Mother is Debauched Ch. 03

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Six months had quickly passed since Kay and Beth had joined a sex club to protect their young sons from going down the wrong path with some teen age slut and to take a proactive step by engaging directly with their sons in sexual games, eventually moving into Kay’s house. The two women were reminiscing on a sofa in front of a roaring fire on a cool spring evening.

“Beth, I noticed that Bob has really matured as person since we began. He can carry a good conversation and I am sure his sex organ, while still a bit undersized, has blossomed.”

“I agree. Your idea to use him for anal sex was brilliant. He is proud that he can fulfill a unique role, even though I had to compromise that anal sex didn’t technically violate the rule against incest. I must admit that anal sex is a real turn on.”

“Yeah, especially when you have the boys’ cocks in both holes. You go wild. Frankly, I’m a bit envious; but I still can’t bring myself to have Charlie in my anus while Bob fits into my vagina. Charlie is too big. In fact, I think he is almost eight inches now.”

“Well, you do alright when you’re sucking Charlie’s big cock while Bob is taking you from the rear.”

“Yeah, Bob is insatiable. He is a real sperm producing machine. And Charlie is no slouch in that department either.”

“And your idea to use adult video DVD’s to help lead our sexathons has provided a structure to focus our sexual energy. The boys really love targeting specific scenes for us to try out.”

“Kay, I also loved your idea to take advantage of the boys’ sperm as a health food. That was really wild. You got them to stop drinking unhealthy carbonated beverages and eating fatty hamburgers and eat more healthy fruits and veggies to produce sweeter ejaculations. Now we get a sweet low calorie dessert twice per week, and they love that we swallow.”

“So goes the advantages of two debauched moms.”

“Kay, all this sex talk has made me horny.”

“Me too, let’s do a sixty-nine in your bedroom….this time, without the boys.”

Flopping on the bed, the mothers quickly assumed their favorite sexual position, engaging their mouths with each others’ clits.

“Put a dildo in me, Kay; while you’re sucking my clit. I need inside action to cumm. Turn the vibrator on low, just to get me going.”

Kay used the vibrator to supplement her tonguing action and soon, Beth body was shaking in heat.

“Shut it off now; I want to hold back and let it come naturally. Oh, your tongue feels marvelous. Keep it up. Ohgod! Ohgod! I am going to explode.”

Beth’s clean shaven mound pressed against Kay’s head, as she has an orgasmic explosion, with her love nectar saturating Kay’s face. While she was in throes of cumming, she couldn’t maintain her own tongue contact with Kay’s engorged clitoris, which was reaching out, begging for help. Now Beth rolled on top of Kay so her head was at the apex of Kay’s pulsating vaginal area and throbbing clitoris. Beth grabbed Kay’s ass cheeks as she plunged into oral action. Kay loved when Beth used her tongue inside the vaginal canal and Beth did not hesitate.

Soon Kay’s body was wracked with her own multiple orgasmic contractions.

“Yesssssssss. Omigod, Yesssssssss. I’m cumminggggggg.”

These two were Sapphic experts.

The Next Afternoon

Beth came rushing into the house. Kay was in the kitchen. “I have terrible news. My mother called today to tell me she is visiting.”

“Why is that so terrible?”

“My mother is such a prude. If she finds out what we have been doing with Charlie and Bob, she will have a conniption. And since she gave me the money to buy the house we were renting, she might demand it back.”

“Isn’t your mother a widow?”

“Yeah. Dad died a few years ago and left her a bundle. But she never comes to visit us. We always go to her place. So I wonder if she wants to take residence with us and claim this home. She never dates and has only a minimal social life.”

“Don’t worry. I am sure she is only going to be here for a few days and we can keep the boys occupied through the sex club, which is off site. We will cool it in the house until she leaves. We’ll explain to Bob and Charlie tonight, when we can give them a big sexathon.”

“Ok. But we need a back up plan if she decides to stay for a long time. Any ideas?”

“Well, you said your mother has a minimal social life. What about her relationships with your Dad?”

“I guess you mean sex. Well, I never thought there was much there. Dad was always going on business trips and playing golf.”

“Here’s a back up plan. Where is she going to sleep? We only have four bedrooms?

“Yikes. I forgot.”

“I volunteer to share my bedroom, rather than moving the boys together. They will never do their homework if they are in the same room. And I have a king size bed.”

“Well, I am not sure, mom will go for that; but what the hell. If she complains, you and I can sleep together. After all, we do every else together”

“Don’t gaziantep rus escort bayan you love having sex with a beautiful woman and two young men?”

“We sure have come a long way. But what’s your back up plan?

“What if I tried to seduce your mother?”

“You’re kidding.”

“No. What would be better than to get your mother to join in some of our frolicking? You said she had no social life. She might be ripe fruit. At least let me try. I will be discreet and if I meet any resistance, I will back off. “

“Ok. But be careful. I can’t afford for her to cut me off financially, especially for Charlie’s sake. What do you want to do with the boys since this may be the last night for us to be alone for awhile?”

“The boys really get a treat when they watch us have sex together and then they join in. So we could do that.”

“Ok. I love that scene from the movie where the women pour milk on the others breasts and then use butter to caress each other.”

“Me too!! But that means we have to clean the mess before your mother gets here. Why not the harem scene where I prepare you for the desert prince, by stimulating all your erogenous zones? You can dress in your see-through pantaloons.”

“That would be great.”

“Beth, in the movie there were two women preparing the novice. Just think if we had another woman to play our games.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think it will be my mother.”

Charlie and Bob sat mesmerized in the candlelight room watching their beautiful mothers perform for them in a simulated harem. They had seen it before but it seemed extra erotic that night. Kay, dressed in a see through gown, slowly stripped Beth of her clothes, revealing her beautifully pear shaped breasts and smooth shaved golden mound. Kay gently pushed Beth onto the bed, covered with rose petals and massaged a lubricant all over her body, with special attention to her erogenous zones. Kay began kissing and touching Beth, getting her ready for love making. At first Beth holds back; but soon she responds by kissing Kay back while fondling her own breasts, whose nipples become extended and turgid. The women exchange caresses as they become more stimulated, culminating in holding their protruding breasts against each others, nipple to nipple. Kay dresses Beth in an open see through top and pantaloons. The women exchange vaginal kisses as they lay on the bed. Kay uses her huge nipple to caress Beth’s clit, sending her into paroxysms of delight. The time has come for the next act.

The watching boys have removed their clothes revealing throbbing’ penises. Kay motions to Charlie and Bob to join them… For Beth, Bob is playing the Prince as he engulfs her in his arms assisted by harem slaves, Kay and Charlie, who caress her breasts and other erogenous zones as she plays a willing victim to their sexual ministrations, stimulating her to erotic heights of sensitivity. Inevitably, her body and mind become a part of the sexual rhythm and the warmth flows out of inner core. Every part of her body is being stimulated simultaneously to ultimate release that she knows is coming soon. Her urgency becomes greater. She is ready. But the players stop to let her cool a bit. Then they start again. This happens twice. Beth really feels it now. Her partners are engaging in the ultimate tease. As she reaches the third pinnacle, the players stop again. But this time her body doesn’t stop with them. Beth cries out. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. I have to cumm. noooooow.” Spasmodic explosions erupt from her rigid body. Kay directs. “Suck her clit, Bob. NOW!” As he quickly complies, Beth is in sexual heaven. Her body is exploding in all directions. “Oooooooooooooooh.” She can’t count the number of orgasms. “Ooooooooooooooh.”

With Beth satisfied for the moment, the roles change. Kay is focus of the ministrations of the other three, with Charlie playing the Prince. The same sexual teasing occurred until Kay had her release. The only difference is that she went to the fourth pinnacle before she could take no more. As the sexathon continued, the mothers sucked Bob and Charlie’s cocks until they had their sweet desserts. Then they fucked each others mothers until their pussies were sore from young cock penetration. Bob and Charlie exhausted their supply of semen satisfying their own and their mothers’ seemingly insatiable needs. Eventually, neither mother had any orgasms left in their overheated bodies. The group went to bed exhausted and completely satiated.

Beth and Kay met Beth’s mother at the train station the next day. Marsha was a very attractive woman in her mid sixties. Kay could see where Beth got her nice body. Marsha’s displayed nice sized breasts, enfolded in a loose bra under her suit jacket. Wearing a long skirt, the rest of her body was hidden. On our way home, Beth explained the proposed sleeping arrangements. She didn’t object; but suggested that she would pay for twin beds to be ordered.

After we went to bed gaziantep swinger escort bayan that night, I noticed that Marsha wore this long flannel nightgown from the Dark Ages. I waited until she was in a deep sleep and then placed my arm over her soft breasts, which I judged to be bigger than her daughters’ considerable bosom, as I snuggled against her. Her body tensed for a minute; but she seemed to relax and smile crossed her face.

I didn’t work the next day, instead, I took Marsha to lunch. I peppered her with intimate questions about her current and past life, listening very attentively to her answers. Occasionally, I touched her hand or shoulder or rubbed against her unobtrusively.

In bed that night, I again waited until she was in a deep sleep. This time, I placed my hand near her mound with my fingers just touching her golden triangle. I heard her sigh, turn her body slightly against me and continue to sleep.

Before I left for work the next day, I intentionally left my drawer partially open where I had my dildo and some of my lacy underclothes. When I got home, the drawer was shut.

Before bedtime that night I asked her if she wanted to go shopping the next day. I mentioned that I was buying some new bed clothes and perhaps she wanted to do the same. “Your beautiful body shouldn’t be covered by a flannel nightgown, even if nobody but me could see it.”

“I’ll think about it.”

This was the night I intend to push her to the edge. I didn’t wait until she was sleeping to take myself off while Marsha was lying on the other side of the bed. I wanted her to visualize what I was doing. Frankly, even if I wasn’t trying to be seductive, my body missed the regular sex with the boys that Marsha was preventing. I needed a release. Using some lotion, I rubbed my turgid clit and tweaked my extended nipples, I masturbated under the covers which contained and enhanced my body heat. I intentionally kept my moans very low, but just enough to disturb her. I could sense her eyes on me in the dark.

“Are you Ok my dear?”

“Yes. I am sorry to disturb you. Go back to sleep.”

“I understand. Young women have needs. I only wish I could…..but never mind me.”

I could hear Marsha sigh heavily. Talking to her while I was frigging myself, knowing she was watching me in the dark, heightened my erotic arousal, making my cumming extra special. I am sure she could smell my love nectar, when it erupted. After, I snuggled next to her in my sleep, warming her body with mine.

At breakfast the next morning, I pressed Marsha to go shopping with me, mentioning the nice bed clothes she could buy if she wanted.

“Kay. When I was listening to you last night, I felt like I was losing it. I kept thinking to myself, why not me? I have this terrible…… condition that makes sex awful. I have been keeping it a secret since I got married. After the last few days here with you and Beth, I felt it was time to finally tell someone. And you seem to be an empathetic, kind person.”

“Marsha, I am glad you think you can confide in me. What is it?”

“Let’s go to our bedroom. I have to show you. I can’t just talk about it.”

I followed her to the bedroom. Her robe was tightly wrapped around her flannel nightgown, which almost scraped the floor as she walked.

Marsha sat on the unmade bed we had shared together the last three nights. “If I tell you or rather show you, you must promise to keep it a guarded secret, unless I release you.”

“You have my solemn promise.”

Marsha untied her robe and then lifted her flannel nightgown to waist level, exposing her lush grey pubic hair covering her fleshy mound. Even though she was in her late sixties, her skin was relatively smooth with only a few stretch marks from her early pregnancy. My condition, my deformity, is down there, pointing to her bushy triangle.

“I don’t see anything unusual. In fact you are in pretty good shape for a woman, your age.”

“Bend your head for a closer look, while I spread myself.”

As I got closer, a musky odor crept into my nostrils, clearly a sign of sexual stimulation. I guessed that my hands-on treatment from last night had its desired effect. As Marsha spread her labia, her bud came into view. Gosh, I thought, it is larger than any clitoris that I had ever seen. It was like a small penis, protruding about an inch outside its hood and about a half inch in diameter. And it wasn’t even turgid from stimulation.

The expression on my face must have been revealing.

“You see what I mean by being deformed.” “I don’t think I would call it a deformity. It’s just an enlarged clitoris.”

“Kay, if it gets stimulated, it is painful to feel the slightest touch. When Brad, my husband, had sex with me, I had to grimace to contain the pain. After we had Beth, I avoided penetration at all times. I forced myself to play with Brad until he had an ejaculation.

I must have had a quizzical gaziantep travesti escort kızlar expression.

“You know. Masturbation. That kept him happy most of the time, though as the years elapsed, we started avoiding sex except on special occasions. Possibly, he had affairs, but I don’t know and didn’t want to know.”

“And you never told him.”

“No, I was too embarrassed. I grew up in house where sex was a dirty word.”

“Did you consult with your gynecologist?”

“In those days, I had only male doctors. They probably noticed it during my exams, but they never said a word and I never had the guts to ask them a question.”

“Marsha. We are going to remedy this immediately by getting you good advice. I go to a wonderful female gynecologist. Would you go with me?”


Immediately, I called my gynecologist, Dr. Lerner. Fortunately, she had had a cancellation for today at 11:15, and we took it. Marsha and I got dressed. I advised her to wear something loose and don’t wear any undergarments to facilitate the examination.

As we were ushered into the examining room, Marsha was noticeably nervous. “Don’t worry; Julie Lerner is a wonderful caring doctor. She is the best.” Actually she was a very attractive single female, who had scores of potential suitors. I always wondered why she didn’t get married.

As Julie comes into the office, smiling a bright smile, she couldn’t hide her attractive cleavage behind a white lab coat.

With almost no hesitation, Marsha poured out her story to Dr. Lerner in great detail. I guess after she had told me earlier in the day, the valve had fully opened.

“I have had a few cases like yours. Please lie back on the examining table and let’s take a look.” Her smile seemed frozen on her face as used her latex covered hand to spread Marsha wide. She asked her what hurt and what didn’t as she probed with her fingers.

After she was finished, she removed her gloves. “Get dressed, Marsha. And then come into my office.”

“Marsha, while I have seen a few similar cases, your condition is a bit rare, but I want to assure you that it is eminently treatable.”

“That’s good news.”

“In fact, I have very good news. I think you have a great gift. You just didn’t know how to take advantage.”


“Yes, the difference between pain and pleasure is very minute. And because your glands don’t produce enough natural lubrication and your organ is unusually large with a great number of nerve endings, you experienced discomfort when touched. Once you have enough lubrication, the opposite of pain will occur. You should have many extraordinary pleasures because of the large number of nerve endings. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t have proper treatment before, but you still have many healthy years of enjoyment ahead of you. In fact, many women would love to have your problem.”

“Doctor, I am amazed. What do I need to do?”

“I will prescribe an ointment for you. It’s inexpensive, and you can get it over the counter. Apply it around the clitoral area in the morning and the evening before bed. Also, wear silk panties and bed clothes that are in contact with your labia, which are less irritating to the skin. And most important, make sure you are well lubricated before engaging in direct sexual contact.”

“And how do I….?.”

“The ointment will work; but usually through lot’s of foreplay. As I said, you have a problem that most women would die for.”

Tears welled up in Marsha’s eyes, as she must have flashed back to all the possible experiences lost over the years.

“I understand you are visiting. Are you going to be here for four weeks? I would like to have a follow-up appointment with you before you leave. And please tell the appointment clerk to make it at the end of the day, when I have more time to discuss the future with you.”

Marsha hesitated. “I guess I could stay that long.” She quickly glanced in my direction.

“Also, I would like you to get a few lab tests and an EKG done. We can do the EKG and get your blood for tests before you leave. I doubt if there are any problems. But I will call you tomorrow to give you the results.”

“In any case, I will see you in four weeks.” She gave Marsha a big hug. “Everything is going to be fine.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

On the way home, we stopped at a drug store to pick up several tubes of the ointment. Marsha couldn’t stop smiling in the car.

“Kay, I really owe you. I feel like a new woman.”

I put my hand on her knee. “I’m happy for you. And I think you and I are going to be close friends, very close friends.”

“Marsha, why did you really leave home suddenly and come here? Remember, I am your trusted confidant.”

“OK. I guess I can tell you, now that you know my secret. I belong to this club of widowed and divorced women. We meet twice a week for card games and dining. One of the more attractive women, Leslie, began pressing me to go out alone with her. I responded and we had a few dates. She was very nice. But then she made it clear that she was interested in more than friendly companionship. She wanted to share bedrooms. When I heard that, all my anxieties reappeared. That’s why I came here. I told her my daughter needed my help.”

“Let me ask you right out. If you knew then what you know now about your sexual capability, would you have been tempted?”

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