Meeting You for the First Time

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Your house looked just like the picture you sent me and as I pull the bike into the drive way I see the front door open and you step outside. You are more beautiful than I thought, your long hair pulled into a ponytail, your large breasts straining against your tight shirt and as I walked towards you I could see your hard nipples pulling against the fabric of your shirt.

I gathered you into my arms and kissed you deeply, our lips parted and we let out tongues dance the dance of lovers. After a few moments of kissing you broke the kiss saying we need to get inside before the neighbor starts wondering what’s going on. We walk inside and I drop my small bag by the door and kick off my boots and socks. You ask if I would like some tea and you pour us both a glass. I take the glass from your hand and bend down to kiss you again before taking a deep drink, the ice cold tea tastes great after a long day’s ride.

You comment that I am stinky and ask with a smile on your face if I would like to take a shower? Of course I would, I replied, need to get clean. You lead me through your bedroom into the bathroom with its large clawfoot tub under the window and the good sized shower in the corner. I strip down under your watchful eyes and then step into the shower, I hear a rustle of clothing and then you join me. You say the shower is kinda finicky and you quickly get the water temp set to a nice warm temp.

We both stand under the water and let it flow over us as we wrap our arms around each other and begin kissing again. I move my mouth from your lips down across your jaw to your neck where I kiss and then gently nip with my teeth, I hear a sharp intake of breath from you when and know I have found one of your spots. You rub your body against mine and I feel your hard nipples on my chest so I bend down a little to lick and then suck on the right one till it grows harder still and then switch to the left one.

Your hands have been rubbing my back and then one reaches down to hold and stroke my hard cock. I moan with desire. You start to knee down in front of me but I stop you, pull you up and kiss you deeply. Not so fast my Dear we need to get clean I say.

I turn you around and reach for the shampoo and filling my hand with some. I begin to wash your long hair, you moan with desire and press your ass back against my hard cock. I softly laugh and say wait for it Baby, you continue to rotate your ass against me so I step back and smack your ass with my hand, you moan and your knees go weak so I grab you and hold you up. I finish washing your hair and then fill my hand with soap and gently begin washing your body. I start at your shoulders and work my way down your back sliding my hands along your side and over your hips. I knee down so I am behind you as I wash your legs and ass. I plant several kisses on each cheek and a few extras where my hand print is fading. As I run my hands up the inside of your legs I hear your breathing increase and you spread your legs to give me better access. I run my bursa eskort bayan hands between your legs and feel the heat from your pussy which is dripping wet and not just from the shower. I stand up and turn you around to wash your front, you grab my head and kiss me deep as I feel your body press hard against me. Your moans are driving me wild with desire.

I gently push you away so I can finish washing you, as my hand travels over your belly and towards your closely trimmed pussy I tease you by suddenly sliding my fingers between your pussy lips and curling them inside to finger fuck you. Your orgasm hits you like a freight train and you scream out your pleasure, your pussy clenches around my fingers and I feel your lady cum squirt out over my hand. I hug you closely as you come down from your overload. You kiss me deeply and they say it is my turn. You fill your hand with soap and begin to wash my body starting with my shoulders and chest and work your way down to my cock and balls where you spend a lot of time making sure they are very clean. I feel you hand wash lower and caress my ass. You turn me around and wash my back and drop to your knees as you wash my legs and feet. I feel your hot breath on my ass as you kiss each check before rising to take the hand held shower and rinse us both off well.

We move from the shower and dry each other off before you lead me to your bedroom and to the king sized bed there.

As you climb up on the bed you wiggle your ass at me so I give it a good smack with my hand, you cry out with passion and moan deep inside I can smell your scent and it is driving me crazy. We lay beside each other as our lips come together and we let our tongues dance as our hands touch hot bodies. I feel the weight of your breasts as my hand gently kneads it as my thumb rubs your nipple which grows even harder, your hands reach down to hold and stroke my cock and balls.

I move my mouth from your and trace kisses down your chest to kiss each breast but not your hard nipples. I swirl my tongue around each breast before gliding it over your nipples, your body reacts as you cum arching your back and screaming out your pleasure. I sit back as your hands leave my cock and you begin to rub your pussy and clit till you cum again. I slowly kiss my way down your body to taste your wetness and sweet pussy. I tease the outer lips before dragging my tongue from the bottom to the top and around your hooded clit which pops out to stand proud begging for attention. I gently blow on it and watch as your pussy throbs with desire so I circle your clit once more before gently sucking on it as I glide my tongue over you. You scream out your pleasure as your lady cum squirts over my mouth and tongue. It is sweet as honey and I lap it up with delight.

You push me away saying “too much too much” so I slide up to kiss you and you kiss my lips and face before licking my face to get as much of your cum as you can. My cock is hard and so you slowly kiss your way down my body, bursa merkez escort teasing my nipples with your teeth and tongue before you slide between my legs. You take my cock in your hands and plant a nice kiss on the head before leaning down and running your tongue from below my heavy ball to the top and then with your eyes locked into mine you swirl your tongue around the head as you stroke it.

“Like that you ask”? I moan in reply. You pull my cock to your mouth and slide it in as deep as you can before lifting up and rubbing my now wet cock all over your face. You take my cock deep in your mouth and I feel your tongue swirling around it as you bob your head up and down while gently sucking. This is driving me wild and I tell you. I see the glint in your eyes as you slide up and down on my cock as your hand gently rolls my cum filled balls. My cock pops out of your mouth as you lower your mouth to kiss, lick and suck on my balls. I know I am getting close so I tell you and you hungrily suck my cock back in your mouth. I see your hips rolling and your eyes close as you cum while sucking me, that sends me off the edge and I shoot thick streams of hot cum into your mouth, you moan and I feel you swallow several times before you circle my cock with your tongue to collect all of it.

After my mind clears I see that you have been fingering your hot wet pussy as you blew me so I slide down the bed and lay between your legs. You open your legs wide so I can see your wetness and the amount of your juices running down your ass crack from your pussy. I lean forward and slowly run my tongue from the bottom of your pussy to the top along your outer lips, teasing and enjoying the taste of your honey. Each lick stops just short of your clit which is standing hard and proud. I can smell your honey and feel the heat from your pussy.

I tease you till you are squirming on the bed and you grab my head and pull my face into your hot wet pussy moaning with desire and pleading “please, please make me cum”. I take one last lick from just about your puckered ass to your clit before I gently suck it with my lips and lash it with my tongue. I slip two fingers into your pussy and that sets you off. Your back arches off the bed as you scream out your pleasure. Your legs clamp around my head as you hump my face and flood it with your cum. You ride the waves of your orgasm till you can’t take it anymore and push my head away from your pussy say “fuck me now”.

I raise up and move forward with my hard cock swing in front of me as I line up on your hot pussy. You stare into my eyes as you help guide my cock to the entrance of your pussy. You say “slowly please, it has been awhile” I tease you by running the tip of my cock up and down your outer lips getting it nice and wet with your juices before slowly ever so slowly sliding it into you. Inch by inch I can feel how tight you are and we both moan with desire as your pussy takes me in. When I am fully inside you I stop to let bursa sınırsız escort bayan you get used to my cock and we kiss deeply. You kiss and lick your cum off my face and then pull back to say “I taste real good don’t I” I smile and agree.

My hands are kneading your firm breasts and I pull and twist your hard nipples as I watch your eyes close and you moan with desire. “Fuck me hard you fucking stud” you say and I do as the Lady says and begin to slowly but firmly slide my hard cock in and out of your pussy. Your legs wrap around me as you say “harder, harder” so I lift up and pull your legs from my waist and put them high on my shoulders which allows me to slam into your pussy. We both feel my heavy balls slapping against your ass and we both moan with passion. We continue like this as you now squeeze your firm breasts, pull and twist your nipples, your eyes locked on to mine. You start making a high pitch grunting sound as you get closer to coming again.

Your hips begin to rock as I slam into you. We are both ready to blow and you scream out which sets me over the edge and I shoot out thick streams of hot cum deep inside your pussy as I feel your pussy explode with your cum squirting out over my cock and balls. I slowly come to a stop breathing heavily and lower your legs down to the bed then roll you over on your side as I lay next to you. You flop over on your back and say “wow, wow, wow, that was just what I needed” before you curled up at my side with one arm over my chest and one leg over my legs.

I wake up to the feeling of something warm and wet on my cock and look down to see your head bobbing up and down as you deep throat me. My moan of satisfaction lets you know I am awake and you lock eyes with me and smile. You slide your mouth down to the base of my cock and I jump as I feel your tongue touch my balls, damn you are good. Your head begins to move faster now as you try to get me off, I begin to feel my balls tight up and tell you I am about to cum. When you feel the first jet of cum in your mouth you pull your head back so the second and third blasts hit your face. You continue to jack my cock as more cum flies out and you rub my slick cock all over your face. “Mmmms I love doing that” you say. I lay back breathing heavy as I come to grips with the incredible blow job you just gave me.

You turn on the bed so your feet are towards me, spread your legs and show me how wet you are, you begin to rub your fingers across your pussy, getting them nice and wet before sucking on them. Then you start to slide two fingers into your pussy and slow stroke them in and out. Your other hand begins squeezing and rubbing your large breasts and pulling on your nipples, I have figured out that you really enjoy your nipples being pulled and twisted. Your breathing is getting heavier and faster as is the fingers in your pussy, you are moaning loudly now. I can hear the squishy sounds of your sopping wet pussy as your hands slam against it, your back arches off the bed as you cum, scream out your joy as your pussy squirts out your lady cum all over my chest and belly. When you have calmed down a bit you crawl over to me and kiss and lick your cum off me, moaning with pleasure. You smile when you see that my cock is standing tall and hard again.

This looks like it will be a great visit to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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