Lynn’s Alley Ch. 07

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“There’s my girls,” Ali said when Sami and I walked into the house from the portico, beaming a smile at us. Sami and I had closed the gallery that Saturday afternoon and she grabbed a ride with me, since she had no vehicle.

Walking towards us carrying a plate with seasoned steaks, she was heading for the back patio, towards the grill. Reaching with her mouth, she gave me a sweet kiss and turning her head, did the same to Sami.

“Glad you could make it, sweetie,” she said over her shoulder to Sami after she had motioned for us to follow her.

“Sami, let’s get this out of the way so that we can all have a relaxing evening of fun, just us three chickadees, okay?” setting the plate on the shelf of the bricked grill cooker.

“I’m not angry with you, Sami; not with you, not with Lynn,” looking at her, smiling as she talked, “I understand your attraction to her, and I understand her attraction to you, ‘our’ attraction to you.”

“We’re all adults here, and things happen between adults that sometimes the adults have little control over,” she continued, putting the steaks on the hot grill, the sizzle from the meat juices producing instant hunger in me.

“Lynn and I are in love with each other but that doesn’t mean we can’t share a part of that with special friends; with you, the three of us, as adults, understand sweetie?”

Nodding her head in understanding, Sami quietly said, “I do, Ali, I understand and I’m glad that you’re not angry with me, thank you for that.”

Smiling suggestively over her shoulder at Sami as she flipped the steaks and checked the baked potatoes on the top shelf, Ali said to her, “I’ll give all the opportunity to express your thanks later, baby, after we’ve fueled our bodies with food.”

And reaching to her with her mouth, she gave Sami a long, lingering, lustful kiss as I poured a Cabernet for us to enjoy with the steaks. Smiling, I watched as they kissed, damn near over-pouring the last glass.


The steaks were delicious, the wine superb, and the smoke I had rolled, powerful, sending us all into a contented, blissful state. Sami had visibly relaxed after Ali assured her that there wasn’t a problem about what had happened the other night; of course, the fact that Ali and I teased her with little kisses and touches helped her feel safe and relaxed with us, I’m sure.

Sitting at the dining room table after dinner, the three of us shared the smoke I had rolled and a wonderful Cognac, the liquor burning nicely as we sipped it slowly, conversation among the three of us having found its way to our discoveries about our attraction to women.

I had shared my story of Brie’s seduction of me, now a little over a year ago; Ali, of course, laughingly blamed me for being an evil seductress, for taking advantage of her by plying her with Tequila and smoke and that she was so damned glad I did, laughing afterwards about it.

“Swear to God, Sami, I had nothing but cocks up until the time I met Lynn,” Ali looking at me and smiling, “and since then, the only time I even think about a dick is when we play with our toys,” that admission causing Sami to blush a bit.

Sami expanded her tale of introduction to girl-love with her cousin, admitting that until her senior year in high school, the only sex she had was with her cousin when they spent nights together, a lot of nights together. Sami’s deflowering by a cock was the result of a lot of beer and a bit of curiosity on Sami’s part brought on by her girlfriends talking about fucking and sucking cock with their boyfriends.

Sami had been dating a guy from the neighborhood since her junior year but had never let him go further than feeling her up on dates; graduation night, she fucked and sucked her first cock, she said, and thought it was ‘okay’ but not okay enough to keep her mind from thinking about the enjoyment she received from playing with her cousin.

“Honestly,” Sami said, obviously now feeling very comfortable with us, “since I’ve been at college, I’ve tried guys a few times but the only way I can climax with a guy is by thinking about pussy while fucking him,” laughing a bit as she said it.

“I can identify with that, girlfriend,” I said, touching my glass to hers, “been there, done that too many fucking times to count,” smirking a bit to myself, remembering the countless nights of dismal couplings with the guys I’d been with.

“What about now, Sami, orhangazi escort anybody special at school?” Ali asked, her eyes showing arousal from the tales of sex we were sharing.

“Not really,” Sami mused, her eyes locked with Ali’s, “there’s a couple of gals on my floor who drop by for some playtime late at night; I know they’re just looking for some quick orgasms but I don’t mind being their ‘bitch’ for a while,” adding quickly, “and it’s even better when they return the favor,” smiling at the both of us.

“And if they don’t?” Ali asked, her voice soft and seductive.

“Then, after they leave, I get myself off thinking about what we had just done, about what I had just done to them,” Sami responded without a hint of embarrassment at sharing that fact.

Ali nodded her head slowly, stood and walked over towards Sami’s chair. Stopping and looking down at Sami as Sami looked up towards her, Ali placed her hand on the hint of breast swell exposed by Sami’s top and lightly rubbed her fingers back and forth.

“You do understand, don’t you Sami, that whatever happens between the three of us tonight, that it’s totally separate from our work relationship, that it has nothing to do with that,” her fingers now slipping into the top of Sami’s push-up bra under her top.

Sami’s hand found its way to Ali’s bare leg-we were all in shorts that night-and rubbing her hand slowly up and down Ali’s leg, she simply nodded her head.

Reaching her hand into Sami’s bra, cupping her breast in her hand and squeezing it a bit, Ali asked if we were up for a swim.

I stood up and walked over to Ali, taking her into my arms and kissed her lustfully as she continued to fondle Sami, saying when I broke off my kiss to her, “that’s a really good idea,” and walking towards the Aquatic room, I started dropping my clothes, leaving a trail behind me to the pool.


When they joined me at the pool, maybe ten minutes later, the evidence of making out with each other wasn’t hard to miss; mussed hair, smeared lip gloss, disheveled clothing and it was a turn on for me, a huge turn on.

“Miss us?” Ali jokingly asked as she and Sami stripped down to join me in the soothing water, both of their nipples hard from arousal.

“Get your fine asses in here with me and I’ll show you how much I missed ya’ll,” I said, matter-of-factly.

“Sounds like a threat,” Sami said, laughing a bit, obviously comfortable with the fact that she was going to get fucked by us tonight.

“Nope,” Ali said, smiling, “with Lynn, it’s a promise, not a threat.”

Sami’s tall, slender body with that great looking ass caused a rush of heat to my crotch as I watched her step into the pool using the steps on the shallow end, opposite from where I was, in the deep end, holding onto the side of the pool. Ali sat at a table nearby, breaking out our stash box that she had brought with her, spreading some bud on the table to clean and roll.

Ali had never mastered the art of rolling joints free-hand and had to use a rolling machine. While she began that process, she said to us, “Ladies, I’m going to prepare a couple for us to enjoy, so I’ll be a while before joining you but feel free to continue where ya’ll left off the other night,” that reference causing Sami to blush again, just a bit.

Kicking away from the pool side, I swam towards Sami as she waded towards me. Slipping under the water, I opened my eyes, kicking my body towards the blurry vision of Sami’s body. Breaking the surface just before I would have run into her, I arched my back so that my breasts slid up her legs, rubbing against her pussy as I broke water, wrapping her into my arms at the same time.

Tilting my head up towards hers, I pulled her head towards me, our mouths opening as we began our kiss. Sami had her arms around my head as our kiss evolved into a searching expedition by our tongues of the other’s mouth. I held her tight to my body, both of us breathing heavy from arousal, and dropping my hands to her ass, I pulled her pussy against my body.

Her hips were slowly moving, slowly rubbing her young pussy against me, the heat from it cranking up my desires even more. Dropping my head to her neck, I sucked and kissed on it as she moved her head slowly enjoying the feel of my mouth and tongue, soft sounds of contentment filling the cavernous space of the pool room.

As I took nilüfer escort her small breasts into my mouth, one at a time, my mind-video replayed the poses Sami did for me when I shot her series; replayed those erotic poses, reminding me of the times I had thought about doing this to her, of sucking her tits.

Sami held my head tight to her boobs as I enjoyed them with my mouth, her hands running through my wet hair, pulling on it at times as she moaned her enjoyment.

Ali was to tell me, the next day, that watching us in that moment was such a turn-on for her that she stopped rolling the doobs in order to masturbate as she watched our erotic tableau unfold before her eyes.

She admitted that it was a “delicious self-fuck thanks to you two”, winking at me.

Feeling an urge come over me, I clamped my teeth onto one of Sami’s large, hard nipples, gently biting her. Increasing the pressure from my teeth, I heard her take in a gasp of breath and reaching for her sex with my hand, I slipped first one, then two fingers into her snatch.

Her breathing became heavy enough to be heard by Ali as I increased the pressure on her nipple, while I fingered her with increasing lust, willing my fingers to be a cock as I fucked her harder and faster.

“Fuck, oh sweet damnation, fuck, fuck,” she cried when she climaxed, her voice becoming coos of pleasure from my efforts. She pulled me from her breast, her mouth surrounding mine as she tried to swallow my head with her kisses, murmurs of lust muffled by our mouths melded together.

“Damn Lynn, Damnit girl, that was fucking unreal,” she gasped, holding my head between her hands, her eyes moist with emotion.

My own need for release was knocking loudly, my hips grinding against her, my pussy begging for attention. Taking her hand in mine, I plunged it under the water to my sex; she knew what to do, did this young daughter of Mississippi, and slipping two fingers into me while rotating her thumb on my swollen clit, I climaxed very quickly, biting into her neck when I did.

Gasping, I regained my breath, and said to Sami, “Back ‘atcha, girlfriend, yourself,” slipping from each other’s embrace to leave the pool, to join Ali at the table.

Smiling, Ali handed us towels to dry so that we could share the doobie she had prepared for us, sitting back down afterwards, her pubes damp with her juices I had noticed.

“You’ve been playing with yourself, haven’t you, babydoll?” I teased her, chuckling a bit.

“Yeah, well, like anybody would’ve jacked-off watching the porn show you guys just put on out there,” she retorted, holding her hand out to Sami, pulling Sami down onto her lap.

“Light us up, Sami-girl,” Ali said, then taking advantage of Sami’s breast being level with Ali’s mouth, Ali sucked her nipple into her mouth, slowly moving her mouth back and forth as if she were sucking on a cock.

Sami lit the doobie, took her hit and passed it to me; after taking my turn, I nudged Ali with my hand for her to toke. Releasing Sami’s tit from her mouth with a final tongue lick to Sami’s nipple, Ali said, “I’ll get back to that in just a short while, sweets.”

We finished the joint, each of us taking four or five hits, getting totally stoned. Sami continued to sit on Ali’s lap, letting Ali play with her pussy while she held the joint for Ali to toke, on her turns, since her hands were busy fondling and feeling Sami up.

Ali suggested that we all swim just a bit more, and then, retire to the bedroom for some serious fucking. There were nods of agreement from Sami and me, the idea sounding simply marvelous.

We didn’t swim long since the three of us couldn’t stop touching, feeling and fondling with each other. Drying off after no longer than fifteen minutes in the pool, we climbed the stairs to our bedroom, the breeze feeling fresh and cool as it flowed through the screen doors from the veranda.

Wasting no time, Ali pulled Sami onto the bed with her, their mouths immediately attacking the other’s; hands explored and tongues danced, their sounds of lust filling the night air with sex sounds.

I lay on the bed, off to the side and watched the two of them for quite a while, enjoying their show. Moving Ali into a semi-reclining position against the headboard, Sami displayed the lessons her cousin had taught her all those years ago in the late nights of Mississippi.

I türbanlı escort knew how Ali reacted when she was receiving an expert tongue lashing, and Ali was definitely receiving it from Ms. Sami. Her face scrunched up with pleasure, Ali reached towards me with her arms, her eyes begging to taste me, her hips grinding furiously against Sami’s head as it moved up and down between Ali’s legs.

Dropping my pussy to her waiting mouth after I straddled her head between my legs, Ali had her mouth and tongue furiously on my pussy in a nano-second! When Ali reached her orgasm, I reached mine as well, damn near smothering Ali beneath my crotch as I pressed down on her head.

As we rested, gaining strength for the next go-round, Sami amused herself by leaning on her elbows between Ali and me, alternating between us as she sucked on our tits. Sami liked to suck tits, we discovered, this girl loved to suck tits and she was damned good at it, too.

Getting up to go to the bathroom, Ali rejoined us in a few minutes, stopping at her nightstand to retrieve our strap-on. Sami saw what she was doing out of the corner of her eye as she suckled my breasts, and raising her ass a bit, she closed her eyes, waiting for the fucking she knew she was about to get.

Ali fucked Sami hard with that black dildo, the girth causing Sami’s eyes to widen with delight as Ali pushed it in all the way. The sound from Sami as Ali slam-fucked her doggy-style was guttural, raw and savage, from her deepest well of emotions.

Moving so that Sami’s head was now between my legs, as I leaned against the headboard, her eyes registered my pink panther tattoo for the first time, causing her to smile at me before she attacked my pussy with her mouth, her moans now muffled by my pussy in her mouth.

As Ali fucked Sami hard, she had reached around with her hand to rub Sami’s clit. I came first, Sami’s unbelievable ability at eating pussy, the reason; Sami cried aloud when she orgasmed, causing her to raise her mouth from my crotch, sweat beads on her forehead as her body shook with joy.

Sami was insatiable as she serviced Ali and me, each in turn, repeatedly. Once or twice, Ali and I took turns fucking her as she serviced the other, Sami enjoying the long, thick faux-cock on our strap-on.

We fell asleep, finally, from pure exhaustion at around two in the morning, Sami staying in bed with us, between us.


There was no wake-up sex for the three of us; we were still a bit tender from last night we admitted, satisfied but sore.

A late-morning swim, a light lunch whipped together by the three of us and we dropped Sami off, at her dorm, waving goodbye as we headed for Ali’s club for a round of golf on that bright, sunny Sunday afternoon.

The conversation between the three of us had been light, spontaneous, and with little or no reference to last night’s delightful activities. Sami thanked us for the sleep-over-her words-and said she’d see us tomorrow afternoon when she came in to work.

“Think last night was a mistake?” Ali asked as she drove us away, after dropping off Sami.

“Little late for second thoughts, wouldn’t you say?” I remarked.

“I guess, but I was really curious about what you think; I know what I think,” she responded.

“I think it wasn’t a smart thing to do, she being an employee and all, but I don’t think it was a mistake,” I said, adding, “I think that Sami will keep the confidence, I don’t think she’ll betray it; she had too much fun with us last night to ruin a possible repeat performance,” I concluded.

“Yeah, that’s what I think, too,” Ali admitted, glancing at me, adding, “She was a lot of fun, though; that girl knows how to eat pussy,” a leering grin on her face as she looked at me.

“Imagine what her cousin can do,” I mused, giggling at my own joke.


“Sami graduates at the end of the semester, doesn’t she?” Ali asked as she was lining up her putt.

“Yeah, she does, why?” I answered, studying my own putt, straining to read these Southern greens.

“Well, we’ve been talking about bringing on another body, to free us up a bit more, right?” she said, standing over her put, addressing the ball.

“And?” I asked, still trying to read the green.

“Let’s think about taking Sami on full time, to manage the gallery, when she graduates,” Ali suggested, leaning on her putter now, looking at me as she talked, “let’s watch her on the job over the next couple of months and then revisit the subject,” standing over her putt again.

She putted effortlessly, sending the ball into a wide arc, traveling twenty or so feet into the cup.

Damn, she pisses me off with her game! I three-putted!

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