Maya Liberated Ch. 02

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Maya entered the room hesitantly, clad in shorts and a bikini top, which barely covered her large boobs.

There was a moan from the bed as a hand beckoned her. Maya moved forward and looked at her aunt’s other hand. The fingers were furiously moving inside her pussy, her panty triangle pushed aside. Maya’s arm was pulled and her fingers were forcibly pushed into the wet pussy.

Maya got into the act now. She got on top and holding her hips thrust her mouth where her fingers were a moment ago. She lifted her face and looked down at the wet pussy. This was an all too familiar scene, she remembered her birthday night just a few weeks back. Then she got down to work on the pussy and undid the panty strings on either side of her aunty’s hips. She made a big show of pulling at the triangle of the panty with her teeth. The other woman spread her legs as the strand of the string panty came out slowly through her butt cleft and then the pussy slit.

She moved her hips in slow motion, as the video camera panned the action. Maya looked into the camera, continuing to pull the panty ever so slowly. She was taking bursa evi olan escort part in the making of a porn video. The woman below her was no aunty of hers’. She was a regular porn actor called Jesmina, or just “Jes”.

Tanya had boasted about Maya’s seduction in her swinger group. This had elicited lot of interest and some even inquired if she could join them. Rima was Tanya’s friend from before they joined the swinger group. She was a large woman at nearly six feet, 37C+, 30, 42. She and Tanya spent a lot of time together. Rima put out a video magazine. This was circulated amongst a select high society, clientele, as it had explicit xxx content.

Rima knew of Maya’s seduction, as Tanya had discussed it with her. She had then invited the two and Tanya’s hubby, Mil, the morning after the birthday to her bungalow for a poolside get-together. Dress code for the get-together was string bikinis or less and thongs or less for men. Dressed or undressed appropriately, the three had reached at midday. Rima’s male friend, Tobs, was there, too. Rima had a string panty on and Tobs was nude. altıparmak escort When they reached the pool, they saw a girl swimming. As she turned and came to their side, she waved and swimming closer got out of the pool. She was wearing Rima’s bra-top. Tobs, beckoned to her and the two of them went inside hand in hand. Rima told them that she was Tobs new girl friend and she would be joining them in the group the next weekend.

All of them spent the rest of the day swimming and sipping cocktails. Rima asked Maya if she would spent the night with her. She readily agreed, so Tanya and Mil left after dinner. As the two were cuddling on Rima’s bed, her cell rang. Maya was able to listen in to the conversation. The guy on the other end was repeatedly asking Rima to arrange for a new face with a sexy body. She could only promise to try. She was preoccupied as Maya kissed her earlobes. She turned and stared at Maya. Maya could almost make out her thoughts and she smiled, Rims offered her the chance to be in a porno flick – a new face with a sexy body. She put one condition – that she would not be gemlik escort a regular – to which Rima nodded in agreement.

… and there she was a three weeks later wiggling her butt for the camera as Jes slowly eased the shorts down her shapely legs. After which, she pulled her crotch into her face and Maya dipped her mouth into the pussy facing her.

“Mmmmm yes!” they purred almost together.

Soon, there was the sound of short grunts and slurps and a long drawn out ‘Yessssss!’ as they came one after the other.

Jes, ever the professional, tried to push Maya aside and get up. But, Maya had other ideas. She sat up languorously, settling her butt on Jes’s face. She then went on to strip herself off the bikini top, ever so slowly. The video cameras were now following her actions eagerly, not knowing what to expect next; she threw the top at the nearest camera and then proceeded to get up, rubbing her gorged pussy lips on Jes’s mouth and nose. Getting into the act Jes too put out her tongue and licked the pussy and butt hole as Maya moved her hips slowly to and fro. Maya got down and waved at the coordinator and went to the toilet. Jes followed her saying that her performance was amazing.

Two weeks later, when the video magazine reached the subscribers, this video was an instant hit. There was a rush of emails demanding a second one in the next magazine. Little did they know that they were in for a long wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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