Molly’s Refuge

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I’ll never forget Molly. Just thinking about her makes me rock hard. Read on and you’ll soon understand why I still thank her for my “awakening”.

When I was a lad I had a problem. Looking back now I think myself lucky but back then it was another story. At 18 I was already 6feet tall. I swam competitively and was slim but athletic and had a year round tan and big, broad shoulders from all those laps up and down the outdoor pool.

Oh the problem, don’t laugh, please. It’s a simple one, I had a hard-on, all the time. Once in a while it would go away but I just had to think of a girl and “KaBoinggggg!!!!!” I was up like an obelisk.

Trouble was the damn thing as long too. Back then tight shorts and jeans were in and pushing the damn thing down between my legs was painful but it was the only way to hide it. If it was up and hard, it would peek over the top. Hahaha! Funny it’s NOT!

It was even worse when I was on lifeguard duty and it’s girls from your sister schools turn to use the pool. I needed three pairs of swim trunks to keep the bastard bent down. Ewwww!. I can just see you guys cringing at the thought. I’m sure many of you have had to do the same at one time or another, right? Well I have big balls too so it’s like trying to stuff a canoe and two beach balls in a sleeping bag! Hahaha, I kill myself sometimes.

During the evenings at home I could at least have it pointed up. Less noticeable and definitely less painful. Or so I thought but that’s another story which involves my neighbour, her sister and 3 daughters for I am digressing. Let’s get back to Molly shall we?

Molly was a family friend. She and her hubby had been classmates with my parents. Molly was in her late 30s about 5’2”, a little on the cuddly side and had a ball wild frizzy black hair. She was dark-skinned, some Mauritian genes I think, and big, beautiful brown eyes, full lips and a great sense of humour. Just picture Chaka Khan and you’ll see Molly. She usually wore a loose dress so I didn’t know about her body or her measurements, until later. To me she was aunt Molly and as I never had any interest in my parents friends, I never really knew her despite her frequent visits.

Then when I was about 16, Molly started sleeping over at our house, a lot. I didn’t understand and to be honest I didn’t really care cos she never said much and well my parents were very private folk. As my sister only had a single bed and was very fussy about company, Molly usually slept with me in my king-size bed, a hand-me-down from my parents.

So by the time I was 18 I had gotten used to sharing half my bed with Molly. Nothing happened. I had pieced together from snippets of conversation that when Molly spent the night, it was because her drunk husband had been beating her again. So our place and my bed were part of her refuge. At that time wife-beating was not considered a crime and I wouldn’t begin to know what to say or do to someone whose been on the receiving end. I just faced away from her and slept. Me and my woody. A pattern had developed and I “slept” with Molly a couple of nights every 2-3 weeks.

Then it began.

I woke up one morning after Molly had spent the night. That’s normal only this morning, Molly had left and my cock was sticking out the bottom of my boxers and it wasn’t rock hard. Strange. I wondered if I was becoming impotent. And why was it so sticky?

Things went back to normal until the next gaziantep yabancı escort bayan time Molly stayed over. I slept first as usual at around 10pm while Molly stayed up talking with my parents. I was always asleep by the time she turned in and she was always up before me. Come to think of it I wasn’t even sure what she wore to bed.

Next morning, it happened again! I had a girlfriend and we have great sex but I had never “spent the night” with a woman in bed so to speak. Does a woman’s prolonged proximity make you impotent? Another morning, another sticky dick and another morning woody goes AWOL. What the Hell?

I had to find out. Molly was staying the next night and this time I stayed awake. At around midnight, I heard the bedroom door open and Molly saying goodnight to my parents in the distance. I was lying on my back by through half closed eyes I could see Molly’s silhouette in the doorway from the hall light. She had a robe on. Then she closed the door and it was dark again apart form the clock beside me and faint starlight from the window beside me. A faint click told me she had also push the locking bolt home.

Soft steps on the carpet. A rustle of clothing being removed and then I felt the sheet being pulled back. The mattress shifted as Molly climbed in. She took her time getting settled and straightening the sheets and fluffing her pillow. A few times I felt her arm and her foot brush against mine. And for the first time, I noticed her fragrance. It was sweet and intoxicating. I took a quiet but deep breath and inhaled her scent. Nice, very nice. As she lay on her back next to me I realised for the first time in my life that I had a voluptuous woman sleeping next to me on a regular basis!

As Molly adjusted the sheets I also realised that she was having trouble because I was hogging the sheets. Well actually my hard-on poking out of my shorts and tenting the sheets was doing all the hogging. Every time she tugged, my cock was pulled sideways towards her side. If she pulled anymore she’d soon feel the wet spot I was leaving on the sheets too. I was usually asleep at this time and I didn’t know what would happen next. Tricky. I could feel my heart beating against my chest and was that my cock pulsing to the same beat? Guys, you always remember the times in your life when you were at a crossroad and held your breath as you were about to make a life or death decision. This is how I felt. Do I roll away? Do I put my hand over my cock and push it down or I do I keep perfectly still and wait? I took the easy option. I kept still, and waited.

Molly shifted closer to get more of the sheets until her left side was resting against my right. She was warm. I was tense. I told my right arm to relax. I’m sure she’d notice. After a little non-verbal shouting, my arm listened. But my cock had gone totally deaf! She must have noticed.

Then her hand moved onto my thigh. It rested there for a minute and then squeezed. By now I was screaming silently to my thigh. Think of Karate sparring practice. Think of a waterpolo match. Think….Now why the fuck were all my sparring partners topless bi-boobed women and when did my entire waterpolo team become the cast from Baywatch?

Her hand slid towards my cock. No hesitation. No concern about waking me. This was familiar territory. As she wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft, she gaziantep genç escort bayan rolled on her side and sat up. Sliding her hand up and down the shaft, she quietly pushed the sheets away and got down to masturbating my pole. Then she leaned over me and lay her body across my stomach, facing my cock. Every once in a while she stopped at the top of my shaft and spread my precum with her thumb all around the head. I could hear the frothing as I got wetter and harder. She pumped faster. Bitch! I was hard and my hips were moving. I was getting close. Every time she pumped my cock became more sensitive. Who’s that moaning? Fuck! It’s me! Can’t she hear it? Or do I always moan. Why is she so familiar with my cock?

I know, who cares? She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around the head while still pumping the shaft. I felt her tongue twirl around the swollen head licking and bathing it as she sucked on my knob. I felt my eyes bulge as if my head was about to explode, my balls tightened, my arsecheeks tightened and my pelvis began to lift off the bed. Molly gripped the base of my cock and began to slide down the shaft. Down, down, down until almost two-thirds and then back up till just the head remained. Then down again and up, faster and faster all the while keeping a hand torniquet around the base. She was face-fucking me for god sakes, can’t she tell I was about to blow? She wrapped paled my balls in her other hand and began to squeeze and fondle. Oh mercy! Then it began, way down near my arse, a baseball sized glob of cum forcing its way up through my eight inch rod of blood gorged meat.

I had to push her away, I’m going to shoot in her mouth. No please I thought, I have to warn you. You’ll get mad, stop now, before I….. “UNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHH……….. UHHH……. UHHHHHH……….. UHHHHHHHHHHH…………”. The dam broke.

Too late. Molly stopped. She knew. She held my cock head in her mouth and pumped the shaft slowly as glob after glob of my hot cum splashed into the back of her mouth. Molly was swallowing it and enjoying it. In between spurts I felt her lick my peehole, teasing it, urging it. She wanted it in her mouth. She wanted to eat my cum, taste it and swallow it. She expected this, had done this before! She had been raping me in my sleep. And she still was. As I began to soften she began to take more of it back into her mouth. Taking long drags as she worked hard to get every last drop of cum out of my cock, breathing heavily through her nose from her exertions but she was relentless.

Convinced she had drawn every drop out of her meat straw, she held the shrivelled head and pulling it aside this way and that, began to kiss and lick around the shaft and my hairy crotch and balls searching hungrily for any missed droplets. She wouldn’t leave the damn thing alone for a second.

Even with my shrivelled balls I wanted to, needed to fuck her. Aunt Molly was long gone. I knew I was in bed with a woman who wanted and enjoyed sex. Molly had been taking advantage of me but for how long? How do I let her know I knew. Was her husband really beating her or was it just an excuse to enjoy her oblivious sex toy? My cock was getting hard again. She was still nursing it in her seemingly tireless mouth. Slurping, licking, chewing and sucking. What if she said no? Has it gone any further than this? Wait, I was taller and stronger than her. It may be time to turn the tables. gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan My cock-sucking aunt was going to be my bitch. Like it or not, I was going to collect on I don’t know how many loads of cum she has stolen from my teenage testicles.

The thought made my cock twitch. It was a little sore in the middle. She had not been gentle. Well neither will I be.

Molly Story:

Meanwhile down at crotch level, Molly was enjoying the afterglow of her own orgasms. She had come twice just from sucking and her pussy was on fire and soaking wet with cum. She always got horny and wet just at the thought of sharing Jim’s bed. She came when she first slipped her mouth over his hot young cock and again when she felt the first spurt of his delicious and hot cum against the back of her throat. She had always enjoyed cock sucking and young Jim’s cock was harder, longer, thicker and cleaner than her drunk husband Roy’s any day. She had told him all along. She didn’t need a fuck. Getting her pussy worked over as well was great but she could cum just from the feel of a hard cock sliding down her throat, fucking her face. She even used to suck him after he got home drunk and passed out on the sofa. Even his pungent cock and piss sour cock felt good down her throat. But he stank.

Though she had never gone that far with Jim. Nancy and Tom didn’t see the harm in her sharing his huge bed. Not their friend in misery. They weren’t to know that Roy was getting worse and so blind drunk when he got home he couldn’t focus enough to hit the water if he jumped in a pool.

She loved Jim’s cock. I felt so good in her hands. She loved to suck it, play with it, rub it between her 38D tits. She had to fake the beatings, had to come back for it and if Jim only knew how much she loved his cock she would gladly be his cock slave. As it was it was hard to appear sad and miserable every time she knocked on his parents front door when inside her pulse quickened with each step closer to their house. Then there was the agony of staying up with Jim’s parents late into the night. Little did they know that she couldn’t wait to climb in with their son. What would they say that 5 minutes after closing the bedroom door, she had their son’s young cock in her mouth. Molly wanted to scream aloud and tell the world that she loved Jim’s delicious cock. That Jim could take her whenever and wherever he wanted. If only….

Sure she was 17 years older than he was and he probably had a sexy young girlfriend but she looked after herself, she was blessed with excellent skin tone and had no wrinkles or stretch marks. That and her big boobs, flat tummy and pert and juicy arse. Men still ogled and whistled at her when she dressed up. Men still desired her. And she was randy most of the time, despite her alcoholic husband. Most of all she wished Jim wanted her too and they could go to a motel anytime they felt like it where they could suck and fuck and cum screaming at the top of their lungs. Instead of these silent, one-sided sessions. If only….

Molly licked and sucked the hardening cock in her hands as she smiled and thought about all those “if only”s. She knew this young lad was good for more another load. She was going to get it out of his big fat balls. The number of times she wanted to straddle and ride him. Jim was so young and athletic. He could probably fuck for hours. She wondered how much he’d enjoy stroking in and out of his Aunt Molly as she bent over before him on hands and knees. She’d never had one this big before. It was such a cunt soaking fantasy.

She started when she felt a hand clutch a handful of hair on the back of her head. Her head was pulled back and off the cock she was enjoying leaving it coated in a mix of his precum and her spittle as she was forced to turn around to face an angry young man.

To be continued…..

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