Linda Ch. 03

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And now, the conclusion to Linda’s story.

Yes, I know that the timing is a bit off compared to some of my other stories. In Mandy has some Fun her race was approximately 6-months after moving to Vegas. In this story, it takes place about a year after Mandy moves to Las Vegas. Sorry about that, but I just thought it would work better this way. Also tried to explain a few inconsistencies in previous stories, like why Danny is running Gail’s auto shop instead of studying mechanical engineering. Yes, I know that there are some grammatical and spelling issues. Reviewing the published version and the original submission, I believe that some errors occur on publishing. I’ve noticed a few issues when reading on-line that aren’t there in the original document.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this.

Chapter 6.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Lot’s of time passing by and not enough detail on my sex life. Too bad. If I were to go into detail about every sexual encounter I had, this story would take up the space of the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. This is my story, and I’ll tell it how I want. Hit the exit button, you perv!

Now, back to the story that those of you still here are interested in.

I really struggled with the info that Robin told me about my parents. I really felt for them. I discussed it at length with Aunt Gail, Mandy, and Robin. There were a lot of varying opinions on it. On top of all that, Aunt Gail had been very diligent about hiding her life from our relatives, and was (understandably) reluctant to let it come out on anyone else’s terms. She did mention her surprise at some of the reactions to me from a lot of the relatives and mentioned that, perhaps, it might be time to reveal a little bit to them. Of course, Mandy was full bore in throwing it in their faces and letting the chips fall where they may, but I just couldn’t do that to Aunt Gail after all she had done to me. Robin basically said that whatever I wanted to do was up to me, and she would support me completely — regardless of the circumstances. I struggled with it for a couple of weeks before deciding on sending an e-mail. I crafted it carefully to leave out any part that Aunt Gail had in my life. In fact, I tried to write it in such a manner that it seemed as though I had no contact with her whatsoever.

The e-mail:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I realize that you probably don’t care, but I thought that I would write to let you know that I am still alive. Regardless of what transpired in the past, please know that I have always, continue to, and always will love you. I know that what happened in the past was done because you truly believed that it was right, and I hold no ill will for you. Please accept my sincere condolences for what happened to Kenny. I wish that I could have been there to offer you some comfort, but it wasn’t to be. My heart breaks for what you went through, and — perhaps — are still going through. Please know that you will ALWAYS have my love and prayers to get you through your times of need.

I want you to know that I am well and doing fine. I have made a lot of friends over the last 5-years, and I am not struggling to survive. I am loved by my many friends, and I am not alone. No, do not take that as anything sexual. I said FRIENDS, not lovers. I will not get into that with you, as I know that offends you. I am not writing this to be offensive. In case you a are curious, I am not involved with anyone. Frankly, I simply do not have the time, and it would be unfair to everyone if I were to get involved with anyone at this time.

You should probably know that I graduated from college a few weeks ago with a bachelor’s degree. I was on the Dean’s List every semester. I was able to do this by applying for several scholarships and grants. I also worked while going to school. I credit this to the work ethic that you instilled on me from an early age. Also, I will be moving to Boston this fall to begin Law School. I have an internship already in place, and everything is already paid for. Please know that I will be OK.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but I do know that I will always love and honor you — even if it is not returned. I sincerely hope that one day you will accept me back into your hearts, and I will be able to see you again. No, I do not expect a reply, nor will you be able to since this account will be deleted once I send this message. I simply cannot bear the thought of a reply never coming, so I will terminate this e-mail account to prevent me from watching in vain for a reply that will never come.

Should you decide, deep in your heart, that you do wish to see me again, you will figure out the two people who can make that happen. I am leaving it at that, because I need you to understand that this will take a lot of effort to figure out. I need to know that you really do want this. I simply can’t bear to reunite with you only for you to Eskort Bayan throw it away again. It very literally would kill me. I need to know that you are totally committed to our relationship.


Your loving daughter


Yeah, I know what Robin said about them missing me, but there was still a lot of bad memories to work through. It was probably one of the hardest things I ever did, but, true to my word, I deleted the e-mail account about 2-minutes after I hit the SEND button. I cried for weeks after that while wondering if they ever tried to reply to my message.

Chapter 7.

August. I was beginning to prepare for my big move to Boston and Law School. Friday night, I arrived at Aunt Gail’s house. Mandy and Kayla, were there, of course. They lived there, after all. Robin was on a date with Danny. Everyone appeared to be really excited about something.

“What’s all the excitement?” I asked as I moseyed into the living room.

“Mandy has a race tonight.” Kayla informed me.

While I wasn’t really into the racing scene like everyone else, the fact that Mandy had a race that night didn’t really seem to be a reason for the level of excitement that was evident. I had been around long enough to know that Aunt Gail, Dave, Danny, Mandy, and – even lately Robin — were heavily into the Saturday Night Drag Racing scene. God knows, I’ve been to enough of those races over the last 5-years to understand that. I knew that Aunt Gail pretty much ruled the track. She even goaded me into making a few runs. I must admit that I did kind of enjoy it, but it really didn’t get my juices running like it did them.

Finally, Kayla explained. “My ex-boyfriend Jimmy stupidly challenged Mandy to a race tonight. He didn’t know who she was until too late. The stakes are 24-hours of slavery for the loser and the loser’s girlfriend — including their ass!”

OK then! Having heard from Mandy that she and Aunt Gail considered their asses as EXIT ONLY, I realized what a big deal this was.

We sat around discussing the day’s events for a while until the doorbell rang. Kayla answered, then came in to inform Aunt Gail that she had some visitors. We all giggled as Aunt Gail got up and went upstairs to change. John and Dianne were there. (GTO – Office Discipline). Aunt Gail would be busy for the evening.

Kayla helped Aunt Gail for a bit before returning to the living room. It was kind of obvious that Kayla was rather aroused when she came back. She stood there looking back and forth between Mandy and I until Mandy snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor beside her. We watched a couple of movies until it got to be about 11:00. I had snuggled up with Mandy on the couch, because it gave me a better view of the TV. On a similar note, I am trying to sell a bridge in Brookli… Oh, never mind!

I managed to slide out of bed early in the morning with out completely waking up Mandy. Kayla had already gotten up. I slipped on the t-shirt that I was wearing the night before. It wasn’t one of my longer ones, and only came down to about ¾ of the way over my ass and my transparent white thong. Kayla had just arrived in the kitchen and was finishing setting up the coffee maker. She was wearing a transparent black nighty. I went ahead and started pulling out the eggs and bacon while she was finishing.

“Better pull out 2-pounds and more eggs.” She said. “You might also want to go put on something else, since Dave and Danny will be here in a little bit.” She added after turning to look at me.

I decided that the extra clothes weren’t worth the effort (giggle).

Sure enough, Danny and Robin arrived shortly thereafter. Danny took one look at Kayla and me and quickly took a seat at the table. Gail and Mandy came in a few minutes later, probably pulled down by the smell of the coffee. I saw Mandy look at the expression on Danny’s face and smirk as she sat down. Dave walked in and VERY quickly sat at the table just as Kayla and I were serving breakfast.

“Would you like some cream in your coffee, Dave?” I breathed into his ear.

His face actually turned purple. “Damnit! You are just evil, you know that?” he exclaimed. Turning to Aunt Gail, he continued, “You! I blame you for corrupting this sweet innocent girl!”

I looked over at Danny with my big innocent blue eyes. “Danny, did I do some thing bad? Have I been a bad girl that needs a spanking?”

Not sure how the other girls managed to stay in their seats, Kayla wasn’t sitting and just fell to the floor in laughter.

“OK, Linda. Let the poor guys eat breakfast. We have a long day ahead of us.” Aunt Gail finally said.

I smiled and bussed each of them on the cheek. They knew what I was doing, and were OK with it. They also understood that the other girls would fix things for them.

Breakfast done, I volunteered to clean up while everyone else cleaned up. Yes, I new what was going to happen. Gail and Mandy took Dave to her shower while Robin and Kayla took Danny to Kayla’s. And a good time was had by all!

I pretty much lounged around most of the day. Later in the afternoon, I helped get the food and drinks ready for the tailgate that night. One of Dave’s friends had a pickup that he brought over to load up the BBQ, shade structure, and coolers. I left most of the planning up to everyone else. I was pretty much just along for the ride. As it was, I was Mandy’s ‘date’ for the evening. I guess that made sense. After all, Aunt Gail and Robin were eliminated from dating me. Aunt Gail, likewise wasn’t going to date Robin. Kayla needed to go with someone with a car. Obviously, the two guys weren’t going to date each other. That pretty much left Robin and Kayla with Danny, Aunt Gail with Dave, and me with Mandy.

We were at the track with a little tailgate going. I was about half way through my first glass of wine when a Nissan 300ZX pulled up. Apparently, that was Jimmy and April. Mandy and Gail had told me that I would be playing with April first, so I was kind of interested in what this girl looked like. After all, I am pretty picky about who I go to bed with. No, it isn’t just looks, although even I admit that it is kind of important. I also want someone with a brain and nice personality — psycobitchfromhell notwithstanding. Making that mistake once was 6-times too many, and I learned that lesson in spades!

I glanced over as the girl from the ZX rounded the cars, and HOLY HELL! That girl was gorgeous! 5′ 2″ tall, long red hair, green eyes, a small pert nose, kissable bowtie mouth, 36C breasts, slim waste, weapons grade ass, and those cut-offs and heels made her tanned and toned legs look like they were sculpted by Aphrodite herself. I swear, God must have been using my imagination of the perfect woman when he created her — well, perhaps with the exception of not making her a lesbian and all.

She really didn’t talk much before, during, or right after the race, so I couldn’t get too much of a read on her intelligence. Personality wise, she seemed rather brash in the beginning, then changed to pretty humble after the race. Due to the circumstances though, I decided to withhold judgement on that.

Anyway, Mandy won the race, and that meant that April would be coming (yes, in ALL definitions) with us. Oh, and Jimmy too, but who really cares about that, except that it would keep Aunt Gail and Mandy occupied while I got to spend some time alone with this goddess.

If I thought she was stunning before, she was absolutely perfection after she was made to strip. (Thank you, Aunt Gail, for allowing her to keep her heels on.) She was completely shaved below her neck, but the color of her eyebrows indicated that her thick, long main of hair was her natural color. Mmmmmm, Linda like! Linda like a LOT!

Over the next hour, I did get to talk to her a bit, and I found her to be actually quite charming. She had also just graduated — Computer Science — and was still searching for a job. She was also very witty. Even though she was obviously rather humiliated by the situation, she was able to joke a bit about her predicament. Then it was time to go. Mandy had me get into the back seat of her car with April, so I could play a bit on the drive home.

“Have you ever been with a girl before?” I asked her.

“No.” Was her reply. “And I’m not really interested in it either.”

“Well, Sugar Shorts, let me remind you that for the next 20 or so hours you are the personal property of two strongly bisexual women. You might want to think about getting interested in it. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it.” Mandy reminded her.

“Just relax, April. I know that the next twenty-something hours will be hard for you, but let me see if I can help make it a bit easier for you.” I whispered in her ear as I gently swirled my finger around her nipple.

I moved in and gave her a kiss. My tongue touched her lips, requesting permission to enter. She didn’t respond at first, but when I slid my hand town to her pussy, her mouth opened a bit as she gave a slight moan. I eased my tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss. She was already rather moist. Apparently, she is a bit of an exhibitionist and got off on being naked in public.

“Why not let your tongue come out and play, sweetheart?” I asked playfully as I was stroking up and down her slit.

I gave her another deep, passionate kiss, and this time she responded. I moved my head lower and took one of her nipples into my mouth as I drove two fingers into her pussy. My thumb was playing a tap-dance on her clit.

“OH, FUCK!” April gasped as her pussy flooded.

I kept up my assault, fingers finding that little pad of pleasure inside her pussy while I switched my mouth to her other breast.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD…FUUUUCK!” Was moaned a few minutes later.

I got one more orgasm out of her just as Mandy pulled up to the house. Gail and Mandy decided to let me play with April for a while as they took Jimmy into the Playroom. I took April’s hand and led her over to the couch.

“April, sweetheart, I know that you may not want to do this, but you will be expected to use your tongue on the other women later. If you really don’t want to, I won’t force you to, but I think it would be easier on you if you start with me here. That way, there is no pressure on you. You can go slow and al least get used to it. It really will help later.”

She looked at me for a bit, then said, “OK. Might as well get started. After all, as you said, it’s going to happen eventually.” Then she grinned. “Besides, you already gave me three great orgasms. The least I can do is try to repay the favor.”

I caught Mandy’s eye as I was scooting up on April. Mandy winked at me as she was leaving the room to go change. I lowered myself gently down, making sure that I was just above her. I didn’t want to force her; I just wanted to get close enough that she could reach me. She needed to do this on her own. Yes, I was really soaking at this point. I felt her lift her head slightly and tentatively take her first lick. She paused for a second or two, then licked a little more eagerly. Another slight pause. As she processed what her taste buds were telling her. Suddenly, her hands grasped my thighs, and she pulled me down on her face. Her tongue began lapping me with gusto. She had absolutely no technique, but she sure was eager to drink in my essence.

“Slow down, Baby.” I huffed. “Take your time and explore. Don’t worry, it isn’t a race. There’s no time limit on it.”

I must have gotten through to her, because her tongue slowed its assault.

“That’s it.” I cooed. “Use your tongue to explore. Don’t forget about my clit. Yes, Baby. That’s good. OH, YES! Stick your tongue deep inside. That’s it. Keep doing that. Now my clit again.” I kept encouraging her. It wasn’t long before she brought me to a nice little orgasm.

“Was that OK?” she shyly asked as we cuddled together.

“Oh yes.” I replied. “That was really nice. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you.”

“No, it really wasn’t bad.” She said thoughtfully. “Actually, I found that I really enjoyed it. “After the first couple of licks, I realized that it actually was really good. It didn’t taste nearly as bad as what all the guys I’ve gone out with said. In fact,” She admitted as she blushed. “I actually found it kind of addicting.”

“Well, far be it from me to deny a pussy addict, but first,” I said as I moved South. “Let me give you some pointers for later. Now pay attention to what I am doing — at least as much as you can.” I giggled as I moved into position.

“Besides.” [lick] “I really” [lick] “want to” [lick] “Taste you too.”

I brought her to another screaming orgasm. Then she went down on me again. She must have been paying attention to what I did to her, because she had definitely improved. Eventually, the girls must have wore Jimmy out and collected April. I went to bed while they took her into the playroom. Mandy agreed to bring her to my room when they finished with her for the night. I’m not sure what time they brought her to my room, but we cuddled together as we slept.

We woke up rather late in the morning in each other’s arms. After using the bathroom and brushing our teeth, we made sweet love again. Eventually, she left my room to fulfill her duties to Mandy and Gail for the rest of the day.

At about 8 o’clock that evening, I was in the pool alone when April appeared with a bucket of ice, bottle of wine, and two glasses.

“Mandy said that I am yours for the rest of the day. They took Jimmy back into the Playroom, and Gail suggested that I bring this wine out to you. She thought that you might want to hit the hot tub for a bit before going to bed.”

Oh. Well then!

She had definitely improved her cunnilingual skills. After some very passionate time in the hot tub, then over an hour in my bed, I told her that her time was almost up.

“You’re kicking me out? Can’t I just stay here until tomorrow?” I asked.

“I figured you would be anxious to get out of here and back to your boyfriend.”

“Yeah, about that.” She replied.

She sat up and buried her face in her hands. I could see a few tears leak out between her fingers. Finally, she turned to face me.

“Look. I need to be completely honest with you here.” She started. “I now realize that Jimmy is an asshole. I also get to know you pretty well over the last day, and I really like you. While I’ve grown to like Mandy and Gail as well, I also know that I really don’t care for the whole Dom/Sub game. I do like eating pussy and making love to women now. I guess that I would rather do that with you. I really do want to get to know you more, but I need you to understand that I really don’t think that I am completely gay. After having sex with Danny and Dave last night, I really don’t think that I can completely give up cocks. I’m dumping Jimmy. I would really like to go out with you and see what happens. I really like you, but I will understand if you can’t accept what I’ve just said.”

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