Lover’s Surprise Ch. 03

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My beautiful wife Jazzy and I were on holidays in Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia. We were walking around enjoying the sights hand in hand, but people walking past kept looking at us lustfully so I whispered to Jazzy.

“See how beautiful you are baby? No one can keep their eyes off you.” Honestly I couldn’t blame them for drooling because my beautiful wife she is a walking, talking, sexual fantasy.

She bit my earlobe and smiled against my ear as she whispered back.

“You are so silly baby, when you are around no one even notices me. You are so beautiful.” I will admit to be good looking in a blonde surfer girl way. I am five foot two, long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, C-cup breast, a tight butt and an all over tan. However, Jazzy was so wrong when she said that. Her Italian seductress looks were far sexier than my own. Her five foot three firm, slim, tanned body with D-cup breast, long jet black hair, and perfect tight bubble butt eclipses my looks. I am fine with that because she is all mine.

“You, my love, are seriously blind as to just how truly beautiful you are. You a goddess baby, one to rival both Venus and Aphrodite.” I told her, looking deep into her eyes.

“You, my love, are biased,” she said as she kissed me gently, tasting my mouth and sucking my tongue.

We came across the Catholic Archdiocese. I admired the old building and, being good catholic girls, we decided to go in. The church was empty apart from us, but we lit a candle and knelt to say our prayers. When we were done I noticed the priest was in the confessional box waiting to take confession. I look Jazzy over. She looked so sexy in her short denim skirt and pink top. She had an aqua black belt around her tiny waist. That’s when a plan formulated in my mind. I leaned in and kissed her, biting her bottom lip then her neck as I undid her belt and bit her neck.

“Jamie, we can’t do that here baby,” she breathed, not putting up any effort to stop me.

I smiled against her neck, my plan all falling into place, I took Jazzy’s hand and said,

“You are right, baby. Come with me.” I led her to the confessional box, removing her belt.

“What are you up to my naughty, sexy wife?” bursa escort bayan She smiled at me.

I know my Jazzy is a wild girl and she is up for almost anything. I did know she was raised to respect the church and what we were about to do was very sinful but I was confident she wouldn’t resist. When we got to the confessional box I fastened Jazzy’s belt around the handle of the priest’s door and pushed Jazzy inside the confessional side, pulling the belt tight so the priest couldn’t escape.

I pulled off my panties and hiked up my sundress. I pushed Jazzy to her knees in front of me as the slide opened. I said,

“Forgive me Father for I am about to sin.” Jazzy giggled and stuck her tongue out to probe my freshly waxed, smooth, hairless mound.

The priest frowned at me and replied.

“How long has it been since your last confession my child?” I moaned in pleasure at Jazzy poking her tongue through my wet pink slit. The priest asked,

“What ails you my child?”

I smile and moan as Jazzy licks my clit.

“Sorry father, it has been a week since my last confession. My wife is going down on me, Father. Nothing ails me. Quite the opposite.” Jazzy giggled and sucked my clit hard into her mouth. I groaned as the intense pleasure whipped through my body, stealing my breath.

“Well, I never! How dare you desecrate the Sacred Holy Church!” The priest bellowed as he tried to leave the confessional box and remove us from our compartment. “What is going on here?” He yelled as he realized he could not get out.

I moaned and panted from the pleasure racing through my body as Jazzy sucked and bit my love button, sliding a finger inside me. Gaining enough composure, I said to the priest,

“Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the show, Father. We have you locked in and your hard on proves you’re enjoying this.” I moaned loudly and started pleading Jazzy as she sucked my clit into her mouth hard. She fucked it with her tongue and nipped at it with her teeth. She then had two fingers in me, pounding my wet pink cunt forcefully. I pinched my nipples, moaning uncontrollably.

“Jazzy, oh Jazzy baby. Please, please, please. görükle escort Baby yes! Please, please.” I begged as my orgasm built. The priest watched us, intently leaning against the slide grate to get a better view of Jazzy’s head and fingers working my wide spread, hairless cunt. I started fucking Jazzy’s face with my hands on the back of her head as I drove my dripping wet cunt into and against her beautiful face. I gasped for breath, moaning and panting I let out an uncontrolled scream. I came all over her face in a knee buckling orgasm. I rested for a second to gain my composure against the wall. Jazzy lapped up all my cum, savoring it. A jolt of intense pleasure ripped through my body every time she grazed my clit.

I pulled her to her feet and rubbed my body against her as I licked my cum off of her face. I looked directly at the priest, lifting Jazzy’s shirt and squeezing her nipples.

“Isn’t my wife the sexiest woman you have ever seen father?” Not waiting for his, response I kissed Jazzy hard, possessing her mouth. Claiming it and her as mine. “She is amazing at eating cunt too, Father. She just made me come all over her beautiful face. That’s ok, Father. I love licking my cum off her face.” The priest was clearly stroking his dick for us, getting more turned on by our show. I bent my head to Jazzy’s breast and flicked them with my tongue, looking directly at the priest.

“She has the most responsive nipples father. She aches for me to suckle them. Look how she arches her back, pushing them into my mouth.”

Jazzy and the priest both moaned loudly in pleasure as I captured one of her nipples in my mouth and joyfully suckled it. I reached behind Jazzy and removed the silver crucifix from the wall. I stroked it a little as I suckled Jazzy’s nipples. The metal is cold and hard and about the size of a finger vibrator. I pushed Jazzy against the wall and removed her panties, pushing her skirt up so her cunt is clearly visible.

I knelt before her and admired her hairless, dripping pussy. I moaned in excitement before parting her slit with my nose, rubbing it over her love bud as I inhaled her wet womanly scent. Her scent was intoxicating bursa escort bayan and I was unable to control myself. I buried my face deep into her womanhood and licked and sucked on her clit, pushing two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Fiercely I pounded her cunt with my fingers, eating her clit like a wild animal sucking and biting and tugging on her love button. She moaned, panted, and screamed my name. As she squirted all over my face the priest was quite clearly pounding his cock. As much as this grossed me out I like the feeling of power it gave me. I licked Jazzy’s juicy cunt clean then I slid against the back wall and pulled her back against me. I whispered in her ear.

“Baby, I am going to hold you up from behind. I want you to spread your legs on either side of the slide window.”

“Mmm, Jamie,” she moaned and did what I asked her. I took the cold metal crucifix and reached around under her arms to hold her up. I rubbed the cold metal against her sopping wet cunt. She moaned loudly and the priest started losing control, moaning loudly. I stuck the long shaft of the crucifix into her perfect wet pink pussy and started fucking her with it while I nibbled on her neck. Jazzy was moaning like a mad woman as I pounded her perfect little cunt. The priest is clearly about to cum. I slid the cold crucifix in faster and harder, reaching down to rub Jazzy’s clit too as I bit her neck hard. I could feel her building to her climax fast. I bit her neck and back hard, forcing the crucifix hard and fast into her pink wetness and tugging on her clit.

“Oh forgive me, Lord!” The priest moaned loudly as he came everywhere.

Jazzy screamed.

“Yes, yes. Oh my god. Jamie, yes!” She came hard all over the crucifix. I lowered her feet to the ground and placed the cum drenched crucifix back on the wall. I then turned Jazzy around and sucked her kitty clean. I helped her dress and told her to wait outside for me, which she did.

I dressed and kneeled, “Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been about one hour forty-five minutes since my last confession. Father I desecrated the church and a crucifix by fucking my wife in a confessional box.”

“Do you repent my child?” The priest managed to reply.

“I do, Father.”

“Then you are forgiven my child.” The priest said.

“Thank you, Father.” I prayed and left the confessional, taking Jazzy’s belt with me. I walked out into the sunshine to find my beautiful wife and take her to the hotel to make love.

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