Magic Pillows of Happiness

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One day when I was 16 I came home from school. I did my normal routine and made my way up to my bedroom to start on my homework. My desk was in the corner of my room next to a window that looked out over the backyard. It was a cool day so the air conditioning was not on and all the windows were open.

I’m working on my homework and I hear someone in the back yard. I looked out the window and down and I see my mother sunbathing. She was face down on the folding lounge chair. She undid the strings of her bikini top so I could see her bare back. I did not think much of it and just continued working on my homework.

My mind started to drift and I started thinking about her down there. As I was thinking about watching her as she turned over so I would be able to see her naked boobs. I started to get slightly aroused with my imaginations. I decided to get out of my school jeans and put on my gym shorts which were more loose and comfortable.

When I get back to my seat I looked out the window. My mother had flipped over and was now on her back. She still had her bikini top untied but it was now just loosely resting over the top of her boobs. I started to get harder thinking about her bikini top falling off by accident and exposing her tits to me. But even the way she had it I could see the top and bottom round parts of her boobs. It was very exciting for me to see her like this. I made another attempt at doing some homework.

I then hear my mother’s cell phone ringing. I immediately looked out the window to see what happened. As she sits up one hand is reaching for the phone and her other is pressing her top to her chest but it doesn’t cover her completely. I get a quick glimpse at her boobs. She starts talking on the phone holding her bikini to her chest barely covering her boobs. As she’s talking from time to time I get glimpses of her naked tits. I’m having a pretty good erection at this point. Without even thinking about it I’m rubbing myself through my shorts. My mother must have heard my head bang against the window screen as I was looking and she glanced up. So I quickly pulled back. I think she may have seen me watching her. After a few more minutes on the phone I hear her say goodbye.

After a minute or two I looked out again and she was lying on her back again. Except this time her bikini top was in her hand. I could now see both breasts in full view. I am pressing my head against the window screen trying to get a better look. I’m really raging hard now with my penis popping out of my shorts. I put a little spit into my palm and start rubbing the top of my penis. My hand is warm and wet as I roll my palm over the top of my erect cock while stroking it up and down. Staring at her naked tits was giving me waves of chills as I stroked myself. Here tits were so nice and it felt amazingly good to be rubbing my cock as I stared at her from the window. I was really close to shooting my load.

I was so busy enamored with my mother’s tits I did not notice that my 12 year old sister was home. I hear her giggle behind me. I forgot I left my bedroom door open. She says, “I see what you’re doing. I’m telling mother.” She then races out of my room. I panic and yell, “I’m going to kill you.” I stumble out of the chair and race to the door but she’s already down the stairs. The little shit is really fast when she’s being chased. I jumped back to the window so I would be able to hear what she says.

I hear the sliding door open and my mother sits up covering herself. I hear my sister talking to my mother but I could not quite hear what she was saying. I also could not hear what my mother was saying either. My sister helps my mother tie her bikini top back on. My sister went back into the house with my mother following.

I pretended to go back to my homework. I heard my sister coming up the stairs. As she walks past my door she says in an irritating tone, “You’re in trouble.” I jumped up and say, “You’re dead.” She lets out a squeal as she ran down the hall to her bedroom before I even got to the door. I hear her door slam shut pretty loud. My mother yells up the stairs, “You two leave each other alone.”

I return to my homework. After a while my mother comes up the stairs. She comes to my door leans in and says, “I’m going to take a shower. I’m leaving my door open so I don’t want to hear you two fighting.” She then leaves without saying a word.

I could not believe she didn’t say anything about what I was doing. I thought maybe my sister didn’t say anything and she was just pretending to be telling on me. The little shit has done that before. Then I started thinking about my mother taking a shower. I decided to quietly see if I could get a sneak peek at her naked body. She left her door slightly open. I quietly walk down the hall. I peeked into her bedroom just in time to see my naked mother walk across the room and into her bathroom. With the bathroom door open I hear her start the shower.

In a moment of bravery I decided I wanted to see more. So I quietly walked into her bedroom. I walked over to the bathroom door. I lean forward just a bit to see my mother in the shower through the mirror. Watching her soap herself was really fun to watch but the mirror and shower door were getting too foggy to get a good view. I decided this was too dangerous and I would get caught. So I quietly returned to my room.

I went back to doing my homework again. I was concentrating pretty hard and I did not notice my mother had walked into my room. She was wearing her bathrobe. Her hair was combed but still wet from her shower. She closed my door on the way in but it was still slightly open. She says to me, “Suzy said you were spying on me from your window.” I felt a little embarrassed. Then she said, “Don’t worry sweetie, you are allowed to look.” And with that she leaned forward and kissed me on my head. She then turned around and walked out. “Wow,” I thought. She said it was okay Sex hikayeleri for me to look! After she said that all I could think about was seeing more of her naked body.

The next day in school all I could think about was I was “allowed to look.” I got home from school. I went up stairs to start my homework. I looked out the window and my mother is sunbathing again. She’s face down as before. I yell out the window, “I’m home”. I hear her yell back, “Okay.” I started pulling out my books and stuff. I kept thinking about what she said that I was allowed to look. I could not help but feel myself getting slightly aroused at the thought of seeing her naked tits. I wanted to get a closer look. So I went down the stairs and opened the sliding door. It would still be about 30 minutes before my sister came home. She was lying on her stomach and with her bikini top strings untied.

When I walked over to my mother she says, “Be a good love and put some suntan lotion on my back.” She handed me the suntan lotion. I put some in my hands and started rubbing her back. Her skin was really soft and felt really nice to rub. I worked my hands all around her back and shoulders. She then says, “Make sure to get my sides.” She then leans a little to one side. I can see one of her breast practically in full view. I rub lotion down her side and along the side of her breast. My rubbing makes her breast jiggle a bit. My cock in my pants is swelling up with every touch I make.

She then rolls to the other side but this time even further exposing her other breast. It’s hanging there completely in full view. I continue to put the lotion on her. I was so freaking aroused at this point. My balls were in pain and it felt like my underwear was strangling my penis. When I got to the side of her breast I practically rubbed it all the way to her nipple. She moaned softly a bit as worked my hands around. She turned face down again and said, “Thanks! You did very good job.” Not knowing what to do next I just got up and went back inside the house and up to my room.

As soon as I got back to my room I locked the door, got completely undressed, and spanked out a huge load. I would occasionally look out the window to see what my mother was doing. But it did not take me long to finish. The trash can by my desk was full of cleanup tissues.

The next day I came home from school. Dumped off my stuff and headed out to the backyard. My mother was again sunbathing. She said, “oh good, you are just in time to put some lotion on my back.” I did not hesitate. I put the lotion on like I did the day before. Except this time my mother says, “Do my front too.” She grabbed her bikini top and rolled over. The bikini top was still untied and just barely covering her boobs as she positioned herself. I was able to see most of her barely covered breasts. My cock was instantly rock hard.

I started putting lotion on the legs starting down by her feet. I worked my way up to her thighs. When I got close to her bikini bottoms she spread her legs slightly. I worked the lotion into her upper thigh area. Occasional the side of my hand or my fingers tips would rub lightly against the front of her private area. She would squirm a bit but I could tell she liked it when I did this. I finished both legs. I put some lotion on her stomach. And I started rubbing my way around. I started working my way up to her breasts. It was very exciting. My erection was crazy raging hard. It was kind of painful to feel it in my pants because it must have been twisted in a weird way. I wanted to just start rubbing lotion all over her boobs but I did not have the courage.

I then put some more lotion on my hands and started doing the area above her boobs. I then did her arms and then her face. After I finished she said, “You are good at this. Stop by again tomorrow.” So I went back into the house and up to my room but I kind of wanted to do more. Again I quickly stripped naked and spanked away the pressure. It was quicker this time and more intense. I had another huge mess to clean up and my trash can was stuffed with another round of tissues.

The next day it was raining when I got home. I could not believe it. All day at school putting suntan lotion on my mother was all I could think about. I went up to my room and did my usual stuff. The weekend came and nothing else happened. Monday finally rolled around. I never thought I would actually be looking forward to a Monday. Also, the weather report became interesting to me. It was supposed to be very sunny and hot. So I knew my mother would be out sunbathing on the backyard patio waiting for me when I came home.

I came home from school and made my way out to the patio. I was not disappointed. She was lying face down with the bikini top untied. When I showed up she didn’t say anything but just handed me the suntan lotion. I did everything as before. When I did the back of her legs I began working my way up her thighs. As I got close to her pussy area she spread her legs a little bit wider to give me more access. I ventured my fingers dangerously close to rubbing her pussy. Several times I was slightly touching her bikini bottoms with my finger tips. She seemed to really like it when I did this so pressed and rubbed a little harder on her pussy lips with my finger tips. She began to raise and lower her hips slightly.

After about a minute she rolled over holding her bikini top and then positioning it resting on top of her boobs. This time when I poured some lotion on her stomach she pulled her bikini top off. She stretched her arms back over her head with her eyes closed. My eyes were popping out of my head. I was staring right at her naked boobs in all their sunshine glory. I worked the lotion around her stomach and without even thinking twice about it I started rubbing her breasts with lotion. It was insanely erotic for me to be rubbing lotion over her tits. I was so freaking hard I could Sikiş hikayeleri not stand up because my pubic hairs were so knotted in my pants. I had to grab at my rock hard cock a few times to try to straighten it out in my pants.

After a while I finished her shoulders, face, and arms. I then went back to boobs one more time to make sure I did not miss any spots! It was so freaking awesome to rubbing her boobs and looking at them so closely. I loved the way my palms would roll over her nipples which would get firmer after a pass or two. I almost came in my pants when I stood up. She said “You are getting really good at this. Come back tomorrow. But change out of your school cloths first. Put on your gym shorts or something.” I guess she notice how uncomfortable I was in my blue jeans.

I went back into the house and up the stairs rubbing the outside of my pants the whole way. There was tons of goo and pre-cum in my underwear. It took me about 10 seconds before I squeezed out an insanely huge load. It may have been the fastest I’ve ever cummed in my life. I didn’t even lock the door! The urgency was too great. Again I filled my trash can up with a pile of tissues.

Needless to say the next day at school there was only one thing on my mind all day. I was getting erections on and off all day thinking about rubbing my mother’s tits. They were so soft, warm, and nice. It was like I was rubbing my fingers over magical pillows of happiness. I could not concentrate on anything else all day.

I was the first to get off the bus at my stop and I raced home and went up the stairs to my room. I changed into my gym shorts as my mother suggested. I have several pairs of gym shorts but there was only one pair in my draw. It was a pair of older shorts made of super soft cotton. I was thinking if she wants me to wear gym shorts then I’m just going to wear the gym shorts with no underwear and no shirt. Without underwear she would easier see my cock in my pants. Besides, I liked the way the soft cotton felt. The thought of her looking at my raging hard-on made me get slightly erect as I raced down the stairs. By the time I got to the sliding backdoor it felt like I was swinging a bat in my shorts.

I made it out to the patio and my mother was already there lying on her back. She said, “Good you’re here. Let’s get started before your sister comes home.” Again her bikini top was sitting just loosely over her boobs. I poured some lotion over her stomach and started to rub it around. She was sitting back with her eyes closed and said, “You can rub yourself as you rub me if you want. I won’t look.” Just the idea of rubbing myself in front of her almost made me shoot my load right then and there. I was a little afraid at first but my soft cotton shorts made it so easy for me to slide my hand down and just grab by raging hard-on with one hand. I was rubbing the lotion over my mother’s body with my left hand and stroking my cock as I did it with my right hand. It felt beyond amazingly good to be rubbing myself and her at the same time! I worked my left hand up to her breasts. She pulled her bikini top away like before so I had full access. I started to rub myself a little faster. My mother then said, “Try rubbing little lower” as she pushed and wiggled her bikini bottoms down a few inches. I could now see her pussy in full view.

My heart was pounding at this point and my throat felt dry. I thought my dick would explode any second. I slowly made my way down and started rubbing her pussy. My mother moaned a little and began moving her hips up and down to meet my fingers. I was so enamored rubbing her pussy I did not notice my mother was staring right at me stroking my cock with my right hand. When I saw her looking at me stroking my cock I could not hold myself back any longer. A huge squirt of cum bursted out and almost hit me in my face but landed mostly in my lap. My mother sat back and closed her eyes. She said was “Go inside and clean up. I will come in a few minutes.”

I went to my room. I was trying to digest everything that just happened. I could not help myself from getting fully erect again. I locked my door and started masturbating on my bed. It did not take long for me to cum a second time. I had so much to think about. That night when my mother said good night then she kissed me on my lips. I think the last time she kissed me on my lips I was 10 and I complained about it. This time I did not complain. I did not expect it and it kind stunned me at first. Her lips were very warm and wet and she lingered a bit too which made me think about it for a long time afterwards.

School was going to be over soon and the summer would be in full swing. The next day however it was raining all day. Again during school all I kept thinking about was everything that happened the last few days. I was really disappointed thinking about not being able to have another session with my mother. I got home and went up stairs.

Later than night, after my younger sister went to bed, my mother shows up at my bedroom door wearing a bathrobe. She says, “Come to my room. I need your help with something.” I said I will be right there. I kind of knew something was up. So I changed my shorts to the soft cotton ones with no underwear and no shirt. I then headed to her room with just my shorts. I was already fully erect by the time I got there. The shorts were barely holding my erection from popping out.

She was waiting by the door with a glass of wine in her hand. When I came in she closed the door and locked it. So I knew something good was about to happen. She turned around and was staring right at my monster bulge in my shorts. She took a drink from her glass while staring at my crotch the whole time. She then walked over to her dresser and put her glass of wine down. She picked up a bottle of lotion, turned around, and says “rub this on my back and front like suntan lotion. This moisturizer will prevent Erotik hikaye me from peeling.” I pretty much only heard “rub this” because my brain already went blank. After handing me the bottle and while standing in front of me she then lets her robe fall to the floor. She’s now standing there completely naked. After several longs moments of staring at her naked body she then climbs onto the bed and lays face down.

I squirt some lotion into my hand and I start rubbing her back. I did her arms and around her neck. I did her shoulders while staring at her naked butt from time to time. I worked my way down her back. I would occasionally add more goop into my hands and continued rubbing. She obviously liked what I was doing because many times she was ooing and ahhing. I was of course thoroughly rock hard from her moaning and naked body. It was really fun to be doing this.

When I got to the bottom of her back I had decision to make. I had to decide whether or not to rub her naked butt. I thought what the heck why not. So I got more lotion in my hands and started rubbing her naked butt. She really liked it and started to move her hips up and down a little as I rubbed her butt. She then whispered softly, “don’t miss any spots.” So I started rubbing all around her butt. As my fingers moved into her crack area she said “that feels really good.” I was so freaking aroused at this point. I got more lotion on my hands and started rubbing her near her butt hole with my fingers. I was spreading her butt cheeks as I rubbed her with my fingers. I could see her butt hole and pussy lips in clear view. I’ve seen naked pictures of women before but it was much more fun so close and real.

She really liked it when my fingers would venture close to her butt hole. The lotion was very slippery and the tip of my forefinger accidentally slipped into her butt hole. She let out a little gasp and said, “Yes, that’s it, keep doing that.” So I pressed my slippery finger deeper into her butt hole. She really began writhing on the bed. I could see her right hand was reaching underneath her rubbing her pussy as I drove my finger in and out of her butt hole. She said, “Don’t stop! Do it harder! Deeper!” I just did whatever she asked me to do. I pushed my finger in as far as it would go deep into her butt hole. She raised her butt to meet my thrusting finger. Her body got really tense and stiff. I felt her squeezed down on my finger. She let out really big moan and then flopped back down on the bed.

She just laid there for several minutes. I kept rubbing the back of her legs with lotion. I worked my way down to her feet. I did her feet for a couple of minutes. She was letting out soohs and ahhs again. She then sat up on the edge of the bed, tits bouncing before my eyes, and gave me a big hug. Her face pressed into my stomach as she wrapped her arms around me. She was pressing up against my raging erection with her body. As she pulled away she grabbed my shorts and pulled them all the way down. My erect cock bounced around inches away from her face as she did this. She looked up and said, “my turn, you lay face down.” I did as she commanded.

She grabbed the lotion and started rubbing my back. She made her way down to my butt area. She started rubbing my butt. It felt really good. Her fingers would dance over and around my butt hole. And occasionally the tips of her fingers would reach under tickling my balls. I could not help myself at this point. I started raising my hips and thrusting my rock back and forth over her bed. I was dripping with pre-cum. It felt soooo good. She eventually reached underneath and started stroking my cock from the side. I was on all fours and this point leaning forward on my elbows. My butt was up in the air. My mother was rubbing my butt with her left hand and stroking my cock from underneath with her right hand. I was very close to cumming when I felt the tip of her finger vigorously darting in and out of my butt hole while she stoked my cock harder with her other hand. It was more than I could bear. I exploded all over her bed making a huge mess. She just said, “That’s my boy. Now doesn’t that feel better?” I was not able to talk. I just rolled over and lay down on the bed. She wiped my cum off the blanket with a small towel from her bathroom.

My mother then grabbed my cock squeezing out the last few drops of cum. It was really fun watching her squeeze out my cock this way. As she did this her face was only inches away from the head of my cock. It was really starting to work for me watching her tits swaying all over the place and her lips so near the tip of the cock. I started to get aroused again thinking about the possibilities. Feeling me getting hard again she started to stroke my cock. She paused for a second or two and then lowered her head down on my cock. She wrapped her warm wet lips around the tip of my cock. She stroked me vigorously while sucking on me. She would slowly rotate her stroke upward and then she would drag her tongue across the top of my cock. She would then follow it up with several hard sucks and stokes. It wasn’t long before I came again. I got really tense and shot my load straight into her mouth. I could feel several gobs of cum shooting into her mouth. She just sucked it down like it was ice cream. Again she worked my cock until I was completely dry and limp not spilling a single drop. Towards the end my limp cock felt so warm and nice in her mouth as she rolled it around dancing with her tongue. She pulled back, kissed me on the top of my head, and sent me off to bed.

The next three months were some of the greatest times of my life. She taught me all kinds of ways to help her orgasm. And she gave me a blow job practically every night for the entire summer. There was one night the end of August when I just wasn’t able to cum anymore. I thought I was going to be completely dry for the rest of my life. She said it was time for us to take a break and for me to find my own girlfriend. We did not have sexual relations ever again after that summer. I still masturbate a lot fondly thinking about all the things we did to get each other off that summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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