Locked in the Past, part 3-

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Monday afternoon, I was back in my office trying to catch up on my work when my secretary buzzed me on the intercom and announced: ” A Mr. Richard Holt is here to see you. Shall I show him in or does he need to wait?” My heart sank, not only because he was the last person I wanted to see, but also because I had gotten so far behind on my paper work..

“Give me five minutes to finish up on this project and I will buzz you back,” I said. I hoped that didn’t piss him off, but I almost had that report ready for her to type.

In a few minutes I buzzed her back and asked her to show Richard in and to pick up the report . Almost immediately the door opened, she introduced “Mr. Holt” to me and walked over to take the report. As she closed the door that joined our offices, Richard frowned as said:”Who the hell is that?”

“That’s Joan. She has worked for me almost 5 years now,” I answered.

“Is she retarded?” Richard asked.

“Oh far from it,” I responded. “She is my right hand any more, smart as a whip, very competent in everything she does. She is a hard worker, loyal to the core, willing to work overtime when necessary, and very knowlegable about business.”

“Well, she needs a personality transplant,” Richard remarked. “She acted like she was too good to even look at me.”

“She does have some self image issues,” I admitted, “but she is a great lady when you get to know her.”

“Is she married,” he asked.

“Yeah, she is, but they have some problems they are trying to work out. They are separated right now. He has been on a temporary assignment in Maine for the last six or seven months. She decided to stay in their home and keep working for me.”

“So she has self image problems and an absentee husband? She is not a bad looker and she does have a cute little ass on her. I am going to fuck that little bitch before my leave is up,” he announced.

With everything else that had gone on the past six days, I don’t know why that upset me like it did. I resented his arrogance and I may have been a little protective of Joan too. In a lot of ways, she was a pretty frail personality even though she was the best secretary I had ever had. “What did you need today, Richard? I lostThursday and Friday was taken up with meetings. I’ve got a ton of work to do,” I angerly spat out.

He ignored my irritation. “Oh, I just wanted to check and see that we are on the same page. Friday night the football game is here, and then on the 21st the kids won’t be back from the game until the wee hours. That’s the night I have reserved for your sexy little wife and you, isn’t it?” I nodded, and he continued: “I got to thinking and I want to take the family out for a meal before before the big night. When can we do that and where would we go for an extravagant night out around here? You know, great food, maybe a little dancing, entertainment, whatever. I want it to be a night to remember.”

“The place would probably be The Utopian. It is about 25 miles from here. I have no idea when we could arrange everybody’s schedule with the kid’s being so busy. Friday is football and Saturday is date night and school nights depend on how much homework they have,” I said.

“Ok, The Utopian it is. Any night will work for me. I just want to survey the land and get a little better aquainted with Pat, kinda get inside her head a little and also to make friends with your kids,” he said with a wink. Then he asked more questions about Pat, her favorite color, favorite flower and wine, etc. Also wanted to know what the kids were into other than band and school activities. What would they get for themselves if money was not an issue.

I answered each question the best I could. Finally, he acknowledged my need to get some work done as he announced: “Well, that takes care of that. Now I am going to call your office on my cell phone and ask to speak to you. When Joan puts me through, I will leave my cell phone with you and go out into her office while you have a ‘private” conversation. I am going out to spin my web for little Miss Wonderful. Don’t hang up for at least 30 minutes. Longer is better. And while I am arranging my future pleasures you get your work done.”

I did better than he asked. I let him pay for 80 cell phone minutes, before hanging up.

Richard walked back in my office with a big grin on his face. “Man this is too easy. I think I could have been banging her on her desk top within the first 30 minutes,” he bragged. Then he winked at me, and said, “Of course Naughty Wille is reserved for you today.

Knowing that was all the work I was getting done for the day, I asked him the question that had been on my mind ever since Thursday afternoon, “Ok, Richard, what about you and my Mother?”

” Oh yes,” he answered as a big grin spread over his face. ” I didn’t get to the good part did I? I think I told you your mother chose when we would continue.” I nodded in the affirmative. ” Well you probably will not remember that night, but everything is as fresh in my mind as if it had happened last week. You and I went out for a cup of coffee and pie. I slipped one of my Mom’s sleeping pills in your coffee. You always used so much cream and sugar you couldn’t ever taste it. On the way back I told you I was needing a blow job as soon as we got back home. We went directly to your room. You were pretty well gone before I could climax,and then you were off to dreamland. I knew your Dad always left around 10:15. I slipped down the stairs and listened.

They were talking and rustling around. I heard them moving toward the front door and stop. I figured they were kissing and doing the “love you” bit and then the door opened and Iheard the screen door slam. You remember your Mom always held the door open a crack until he backed out into the street and then she turned off the porch light. When the screen closed, I moved from the stairway toward the door. My hands were under her gown and clutching her tits before the car was started. She was startled and cried out softly. I pulled the gown over her head and she stood as naked as I was. I was kissing her on the neck and blowing into her ear, pinching her nipple with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other, before she could get the door closed.

She was afraid one of you might catch us there so she quickly moved us into her bedroom and closed the door, before saying anything. She got on to me for being so reckless and asked If I knew what could have happened if your Dad had forgotten something or if one of you had gotten up to go to the bathroom. She was so hung up on those things that she never even protested the fact that we were naked in her bedroom. That was exactly what I was hoping for..

I apologized but told her I just couldn’t wait, as I took one breast in my hand and clamped my mouth over hers and sought out her tongue. Soon she had forgotten everything but the need ravaging through her body. My hand moved to her snatch. It was dripping wet. I lifted her with the hand between her legsand carried her to the bed. I moved my lips to her nipples as my fingers began to tease her clit. Your Mom is one of the most passionate women Ive ever known and I really don’t think your Dad was able to ever really satisfy her. That bottled up passion broke out and she was as horny as hell that night. She was moaning softly, wanting to make as little noise as possible. Her hips thrashed wildly on the bed. When I sensed she was almost to the point of her climax, I shifted around on the bed and raised up to look your Mom in the eye and said: “I want to fuck Sex hikayeleri you tonight like you have never been fucked before!”

“No,” she whimpered weakly, “please don’t. I really want you so bad, maybe more than I’ve ever wanted anyone, but nobody but Wes has been inside me since the day we married. Please don’t ruin that for me.”

“No other guy has ever been inside here,” I asked as my fingers jabed at her love hole?”

“Not since we got married,” she repeated.

“But it had already been used before Wes came along?”

“Wes, was not my first, but that was before I made my wedding vow,” she insisted.

“Does he ever eat your pussy anymore,” I questioned.

“No, Richy, you are the only one that has ever done that to me, and you blew me away the other afternoon when you did that but that is a tongue and not a penis,” she pleaded, “and that’s different.”

“So, you are alright with that? I can eat and play with your pussy as long as I keep Mr. Willie out of there? She let out a nervous giggle and nodded yes. “And what does Mr. Willie get for being a good boy?” Again as I refered to my dick as “Willie” she grinned and stiffled another giggle. “Will you take care of him with your sweet lips?”

A frown spread across her face, as she shook her head. “No, I’ve never done that for anybody,” she stated firmly.

“Have you ever been fucked in your ass hole before?”

She drew back in genuine horror at the thought. For the first time, she looked at me with fear in her eyes. “Absolutely not! That is sick,” she exclaimed.

“Ok,” I said, and moved between her legs. My fingers parted her cunt lips and my tongue began to explore her love channel for only her second time. She lay back and enjoyed the sexual sensations that soon had her tummy quivering in delight. My lips found her swollen clit again and begin sucking and tickling it with my tongue. She quicly melted into one orgasim after another as the juices poured out of her cunt. Goosebumps covered her body. She was totally mindless of everything except the volcano that was erupting inside her. Just as she almost reached the peak of another climax I moved my mouth up to her belly button and to her tits and her harden nipples. I positioned my cock at the lips of her furry cunt. Skillfully, I guided it to her parted lips and the head moved to her entrance. “Mr Willie, is ready to come inside,” I said and genly flexed my buttocks until the head move inside the mouth of her vagina. “The only thing that will make him leave is if you will pledge your virgin holes to me. Either your mouth and your ass belong to me or he takes what you have promised only to Wes.”

I waited for a reply. There was totally silence as she lay quivering from the sexual thrills that had not ceased to tingle her senses. “Did you hear me?,” I asked firmly.
“Yes, I heard you,” she responded.

“I need an answer. Mr Willie is tired of waiting,” I said, as I flexed my cock and eased it just a little bit more deeply inside the entrace way. “He is happy with which ever choice you make.”

“Ok,” she said in resignation. “I’ll do what you want.”

“No, I’m happy either way. What do you want,” I asked.

“Don’t go inside me. I’ll do the other,” she finely answered.

“The other? I don’t know what you mean by the other. Tell me where you want Mr Willie to go,” I asked as I eased myself another half inch inside her wet pussy.

As she felt me move deeper inside she said quickly, “In my mouth and…..uh….in my….my rectum, she cried.

“Sounds great to me, and I am sure Mr. Willie will think so too,” I said, as I prepared to withdraw. Slowly I backed out and then had a naughty idea. Pretending to slip I lunged forward just a bit, sinking probably a full two inches or more inside, and then quickly pulled out. She could pretend that she had kept it only for Wes if she wanted , but as far as I was concerned, I had been there too.

“Which do you want to try first,” I asked as I laid on top of her gorgeous body and begin kissing on her neck and nibbling her ear lobe.

She took a deep breath and exhaled before she said in an almost inaduable voice that she would take me in her mouth. “Fantastic,” I told her, “that’s what I was hoping.” I flicked my tongue in her ear and then blew in it. She shivered all the way down to her pussy. I rolled off her on to my back, and my cock stood at attention for her inspection. She scooted down in the bed till her face was even with my crouch. She took it in her hand and examined it closely. “It’s big,” she whispered. She took another deep breath and quickly took as much as her mouth could hold. She held me in her mouth no more than 10 seconds and begin gagging. She jerked up her head, looked pleadingly into my eyes and said,”I can’t do this!”

“Sure you can,” I reasured her. “You tried too much too fast. I’ll help you through it.” I took the sheet and dried her slobbers from my cock. “Lay your head on my stomach.” She did as I asked. “Now, just kiss Mr Willie. Thats it. Now kiss all the way down the shaft. Kiss my balls and run your tongue over each one of them. Yes, yes, that’s the way. Kiss your way back up to the top. Use your tongue to lick every inch of it. Oh…..that’s so good. You are doing great. Now just lick the head. Ok, take just the head into your mouth. Don’t do anything. Just hold it there. Just let it lay there where it belongs. Just get aquainted with your new lover. Welcome him inside as it feels more and more natural for him to be there….to be there where you choose him to be…..Just you and Willie. Nothing else matters right now. Let him make himself at home and rest in the warmth of your cave.” It felt strange to be instructing a women more than twice my age, but I instinctively knew I had to be the teacher.

After four or five full minutes of her getting used to the idea of holding a man’s penis inside her virgin mouth, I continued in a calm, hypnotic tone, “Now run your tongue over it. Feel the texture of every inch of it. Part the slit with your tongue, now become familiar with every ridge. Court him. Get to know him. Love him with your tongue. Let all the love in your heart flow through your tongue to bath him in that love. Oh….you are doing so great. Just keep on. Mr Willie wants you to know he accepts your love. He loves being in this place where no one else has ever been. He is staking his claim on this very special place.”

“Now, you want to know him better. Open up and let a little more inside. Not too much now. We have plenty of time. Now just hold it there till you and him knows this is just where he belongs. Then you can begin to welcome this new part with your tongue, lavishing more of your love straight from your heart to more of him. Wonderful. You are doing absolutely fantastic. Feel the different textures of the shaft. See everything with the eyes of your tongue. Oh…you are so good….so gentle….so loving. That’s the way.
Now invite a little bit more inside your warmth. No, a little bit more. There, that’s about right. Just hold it till you know it all belongs right where it is. It is where you chose for it to be. That’s right, explore it with your tongue. Become familiar with every bit that is in its new home. Now suck on it just like Jim used to suck on your sweet titties. Remember how you used to enjoy your nipples being sucked by his mouth? Let Mr. Willie enjoy those same sensations. Suck and release…suck…release, that’s it suck…release. Now move your head up and down over it. Let as much slide in as you can Sikiş hikayeleri take. That’s it deeper and deeper….suck…release….up…down…suck….release.
You are doing fantastic. Your mouth was made just for this. Your sweet kisses welcoming your first cock deep inside where no man has ever gone before. Step it up just a little bit faster. That’s right. Now move your hand to my balls. Tickle them gently. Oh god that’s it….that’s it…Oh my god. Move up about half way and hold it. Let me do everything. Just suck and keep sucking. Hold it…Hold it. Here comes my love offering just let it flow into your mouth and swallow it down deep into your belly. It won’t be more than a tablespoon. You can take it all. It will be alright.”

The moment was here. I could hold it no longer. I exploded “I am Cuuummmmmming.
I spewed again and again. She swallowed and swallowed until Willie began to shrivel up in spent exhaustion. “Come, kiss me. Let me taste my cum in your mouth,” I commanded. Her naked body covered mine and our mouths sought out each others slobbers in the afterglow of our shared passion. Then she laid her head on my neck and sholder and we lay quietly as our bodies gave up their nakedness to one another.

“I feel so ashamed, she whispered.

I didn’t want to hear her regrets so I deliberately misinterpretted what I suspected she was going to say. “Oh, babe, don’t be. You did wonderful. That was the best first time blow job I ever had. You were utterly fantastic.”

“Yeah,” she said, Like you have a lot to compare this to?”

I didn’t know if that was what she had originally meant or if she had taken my bait, but I didn’t really care. “Well let me think a minute. This was my twelvth time and …..uh only three had done it before.”

She raised up in surprise and looked me in the eyes. “Are you kidding?” She searched out my eyes for some indication of my deception and found none. “You have really had twelve different people do this to you are just 17? I smiled and nodded yes to her. “Who else has done this,” she asked.

“I am not going to give you names,” I said. “You wouldn’t want me to tell others about you. Why would I tell you about the others?”

“No, I wasn’t meaning names. Am I the only woman to do this,” she asked.

“No, you are the third woman to drink Mr. Willie’s cream,” I told her.

“And the rest have been men?, she asked.”

“There has been one boy. Three women and the rest have been girls,” I said.”

Her eyes opened wide with surprise. “You mean you have been with two other older women?” I smiled again and assured her with a nod. “Mr. Willie has been a naughty little Willie!,” she said.

“Hey, I like that,” I said. I moved her on to her back. And sought out her furry patch. She opened her legs and I slipped my hand inside her and pulled out some of her love juices. With the other hand I lifted poor exhausted Willie and smeared it liberally on his head. “Mr Willie, I now dub thee Sir Naughty Willie, the knight of sensual delight. And now fair Princess,” I said to her, ” would you give Naughty Willie, his first kiss as a knight?”

She giggled like a teenager as she moved down and kissed him, licked the annointing off and took all that was left of my shrivelled penis into her mouth, before moving back to explore my mouth again with her tongue and to mold her luscious body against mine.

I hugged her nakedness to me. I could not believe I was holding her in her marriage bed. I said to her, “You be nice to all the teenage boys in the neighborhood. Everyone one of them jacks off dreaming about you. They would give ten years of their life to be here with you like this. You are the sexiest thing in these parts.”

“You are lying now. I am not like that,” she protested. “I don’t wear sexy or revealing clothes and I never flit with anyone other than Wes. Why would you say something horrible like that?”

“Oh baby,” I replied. It’s not what you wear. It is who you are. You are a gorgeous woman. You have a body any 18 year old school girl would love to have. Your big boobs and the way your face lights up when you smile are all it takes to make you one sexy babe. All the boys envy Jim that he used to get to suck those titties. They wish they were so lucky.”

“You are kidding, aren’t you?” she insisted. When I did not respond, she continued,”Do the boys really think of me like that?”

I laughed. “We talk about you all the time. When you smile at one of us our hearts flutter and our dicks harden. That’s why I say, be nice to the teenage boys. You make our day. Not to mention our nights,” I added with a knowing wink.

She smiled in spite of herself and this new revelation. Such a thought had never entered her head. Then she laid her head back down betweeen my head and sholder and relaxed. In a few minutes she had drifted off to sleep.

I slowly awakened with the need to piss, and then came to with a start. I looked at the clock by her beside and noticed with relief that it was only 3:00. Her husband did not get off until 7:00 and I knew no one else would be up early on a Saturday morning. We still had a good three hours till I had to get back up stairs. Reluctantly, I rolled her naked body off of me. She protested drowsily, and returned to her deep breathing. My bladder cried out to be emptied.

As I finished up in the bathroom, I decided to look for some vaseline for her next lesson. My cock began to harden in anticipation. I couldn’t find anything but finally ran across a tube of beauty creme. I carried it back to her bed.

She was laying on her back and in a deep sleep when I got to the bed. I slipped in from the foot of the bed and headed for that delicious pussy. I picked up both of her feet and put them over my sholders as I moved up between her legs. She groaned and shifted her body slightly. She still was not fully awake as I moved into position and slowly licked the insides of her pussy lips, and then sunk my tongue inside her and begin to massage the inner walls of her cunt. As my hands found her breasts and begin to pinch her nipples, the awakened sexual needs threw off the remaining vestiges of sleep. “Oh, Richy,” she moaned ” I want you, again.” Her legs locked around my back and her thighs clamped my head hard against her love channell.

I pulled back and found her hard clit and begin to tongue and suck it. Her breathing became more and and more rapid. Soon she was softly moaning and bucking her hips so hard against my mouth that it cut my lip against a tooth. A the last moment I pulled away, much to her dismay.

“Move your legs off the side of the bed,” I commanded. She quickly obeyed, and I knelt before her, moved under her legs again and resumed servicing her love button. I had uncapped the tube and squeezed a big glob of it on my fingers and moved them to her anal opening as I raised her off the bed four or five inches. She stiffened as I toyed with the small opening, but the growning need that spread from her hungry pussy throughout her whole body make her forget this strange sensation. I wormed one finger inside as felt the muscles clamp against it. I continued to work on her clitoris and increased the presure against her ass hole. She seemed to accept it more freely and I knew the slight pain had begin to increase her pleasure. I moved a second finger inside. This time she groaned with pain, but was so consumed with her building climax that she continued to focus on my tongue. With my other hand I squeezed the beauty creme onto my aching cock.

At the Erotik hikaye last possible second, I pulled away from her pussy, grasped her legs below her knees and raised them above her head. Before she could grasp the reality of what was happening, I had my cock positioned at the entrance of her anus. She froze and then tried to pull away, “No,” she whispered,”not that!”

“That was part of the deal. You said that was what you wanted. It wasn’t my choice,” I reminded her.

“But, you are too big. It won’t go in me there. It will tear me apart,” she protested.

“It will hurt a little bit, but not much. It certainly won’t hurt as much as childbirth and you did that for your other lover,” I responded. And with that I pushed against her virgin opening and felt it give enough to bury the head of my dick inside her.”

“O Richy, it is killing me,” she cried out in pain.

I put a finger to her lips and reminded her that her two daughters were alseep in the next room. “I will be gentle if you will be good and let us get in a better position. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes, please’, she whimpered. With that I withdrew and turned her on to her stomach. She let out a deep breath in relief as her invaded hole was finally empty. I positioned her where her stomach was bent over the side of the bed. I emptied the last ofher beauty cream and begin to grease her hole, before Willie came calling again.

“Ok, relax. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly, I am going to move back inside,” I ordered . She tried to protest, but I was in before she could. She began to cry softly. “I am going to be still now, and let you get used to it. Relax and it won’t hurt so bad,” I told her. Her body slowly adjusted to my invading manhood. After a minute or so, I thrust another inch deeped inside, as she tensed every muscle in her body and let out another cry. She was sobbing now, and I tried to get her to relax and let her bowel adjust to the new depth. “Here we go again,” I announced and slowly moved a full four inches inside. I waited 30 seconds or so and moved even deeper.

“Oh that’s enough,” she cried out, “It’s tearing me apart.” She clenced her anal ring hard against my dick sending waves of pleasure deep into my balls.

“You are tightening up again,” I told her. “That’s what’s causing the pain, just take deep breaths and relax. I am almost there.”

“Please take it out,” she begged. “I’ve done what I promised, please stop.”

“Take a deep breath,” I told her, ignoring her pleas. “It will soon be over if you will just relax.” As I felt her begin to relax, I slamed the remainder of my dick inside and felt my balls slap against her still wet pussy. “There, you have taken every last inch of it”

I held still as her body racked with sobs, for what felt like a full ten minutes. Gradually her body fully relaxed. Then I begin to slowly and as gently as possible slide out a couple of inches and back all the way in. She whimpered, but did not resist. I increased the length of the strokes until about six inches of my meat was moving in and out of her hole. Then I reached down and begin to finger her clit again. It took several minutes for her to begin to respond to my manipulations, but finally the tale tell signs of her heavy breathing and violent twitching made it obvious that her passion was being rekindled. I increased my stokes until I was pumping a full seven and half inches in and out of her ass and the gentllness gave way to hard fucking. The pain seemed to drive her to greater depths of passion than ever before. I could feel the goose bumps on her back

“Oh god, do me, do me, UUMMMMMMMMHHHHH. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! DEEPER. FUCK ME DEEPER,” she cried, with no thought of her daughters now. I put my other hand over her mouth until she quieted down. Then just before she began to erupt in her orgasm, I pulled out and turned her over. I continued to torture her clit as she built again toward the magic moment. With the other hand I moved my dick to the entrance of her cunt and sunk the head inside. She shook her head and pleaded with her eyes for me not to invade this part she had reserved for her husband.

“I won’t go any further than before,” I assured her, as the first spasms of her orgasm began. I moved about two inches inside her gave way to the feel of her cunt muscles clamping and releasing over my manhood, then gave way to a massive climax. I spewed my sperm again and again inside her , hoping they would travel deep into her vagina…..hoping she would give birth to my bastard child.

Richard looked at me and then with a far away look in his eyes he concluded his story:
“The next day while your Dad was sleeping and you had gone out to feed your rabbits, I reached out and took hold of one of your Mom’s breast and tried to kiss her. She broke away and told me that it had to stop. When she looked your Dad in the eyes and gave him a kiss, she said she felt sick at her stomach, and as she looked at you and Joy and Jan. She knew she could not betray her family again.. I told her she had enjoyed it last night and she admitted she had never enjoyed sex before like she had with me, but she could not live with herself if she continued. I threatened to tell your Dad and you and all the boys in the neighborhood and asked what she would do then. She said she did not know what she would do, but she knew what she couldn’t do. If I wanted to destroy her, I could do it. But she would never play around with me or anybody else as long as she lived.

“I never wanted to hurt her or cause problems for her, so I’ve never told anyone until now. Your Mom is a class act. I will always cherish the memory and the pleasure of our brief affair, and I have always loved her in a special way since that time. So there is the complete story about me and your mother. In a way it is a love story, because I think she loved me too, and enjoyed our time together almost as much as I did. I still wish I could have given you a little brother, but I guess it was best for her that my wish never came true.”

He sat there for a couple of minutes as if he were deep in thought. I used the silence to reflect on what he had just told me. I was so disappointed in my mother. No one wants to think of their mother as a sexual toy for someone else’s pleasure. It was hard for me to think of her sharing her bed with a teenage boy. Yet at the same time I was struck by the almost sacred way Richard talked about her. As much as I wanted to dismiss his story as a fantasy, it did ring true. I remembered now what a difficult time Mom had with Granddad’s death. She was always a Daddy’s girl, much more than Aunt Shirley was. And I did remember that night when we had gone out for coffee and pie at the old McDowell’s restuarant and his wanting to hurry up and go to bed. It was do odd because we always tended to stay up until midnight or later.

Yet I felt a genuine admiration for Mom that I had never felt before. Mom was the softy of the family. I was amazed at the strength and determination I had failed to see before. She rejected his attempts at blackmail and was willing to face the consequences because she knew that was the right thing to do. How I wished I had done that five days ago. If I had the character of my mother, my family would not be in jeprody today. Would he have backed off from his threat as he had with Mom, or would he have followed through with it? I had no idea.

My reflection was broken as Richard suddenly looked over at me and demanded, “Well enough of that. Naughty Willie needs some attention. Get your clothes off and come entertain him before we go see Pat and the kids. I want her to get use to me being around before our hot Friday night date.”

Without a word of protest, I stood up and began to remove my tie.

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