Minx Stripping

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Rachel had agreed to be my little minx. We both had needs to fill. She needed to be a wanton slut under the control of a man. I had desires of having such a wanton slut attending to my needs and obeying my commands. We were made for playing together. It is as simple as that.

After our first escapade which occurred on the bed center stage in the church auditorium after a cancelled rehearsal for our seasonal church production it seemed that nothing would be out of bounds.

I am perennially the director of our church productions and she is my lead actress. All this seemed natural for us. Me directing her and her falling into the role completely.

Over the next couple of weeks we communicated by e-mail. Neither of us could believe what we had done but the excitement and lust was undeniable. We wrote back and forth during this time talking about what we had done and how it felt before we both started feeling the need to play together again. As we started talking about our next playtime and what we wanted to do, we developed a simple set of rules:

1. No pain just torturous teasing and pleasure

2. We would met about once a month to allow the anticipation to build the excitement

3. She would makeup, dress and act very slutty

4. She would do whatever I told her to do

5. She was to keep me hard and excited at all times when we are together

6. I am to find ways to exhibit her sluttiness and make her pussy wet

7. In public, I would act as her protector

8. A week before we we’re to meet, I would send an e-mail setting up the scene and allowing her to prepare her character and wardrobe

Having me watch her orgasm as she played with her pussy during our first escapade really got Rachel hot. Rachel also professed a fascination with strip clubs and the women who work there while we were talking online. So for our next escapade I decided to see just how much she really enjoyed exhibiting herself.

We were going to a strip club as a couple to observe and participate. The club that I had picked out is a private club. It looks a bit sleazy to keep the overhead low but the women look good if a bit slutty and it had all the accoutrements. There are private VIP rooms and there is a limousine for play. The women bare it all and you have to supply your own liquor.

Neither Rachel nor I drink much and with our behavior the first time together, we didn’t need the alcohol to help lose our inhibitions. I secured our membership as she worked on her character and wardrobe.

My only instruction for Rachel is that I wanted her to masturbate for at least an hour before we went out. She could do it how ever she wanted but she couldn’t let herself orgasm. She must bring herself right to the edge at least three times but not allow an orgasm. I wanted my little minx to be in heat. I wanted her red hot and willing to hump anything for relief. She was so enthusiastic about this idea that it quickly became a ritual for our playtime.

Rachel was standing at our pre-arranged location, a busy bus stop, waiting for me. I stopped a little ways down the block just to look at her and watch the men stare as they walked by.

She was wearing a glittery little slip of a dress that just barely covered her ass. The dress was held up by the thinnest of spaghetti straps and scooped low to show quite a lot of her cleavage. It is exactly the type of dress a stripper would wear, almost a sophisticated cocktail dress but just a bit too smutty. She appeared to be wearing only the dress and a pair of shoes. The shoes were candy apple red pumps with four inch silver stiletto heels and ankle straps. Stripper’s shoes! Perfect.

Her makeup and hair were just as exciting. Heavy, dark eyeliner, blue mascara and smoky silver eye shadow gave her the bedroom eyes of a slut on the prowl. With a heavy coating of shiny fire engine red lipstick and nail polish, her mouth and hands looked like they were made to be wrapped around a hard cock.

Her dark shoulder length hair was put up haphazardly. Long wispy tendrils hung down her neck and framed her face. Just perfect to tickle your balls as her head bobbed up and down on you member.

I rolled up to her and lowered the window, “Hey babe! Want a lift?”

She walked over and bent low into my car window like a hooker negotiation with a john. She was giving all the men around the bus stop a good view of her bare pussy. She wiggled her hips a bit as we chatted like this. There were wolf whistles and a few comments.

“Hey babe, how much?”

If you don’t want her buddy, I sure do!”

“God, what an ass!”

She turned to smile back at her admirers and got into my car. I enjoyed the flash of thigh and pussy as she sat down nearly as much as I enjoyed the jealous looks of all the nearby men who had been trying without success to make time with Rachel.

Before taking off, I had to check her obedience. I turned to Rachel and told her, “Pull up your skirt, minx. I want to see just how wet you are.”

Rachel looked Escort bayan at me and smiled as she teasingly pulled the hem of her skirt up past her pussy. She had a surprised for me. She had shaved her pussy slick and bare. Not one trace of hair. Just like a stripper. My cock was beginning to stiffen

Smiling wider at my look of surprise and noticing me shift my position to relieve the stress on my pants, she spread her legs as wide as the passenger seat would allow. Her pussy was glistening with moisture and her hole was gaping open a bit. She had masturbated with a dildo.

The car was quickly filled with the heady aroma of her tangy pussy. I reached over and easily slipped a finger into her. She squirmed in the seat and whimpered. She had obeyed perfectly.

We heard a noise outside the car and looked up to see two men staring in the window and rubbing their crotches, watching me finger fuck her. I continued for a minute more as she watched them watch the show and then I took off. Rachel is apparently a true exhibitionist when she is my minx. Tonight will be fun.

As we drove down the street, she turned to me and asked, “Do you like how my pussy looks, Ross?”

“Rachel, it looks so slutty and inviting shaved bare and dripping your juice. I love it.”

“Good. I thought you would.”

As we moved down the crowded street, I reached out to stop Rachel from pulling her knees back together. She looked over at me, nodded and smiled. I decided to find out just what she was thinking and I wanted to keep her talking dirty.

“How did you masturbate yourself before getting here, minx?”

She looked at me with a naughty smirk, “After our tussle at the church, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and your big, thick cock. I went to an adult store and bought a dildo the size of your cock. That is why I’m so stretched out. I fuck myself with it whenever I get online to talk with you.”

“Do you enjoy masturbating yourself with the dildo?”

“Yes! It feels so good and naughty!”

She then reached over and began stroking my nearly hard cock, telling me, “I like it a lot but the real thing is so much better. I can still feel you pumping me full of your sticky cum.” Now I was rock hard and twitching!

She was doing her part to keep me hard and throbbing and her wide open, dripping pussy attested to the fact that I was holding up my end of the bargain.

I asked, “Did you enjoy having all those men stare at you and make dirty comments while you were waiting for me?”

Her hand moved to her pussy and she began to run her fingers over the slippery lips, “Mmmmmmm! Yessss! I loved how they looked at me, wanting me, knowing they couldn’t have me. The part I like best was the women. They made really nasty comments that I could hear. Talking to one another, calling me a slut and a whore.”

“I love the shoes you are wearing. They look so sexy especially with the ankle straps. Why did you choose a pair with ankle straps?”

Her reply was just what I hoped for. “So my shoes don’t fall off when you fuck me.”

We traveled for a while with Rachel’s legs spread open towards me. She played with her pussy and clit, while I stole glances at her juicy show.

I pulled into a grocery store parking lot and parked the car in the dimly lit rear of the lot. “Get in the back seat and spread wide, minx.”

She reached to pull down her dress before getting out of the car.

“Leave the dress just as it is and pull out your tits.”

We both moved to the back seat. Rachel took her time getting out of the car and getting back in, her slim ass and dangling tits with their large dark nipples exposed for the entire lot to see if they looked. She lay out on the seat with her legs spread. She hooked her right knee over the front seats and put her left calf on the rear window sill. Anyone walking by would have noticed her is such a raunchy position.

I just had to taste her and my tongue glided across her smooth pussy. She bucked and moaned while wrapping her long, slim legs around my head and trapping me in the exquisitely soft vise of her thighs. I licked the juices dripping from her still gaping hole and tongue fucked her as best as I could in the tight confines of the car.

Her fingers laced into my hair when I concentrated on her erect clit. Without any hair to cover it, it stood out proudly like a little erect cock. Her moans increased and she began writhing on the seat as I sucked on her little sensitive organ, “Ooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!”

Abruptly, I stopped. I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet and I have waited nearly a month to cum in her mouth.

“My turn, minx. Suck my cock.”

As I sat back, she was slowly lowering the zipper of my pants and freeing my drooling cock and churning balls. I took in the sight of her. With her dress still up over her hips exposing her ass and pussy and her tits hanging raunchily out of her dress, she looked the picture of a minx in heat. She was so needy and unmindful of how wanton her actions Bayan escort truly were.

As I found out the last time, Rachel is a fabulous cocksucker. Her actions are slow and teasing, holding you on the edge for what seems like an eternity. Last time, I didn’t get to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow my cum but now it is going to happen.

Her eyes glistened as she reached out with her tongue and lapped the drops of pre-cum off the tip of my cock. She looked into my eyes to make sure I was watching her and then smiled, licked her lips and engulfed my cock head in her warm, wet mouth.

Her tongue tickled the sensitive underside of my cock head and she then slowly descended down its length, leaving a long, bright red smear of her lipstick as she glided back up. I watched as her head slowly bobbed up and down. At the top of each suck, she would pull my cock from her mouth with a wet pop and then dance her tongue on the spot, that one very sensitive spot just below the glans.

As this teasing treatment made me squirm and moan, “Ooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!” her eyes would be smiling into mine. Her tongue and wet lips would glide down and back up the length of my cock. She engulfed the head and started again. Every once in a while she would hum to make me squirm with the vibrations.

After an eternity of this sweet torture, I told her, “Get ready minx. I am going to cum in your mouth.” She took her mouth off my cock and whimpered, “Mmmmmm. I need to taste you. I need to swallow your manly goo.”

Her tongue shot out and began really moving just under my glans. She watched me squirm in the seat, unable to hold still and struggling to keep my eyes on her pretty face as she made me cum with her tongue. As my hips bucked and my cock thrust forward, she kept licking that so sensitive spot. My cum shot fountained straight up and landed back on my cock, her dancing tongue and smeared, red lips. Stray drops splattered cheeks and exposed tits.

What a nasty, dirty, and exciting show. As my bucking subsided, she swallowed my cock whole, making a gooey, sticky mess of it and her cum smeared lips. As she pulled her mouth off and away from my cock, she smiled at my low moan. Seeing my cum hang in droopy tendrils from my cock to her lips made my cock immediately begin to stiffen again.

Out came her tongue and she proceeded to lick my cock clean. She licked up every drop from my now hard cock, obviously relishing each one. She noticed me looking down at her tits hanging obscenely from the front of her dress, my cum splattered all over them and her big, dark nipples.

Rachel looked down at her tits as well and I asked her, “Do you remember what I said about your tits in the church, minx?”

She replied breathlessly, “Yes. You told me that you wanted to watch me lick your cum from my tits.”

“Well, get started.”

She reached down and cupped both of her dangling tits and began licking the sticky droplets from their slopes and nipples. This succeeded in making my hard cock start twitching and throbbing all over again.

I told Rachel, “Time to go, minx. Put my cock away for now.”

She pleaded with me, “I need to be fucked, please, please fuck me! I need your big, thick cock in me.”

Enjoying the tease, I replied, “Not now minx. I will fill your hole later. Put my cock away carefully. If you hurt me with the zipper, tonight will be over.”

She grasped my hard cock and awkwardly but very carefully she tucked it and my balls back into my pants. She watched longingly as it disappeared while she slowly pulled up the zipper.

We moved around to the front seats again. I drove off for the club and Rachel spread out her legs and began playing with herself once again in an attempt to convince me to fuck her as she needed.

I told her, “Make yourself presentable, minx. They would never let you into the club looking like that.”

We both smiled at the idea that she looked too raunchy to be let into a strip club. She busied herself with rearranging her dress and wiping off her face. She reapplied her makeup and made sure her hair was just right.

We pulled into the club parking lot at just about 11 pm. Just the right time. Most of the men will have gotten well into the booze and on their way to a good drunk. The strippers will be loose and ready to put on a hot show.

As we got out of the car, I could see the excitement in Rachel’s eyes. While we walked, arm in arm to the door, I asked her, “You really love to suck cock, don’t you, Rachel?”

She stopped just outside the door and turned to me, smiling brilliantly. “God, yes. Sucking your cock gets me soooo hot.”

“Do you ever suck your husband’s cock?”

“No. I’ve tried but he won’t let me. He says its dirty and only sluts do that sort of thing.”

Fools can be found everywhere.

“He’s right. Sucking cock is dirty and slutty and very exciting. That’s why we both love it when you suck my cock.”

I took her into my arms and kissed her long and deep, Escort silhouetted in the dim light of the club’s doorway. A couple of men had to squeeze by so they could get their first look of tits and pussy for the evening.

As we broke our kiss and moved to the door, one of the men looked back at us and said, “You two should get a room.”

Rachel smiled at him and I replied, “That will happen later.”

The inside of the club was hot and smoky, the air humid with used breath and sweat. Rachel’s dress glittered in the dim light and bright flashing strobes as we moved to the bouncer. When we got to him he looked Rachel up and down very carefully.

I offered him the cover charge for both of us but he just pushed it back at me saying with a grin, “No cover for new talent. Have fun.”

Rachel reached out and ran her hand up his thigh and across his crotch while smiling at him, “Thank you.”

We went off into the smoky depths of the club. There were three stages and each girl had to dance three dances during her show, so the girls dancing were in various stages of undress.

Rachel stopped and watched very carefully as each girl did her thing. She was particularly taken by a very buxom, bottle blonde at the end of her routine. The stripper was at the very edge of the stage calling guys over so the could watch her and give her money as she displayed her shaved pussy and meaty ass for them. She made them imagine what it would be like to fuck her in all different positions by rotating her hips and rhythmically humping the air.

Rachel turned to me and nibbled at my ear. She snaked her tongue into my ear and when she withdrew it, remarked “I like that.”

I reached up and squeezed one of her tits right in front of the stripper and with my lips pressed to hers murmured, “I knew you would.”

The stripper shouted over the music, “Hey baby what about me?”

We both turned to look at her as she sat on the stage with her legs spread wide, playing with her pussy. I gave Rachel a ten dollar bill and told her, “Do just like the men and put it under her garter.”

Rachel stared fascinated by the stripper fingering her pussy for a bit and then reached out and slid the bill lengthwise under the garter, stroking her soft, smooth thigh. She learns quickly. Her nails then traveled back up the stripper’s thigh and onto her pussy lips, both women slowly stroking the stripper’s pussy.

The men gathered around to watch and Rachel slowly slipped her index finger into the stripper. She finger fucked her teasingly for a few strokes and then slipped it out and into her mouth. We turned and walked away as men crowded up to the stage with money in hand. Rachel was sucking and licking her finger clean as we went to find a good seat.

A little while later, the bottle blonde stripper found us sitting together at a table in a shadowy corner of the club taking in the sights. She approached Rachel and asked, “Hey babe. How about you and me doing some dances together. Those guys couldn’t give me enough money after you played with me on stage.”

Rachel looked over at me and I told the stripper, “Join us and let’s talk.”

She came over and took a chair between us. I ordered a round of drinks from a passing waitress. The waitress’s uniforms in this place were fantastically sexy, I would have to think about Rachel in one of them. Rachel and I got our usual sodas but our nearly naked friend ordered Jack Daniels and I had the feeling she had a few of these already.

She introduced herself, “Hey I’m Betty. My stage name is Betty Boobs. It’s a bit cheesy but it gets the customer’s attention, just like these.” She hefted her very large, round tits and gave them a squeeze. Each was easily the size of half of a large honeydew melon and surprisingly firm. Her nipples were perfectly round with the lightest of pink color and the buds stuck out nearly half an inch, just like pencil erasers.

There was no doubt what she made her money on but the rest of her was well shaped. She wasn’t tiny or skinny. She had a full, curvy figure reminiscent of the Jane Russell or Jane Mansfield type so popular in the fifties and sixties. She wore nothing more than a neon pink beach wrap fastened with Velcro over one hip and a pair of spiked heeled, hot pink sandals that tied up around her ankles with five or six wraps. The bleached blonde hair was cut short and the dark roots showed easily. This only added to her slutty appeal. Her make up was heavily applied for the stage but expertly done to emphasize her big, blue eyes and her pouty cocksucker’s lips. Her lipstick and long, artificial nails were done in a shiny, bubble gum pink. Yummy!

From the way Rachel was eyeing Betty, I could tell that she agreed. Betty noticed us looking her over and spread her legs a bit wider. Her bare, shaved pussy was now on display and it glistened with her juices. Any men strolling by our table were sure to look at her sexy wares.

Betty took a sip of her drink, leaving a thick pink impression of her sexy lips on the rim and then leaned over to me. Her hand strayed to the obvious bulge in my pants and as she began to rake her long pink nails up and down my hard length, she stage whispered into my ear, “You both look like so much fun. I want to play with both of you tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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