Lusting Over Mr. Reed Part 2

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By the way, there’s a third part coming. Also, I wrote half of the second part then accidentally deleted it. I was so mad anyways I hope you enjoy.

I rode in Mr. Reed’s car feeling giddy. I told him my address when we had gotten into the car and he knew where it was since it was near the school. My eyes traveled down to his cock. I licked my lips and thought about all the things I’ve heard about sex. Girls and guys in my school would brag about the different things they’ve tried, different positions and I wanted to try every one of those things on Mr. Reed. When Mr. Reed cleared his throat, I was brought back out of my daydreaming.

“Amber, are you going to talk to me or are you going to stare at my dick the whole ride?” I looked back up at his face and blushed. He was looking straight at me because we had stopped at a red light. I wonder how long he saw me staring.

“I don’t know, Mr. Reed. I mean both seem pretty tempting.” He smiled, shook his head and looked to see if the light changed. It didn’t. This light takes forever and it is always crowded at this time. Stuck in traffic with my English teacher, I could think of worse things. Mr. Reed was still looking ahead so I took the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to ever since I saw him. I reached over and ran my fingers over his cock.

“Shit Amber, you better be glad we weren’t driving otherwise we would’ve wrecked.” I felt his cock straining to get out of his jeans. I unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out of his boxers. I marveled at how huge it was. It had to be at least nine inches. I leaned down and licked his precum experimentally. It was a little salty but other than that it wasn’t bad. I stuck the head of it in my mouth. I sucked a little. He inhaled a deep breath. I stopped. “Don’t stop.” He said this in a strained voice.

I began again. I put an inch inside my mouth; pull back until he was almost completely out of my mouth then add another inch inside my mouth than I had before. I sucked harder each time. I did this until I gagged and I pulled back a little and instead sucked on what I could for now. I moved back and forth faster and faster until I felt his cum hit the back of my throat. I heard that guys liked it when you swallowed it so I swallowed it all. I pulled his dick out of mouth. “That was great but we’ll have to work on you taking a few more inches.” My face filled with excitement.

“You mean you want to do this again?” He laughed.

“I’m a man, of course I want more blowjobs.” We heard a car horn behind us and realized the light was green. He fixed his boxers and pants and began driving to my house again.

* Sex hikayeleri * * * *

I pulled out my phone and texted Mr. Reed; we had exchanged numbers after he dropped me off yesterday. Mr. Reed was sitting at his desk checking his email I assumed. His phone rang because of my text and he looked sheepishly at all the students who had looked up to find the noise. He looked up at me after reading the text.

I can’t wait for a repeat of what happened in the car and more. How about we meet up tomorrow six pm?

He texted me back quickly.

My house or yours?

I smiled.


He nodded slightly.

“Amber, are you texting in my class?” Everyone turned and looked at me. Mr. Reed winked at me behind everyone’s back. I knew I should be mad that he called me out like that but I knew I probably could never stay mad at him for long. Mr. Reed held up the bucket that he makes everyone put their phones in if they’re texting in class up.

“You can get it back after class.”

“Yes sir.” I got up. I went over to his desk and put my phone in the bucket. The next thing I said was in a real quiet voice. “Just for that no fooling around today.” His smile that he’d had vanished.

“What about tomorrow?”

“I’ll think about it.” He frowned as I walked away. When I sat down in my seat, Carrie, the girl beside me, asked me a question.

“Why is Mr. Reed pouting, usually he’s pretty smug when he takes someone’s phone?”

“I think it was because I didn’t argue with him.”

“Yeah. By the way, next time don’t text after a teacher’s phone goes off, they usually look for phones while it’s on their mind.”

“Good call, I’ll have to remember that.”

The rest of class went by a little slow. It was finally the end of class. I waited until everyone left to go to the front of the classroom. I went over and closed the door. I walked over to Mr. Reed and sat down, facing him so I was straddling him. I began kissing down his neck. I traveled back and bit his earlobe gently. I grinded my hips against him and felt him getting hard beneath me.

“Can I ask you for a favor?” I whispered seductively into his ear.




“Great so can I have my phone back now?” I said in my normal voice. He chuckled.

“Not what I was expecting but sure.” I got off of him.

“Thanks, Mr. Reed.”

“There’s no one here right now so you can just call me Dalton.”

“Well Dalton, I’d hate to invite myself but can I get another ride? My car’s air conditioning needs fixing so I rode the bus and my dad’s busy so…”

“Of Sikiş hikayeleri course you can get a ride.”

* * * * *

The next day went by achingly slow. It took forever for it to be six o’clock but eventually it was. Dalton had picked me up and drove me to his house. I had worn a tank top and a skirt that came down halfway down my thighs. I had made sure it was easy to take off though.

He opened the passenger side door and a got out. I was surprised that there were no neighbors around. I had thought everyone who lived in our kind of small town lived in a suburb. The gigantic yard led all the way to a pretty impressive house.

“If you live alone, how come you have this big of a yard and house?”

“My father bought this house long before he bought his other houses. This one was always my favorite though. He knew that, that’s why he left it to me in his will…” Dalton had this distant look on his face. He looked sort of sad. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it; he squeezed back a little tighter.

“So are you like rich?” He laughed.

“Does it matter?”

“No of course not! I was just curious.”

“Well, let me put it this way, I choose to work I don’t actually have to, to live quite well off. So do you want me to show you around?” I nodded.

He showed me every room until we were finally in his bedroom. Immediately we could both feel the sexual tension between us grow stronger. Being so close to a bed, which he said he’d only take me in, felt very overwhelming. I felt him come up to me from behind. He ran his hands slowly up and down my hips. I felt his hardness pressing into my lower back. He pushed my hair back and began kissing my neck. I turned around and put my arms around his neck. When our lips met I knew that tonight was the night that I’d lose my virginity.

“Dalton, I’m ready. I want you to take my virginity now.” He looked a little nervous.

“Are you sure? I mean, we don’t have to right now. We just starting dating and I understand if you want to wait. I want to but this is a big step for you once we did this there’d be no going back. I don’t want you to regret anything between us.”

“I want to love you in every way, no regrets.” Our lips met again only much more urgently. We took off each other’s clothes and threw them carelessly. He traced my lips with his tongue.

“Mmm… Lay down on the bed, Amber.” He said in a soft voice. I happily followed his gentle order. I opened my legs and he in between them. He got on top of me and put down his head towards my breasts. He didn’t move for a while and I felt his hot breath Erotik hikaye against my skin. Then, he ran his tongue on my nipple in slow circles and then he switched nipples. I moaned. He kissed his way down my stomach until he reached my pussy. He flicked his tongue over my clit. I twitched involuntarily. “Relax.” I loosened my muscles. He breathed in my scent of arousal. His tongue began going up and down my silt quicker and quicker. He moved it back to my clit and made circles on it. He put his finger into me and pushed it in and out, I groaned. I felt an orgasm building inside me. I began thrashing my limbs everywhere. My breathing short gasps.

“Dalton…I think I’m going to…cum!” He stopped immediately. My breathing eventually went back to normal. “Why did you stop?” He smirked.

“Because I want you first orgasm to happen when I’m inside you.” He kissed the inside of my thighs. Then, moved his cock up and down my slit.


“Please what?”

“Please make love to me, Dalton.” He pushed the head of his cock inside me. I gasped because of how big it felt. Slowly he pushed more of himself inside me until he reached a barrier. He stayed there for a while. He looked up at me for a sign that it was okay to continue. I nodded. He pulled almost all the way out of me then, thrust into me, breaking my hymen, all the way to the hilt. I squeaked in an attempt to not scream.

“Are you okay?” I nodded.

“I’m fine I just never felt something like this before…”

“It’ll only hurt this one time, unless you’re a little sore afterward but I promise you’ll feel good in a moment.” Sure enough, the pain that I had felt lessened and pleasure took its place.

“Move, Dalton.” He began to move, achingly slow at first until I met his thrusts, then faster. I moaned. “Faster.” He pumped into me faster.

“Amber, you’re so tight…God, you feel amazing. I’m not going to last long.” I felt my orgasm building.

“I’m going to cum.” His thrusts sped up and I felt my very first orgasm. I screamed out. After, I let go of my breath. He continued to pump into me until I felt something warm inside of me. He collapsed on top of me. Then, he rolled over beside me. We both laid there until our breathing became normal.

“Amber, that was…well, I’ve never experienced sex like that before. I never got the whole difference between sex and making love. I know now that that was making love.” I smiled

“I’m glad you were my first, Dalton.”

“Me too… Shit, are you on the pill by any chance? I can’t believe I forgot to use protection, I’ve never forgotten before.”

“Relax, I have heavy periods so I’ve been on the pill for a while now. So…are you up for round two?” He smiled and got back on top of me. If there was one thing I knew, it was that tonight I’m not getting any sleep.

To be continued…

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