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This is a true account of my life over the past few years and this story continues.

It has been sometime since I ran into Savanah, the TS, in San Francisco. My life is fairly normal, work and divorced, with kids. I am five-foot ten, good-looking, muscular and I am over seven inches, hard. I am very physical, always doing sports activities and being hard on my body.

I take care of my body and have a great CMT, or certified massage therapist. I have seen her on a regular basis.

The major turn in my life came when my CMT moved away in an emergency to help a sick family member. I had scheduled an appointment that very evening, which my sore muscles really needed. I decided to go on Craigslist to search out therapists. Several numbers had no answer, and others had no availability. When I finally reached someone, it’s a guy who has a late appointment in his home office, so I got on my way for a good ninety-minute massage.

I arrived at Jim’s and discovered he was a tall, (six-foot four) dark-haired Italian in very good shape, and he looked strong. We spoke so that he could understand what massages I’d had in the past.
He instructed me to take a warm shower and then get on the table. I had finished and, with a towel over me, I got on the table.

He used warm lotions and oils which could stain, and he asked if I would be okay if he removed the “draping” – in other words, the towel.

I said sure real fast, not thinking anything about it. He was a CMT and does this all day long, so I wasn’t embarrassed.

The warm oil and his strength was amazing; he was working deep, and his hands slid over the different body parts. The incense he was burning and the massage put me in a trance and I felt as I was drifting off to the edge of sleep. I think I began to moan as his hands worked deep into my thighs and up to my lower back, and I was feeling amazing. This was the best massage I had ever received and my body told me so, with a semi hard-on.

He Sex hikayeleri said, “I’m going to climb onto the table so I can get deeper into your back.”

I didn’t really pay attention to what he said because of the pleasure I was feeling.

I felt his hands making long strokes up and down my legs and over my ass to my back. I think I felt his hands moving further inside my legs with every stroke, and then I felt his thumbs part my ass cheeks; as time passed, his thumbs rubbed over my twitching hole.
He grabbed oil and poured it on my low back and then down my crack, which he quickly and aggressively wiped with his hands. He pushed into my hole and worked the oil in with his fingers. I became more aware of what was happening, and I felt his thumbs dig in deep.

His thumbs went right into the opening and he spread my hole open. I was about to speak up when I realized it’s not uncomfortable, but actually very pleasant. I found myself wanting more of the same. He began to concentrate his attention there and then went just inside my hole with his fingers and moved them around and in and out.
My dick was hard as a rock and straining under my body, and I was feeling cramped. I wiggled a little to ease my cramped cock.

Jim asked, “You comfortable?”
I responded, “It’s just a little cramped.”
He offered to help fix it. He reached between my legs and grabbed my cock and pulled it down so that it lay between my legs.
“Ohhh my…” his hand on my cock was so exhilarating, I almost lost my breath. I was letting out an occasional moan of pleasure, it felt so good, but I was also embarrassed because I am very turned on. He was a professional and I knew it had happened to him before. I have found myself hard with a few women who have worked on me in the past.
Jim said, “I am going to go deeper and I need to move up the table.”
“Okay, I’m good,” I said. I was feeling incredible, and harder than I had ever been in my Sikiş hikayeleri life.

I felt his knees on either side of my waist, but not much of his weight. His hands were stoking and pushing deep up my back to my shoulders. With every long stroke up my back, he pushed all the stress and tension away.
It was then that I noticed something laying on my ass crack that slid with each push. I wasn’t sure what I felt and so I chose to shift, and my ankles fell off the table so that my legs spread wider.

It was at that moment that I made a great discovery!

Massaging me, Jim was naked! The object sliding on my crack was his nine-inch cock, which, with my legs spread, had landed at the doorway to my ass. Jim kept his strokes up, and with each one the big mushroom tip of his cock was working itself into my ass.

My blood was pumping, heart racing, and I really felt my asshole twitching. It felt like my head was yelling for me to tell him to stop, but this was not what my body was saying; it had ideas of its own. I wanted this guy’s huge cock to penetrate me… I wanted him to fuck me.
I’d thought I was straight, never a gay thought. I have friends who are gay, and I have never disagreed with their choice. I spent a few minutes in this internal struggle, during which time Jim had gotten just the head of his cock inside me.
Jim suddenly said, “It’s time to turn you over, I’m going to work on your front,” and with that he pulled out.
“Aaahhh!” I said.
I was trying to tell myself I was glad he stopped, but what formed in my head was, ‘Why did he stop?’ Why did he stop, why? It felt so good, and I’d wanted it to continue to see where it would go.
I turned over and my cock was standing up like a flag pole. My cock measures seven inches, but I was so hard that I felt like my cock was too big for the room, and I hoped it would soften soon.

Jim said nothing and began to work on me; first my arms and shoulders. While Jim Erotik hikaye was massaging me I noticed that his hard cock would occasionally brush up against me, making my cock twitch, and me hornier. He finished my arms and began on my legs, which started to really get my head spinning. He kept bumping into my straining cock, which just made it harder and more sensitive.

It was at this point Jim turned to me and said, “We need to get that taken care of.”

I thought maybe a towel to hold it down; however, that was furthest thing from what actually happened.

Jim stood at the side of the table, and faster than I could think he had engulfed my whole cock in his mouth. It was so fast I never had time to object or try to stop him. The warmth of his mouth and his tongue swirling around the head of my cock was too much for me to handle. My back arched off the table and I shot stream after stream of cum in his mouth.

I had never cum so hard in my life! Each hot cum-load poured into his mouth, and he responded with a moan. Too soon, “pop,” like a lollipop, the head of my cock fell from his mouth onto my belly. He took every drop.

I went into the shower and cleaned up and got dressed to head home. The drive, and that night, trying to sleep, was difficult, with questions and thoughts that made me more confused than I had ever been.

“Wait,” I said, “I am straight!” I was yelling at myself. This had been crazy, some fluke, crazy event that got way out-of-hand. He must have thought I was gay and that what happened was what I must have wanted. Wow… boy was he wrong.

“Yes,” I told myself, “he was mistaken.” I decided to call him and discuss it with him.

I called him, but he was busy, and so quickly I told him that it got out-of-hand, and that it was not me or what I wanted.

He apologized and said he’d just felt a connection and assumed I was into guys. He offered, if I ever wanted, to make it up to me with a free ninety-minute massage.

I said to myself, “See everything is clear, all understood and good.”

I called the next week to take him up on his offer, which led me to my sexuality spinning out of control.

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