Liz Part Four

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Liz part Four

I spent the day, taking friendly abuse from my staff for being late and for wearing glad rags to work rather than my normal clothing, I don’t gloat over sexual conquests and took the abuse knowing full well that if I bit it would last longer. The lease contract was drawn up, only because I spent most of the morning in the office making a nuisance of myself. By the afternoon the lack of sleep was taking it’s toll.
I got a phone call from Liz at 2pm she was going to be late this evening but should be back by 7 at the latest, I was pleased in that I could get home and change but miffed that I would have less time to spend with her, I realised that I couldn’t fuck for 12 hours so there wasn’t much point in getting annoyed.

I left early got home changed into my normal day clothes and left for her hotel, the receptionist gave me the key recognising me from last night, I’d brought some straps with me just in case she felt inclined to be tied up, I’d also picked up a blindfold, free from BA the last time I’d flown long haul. I undressed, lay on the bed to wait, and must have nodded off, I woke panicking when I heard the door being unlocked and dived into the bathroom, I saw Liz enter and drop her briefcase, she sat on the bed rubbed her hand over the sheets and smiled.

She really was very attractive, she looked at her watch stood up and put her jacket on the chair, undid her
skirt and stepped out of it as she bent I could just see glimpses of her stocking tops, she started to undo her blouse and walked out of view as she returned I saw her remover her bra and drop it on the bed, I realised that I had a full blown erection just by watching her undress, there had been nothing deliberately erotic about her actions, it was just so sexy watching her undress. She sat down and slid her stocking from her legs, her panties followed, she started to walk towards the bathroom, I wanted to surprise her and looked for somewhere to hide, I was saved by the phone ringing, she sat on the bed picked it up.

I guessed it was her husband because she talked about unimportant things, I was jealous of him knowing intimate details about her and having a life with her. She pressed a button and put the receiver down and I heard his voice, realised she had put on the speaker and relaxed listening to the conversation,
“What are you wearing ?
“Nothing I was just about to take a shower.”
“Do you have your toys to hand.”
“Yes, what should I use ?
“Did you take the black vibrator ?”
she opened a draw and took out the vibrator
“I’ve got it in my hand.”
“Switch it on and touch your nipples.”
the buzz filled the room, watching the tip of the vibrator touch her nipples was incredibly erotic and I slowly began to touch up and down the length of my shaft,
“Are your nipples erect ?”
“They’re starting to.”
“Touch your lips, I’m wanking myself.”
“I can imagine your hardness.”
“I want to hear you come before I come.”
“I’m putting the vibrator between my legs.”
her legs straightened and her hips lifted slightly, I had to force myself to stop rubbing my shaft as I could feel myself getting harder and harder,
“Is it nice ?”
“It’s making my whole body tingle.”
“Put it inside.”
“I’m not ready yet.”
“Put it inside.”
she was sliding the tip up and down over her lips then back to her clit, quickly lifting it away putting some of her saliva Sex hikayeleri on it then back to her pussy,
“Is it in, I can still hear it.”
“I’m not ready yet.”
the phone went dead, he’d hung up, I wondered what was going on, Liz looked at the phone pressed a button and continued to pleasure herself, I could take it no more, I pushed my briefs down and walked out of the bathroom.
She didn’t notice at first her eyes shut as the pleasure from her pussy began to spread throughout her body, I leant on the bed, the movement caused her to open her eyes, she looked shocked and a little apprehensive,
“You’ve got to go he’ll ring back.”
“Let him, I’m too horny to stop now.”
I put my head between her legs and kissed her thigh, I pushed her hand away, she turned the vibrator off and put it on the bed, she groaned but didn’t try to move me away. I thrust my tongue inside her and felt the
ribbed sides of her vagina, she put her hand on my head guiding me and encouraging me, the phone rang again, she pressed a button and his voice filled the room,
“Are you ready yet ?”
“Yes, I am now.”
“Will you do as I say.”
“What do you want me to do ?”
“Switch the vibrator on and touch your nipples.”
again she switched it on and brought the tip to her nipples, I was holding her thighs apart and licking her quietly, I would do to her what he wanted her to do to herself
“Are your nipples erect ?”
“Yes they’re hard now.”
“Touch your lips, I’ve come once so this will take some time.”
“I can see you getting hard.”
“You should come before I do, put a finger inside.”
“Can I use the vibrator.”
“Put a finger inside.”
she gasped as I did as he said,
“Right push it in then out, keep going until I say stop.”
I started to finger fuck her, she still wasn’t very wet so I slid into her slowly, her hands wrung the sheets into knots as I did her husbands bidding, her breathing increased,
“Lick the vibrator.”
I picked it up and licked her juices from it, keeping my finger sliding in and out of her pussy,
“Push it in all the way inside you.”
I put the tip against her and eased the tip in, gently sliding more and more into her,
“I said push it all in.”
I looked up, her finger brushed my lips to ensure my silence,
“Go on, do it.”
I didn’t doubt she could accept it all but she wasn’t wet enough yet, it would hurt her, she put her hand over mine and pulled the plastic prick into her, as it penetrated her depths she cried out, to me it was a cry of
pain, I held it stopping her taking any more of it into her barely moist pussy,
“Is it fully in.”
“Put it fully in then.”
he sounded irritated by the fact that she didn’t have it fully inside, no consideration that she might be not be enjoying this. She tried to pull it in but I stopped her, I realised he was waiting for a moan from her to indicate it was, I tweaked her nipple harder than I meant, she cried out,
“Isn’t that nice deep inside you.”
I wanted to say “No you fucking arsehole it’s hurting her !”
but she just groaned, it could have meant anything but he decided it was a form of affirmation,
“Good, now fuck yourself with it.”
I couldn’t believe this she was too dry for all this, I knelt down slid it out and licked it trying to cover it with moisture, then eased it slowly back inside her, stopping as soon as I felt her body tense, then back out
again. Sikiş hikayeleri The jealousy I had felt earlier was fast turning to dislike and given much more of this would soon be at outright hatred.

My tongue flicked over her clit as I gently slid the vibrator in she gasped aloud in response, her hips moved slightly rocking against my head,
“Fuck yourself faster.”
her hand encircled my penis and rolled from the base to the tip she let go licked her fingers and rubbed me again, repeating this, she squeezed harder, I looked up, she pointed at me then at her pussy, I turned the
vibrator off and eased it from her, she moaned and I heard his breathing increase.
“I’m close, kneel down and fuck yourself with it.”
I lay down on my back, she straddled me, as I slid deep into her I had to bite my lip to remain silent, she moaned aloud,
“Hard….. fuck your pussy harder.”

She was rocking back and forth rubbing herself against me, I lifted my hands and held her breasts, moulding them between my fingers she tossed her head back, I tweaked her nipples and she grunted,
“I’m coming….. aahhhh.”
pushing herself against me she leant back, I was buried deep inside her, her breasts pulled out of my reach as her hands slid down my legs to hold my ankles, I licked my finger and started to rub her clit, a few rubs and she cried out as an orgasm racked her body,
“You must be missing me to have come again.”
she was breathing heavily and said nothing.
“That’s one you owe me.”
“You came twice !”
“I lied.”
he hung up.

I looked at her and ran my hands up over her tightly stretched stomach then back down to her hips, she leant forward and we kissed, there was something about the way that call had ended , but as her tongue snaked into my mouth I stopped thinking about it and concentrated on her. I rolled over taking her with me, withdrew and kissed my way down her body, paying special attention to her breasts and nipples, which were still hard, I sucked and licked and kissed my way across her stomach and flicked my tongue over her hips, she jumped,
“That tickles.”
I held her hands at her sides and teased her with my tongue, her laughter and pleas to stop echoed around the room, the light sound of her joy set me off and I stopped to watch her face, she soon regained her composure, her face wearing an expression that could shame angels, I nipped the skin of her hips, starting her off again, as I let go of her arms to hold her hips she tried to push my head away, I resisted then dropped the short distance to her pussy, I thrust my tongue deep into her. The laughter died, to be
replaced by a slow groan, I sucked her clit into my mouth and slid two fingers inside her, her back arched, she grabbed my head and I felt her tense, I was so hard I was getting desperate to come.

I moved up over her she guided me into her entrance, with one deep thrust I was buried completely, her head tilted and her neck tightened, I kissed her exposed throat and started to fuck her, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to come but I hoped I could hold off long enough to please her, I lay on top of her closing her legs with mine, lifted myself onto my arms and pulling my hips high on hers. I started a slow short thrusting motion, our tongues fought, mine won and I drove hers back into her mouth as I covered her lips with mine, the pace of my thrusting increased, Erotik hikaye I looked down at her face fascinated, her eyelids fluttering, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip all framed by her long hair, she looked incredibly sexy, my groin agreed.

I started pushing harder against her, I could feel her try to push her hips against my weight, she gasped and opened her eyes as a silent scream distorted her face, she grunted as a hot rush of moisture grew between our bodies, she pulled my face to hers and we kissed passionately, I groaned as the first rush of sperm raced up the length of my penis to be sent deep into her vagina, I paused then thrust again sending another load deep into her, her finger nails dug into my back as I thrust into her a third time, another rush of heat spread between us, I thrust once more and nearly collapsed totally spent.

Both of us were gasping for breath, I rolled next to her and hugged her close to me, we lay still the perspiration from our bodies mixing. After a few minutes I perched my head on my hand and studied her face,
“I’m sorry I coerced you into sleeping with me.”
“I’m not.”
“Maybe, but I was wrong.”
I realised now what had bothered me about her phone call, there were no good bye’s, no I love you’s or miss you”s that I would have expected a married couple to say to each other,
“Why is he like that ?”
“Like what ?”
“You know.”
she looked away,
“Does he make you do it whenever you’re away ?”
“It’s a sort of game we play.”
“Some game, you get hurt, he has a wank”
“It didn’t used to be like that, we both used to tell each other what we were doing and thinking, I don’t know when it started to change.”
“Now he gets the pleasure and you’re his toy.”
“His slave ?”
I winced, that hurt she’d used the word I had to make her spend the night with me,
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”
“It’s OK, I deserved it, I wanted you so much and I couldn’t think of any other way, so don’t apologise to me I’m the one who’s sorry.”
silence hung between us for a while she sat up
“I’m going to have a shower.”
I laughed
“What’s funny.”
“I was going to hide there but the phone rang, does he miss you when you’re away ?”
“I think so, he always rings me.”
“And you have a little session.”
“Do you enjoy it ?”
“Not often.”
“Why do you put up with it ?”
“He gives me grief, he’ll sulk and not talk if I don’t, so it’s easier if I do what he wants.”

I leant forward and kissed her it wasn’t meant to be anything other than comforting but as with all our kisses it turned heavy and passionate, her nail tips made patterns on my thigh, I felt a twinge in my groin, as our lips parted we started at each other, I knew I was in love with her. I wanted to please her, make her feel special, for the few hours we had together,
“Want to play a game ?”
“Maybe, what sort of game.”
“Ever been blindfolded, not knowing where the next touch will be ?”
“I should shower first.”
“It’ll wait.”

I reached into my bag and brought out the blindfold, the straps fell on the floor, she looked at them, then at me, I was embarrassed and wished I left them at work.
“Will you tie me up ?”
“Do you want me too ?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“You’re very trusting, you hardly know me.”
She shrugged,
“One condition, I don’t like pain, I don’t want to be hurt.”
“I couldn’t hurt you.”
“Yes, you could.”
“OK, I wouldn’t hurt you.”
“You probably will, but yes you can tie me up.”
“And the blindfold ?”
“OK, in for a penny, in for a pound.”

Last Part to come

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