Meeting Mr Right 2

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Meeting Mr Right…Second date, or the first REAL date….

It’s been 5days since I went to Chris’s house and his friends used me as a cum dumpster, I keep thinking of that night and I get so hot but I cant touch myself cause my pussy is still tender.
But Im worried I haven’t heard from Chris at all, not one txt

OMG Chris messaged me today, it’s only been 9days he wants to take me out on a real date. He told me to wear something nice as we will be going out somewhere nice, he’s picking me up at 7 on Friday.

So it’s almost 7pm, Friday night, I’m dressed in bright colourful short lil dress my boobs look huge, legs go all the way up with killer blue suede heels, my blonde hair is pulled back but hangs long down my back. Im waiting… 7:11 and I hear a car pull up, a roaring V8 you can’t miss that sound… I look out the window and theres is Chris climbing out the back of a old Chevy Impala, it’s electric blue paintwork shimmering in the street lights, I open the front door before he even knocks I cannot contain my excitement, I almost forget to say hello, Chris says Wow, you look absolutely stunning, leans in a kisses my cheek, he explains he has hired the car for our evening. OMG What a dream come true, This luscious guy standing in front of me all sexy looking, no guy has ever taken me on this kind of date before. We walk to the car, he opens the door and motions for me to get in, I climb into back seat shuffle over and he climbs in behind me. The driver tromps it as we roar away, the noise of engine revving is so loud the idol of the car is almost making me wet, Chris asks me how Ive been and we make small talk as we cruise towards the city.
After nearly 30mins the driver pulls into the Valet area of a well known 5* hotel, Chris takes my hand as we get out the car, Valet nod at Chris, Sir, towards me, Mamam… We walk towards the entrance, I cannot believe this we are actually going in here. The hostess greets us and escorts us to a table.
Dinner is devine, I feel so special it’s such a magical night, Chris and I haven’t stopped talking, we talking about everything, he such a joker, we laughed all night long. We leave the restaurant and the car is waiting for us out front. We get in and roar away. Chris tells the driver to just cruise… We cruise the city as the city lights pass over us, we kiss and cuddle like teenagers he whispers in my ear, I can’t stop thinking of how well you took all those cocks, you said you’ve never done anything like that before. I said I hadn’t, but I liked it… He said I know I seen the glimmer in your eye when all your holes where filled…. He continues, as my slut I will look after you….
We pull up Sex hikayeleri to a local pub, he says there is a band I like playing here tonight, would you like to go in for a drink. I smile, an say sure. This guy is dreamy, I could so get used to this…

The pub is packed eventually we make it to the bar order drinks, the band is great, there’s people dancing I start to dance around the drinks go down easy, Chris can’t keep his hands off me, out of no where Steve and Danny appear, my heart skips a beat but they both smile and politely say Hi, almost like I’ve never met them before…
Danny has a girl with him, we chat and both continue to dance, as we drink I feel myself loosen up, we start dancing together, joking and laughing, other guys begin to notice us an start moving towards us, I look at Chris and he just smiles, as these random guys start touching my ass an holding my hips as I dance Chris just smiles at me, Danny’s girl and I are now dancing seductively together, I love having so much attention on me. Needing a drink refill I head to the bar, Chris close behind me, he hasn’t let me pay for a thing all night, standing at the bar his hand on my ass, he slides is fingers up my dress under my knickers and into my pussy, he leans in an says mmm, bit wet hey slut…. I turn to look at him over my shoulder he kisses me his fingers still in my pussy he says, I want you to take that guy your dancing with into the toilets and suck his cock, don’t come back til you have a mouthful of cum…..
My eyes widen as I realise what he’s telling me… but I immediately turn and head for the dance floor, I grab the tall guy by the arm and pull myself close to his body, I whisper to him meet me in the toilets, I head off, he follows. I enter the mens toilets straight into the cubicle, this tall guy right behind I sit on the seat, unzip his jeans flops out his cock he is already semi hard, his cock is average nothing great but Im so freaking hot cause this feels so naughty… As I suck, and slobber along his shaft he grabs at my hair, holds my head still he begins to thrust into my face, hard and faster I squeeze his balls and rub his shaft, he’s got just enough to make me choke as he rams down my throat… after a few minutes he tenses and unleashes his load…. he looks down at me as he zips his cock back into his pants no words were spoken he turns and leaves…. I rush back to Chris, immediately he grabs my ass, lifts me close to his body an kisses me deeply, he stops an says, well done slut, I can taste his cum in your mouth…Now go back to the same toilet someone will come and fuck you. You are not to speak just do as they say… but before you go, take Sikiş hikayeleri off your knickers and leave them with me… I look around, the crowd is so heavy, who will notices, I do as he says.
Back in the mens toilets inside the cubicle, I wait, my heart racing it’s quiet in here, I can’t believe I’m doing this, omg the door is pushed open in front of me is a dark skinned skinny guy, short stubly hair, he looks me up and down and says, you the slut, in a sexy english accent, I say yes…an sit on the seat as he flops out this gigantic monster of a cock, I’ve never seen something like this before easy 10” long and as wide as my fist, how the fuck am I going to fit this in my mouth, something grabs my attention from above, Steve is looking over the top of the stall, he smiles when he see’s the moment I realise he’s watching me, I use this as encouragment and I begin to lick his shaft, use my hand to stroke along it, like a performer tryng to entertain an audience, Steve says hey mate, just fuck the dirty slut, … oh lord im thinking, I begin to stand up he turns me around lifts my right leg I brace using the toilet seat leaning forward he lifts my dress to find I dont have knickers on, he laughs stating oh yea, you are a fucking slut…. he lifts his giant cock towards my opening an begins to nudge at my pussy, Im already dripping wet but considering his size im glad he’s taking it slow, He’s huge I can feel my pussy stretch to its fullest around his thick member slowly he pumps in and out each time going deeper and deeper, holding my hips tight he begins to thrust harder and faster, deeper and harder pounding my stretched cunt, I can hear Steve in the stall next to us grunting as he wanks his long hard cock, my legs begin to shake this giant cock feels so good I convulse as I reach orgasm an as my pussy tightens around him he to roars in delight as he unloads deep in my pussy, catching my breath he withdraws from me and turns to open the door. Chris is there waiting, the biggest smile on his face, The dark skinned guy steps around him as he steps into the cubicle, my dress is still up around my waist, Steve appears from the other stall, I forgot all about him, he must have finished himself off, he looks at me like I’m disgusting like I’m nothing I don’t think he likes me. Chris and Steve exchange glances as Chris steps towards me, he looks deep into my eyes and says did he have a big cock baby, and reaches down to feel my gapping pussy, he moans, drops to his knees lifts my leg and dives face first in to my sloppy messy cunt still dripping with cum, the stall door wide open. He lashes my pussy with his tongue, flicking my clit it takes no time at all til Porno Hikayeleri I orgasm, his face gleams with moisture as he stands and says oh you taste so good baby, he unzips his pants pulls out his hard cock, he sits on toilet and motions for me to sit on him, which I do, I fuck his thick cock arms wrapped around his neck I bounce up and down til he reaches climax, I take his load deep in my pussy.
He pushes me off and I notice there is a guy washing his hands he looks at me in disgust and shakes his head, another guy next to him though just stares, Chris nods to him, you want a turn? Oh my god, now he’s just offering me up to anyone, this guy smiles steps towards me, unzips his pants and produces a smallish cock, it seems odd on this muscly guy, but as he locks the door he turns, I dont like the look of him, my dress is still up around my waist, he reaches down, grabs at my dripping cunt, groans and says well you ain’t gonna feel my little prick in your sloppy cunt are ya slut, grabs at my head a pushes me to the floor, with his hand firm on the back of my head he puts his little cock in my mouth, holding my jaw he motions in and out, he seems angry, takes my head back and says suck it bitch, he slaps me hard across my face, it stings he repeats the words, fucking suck my cock… I try to suck on his cock but I’m not pleasing, he slaps me again. From outside the stall I hear Chris say, you can fuck her ass you know….
With this he stands he up spins me around pushes my leg up violently, I again brace with my foot against the toilet seat he spreads my ass cheeks, I hear him spit, and feel the warm liquid hit my skin and rams my hole driving his little cock deep into my ass, it’s only small but without any real lube it still hurts. He flexes hard and fast furiously fucking my ass hands on my hips, theres no escape from his relentless pounding, harder and harder, my legs shake I realise I’m coming, the wave rips through my body unexpectedly, he roars as he cums holding my hips with his cock buried balls deep in my ass, he cracks my ass cheek with his right hand so hard it stings and I yelp, he withdraws and leaves the stall…Chris is still there, outside the stall, I step out a little shocked but with come dripping from my holes, he pulls my dress down into place and tells me to clean my face, looking in the mirror my make up has run, Im a mess,I actually look like a dirty cum slut.
We leave the toilets, it seems like i’ve been in the toilets for hours but nothing has changed out in the bar, still the music plays people laughing and dancing.. We walk towards the exit Chris’s arms around me like any other couple. As we get to the door I see Steve and Danny sitting in the back of the Impala Chris walks around to the passenger side as say, thanks for good night I’ll catch ya next time….And the car roars away…I’m left standing there, dripping and stranded…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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