Life, Love, and a Career Ch. 09

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Newness, Adventure, and Conclusion


A/N – we appreciate you continuing to follow our story as we enjoy the life, love and career of Beth and Kate. In the conclusion we all but eliminated work scenes and dialogue but understand this was their lives as much as family was. And for the Grammar Nannie’s, I do this for fun, not to be ridiculed by you.

Thank you so kindly. We hope you enjoy this chapter and the conclusion of Beth and Kate’s.

April ’90

Dr. McCaslin continued moving the wand over Kate’s belly checking her and then turned and paused. “Would you like to know the sex?” She smiled. “There is another angle and we will know.”

I almost gasped my hands to my face as Derrick wrapped his arms around me. I uncovered my eyes to see Kate looking at me, her eyes filled with joyful tears, she was shaking her head up and down.

“Yes please tell us.” Kate spoke softly as I stood and talked to her holding her hand, Derrick right behind me, his hand now falling on top of ours holding them tight.


December 90

Chelle, Dan, and Derrick, were helping mom decorate as Kate and I sat on the couch, Christmas music from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing in the background. Derrick had just finished screwing the stocking hooks into the mantle. This year the hooks were closer together. Mom carefully hung the stocking starting at the far left.

She was silly when she announced the names as she hung them. “Frances, also known as Grammy, Michelle, Dan, Beth, Kate, Derrick and Girl.” She stopped and looked at us sitting on the couch.

“Why won’t you tell us what her name will be?”

Kate spoke quickly, “Well Grammy” She smiled and giggled a bit. “It’s because we just aren’t sure yet. We have a few weeks to decide. I am only eight months along; we still have three or so weeks to go yet.”

“Derrick, come quick she is kicking!” I yelled as I ran my hand over Kate’s very pregnant belly.

“Beth!” My mom chastised me again, “Let Kate be! You are going to rub the skin off that poor girls’ belly.” She joked and shook her head going back to decorating the house for Christmas.

Derrick came over smiling, placing his hand on top of mine. All three of us were smiling just enjoying the moment.


A week before Christmas the three of us got to the office. Alex, the new manager, who had taken Liz’s job, was already in. I walked past acknowledging him just saying good morning; we hadn’t clicked. His thoughts and directions hadn’t really penetrated how we were doing business and vice versa frankly.

I took the opportunity and got a cup of coffee for me and one for Kate carrying them into her office, and then made my way to my cubicle. I saw that my voicemail was flashing picking up the phone. I checked the voicemail and I was startled when I listened to the message.

“Beth, its Ken. Very quietly I need you to leave the office and meet Monica and me at JoJo’s at 9 am. If you can’t drive, have Kate bring you. Thank you.”

This was strange to the point of meeting with them outside of the office. I could only assume it was work related. I looked at my watch seeing I had just a few minutes to get myself together and leave. I quietly grabbed a pad of paper, a pen, sticking them in my purse. I walked over to Derek’s cube and interrupted him. I asked if I could have the keys to the car they needed to handle something real quick. He looked at me, nodded and reached into his pack, pulled out the keys and handed them to me.

15 minutes later, right at 9 AM, I went to the parking lot of JoJo’s. I walked inside and saw Ken and Monica in a booth. Ken nodded his head and I walked over taking a seat and pulled out the tablet to take notes. Ken waved me off saying I wouldn’t need to take notes he asked for me to just hear him out.


It was 11:00 when Ken, Monica, and I walked into the conference room. The entire team sitting around the conference table, their faces held looks of uncertainty. There were looks of unknown in their expressions except for two, Joe and Kate

It seemed as if everyone, starting with Ken and Monica, were in agreement that Liz’s replacement was not working out. Ken shared with everyone and effective immediately I was taking over as the new Manager of Recruiting and Business Development. He and Monica would continue to provide guidance but this was a new start and the company would move forward in a positive manner starting the New Year.

The ride home that day was awkwardly silent until Kate cleared her throat and softly spoke from the backseat.

“Beth, please know I was sworn to secrecy, as there were other moving parts, and things happening in the background, that I am not at liberty to share with you.”

I turned in my seat looking back at her. I explained that I understood and respected her for her role and what she must do. She smiled and said. “Derrick, it’s time for that celebration dinner I have eve gelen escort been hinting to you about.”

I looked at him and he just smiled nodding his head.


Two nights later, we were going to make our way from the living room upstairs and get ready for bed. Kate had a look of anguish on her face most of the evening. She played it off when I had asked her about it. Derrick and I assisted her in standing from the living room couch. As she stood, she bent forward slightly groaning in discomfort. We paused until she was steady on her feet which had been the norm the last few days.

“Beth!” She whispered then started crying. “Miss, I just peed my pants.”

I whispered in her ear, “It is okay. We have you and will take care of you my love.”

We hadn’t let her out of our arms yet, and were still supporting her trying to comfort her when she let out another moan as if in pain. It was at this point and my mother turned the corner from the kitchen and simply asked Kate if she was okay.

She moaned in pain, her forehead soaked in sweat. “Oh gosh, Beth!”

We let on that she peed her panties and we would take her to bed. Beth let out another painful groan.

“Beth dear, did your water break?”

“Yes, I think.” she responded. “Yes”

That simple question posed by Mom and the last five seconds launched us into a whole sequence of events, including the first phone call to Dr. McCaslin service asking her for her guidance. Dr. McCaslin called back shortly thereafter as we were timing contractions. She felt that since Kate was at 38 weeks and seemed to be having some stronger contractions with less and less time apart as well as slight concern considering her water broke, we should go ahead and head to the hospital and she would meet us there.

Which then launched another frenzy of steps of Mom grabbing the ‘go-bag’ Derrick had packed. Derrick hurried and started the car warming it up then back inside supporting Kate and assisting me. We made our way down the front steps and outside into the cold weather heading for the hospital. It was less than 20 minutes later when we pulled into Canonsburg General. Derrick ran for a wheelchair as Kate and I slowly got her out of the car and into the wheelchair pushing her inside.

Once registered and settled into an ER bed, we waited for Dr. McCaslin to arrive. Within the next 20 minutes while waiting for Dr. McCaslin, Kate’s contractions continued to grow closer together as she was in enormous pain and appeared to be suffering. I felt horrible for putting her through this. Thankfully Derrick was by our sides providing love, comfort and care.

An Obstetrics Nurse, Molly, came down as the ER doctor requested. Molly confirmed, with the assistance of a fetal monitor, that Kate’s contractions were four minutes apart and growing stronger. What made me cry was how Kate was not complaining about the pain. She seems to be dealing with it.

She is the strongest, bravest and most honorable woman I know. And I am so so proud of her. She is the love of my life.

Molly was quick once these readings came in to have us moved upstairs to the Delivery Suite. When Dr. McCaslin arrived, Kate’s contractions were two minutes apart and she was dilated to five and a half centimeters.

Alexandra Elizabeth was born at 2:12 AM smiling like her mother and tall like her father. We couldn’t have been happier. A few hours later as Kate was resting, Derrick came in with Mom to visit and to meet her granddaughter.

“Mom” Kate smiled and said weakly. “Please meet your granddaughter Alexandra Elizabeth.”

Tears of happiness were shed as well as hugs and emotions of joy.

“Beth.” Kate spoke, holding my hand and motioning for me to come closer. “Miss, I did it for you Miss, I have given you and us the family you wanted and have given to you a daughter. You Miss, you are a mother now. I am so thrilled to be your fiancée Miss.”

I kissed her cheek while holding her hand still. “May I have a nap now, I am still very tired.” Kate spoke up.

Mom announced that we should grab a quick bite to eat. I kissed Kate assuring her we would be back soon and that she should rest. Mom stopped by the nurses stations letting them know we would be back after lunch.

During most of our lunch meal, I noticed mom more than normal was looking at her watch. As we deposited our dishes on the conveyor belt, I reached for her arm touching it gently.

Whispering through my teeth, so not making a scene, I asked. “Mother! What is so important that you keep staring at your watch?”

She looked at me then Derrick and then back to me, looking square in my eyes, pointed her finger at me.

“Don’t!” She smiled and held up her hand. “Don’t say a word but Allie should be arriving shortly. Let’s go tell Kate her mother wants to meet her granddaughter.”

She spun on her heels and started walking towards the elevator. I looked at Derrick, rolled my eyes and said, “Let’s go. I doubt istanbul eskort bayan she is aware of this ‘surprise’.”

The three of us walked in the room, only to witness what I feel was a wonderful and loving exchange between a mother, her daughter and her newborn granddaughter. We backed out of the room, giving them a few more minutes, knowing they hadn’t seen each other since last Mother’s Day. Seven months is a long time for a mother to go without seeing her child.

Not more than ten minutes later, Allie stepped out into the hallway a few minutes later, waving to us, asking us to come back inside, enjoying time together. We spent the next two hours in conversation, telling stories and talking about dreams. When Allie finally stood the tears started flowing from Kate, knowing it would still be a few months until she would see her mother again.


Dec ’91

Ken and Joe had been all over us asking when we would take some much deserved time off. What Kate and Derrick did not know is that behind their backs I had gotten approval for us to be off work until we returned from New Year’s.

I was driving home from the office with Katie and Derrick when I announced that I had a special early Christmas present for everyone. We would be going away not only for Christmas but for Alexandra’s first birthday.

I rented a beach house in a small little community outside of Virginia Beach, known as Sandbridge. I had heard one of the hospital administrators speaking about it when sitting in a meeting conversation a few months ago. We were going to discuss the renewal of the contract. He had said to me it had been a family tradition and it was where one of his children were miraculously conceived, and had become a getaway for the entire family over the past decade.

The morning of the 21st Mom, Chelle, Dan, Kate, Derrick, Alexandra, and I packed two cars and made our way for a wonderful vacation and getaway.

Once we got the cars unloaded and the house arranged, I pulled Chelle aside, sharing with her that the three of us needed two hours of private time.

“Could you please take Alexandra, Dan and Mom and sightseeing and then food shopping?” I whispered in Chelle’s ear she looked at me inquisitively.

“Please I am most fertile today and tomorrow!”

She looked at me with eyes wide and smiled. She abruptly turned on her toes, grabbed Dan, Mom and Alexandra and left.

With the house empty, I stripped off my top and bra. Then my jeans and panties casually strolled into the bedroom. I paused waiting as they were both unpacking. It took a moment but I cleared my throat getting their attention.

“Miss? Is there something wrong?” Kate stood dumbfounded, just staring at me.

Derrick simply moved the suitcases from the bed, kissed Kate’s cheek and walked over standing behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and held his hands on my stomach.

“Beth sweetie, it’s time for your Mistress to get pregnant.” Derrick winked and kissed my cheek.

I walked to my wonderful lover and took her hands in mine. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply. Derrick was caressing my back and sides, his hands moved up to my breasts, almost holding them for Kate to enjoy. He leaned forward, continuing to kiss my back and neck.

When I broke the kiss with Beth, I slowly started to help her out of her blouse, her bra, and finally slowly unbuttoned her jeans. We made our way to the bed, but now Kate and I were naked and Derrick was in the process of undressing, but sitting back allowed Kate and I our time together.

As if it was the first time we had been together in years I slowly took my time, kissing my beautiful and loving fiancé, making sure she knew how much I loved and appreciated her.

What I wasn’t aware of is the sneaky little conversation that Kate and Derrick had been having behind my back when this day came. Derrick reached into his bag, retrieving her harness and her girl cock, placing them bedside for her.

He then moved away and went to take a shower giving us more time for ourselves. Kate and I slowly made love, and took our time, ensuring that she penetrated slowly and comfortably. She was truly preparing me for Derek, and hopefully how he would be able to fertilize my eggs in the next two days.

Very lovingly and as I wanted Kate and I rolled onto our sides facing each other making beautiful love.

Our kisses were of greater intensity, her movements faster, and her hands teasing me as she played with my breasts. She slowed her pace drawing out and extending my orgasm. I felt the bed shift, and then his hands on my shoulder as I broke the kiss with Kate, and turned to him, looking in his eyes, pleading without words, but with soft touches.

As we had done before Kate, Derrick was slow to spread my legs. He moved my left leg over top of Kate. I reached back, enjoying the feel of Derrick’s manhood sliding up and down my opening, soaking it and bringing a greater sensation to the rezidans escort three of us.

Kate kissed me deep as Derrick parted my lips and slowly slid himself deep into my womb. It was pure love. It was pure passion, and at some point that dissipated and me it was pure animalistic as I was screaming and begging for Derrick to come into my womb.

I felt like so many times before, but with greater intensity as my stomach hardened, my toes froze and my calves ached. My thighs trembled as my orgasm took over control of me, and then the rush as Derrick filled me with his seed.

I was overcome with a sense of pleasure and love to feel Derek, kissing my back, my neck and my shoulder, while Kate was kissing my cheeks, my lips and my forehead all of us basking in the glow and the love we shared. I never wanted this feeling to end. The love of my life in front of me, and the only man that I would ever let love me was behind me caressing my body.

We cuddled for forty minutes. Derrick left our bed to clean up. I pulled Kate into my arms, kissing her deeply. We quickly melted into one another just being together. The intensity of our love, and our sexual engagement with each other had recently increased after she had given birth to Alexandra. She was slightly more assertive, which I was fine with the times, and which she found some happiness in.

I broke the kiss and nibbled at her neck and whispered in her ear to hurry and get her harness again making love to me again. I wanted my beautiful fiancée to make love to me. Giving me what I needed and what I had asked for. Kate lovingly brought me to a second body shaking orgasm reigniting in both of us the love that we always had for each other.

Chelle, Dan, Mom, and Alexandra returned from shopping. We were ready for them assisting in putting the food away and truly began relaxing for the next two weeks. I did let mom know that I could really use her assistance in babysitting Alexandra the following day, and she absolutely understood giving me a beautiful hug and kiss on the cheek, saying she hoped grandson or another granddaughter would soon be on the way.

We all attended Christmas Mass; it seemed a little bit different this year. It wasn’t as cold. We weren’t at our home parish but I don’t think we had any less love or rejoicing in celebration and any years past.

We opened one gift each before we went to bed as well as tradition and of course we all spent most of our time focusing solely on Alexandra. We woke in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs and coffee. Dan and Chelle took over breakfast duties from my mom, giving her some extra special Christmas time with her granddaughter.

Kate, Derrick and I made love for the next three nights, truly, hoping for a Christmas miracle that we would bring my mother, the grandson she so desired. Kate, Derrick, and I the son we were hoping for.


I was feeling down and frustrated and frankly sore when I woke up that last day of March knowing that I wasn’t yet pregnant. As I flipped the calendar to April, I was met with not necessarily depression, but a deeper worry and concern if I would ever conceive. I considered calling Dr. McCaslin and discussing things with her but realized I was overthinking and overreacting.

I was sitting in my office when Kate knocked on my door frame and asked if she could have a moment. I nodded and waved her into the office. She shut the door, asking to speak with me in private. She had recommended that Derrick and I spend the next days I am most fertile and spend the nights together in his room.

I immediately rejected the idea, explaining to Kate that this was our baby and just like Alexandra, I wanted her with Derrick and me when we conceived our child. She smiled and thanked me, saying that he trusted the process and our love, and it will come to fruition.

We continued our efforts. It wasn’t as horrible or as a chore which I might be making it sound but I was struggling with the need to become pregnant. Everything I read, in books and articles I had picked up explained for some women ‘it just takes time’.

Chelle and Dan invited us over for a Memorial Day weekend picnic. I can only assume the thought process was that we could see their new house and have a change of pace this year. That Sunday morning I felt Kate get out of bed as Alexandra was fussing. I rolled over and kissed Derek telling him I would go downstairs and help my mom with breakfast. If he wanted to sleep in and get some extra time or if he wanted to relax a bit he could that I would come get him later.

As I sat up in bed, I felt a bit lightheaded, thinking nothing of it. I dressed and made my way downstairs. I got just down to the bottom of the steps and turned the corner where the floorboard creaked and it hit me.

The aroma of coffee, mixed with frying bacon filled my senses.

Suddenly and without hesitation, I immediately turned and ran to the powder room, vomiting what little bit I had in my stomach from the night before. The aroma churned my stomach causing me to be ill, nauseated and green.

As I knelt on the floor finishing what I now assumed would be the first of a few nasty feeling weeks, my eyes were opened and tears of joy flowed. The realization came to me. I smiled and screamed for Beth and Derrick.

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