Little Red Ridinghood

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Robin had just finished unpacking the last of her boxes. She sat down in the old wooden chair behind her new desk and surveyed her new domain. She was pleased, excited, nervous and even a little scared. This was her first official teaching job. As she looked around the room she began to imagine the seniors at Grim Woods High School engaging in discussions and building a foundation in which to create mouth watering deserts. She couldn’t wait for her first lesson, she had been preparing it since she was in college two years ago and in less than 48 hours she would fulfill her lifelong dream.

‘I did it… I did it!! Grandma would be so proud of me,’ she thought. Her grandmother was her inspiration to begin not only cooking but to become a teacher as well. She was also a teacher at Grim Woods High School more than 50 years ago. The Riderhood name has been iconic there since the school opened in the 1920’s. There have been four generations of Riderhood woman molding young minds here and Robin was proud to carry on that legacy. Robin cleaned up her things and headed for home. She just couldn’t wait till Monday!


Monday morning arrived and Robin awoke bright and early. It was 5:30am. She jumped out of bed as the alarm clock chimed, reset it and headed to the closet to grab her workout gear. At 26 years old, Robin was in top shape and she intended to keep it that way. Her 5’9″ petite frame was easy to keep tone with a light workout at home and a quick jog around the neighborhood.

Returning home she showered and dressed in her favorite outfit, a bright red skirt that stopped just a few inches above the knee. Red was her favorite color, in fact she wore it so much that her college friends nicknamed her ‘Red!’ A pure white silk blouse and black stockings finished it off. Robin loved to wear heels with a skirt, but with the 14 hour day ahead of her she opted for a comfy pair of tennis shoes. Sitting down in front of the mirror, she brushed her long blonde hair and wrapped it up into a ponytail, securing it with a beautiful gold and diamond pin she inherited from her grandmother.


The drive was uneventful and Robin arrived at Grim Woods High School just after 7:00am. That gave her almost an hour to get ready for her first day. Entering the office Robin was greeted by the admin staff of ladies as she headed to the copy machine to print out her recipes for the days lecture.

“Robin?” a voice called from behind. Robin turned around and saw Gracie Mapin, the head of the Culinary Arts program.

“Hi Mrs. Mapin,” Robin replied cheerfully, “Just getting my first recipes together for class today. I’m starting them off easy with chocolate brownies!”

“Hmmm… brownies are my favorite treat. Please save me one!” Gracie said licking her lips. “Oh and Robin, I’m only 36 years old… please call me Gracie, you’ll make me feel old otherwise. Did you workout today?”

“Yep, actually ran 3 miles today. I had a ton of energy this morning. I think I might have been trying to run out the nerves.” Robin replied with a little giggle.

“Well, keep it up you look great!” Gracie said, “I think I will hit the pool after class for a few laps. Don’t forget my brownie!” she said with a slightly seductive smile. As Gracie walked away, Robin couldn’t help but survey the short red-haired beauty. She was only 5’6″ maybe 110lbs, large maybe store bought breasts and sexy curves leading to a cute little rear. She reminded Robin of her stage mate at the Tycoon’s Gentlemen’s Club she worked at while putting herself through school. As Robins mind pictured Gracie in a swimsuit, she felt a soft warm breeze across the back of her neck. Turning around she was inches from Principal Wolfe.

“Good morning Robin, excited for your first day?” Brad Wolfe asked.

“Oh yes! I was just finishing up some copies for my lecture. Thank you again for the opportunity Principal Wolfe.”

“Please Robin, my friends call me Big Brad, I think of all the teachers here as friends. Don’t you agree?” the large man stated. Brad was a monster of a man, 6’4″ and 230 pounds of muscle. Big Brad Wolfe was a retired NFL linebacker who earned his higher education degree while playing for the Detroit Lions in the 1990’s. His career was cut short by a knee injury but that didn’t keep him from the gym twice a day. He placed a high priority on fitness in his personal life, among his staff, and with the students as well. Brad often held contests at the school giving away prizes to students who worked hard to stay in shape.

“Of course we’re friends Principal… err Big Brad, sorry,” Robin replied with a smile but feeling a little uncomfortable. There was something about the way he looked at her. She knew the look… 4 years dancing at a topless club you see the look in every man’s eyes every day. She’d learned to hate that look. But this Escort Bayan was her dream job so she put her irritation aside and was pleasant to her new boss.

“Well gotta run Big Brad, I still need to prep the room. Have a great day!” Robin beamed as she sprinted from the room. Walking down the massive halls she exchanged smiles and ‘good mornings’ to the other teachers as they too headed into their classrooms.


Mrs. Lang stepped into the hall stopping Robin, “Hi Robin! Gracie told me we would be neighbors, I’m Rebecca Lang, but my friends call me Becky. I just wanted to say welcome to Grim Woods!”

“Oh, thank you Becky. It’s nice to meet you. Gracie told me you are the go-to girl if I need anything.” Robin said, “She said you’ve got connections!”

“Yep, I’m your girl.” Becky replied with a heart-warming smile, “I’ve been here for 5 years… half way to tenure and I’ve been involved in a lot of departments here as well as a number of parent teacher organizations and after school activities. If there is something you need I can get it or tell you where to find it yourself.” Becky continued in a more serious tone, “and there is one thing I tell all the new girls here at Grim Woods. Be careful around Brad. He has a bit of a history of sexual harassment towards the ladies, especially ones that look like you.”

“And what exactly does that mean Mrs. Lang!” Robin barked back.

“Sweetheart, relax,” Becky replied placing a hand on Robin’s hip and pulling her closer to her. “What I mean is that you are a very attractive girl and Big Brad has a thing for cutie little things like you. He is very touchy-feely and I know his history, just be careful is all. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Robin felt a little spark when Becky touched her hip and it threw her off guard. “Uh… ok, thanks for the heads up Becky.” She stammered as she broke free from Becky’s touch. Shaking off the experience, Robin went to her classroom and prepped for class to begin.


After her first class Robin was so excited she could hardly contain herself. The class went awesome! The kids listened, asked thoughtful questions, and baked a hell of a batch of brownies. Robin saved a couple for the staff and headed out to deliver them to the office. She stopped at Becky’s room first, offering the 30 year old brunette a sample of her class’s first accomplishment. The meeting earlier, still in her mind, forced her to take stock of her neighbor. At 6′ tall Becky was the tallest female teacher at Grim Woods HS. She had full breasts and a slightly thicker build with a bubble butt that reminded Robin of Jennifer Lopez. She remembered from conversations with Gracie that Becky had been married for a few years to B.J. Lang the schools Physical Education teacher.

The women exchanged pleasantries as Becky sampled the brownies. Robin’s heart rate increased as did her breathing, sending conflicting messages to her head. ‘Becky is a married woman and a co-worker’ thought Robin, ‘I can’t have these thoughts!’ Shaking her head she excused herself from Becky’s room and headed to the office.

Robin entered the office with her plate of brownies and placed them on the counter. “Hi ladies, help your selves to a brownie!” Robin said cheerfully. “The kids did a great job this morning, I am so proud of them.” Suddenly Robin felt something pressing against her backside. Turning around she bumped her nose right into Big Brads chest.

“Oh… Hi Big Brad, just dropping off some brownies from my first class. The kids did well, you should try one.” Robin said stepping back trying to gain some space between her and her boss. Brad reached for a brownie on the counter and at the same time brushed his other hand across Robin’s rear end and up the small of her back. Robin gasped, took another step back and tried to decipher if Brad’s actions were accidental or intentional. Either way she was uncomfortable, Robin turned and quickly exited the office and hurried back to her classroom.


At the end of her second hour, Robin headed next door to chat with Becky during the break. Strangely Robin was thinking about her all morning. She couldn’t figure out why, but it was pointless to fight it. So she embraced it and decided to spend her 2nd hour break finding out more about her. “Hi Becky, how’s it going?” Robin asked with her head sticking into the classroom.

“Hey there Robin, things are going fine for the first day. How about you? Those brownies were absolutely wonderful!”

“Thanks! I am very proud of the students in both classes…” suddenly Robin felt a hand slap her in the rear and it didn’t move afterwards! Turning around in anger, she was once again confronted with her boss standing very very close. His hand falling to his side as Robin turned around.

“Hi Robin, how did second hour go?” asked Big Brad.

“Mr. Wolfe!” Robin barked angrily, “I do not appreciate you placing your hands on me like that. It is the second time today. Please stop!”

“Robin!” Big Brad said in shock, “I am sorry, I didn’t think a little tap on the butt would have been such a big deal. I guess I still have a little of the NFL in me, we always patted each other on the butt after a good play, just our way of saying ‘nice work friend’. I thought we were friends. Again, I am sorry. Please forgive me.” Big Brad looked at Robin with a sad puppy-dog look, and Robin caved just like he knew she would.

“It’s OK, Big Brad. Maybe I just over-reacted; I guess it really was nothing.”

“Well I have work to do. Have a good morning ladies” he said with a wink and headed down the hall.

“Damn It Becky… because of you I just snapped at Brad. Why did you say that to me?! He’s a nice guy, and my boss!” Robin snapped.

“Robin, it was not an accident, and there was nothing innocent about it. He has done it to me and every girl in this high school for the past 3 years. Ask BJ if you don’t believe me.”

“Whatever… I’m going to talk to Gracie,” Robin said stomping away. Just then the bell rang, “Shit, it’ll have to wait till after third hour.”


Third Hour lasted an eternity for Robin. She was so eager to talk to Gracie about Brad and Becky. She wanted Becky to be wrong, but at the same time there was something about the tall brunette that drew Robin to her. The bell had rung and Robin made her way thru the labyrinth of halls of Grim Woods High on her way to Gracie Mapin’s office. Turing down the last hall Robin began wondering why Gracie’s office was so secluded. The hall contained no lockers or active classrooms, the lighting was poor, and the walls were in desperate need of repainting. Through the dim light Robin could make out the nameplate on the door at the end of the hall.

G. Ma – was all it said, the ‘pin’ looked to have been faded away over the years.

Slowing approaching the door Robin could hear muffled sounds coming from behind the door. Robin stopped just outside the door, placed her ear to the door and listened…

“You’ll do it bitch or you can pack your shit and get the fuck outta here!”

Robin recognized that voice. It was Brad Wolfe. ‘What was going on in there?’ She wondered. Robin decided to knock on the door.

“You’re lucky Gracie, this time. I’ll be back tomorrow and the order stands.” Robin heard Big Brad say just before opening the door. “Oh hi there Robin, I was just heading out. Say, anymore goodies from class today? Those brownies were fantastic!” he said with his typical cheerful tone. Walking past her he brushed his arm against Robin’s breast. Taking a deep breath of her perfume he closed his eyes, savoring the sweet smell, and continued down the dim hallway. “See you tomorrow Gracie!” he shouted before turning the corner.

Robin stepped into Gracie’s office; she was at her desk and looked to have been crying. “What’s wrong Gracie? Did I come at a bad time? You want me to leave?”

“NO! no… I mean, no you’re fine, perfect timing actually.” Gracie struggled through the tears to sound normal. “I um… uh wanted to talk to you about…” Gracie’s mind raced looking for some legitimate reason, “about doing a Bake Sale for the cheerleading team.”

“That sounds fun,” Robin replied. She could tell something was bothering Gracie. She didn’t know Gracie that well but a girl just knows these things.

“Let’s take a walk and we can discuss some details. I’ll walk you back to your room. I need to see Becky anyway,” Gracie said as the two women walked out the office door. Along the way back the two decided on a plan for the new Bake Sale and Robin was to meet with the captain of the cheerleader squad to work out the volunteer schedule.


Once they arrived at Becky’s room, Gracie told Robin she would be in touch and disappeared into Becky’s room, closing the door behind her. Robin stood there for a moment, hoping to eaves drop a little. She again placed her ear to the door and faintly heard Gracie begin crying, “He did it again Becky. Damn him, this time he said if I didn’t he’d fire me! What am I going to do?”

“That fucking pig! Someone needs to teach him a lesson,” Becky barked.

“What did you do when he tried to seduce you?” Gracie asked.

“Come here sweetie, it’ll be ok. I’ll talk to BJ and see what he thinks. We were engaged at the time so once I told Brad that, he kind of backed off. The touching and eye-fucking continues to this day but I just ignore it.” Becky pulled Gracie to her and hugged her tightly. Gracie melted in the tall woman’s arms. Her head buried in between Becky’s breasts.

‘Oh my god!’ Robin couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Becky was right all along. She felt horrible, she needed to apologize. Turning the door handle and busting through the door Robin shouted, “Hey Becky, I need to….” she stopped suddenly. There in front of her were Becky and Gracie in a full embrace, Becky’s hand roaming along Gracie’s rear as the two women shared a passionate kiss. Their mouths open, tongues swirling between each other’s lips as soft moans escaped into the air.

Robin just stood and watched, feeling that wonderfully familiar tingle. It had been a long time since she’d been with a woman and the feelings were coming back in full force. It appeared that neither Becky nor Gracie had heard Robin barge in on them. Their embrace continued as Becky slowly ran her hands down Gracie’s rear to the bottom of her skirt, before grasping the hemline and working it ever so slowly up her thighs and over her tone butt exposing the tops of her black lace topped stockings and matching panties. Robin’s jaw dropped as her hand instinctually slid to her pussy.

“Hmmm Becky, you always know how to relax me” Gracie whispered into her lover’s ear as her hands caressed and fondled Becky’s cloth covered breasts.

Robin moaned as she applied pressure to her clit thru the fabric of her bright red skirt. Oddly it was that little moan that got the attention of the women that were turning Robin on.

“Robin! What the fuck!” Gracie stammered as she struggled to pull away from Becky and slide her skirt down covering her exposed flesh. Becky turned to Robin and slowly walked towards her, taking Robins focus off Gracie.

“Kinda rude to just barge through a closed door isn’t it?” Becky asked her eyes fixed on Robins as she walked.

“I’m really sorry… I just was… well I wanted to… I mean, I heard… and then I just…” Robin stuttered as she tried to explain herself. Before she could finish Becky was right in front of her, looking down upon her with lustful, passionate eyes.

“Liked it didn’t you?” the soft seductive words flowed from between Becky’s crimson lips. Robins focus was no longer on an explanation but on the bountiful breasts that were nearly eye-level to her.

“Huh?” escaped her gaping mouth as she felt Becky’s hand caress her neck and grasp her face.

“You liked seeing Gracie’s tight little ass in my hands didn’t you?” Becky spoke again as her thumb circled Robin’s chin and made its way over her luscious lower lip. Robin slid her tongue out and surrounded the probing digit without hesitation. Sucking it into her mouth like it was a little cock. “Oh my, what a talented little tongue you have?” Becky added as she slowly slid her thumb in and out of Robin’s mouth. Just then Gracie came up between them and placed her hand on Becky’s hip.

“What are you doing!?” she whispered to her. Robin pulled back, cleared her throat and her mind and began once again to explain her presence there.

“Uhm, I am sorry Becky. That’s why I came in. I overheard you two talking…” Robin began as Gracie interrupted.

“Oh that’s just great! Now Robin knows. Why don’t we just announce it to the entire staff while we’re at it! Jesus Christ! Fuck! I might as well pack my shit tonight and save some face around here.” She exploded then fell to her knees and wept.

“No! no no no… I mean I wanted to apologize to Becky because I didn’t believe her about Big Brad and I was really mean earlier. But I think I may be able to help”

Robin offered as Becky knelt down and embraced Gracie. The two women sat there and listened as Robin began to outline her idea to get revenge with Big Brad. Before she could finish, however the bell rang once again and the students began filing into the room and taking their seats. Becky went to her desk and scribbled her address on a scrap paper before returning to Gracie and Robin.

“Here, we’ll meet at my house tonight to continue this. Say around 6:00pm? I’ll have BJ make extra for dinner.” Becky said as she handed the paper to Robin.


The next four hours were an eternity for all three women at Grim Woods High School. Becky fared the best but still could not help but think about Gracie’s situation and the ideas Robin had for getting even. Gracie meanwhile was trying to teach her class and figure out how to handle Brad and now what to do about Robin seeing her and Becky kissing and fondling each other. Her career was all but over as she figured it. Robin however, had the hardest time. Between eagerness to revel her ideas and the sight of her beautiful co-workers in a sexual embrace she couldn’t focus on anything the rest of the day.

As the final bell rang and the students bolted for the doors, Robin was right in the thick of the crowd. She wanted to get home, change and prepare for the evening. After showering, Robin dressed in a pair of blue jean shorts, a white short sleeve shirt and, of course, a red hooded sweatshirt. Grabbing the plate of brownies she made special for the night and a large envelope, Robin headed to Becky’s house.

Robin pulled up in front of the address on the paper that Becky gave her. It was a typical suburban home, white picket fence and all. She walked to the porch and rang the bell. A tall black man answered the door. Robin scanned the man from head to toe. He was 6’2″ tall, large muscular build, cleanly shaved head and face with a light completion. He wore blue jeans and a white dress shirt, un-tucked.

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