s womb.

Her eyes rolling back behind her eyelids, Victoria squirmed as came over her daughter’s cock. But she wanted more. “Harder!” She screamed. “Fuck me harder!”

Liz began thrusting her hips as hard as she could, eager to please and eager to be pleased. Her cock brutally and repeatedly plundered her mother’s pussy, her tip like a battering ram against Victoria’s baby room’s door.

The poor ex-virgin couldn’t handle the warmth, tightness and wetness of her mother’s cunt. Lost in the moment, she growled deliriously and sped up her thrusting. She used every once of stamina and strength she had to fuck her mother as hard and as fast as she possibly could.

“Yes! Yes! This is what I so dearly have been missing! Fuck meeeee!” Victoria shouted, moaning like a whore. Her daughter’s massive cock had been making her climax repeatedly.

Liz unconsciously grabbed Victoria’s bare waist to keep herself steady. She tightly held on her mother’s body as she fucked her like a cheap slut. She shoved her cock forward without any real skills, but her size, strength and eagerness easily compensated for her inexperience.

When Elisabeth felt her mother’s legs wrap around her back, it was her breaking point. She incoherently cried a pointless warning then hilted her cock inside the wondrous depths of her mother’s pussy. Liz’s second climax of the day was even stronger than the first. Her cock poured a torrent of cum, and Liz’s rubber swelled as the young futa’s sperm filled it.

Victoria was cradling her lower belly, eyes closed and mouth opened in silent ecstasy. She knew that only the thin latex had stopped her from being thoroughly bred by her own daughter, the taboo of what she was doing adding making it even more pleasurable.

Slowly, Liz withdrew her cock from her mother’s clingy cunt. The condom she was wearing was obscenely full of her creamy cum, looking like a water balloon full of milk. Her cock was still diamond hard, the futa’s sex drive showing no signs of slowing down.

Gently, Victoria took the condom off Liz’s cock. She gazed at the heavy, cream filled condom in her hands amorously, then without a word she emptied it on her body, glazing her massive breasts and plump belly with her daughter’s seed. Liz’s jaw went slack as she watched her mother sully herself.

“The fact that this wonderful semen can’t go inside of me doesn’t mean that it has to go to waste.” Victoria said with a smirk.

Liz’s brain was fried. She had no idea that her mother could be this devious, perverted beast that literally basked and bathed in semen. She wasn’t complaining, though. She only snapped out of it when she heard Victoria speak again.

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