Linda’s Honeymoon

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Big Tits

The Wedding was beautiful, all of our planning had paid off when everything went without a hitch. We had spent months making the arrangements and now we were at the Reception Hall of a beautiful hotel and all of our guests were enjoying themselves. Rob was the best looking guy there and we both were anxiously waiting for the party to end so we could be alone in our room.

I danced with several of the guests, both older and my age. Most of them complemented me on how great I looked and a few made the kind of remarks that make a Bride blush. Donn, a friend of my Husbands who I had met only a few times whispered to me that I should phone him after we get back from our honeymoon. When I asked why, he said ‘because I want you to feel my big black cock fucking the daylights out of you’. I nearly fainted when he said that! He kept talking softly about tearing my clothes off and asked if we could go to his room for a while! I have heard all sorts of come-ons but none so blatant as that. Besides, I thought getting married would be the end of that sort of thing. Here I am married for three hours and a man is telling me what he is going to do when we get naked together.

I told Donn to back off and take it easy on the scotch for a while. The music stopped and I went to go to Rob. Donn still had my hand and he brushed it across the front of his pants as he said ‘thanks for the dance’. I looked back at him startled at what I had just felt. He was smiling and I couldn’t stop myself from looking down to see an enormous bulge in his pants!

I found my friend Gloria and we went to the rest room because I felt something scratching at my back and thought the dress was coming apart. In the Ladies room, Gloria checked out the back of the dress and said it was OK but something was in there. She then handed me one of Donn’s business cards that he must have somehow slipped into my dress! I told her what happened and we both had a big laugh and went back to the reception.

After a while Rob and I announced that we were leaving and thanked everyone for joining us. We had to catch our plane at 7:00 the next morning and didn’t want to stay out all night. Besides, by now my plans with Rob did not include much sleep. The band started up again and Rob and me made our way out the door. As I was leaving, I noticed Gloria dancing with Donn. That slut! I thought and made a mental note to get all the details from her as soon as we got back.

We got to our room and practically attacked each other. Rob was like a different person than the one I had known for the last two years. I was just crazy horny and wanted him to ravage me. I got out of my dress as Rob took off his shirt. We kissed deeply and he told me that he wanted me just as I was with all the lacy white lingerie I was wearing.

He began to kiss me all over my body and I was not about to stop him. He unsnapped my bra and was nibbling and kissing my 36C’s like never before. I was trying to get him out of his clothes and sat on the edge of the bed to take his slacks off. When he finally had his clothes off I found myself with Rob’s big hard cock right in my face. I wasted no time and sucked him all the way into my mouth. It didn’t take long before I felt Rob pumping his hot cum into my mouth. I kept sucking and kissing him and he kept pumping in and out of my mouth.

Rob then pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. He pushed my lacy panties to the side and plunged his cock right into me. I thought he may need a little time but he was really hot for it. I pulled him to me and started kissing him. This made him really wild, as he tasted his cum from my mouth. We made love to each other for hours and almost missed our plane!

We flew to Barbados where we had reservations at a beachfront resort. Rob and I had chosen this resort because they offered lots of things to do. When we arrived we both were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful everything was. We spent the week enjoying each other and the resort. During the evenings there was always something going on at the club and we met several other couples who were also honeymooning.

One couple, Cindy and Dan were really great and the four of us went everywhere together. Rob and Dan kept talking Betturkey about hiring a boat to cruise the Island. Dan had read a brochure showing where to go for a charter and they decided that if all four of us went it would be fun. Dan called and reserved the boat for the next morning, which was also the last day of our stay. We all went to dinner together that evening and were excited about the boat trip.

In the morning I woke up to find Rob in the bathroom sick. He said he probably had some kind of reaction to the food. I started to call Cindy to tell them we wouldn’t be sailing with them. Rob stopped me and told me to go along with Dan and Cindy. He said he would be better after a while and there was no reason for me to miss out on the boat trip. I thought about it and decided to go.

I put on my black string Bikini and wore shorts and a tube top over it. Bikini’s are pretty much standard wear at the beach and Cindy and I had decided to go with it for the boat ride. We are similar in looks except Cindy has blonde hair and mine is red. We are both about 5’6” with tight bodies from exercising. Cindy has model like looks and 34C breasts I am 36C and more the ‘girl-next-door’ type. She is 23 and I am 25. I also brought a small tote with suntan lotion, water and some other things that may come in handy on the boat. Rob kissed me goodbye and commented that maybe he shouldn’t let me go out looking so good. I felt better knowing he was getting back to his normal self.

I went to the shuttle stand at the hotel and got in. Dan and Cindy weren’t there and I just thought they went on an earlier shuttle. The driver let me out at the pier where we were to meet the boat and confirmed that he would be back later to pick me up after the cruise. I went out on the pier to the boat expecting to find Dan and Cindy their waiting for me. I met a friendly young man at the boat who introduced himself as Fred. Fred would be sailing the boat today with his Uncle named Syd. The boat was a beautiful sailing yacht that I learned was 44 feet long and had a complete galley kitchen, bar and accommodations for six people. I made myself comfortable on the boat and explored the cabin while waiting for Cindy and Dan.

Syd came on board to tell me there was a phone call for me. He took me to the small office on the pier to get the call. It was Cindy apologizing that they both were not feeling well and would not make it to the boat! I was a little pissed that they didn’t call when I was still at the hotel but didn’t say anything to Cindy. I hung up the phone and was trying to decide what to do next. It was a picture perfect day and the water was mirror calm. The lady in the office gave me a glass of juice and said that I should just enjoy the trip. After all, it was already paid for and Syd and Fred are among the most experienced sailors on the Island. I decided to take her advice.

We cast off and Fred started the small engine that would get us into the harbor. When we were clear, Fred turned off the engine and he and Syd raised the sails. It was a great feeling of freedom sailing silently through the water. When we left the harbor there was more wind and the boat was moving faster than I thought it would. Fred told me to make myself comfortable and they would let me know when we came across any of the sights. I went into the cabin and found a huge towel. The boat was really relaxing and so I thought I would sun bathe for a while. I took off the shorts and tube top and went out on the deck with the towel and my tote bag. When Syd and Fred saw me they both smiled and pretty much looked me over. Up till then, I really didn’t think too much about being alone, almost nude with two good-looking black men that I had just met. But then I just thought that they deal with tourists all the time and were used to seeing women in bikini’s.

I went to the forward deck, spread my towel and began to rub suntan lotion on myself. I looked back at the two men and started to see them a little differently. They both were in very good shape and had jet black skin. They liked to laugh and made jokes back and forth as they worked the boat. Fred looked to be young, maybe 19 or 20 and 6’ tall and Syd was about 35 or so but shorter Betturkey Giriş and stocky. They told me earlier that Syd had a family and Fred was not married. The boat was one of several owned by investors who hired Syd and others to sail them.

I must have been daydreaming because I was startled as Fred touched my shoulder. He smiled and said he just wanted to know if I needed a drink or anything. I was even more startled when I realized that from where I was sitting on the deck I could see right up Fred’s shorts!! After what seemed like an eternity, I told Fred that a drink would be great. He asked what I would like and I told him to make me whatever his favorite was. All the time we were talking I couldn’t take my eyes off of Fred’s cock which I could see peeking out of his shorts. When he left I took a deep breath thinking I should have asked Fred for a double! Now I know how a guy feels when he can’t take his eyes off your tits when he is talking to you.

Fred came back with the drink and I tasted it, very good and very strong. He suggested I lay on the towel and he would put suntan lotion on my back. I thought for a second, took a long pull from the drink and lay on my stomach. He poured some lotion on my back and started to rub it. I flinched as he touched me but he kept on. His hands were very soft and warm as he rubbed my back with the lotion. He started rubbing lower down my back to the top of my ass. I surprised myself by not stopping him.

He poured lotion right on my cheek and was rubbing my ass gently with both hands. I closed my eyes and relaxed, spreading my legs slightly as I did. Fred was now working on my legs and it just felt great. Apparently sailing wasn’t the only thing that Fred was good at! I just lay there in total ecstasy thinking about those beautiful soft hands rubbing all over my legs and ass. Thinking about the contrast of his dark black hands on my white skin sent chills through me. I haven’t been with anyone but Rob for the past two years and only a few others before that. Nothing could compare to the way I was feeling right now.

He leaned over close to me and told me to roll on my back so he could finish putting lotion on me. I leaned up, finished the drink and lay on my back looking into Fred’s eyes. He had a more serious look on his face now and, without any pretense, put some lotion on his hands and started rubbing it on my breasts. The tiny pieces of cloth covering my breasts were moved aside and he was rubbing and gently pinching my nipples. By now I knew where we were going to end up and didn’t do anything to stop it. Fred was telling me how beautiful and sexy I look as he made my nips stand at attention, and I loved it.

Fred seemed to know my hot spots as I reacted to his hands by moaning as he reached down and touched my clit. There was no fumbling or searching, he just slipped his fingers under the bikini bottom and started rubbing my clit as if he knew me forever. I started humping against his hand and had an orgasm like I have never had! I almost passed out with lust.

I opened my eyes to see Fred smiling again. He asked how I liked the boat ride so far. I smiled back and said ‘hope it isn’t over already’. I sat up trying to get my bikini top back in place. Fred was sitting next to me with a huge bulge in his pants. I reached over and started to rub his manhood through his pants and told him to take them off. He took his shorts off and got me out of my bikini. We were both completely naked on the deck of the boat! I looked around to see if there were other boats and he told me not to worry because we were in a secluded cove where nobody else would be.

We kissed and he began to suck my tongue as we ran our hands over each other. His skin felt different than any other Man I have been with, so smooth and tight. I was stroking his cock and told him to lay back. I just rubbed it gently and looked at it. It was so beautiful and soooo big! I started to lick and kiss it. I took Fred’s beautiful big cock into my mouth and began to suck him. He was thrusting to me and I was trying to take all of him as he encouraged me (Oh Linda, suck me, suck me like that!). He unleashed a torrent of semen right into my mouth. I kept sucking him and sucking him. Things calmed down somewhat and Fred told me to take a look behind me. I turned to see Syd standing on the upper deck completely naked with a huge hardon in his hand.

Fred kissed my neck and got up telling me it was his turn to sail the boat. As he left, Syd was still watching me. I was so turned on by now that I just motioned to Syd to come to me. Syd came over and told me to get on my knees. He was a lot less subtle than Fred was and I sensed it right away. I got on my knees as he came over and put his cock to my lips.
I took him into my mouth, he was thicker than Fred but not as long. He held my head and was fucking my mouth and calling me every bad thing in the book! “Suck my black cock you fuckin slut”. “I’m gonna fuck that pretty white face till I cum all over you!” “Your Fred’s white whore and he gave you to me to fuck.” I looked up to see Fred watching us, he saw me and blew me a kiss. Syd made me lean down with my ass in the air telling me “You want my black cock from behind” and telling me to beg for it. I found myself shouting; “Please! PLEASE! Fuck me Syd Please give me that black cock!” “I need to feel it inside me”. He got behind me and said “ take my cock and put it in your white slut cunt.” I did and he just fucked me, you can’t call it anything else, he held my hips and fucked me hard while telling me what a white fuck-slut I am. All that bad sex talk just made me want more. I was screaming in orgasm the whole time. I was out of control, sweating and snorting like a woman possessed. My juices were running down my legs. Syd shouted a stream of filthy words as he sent stream after hot stream of his cum deep in me. I begged him to keep fucking me but he didn’t care about me. When he was finished, he got up without saying a word and went back to running the boat. I was an emotional wreck after Syd. Being used like a common whore had me cumming and shrieking for the entire world to hear and I was confused because I loved it so much!

Fred came back with another drink and his ‘nice guy’ routine. Fred calmed me and I took the drink it was even stronger than the last one. He held me for a while and began to kiss me gently at first then passionately. He laid me on my back and put his hard cock at my waiting pussy. He pushed it in and we began to fuck each other as I wrapped my legs around him. He gently pinched and sucked my nipples as only he can and we had deep earth shattering orgasms together.

He held me in his arms and told me not to worry about Syd. Fred said he would tell Syd to stay away from me. Just seeing Fred’s black arms against my white skin was getting me aroused. Him talking about Syd made me even hotter. Fred got up to get the boat going so we could get back on time. Before he left I said to him; “Fred…tell Syd to Please come here, tell him I am begging.” Syd used my mouth as his fuck tool once again it was sooo hot and I had another orgasm as I sucked him! He picked up my bikini bottom and used it to wipe his cock. He threw it at me saying “here’s a souvenir from Barbados you pig slut” I carefully put it in my tote bag.

We made it back just as the Shuttle drove up. Fred helped me off the boat and Syd followed. Fred held both of my hands and said goodbye, I smiled and turned to walk away. Syd followed and stopped me half way to the shuttle, I turned and he said in a low menacing voice “you didn’t tip us you useless fuckin slut.” I was dumbfounded for a second as he went on “you begged to suck my cock and now no tip!” I was losing my composure and was afraid he would make me suck him right on the pier! I fumbled around in my tote bag and found two hundred-dollar bills and gave them to him. He said “next time bring more money you cock-suckin worthless white bitch.” Then he turned and walked back to the boat.

I told Rob, Cindy and Dan that the cruise was quite educational.

We got back from the Honeymoon and to our ‘real’ life. Rob and I get along really great and he is a passionate lover who will do anything to please me. I really love Rob and could never love another man. Sometimes I feel there is something missing though.

Rob is out of town on business for two days. I am at home feeling very horny telling myself what a complete Slut I am. Here I sit naked by the phone staring at Donn’s business card trying to decide whether or not to dial the number. I know what I want to do but …………should I?

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