Meeting My Internet Lover

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Waking up in the middle of the night dreaming of her online lover Sarah’s body hunger’s for him, wanting his touch his lip’s. She really does not know her online lover as he is very careful on what he makes known, the information he gives is limited and reserved. But that is fine with her as still she has in her mind been given many things that she has needed by this man. A determination of such magnitude a drive to accomplish what she has desired for many years but never has tried for, because of her personal responsibilities towards others. She wants him for herself only for one weekend that is all because no one especially a person of a romantic interest would fit in her life at this time they would slow her down, take away her focus and she doe’s not want that. She has waited a very long time for a chance for herself a chance for achieving her dreams and that time is now soon approaching. The frustration and feeling trapped has almost drove her to the edge a few times they have almost killed all that she has ever wanted that desire that she has had since she was so young. But now she doe’s see the chance to go out and try and do, the phrase nothing ventured nothing gained comes to mind and she is ready now no one could be more ready. As she start’s to get ready for the day she thinks of him fondly what they will do will they meet the other’s expectations an excitement comes over her the unknown hmmmmm thinking to herself.

She dresses herself in a black skirt suit one she definitely finds to her liking and one that he has stated he would like to see her in. Her hair up and pulled back into a French twist her makeup perfect and a soft perfume her lobes adorned with small studded diamond’s she looks in the mirror and remembers her dreams of her like this. Her life has had many difficulties and many challenges that she has overcome with no hesitation. The thought of him on his way to her excites her she can feel her heart pounding waiting for him wanting him. A knock on her door takes her out of her thought’s she looks in the mirror one last time as she passes and goes to answer the door. Opening the door she gazes at the man she has wanted to meet for so long a smile comes to her face. Hello. She is pleasantly surprised as she gazes at him he is just like his picture. Come in please. She steps aside and watches him enter the room with a smile dressed in a black suit and tie he is wonderful everything she pictured him to be.

We have been both waiting for so long. He states. You look wonderful. escort gaziantep evi olan bayan As do you lover as I have always imagined you. If you will excuse me for one moment making her way across the room turning down the music just a bit. There’s some wine if you would like. She gestures towards it as she makes her way into the other room she reaches into a drawer and pulls out an itinerary of her time that she will spend there a time that starts after their weekend. I did it. She sits down next to him and hands him it. I did it I am going to be published and after our weekend I’m going on a promotional tour and you, even if you do not know it helped me get here. Her smile on her face so big she is filled with gratitude as she looks at him. He smiles. You always had it there is no doubt about that. He leans into her and kisses her lips lightly his finger tracing the nape of her neck chills run through her instantaneously. Kissing her again deeply she leans into him her eye’s closed and feeling him next to her feeling so relaxed. Her arm’s wrap around his neck His fingers run through her hair that dangles softly down the sides of her face. He kisses her lobe and down onto her neck she tilts her head to the side in response. Pulling back just a little they gaze into each others eye’s, she stands and lift’s her skirt slightly and straddles him leaning in and kissing him deeply her hands caressing the line of his face. Her fingers slowly tracing down onto his neck to his tie loosening it and lifting it up over his collar she now works on the buttons of his shirt as he caresses her hips looking at her. Pushing his shirt back and away from his chest her hands pressed against feeling his flesh. Sara’s hands work their way down to his trousers loosening his belt first then the button and zipper she inches her way back and off of him he lifts up and she pulls his trousers down and off throwing them to the side. Her fingers placed at the base of his feet the trail lightly up his legs and to his groin her lips anxious but not yet not yet she thinks to herself she is going to enjoy every moment. Pressing her hands on his abdomen they travel slowly up as her lips follow her tongue tasting his flesh sporadically.

Up onto his chest her fingers extend and circle her tongue lightly tracing his chiseled smooth pecks. His dark skin so inviting to her hungry eyes, kissing his neck and ear biting his lobe lightly her tongue emerges and sucks escort gaziantep fetiş bayan for just a second. She feels his hard wondrous cock against her she lowers herself down kissing along his torso and down to his groin. Gently she holds his hardness in her hand as she licks up the shaft reaching the head she opens her wet lips and wraps around her tongue circling in smaller circles till she lands just on the tip. Sucking lightly she retracts her lips off extends her tongue wide pressing down his shaft. She opens her lips just slightly places them on the side of his hard shaft tongue thinly pressed in between she travels slowly back up opening her lips once more to envelope the head of his member her tongue wide placed at the underside lips tight she sucks more and moves down working to take in every bit of him, slowly moving enjoying every inch of his hard wondrous member. He holds back his moans his cock swollen and throbbing veins bulging his head tilt’s back his breathing deep and intermittent he lifts his head watching her hunger for him.

Reaching for her eye’s move up to him he gently lifts her up she releases him and stands in front of him. They look at each other as she unbuttons her dress jacket moving it off her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. He stands takes her hand in his and leads her to the bed guiding her to sit at the edge he leans in and kisses her lips tracing his fingers once again on her nape and down he unbuttons her blouse and kisses her flesh. His finger moves over slowly over to her breast he pushes under her bra and to her erect nipple lightly teasing. His hands move down onto her hips and pull her forward to the edge of the bed just a bit more they move down the sides of her legs to the edge of her skirt as he pushes it up with his strong large hands. Watching him as he leans in and kisses her thigh a deep breath is taken by her as her heart gains in speed. Reaching pushing his hands up onto her hips he grabs at the thin strand on either side and pulls down her soft pink lace panties she lifts her single foot let it drop away the other up and to the side tossing them slightly to the side. She opens her legs more as his hands travel up her legs to her already swollen and soaked soft pink pussy his finger pushes slowly inside of her tight around smooth and wet. His lips kissing hers his tongue pushing in between the lips onto the smooth delicate skin in between he circles slowly and lightly bayan escort gaziantep his tongue moves over her clit and down he hears a gasp of pleasure as he now laps slowly moans escaping her she lays back onto the bed her hips raise up to him her head turned to the side eye’s closed biting her finger lightly. Her other hand travels down over to her breast pushing away at her bra exposing her erect nipple she pinches and moves her fingers over and pulls slightly.

Her lover then unburies his head from between her legs lifts her slightly pushing her back further on the bed as he brings himself over her lowering himself down on her he pushes slowly into her feeling her tight wetness around him he thrusts deep inside her. She moans with pleasure in response slowly he pulls back bringing his head of his cock to the entrance of her warm wet tight pussy. Again he pushes in thrusting deep and hard into her over and over her moans of pleasure loud and driving him faster. Leaning down onto her he releases his hot cum inside her she grabs onto him driving her hips up and moving circling as he releases inside her she now comes in response he collapses onto her she wraps her arms holding him tight kissing the side of his face holding onto him keeping him inside her as long as she can. They lay together him inside her until his hardness goes down, she loves the feel of him inside her on her but knows this is all there will ever be as he drifts off to sleep. Sara finds herself wide awake wanting him more she quietly gets up from the bed and takes a shower. Emerging from the shower she wipes her tanned body dry combing through her long blonde hair she thinks of her lover sleeping in bed.

Wanting to take advantage of the short time the have together she approaches him in his restful slumber she looks at his dark skin and black hair his full lips and strong jaw. Carefully she climbs on top of the bed leaning down into him she grabs his cock lightly licking then sucking feeling it gain in width and length in her mouth. Fully hard she opens her lips presses her tongue and travels down the side of his shaft she then opens her lips even more and wraps them around the head pushing her tongue onto the tip and moving over to the underside she begins to suck one more making her way down taking in every inch of him. His cock enormous bulging pulsating and deep inside her mouth into her throat she gains in speed up and down the hard shaft. She feels him just at the edge of Cumming she sucks harder he releases and she tastes his salty cum and she swallows every bit.

Oh lover I forgot you promised me that you would wake me up that way. He states. That was a very nice surprise…. wonderful. She smiles. He motions for her as she crawls up to him he kisses her cheek and they lay together for a short while enjoying his body next to her. She drifts off to sleep knowing that she has another 28 hours with him until they part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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