Lessons From The Barnyard, Part II

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Two weeks went by with no one the wiser about what transpired between Junior and Bobby that day. Everyone treated them exactly as they always had; like two normal friends doing what every other set of normal friends do. But as the weeks drew to a close, suddenly Bobby started wondering if there was something wrong.

Under normal conditions, Bobby had always been as predictable as a Rolex Watch concerning her period but this month she was late. She should have started her flow on Tuesday but by Saturday morning, there was no evidence of her menstruations. She decided to ask Junior to drive her into town so she could visit a pharmacy and get the answers to her doubts. But she didn’t dare mention a word of her concerns to Junior, not yet anyway.

He dropped her off at the corner drug store and went to find a place to park the car. He had just closed the door to head towards the store she had entered when she came running out with a package in her hands. She smiled as she told him that she needed to get back home to take care of something. He shrugged and wondered what this was all about but kept his mouth shut and dutifully drove her back to her house. He asked her if he could come in but she made an excuse that she needed to attend to something. He told her that he needed to get home before his parents went out for the evening anyway and that he would see her tomorrow at church. He kissed her good night and drove off.

She hurried into the house and right up to her room. She placed the contents of the package on her dresser then went into the bathroom with a sample clutched in her hot little hand. She pulled her pants down and sat on the pot and then placed the strip between her legs and released her stream. Taking it back out, she said a silent prayer and looked at the results. It was positive, she was pregnant. She took out another one and repeated the process. It showed the same results. What was she to do?

She went to her room and lay down on her bed and began to cry. “Why did this have to happen to me?” she asked through her tears. “Because I’m stupid!” was her only answer. “I’ve got to tell Junior,” was her only other thought.

She called him and asked to see him that same night. He didn’t ask any questions but cheerfully agreed to her coming over. His parents had just left for the evening so they could be alone. He didn’t know but he hoped that they could repeat their Saturday experience tonight. Little did he know that he was about to catch a real bombshell in their lives and they would have to make one of their biggest decision yet.

She knocked at the door and he hollered for her to come in. She did but with not much enthusiasm. He asked her what’s wrong and she just said, “Junior, you’d better sit down.”

He got a serious look on his face and walked her to the couch and offered her a seat next to him. “What is it, Bobby? What’s got you so upset?”

She paused and then blurted out, “I’m pregnant.” After the shock had a second to sink in, she continued. “I didn’t start my period when I should so I went into the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. It came back positive. Twice it was positive. What are we going to do?” She was looking down at her hands in her lap but when he didn’t answer her question, her eyes filled with tears and overflowed down her cheek. He wiped them away with his finger tip, smiled and then got down before her on his knee.

“Bobby, you know that I love you don’t you? I know that this is a shock, a surprise, but I think that this is the best news that I’ve ever heard,” he started. “I thought after we made love a couple weeks ago that I wanted to marry you but the timing isn’t right. We both have to finish school and that will take a couple of years for you, I finish this year. But I don’t think that I can wait that long. Don’t you see? Now we can get married and have the baby and live together right now. Oh Bobby, what do you say? Will you marry me? Will you allow me to become your husband and take care of you and our baby? Oh say yes Bobby, please say yes.”

She didn’t know what to say, she was still in shock over finding out she was pregnant. She thought to herself, “My God, I’m still a kid myself. How can I take care of another human being? Am I ready?”
“Junior, I don’t know what to say. I want to marry you but what kind of life will it be for you, for us, for the three of us?”

He gave her the biggest smile possible and took her hands in his. Looking up into her tear filled eyes he said, “I don’t know what our lives will be like Bobby, I wish that I did but I don’t. I do know one thing and that is that I love you so much. I promise you one thing, that I will always live my life for you my love. I will work as hard as I can to provide everything for you and our child and I will never stop Sex hikayeleri loving you Bobby. Say yes to my question. Will you marry me?”

She hesitated for just a second and she blurted out, “Yes my love. Yes I will marry you.”

He took her into his arms and buried his face in her bosom. “Oh Bobby, you’ve made me a very happy man. When can I ask your daddy for your hand?”

A look of horror came over her face as she said only half jokingly, “Can’t we do what they did and elope?”

“We need their blessing My Love. No we have to tell them the truth as well as my parents. They will be mad as hell for a period of time but soon they will see that this is the best way,” he told her with all of the confidence in the world. Now he just had to convince himself.

He turned his cheek and ear to her tummy and jokingly asked it, “What do you think about it Little Fella?”

“What happens if it’s a Little Girl?” she said with a smile on her face.

He picked his head up from her tummy and told her sincerely, “I don’t care what it is Bobby just as long as you are okay.” He reached up towards her face and gave her the warmest kiss in the whole world as he looked longingly into his eyes.

“Make love with me Junior. Take me right now, right here. Please?” she asked.

He stood up and scooped her up in his arms. “I will take you now but not right here,” he said as he walked upstairs to his bedroom.

She had laid her head on his shoulder as she clung to his neck with her hands. As he entered his room and turned on the overhead light, she coyly asked him, “Do you like to do it with the light on?”

“I don’t know, I’ve only done it once,” he answered.

“And that once was enough to get me pregnant,” she said mockingly. “You must be some sort of a stud that I’ve agreed to marry. Come take me you stud.” She laughed as he dropped her on the bed and the skirt that she was wearing flew up to expose her panties to his lustful eyes. She rapidly pulled down her skirt and the look of faked shock crossed her smiling face.

“You’re shy now are you?” he asked in a threatening voice.

“Oh yes I’m so shy,” she mocked him.

“Well we’ll just have to see how shy you really are,” he said trying to raise the hem of her skirt.

Against her will, he managed to get her skirt up around her waist and he was probing her crotch with his muscular hands. As he placed his palm over her muffin, she stopped playing and relented to the pleasure of his manual assault on her private area. She closed her eyes and spread her legs out wide as he ran his finger along her slit.

“Oh Junior, I love you so much,” she cooed as she moved her hips into his hand.

He sat up as he told her, “Let’s do this right,” and started to unbutton the blouse that she wore. She opened her eyes and smiled as she watched him unfasten every button and raised her butt off the bed when he pulled its tail out of her skirt. Then he removed it off of her shoulders and laid it neatly on the floor next to the bed.

“Now, let’s remove this skirt,” he said casually moving his hand to the button and zipper holding it in place. He slipped it over her head and folded it as neatly as her blouse. Then he stood up to remove his own attire.

“Let me,” she instructed him. Her hands went to work on his pants zipper and soon had them on the floor. She grabbed his tee shirt and pulled it over his head and then stuck out her hand and grabbed his semi-hard member. “Does this want to come out?” she asked teasingly.

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled down his boxers exposing his now hard erection. She removed his shorts but moved her hands back to his cock. “So nice and soft,” she said, admiring the feel of his shaft. “So soft and yet so hard,” she said stroking it along the entire length.

He shuttered at the attention that she was giving to his hard monster and decided to give her some attention of his own. He sat down next to her young body and gently moved his touch to her tummy. She tightened up her muscles at the sensation of his touch as she slowly closed her eyes. She made an “O” with her mouth as he moved his touch up higher and when he placed his hand directly on to her sensitive breast, a slight moan escaped from her mouth.

His hand grazed over the cup of her bra and went up to the strap on her shoulder. Pulling first one and then the other off from her shoulders, he gently placed his hand under the now loose fitting bra cups and moved it over her bare breasts. She wiggled and let out a sigh but never opened her eyes.

He spun the bra around on her body so that he could unfasten it freely but soon discovered that his last successful attempt had been the anomaly not the rule. It took him three times before it came free and he slid it out from Sikiş hikayeleri under her. He took a moment to gaze down on the body that he knew was his for the taking from this night forward. He liked what he saw and as he continued to admire it, Bobby opened her eyes to see what he was doing.

“I’m just admiring you beautiful body,” he said, sensing her questioning look. “You have the trimmest and sexiest body in the whole world and you are sharing it with me.”

“You’d better take a good look at it because in a few short months it won’t be so trim and sexy,” she told him in disgust.

“You will always be sexy if not trim,” he teased her back.

He gently ran his fingers over her nipples as she once again closed her eyes and reacted to his touch. Her nipples became as hard as rocks and they suck up above her tight little pink areolas. They were all puckered and tight as they begged him to be suckled. As he lowered his face down and took them one at a time between his sucking lips, she moaned out loud and squirmed under his lips and tongue as he continued to roll them around in his mouth. She was starting to get heated when he moved his tongue down to her belly button.

He was sitting next to her body as his mouth roamed freely over her abdomen causing her to groan her approval and press down on the back of his head with her hand. As he ventured down over her tight little cotton panties and breathed on her crotch, she jerked her hips away as she screamed out, “Junior what are you doing?”

“Oh Baby, I’m just kissing every inch of your beautiful body that’s all,” he whispered into her wet little crotch. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Oh God yes but I’ve never heard of anyone kissing a girl down there,” she relented.

He planted his mouth right on her Pons area and she let out another scream of delight and pushed her hips up into his mouth. Using his bared teeth, he bit into her lower lips and licked the outside of her panties crotch. She again went wild, finally spreading her legs out wide inviting his oral assault. Once again he poked his tongue into her crotch and then he rose up and kneeled down between her open legs.

Taking both hands, he ran his touch up the inner side of her thighs, over her crotch and onto her bare tummy. She wiggled under his caress as he continued upward with his hands. He reached her breasts and took each one into his palms and rubbed and squeezed her fleshy small globes. After a few more seconds, he lowered his hands down to her sides and hooked her panties with his fingers and gave them a little tug. She got the picture and raised her hips so that he could remove them over her knees.

He caught her legs before she could lower her knees and raised them up and began kissing her feet. She giggled and told him that it tickled when he kissed her there. He continued to push her legs back over her chest area until he could plainly see her tight little lips sticking out between her legs. He gasped at the sight and slid his finger down to touch her down there.

Bobby whimpered a little cry at his latest stimulus but as he inserted his middle finger up her wet little slit, she threw back her head on to the pillow, raising her chin high into the air and called out her pleasure. He flanked his intrusion with his adjoining fingers and pressed the folds of her two puffy lips together, thus squeezing them onto her sensitive spot causing her to further her gyrations. He loved his new found power over his young lover as he experimented even more on her body and by her reaction, she was relishing it too.

He scooted up under her butt and positioned his raging member up next to her opening as she held her breath. This seemed very familiar to their other time making love and he hesitated just a second. He had to try something new, something different. He grabbed her legs and hips and rolled over and brought her with him so that she winded up on top of his manhood directly under her vagina.

She looked startled and asked, “What are we doing?” through her panting breaths.

“I want you on top this time. I want you to put it in and to set the pace. This is your turn Baby. This is all about you,” he said with a confident smile.

She looked down as her hand wrapped around his steaming cock and guided it towards her wet opening. When she put it in, her eyes got big and the smile left her face. She closed her eyes and settled down on it as it started to slide in. She held her breath as her head rolled back and as it inched it way further and further up her vaginal canal, she gasped for air and she let out a little squeal.

Lower and lower she rode it up into her until it finally came to rest deep within her womb at which point she made an awful face and let out her pent up breath. “Ugh,” she groaned through her clenched Erotik hikaye teeth. “Oh my God Junior, you feel so big. I didn’t remember it feeling so huge.”

She rose up an inch or two and slowly eased herself back down and even forced it into her a tiny bit more. She reacted with another scowl on her face that turned into a look of disbelief. “Oh God it feels so good way up there, oh so good and big and strong,” she said breaking into a smile as she rocked her hips back and forth a little. Then with more force behind her rocking action she asked, “Does that feel good for you too?”

As she asked her question, she squeezed down on his big intruder pushing deep within her womb and he felt the sensation go through his body like an electric shock. He arched his back as it twitched inside of her and she cried out, “OH MY GOD!”

She started to rock forward as she drew it out and then slide it back in as she allow herself to fall back on his crotch. She was throwing her head back as she rocked, rising off of it and allowing herself to fall back with force, thus impaling herself each and every time as far as it would go into her. With every rotation, she became more and more eager for the next insertion and with every insertion the need for another became more demanding. Soon she was throwing herself down on his raging hard cock with abandonment of her well being as her need for release continued to build.

She was losing all coordination of her rocking and all she knew was that she needed it further in and harder than she could possibly give it in that position so, going on pure desire and adrenalin, she threw herself to one side, bringing Junior’s hard cock still embedded deep within her vagina with her. She splayed out on her back with her legs spread as wide as they possibly could and Junior’s body lying between them. She wrapped her legs around his middle and started driving her hips up into every thrust of his until she reached the point she had been waiting for; the feeling of supreme joy and satisfaction, the feeling of total release.

She felt his sperm shoot deep into her womb and she remembered that this is how she became impregnated. This was when she should have told him to pull out the first time. But it all felt so wonderful, how could anyone demand for it to stop? “My God, if getting pregnant is the price you have to pay for feeling this wonderful then I would take pregnancy every time,” she thought.

As he started to come down from his unbelievable orgasm, a little saliva escaped out of his mouth down to her cheek. He didn’t notice he was in such a state but she chuckled to herself as she rolled him over and once again settled on top of him with his deflating member that was about to slip out of her sloppy wet hole. This time most of the juices from them both eased out of her and gathered down among his pubic hair causing them to become stiff and matted. But he felt so good having his lover lay right where she lay and there was nothing that anyone could do to make him want to move her.

His once massive cock now seem a mere specimen of its size and strength and was about to fall out of her entirely when she woke up and started to rock herself back and forth along it until it started to regain some of it vigor. She laughed as she continued to rock on it and teasingly asked, “I thought it had gone all away but does it want to come back out and play?”

“Oh my God, Bobby,” he said through his half closed eyes. “You know it does but my folks will be home pretty soon and we need to come up with a time and how we are going to tell them and your parents too.”

She rolled off of his body and thus dislodging him from between her legs. She lay down flat upon her back as she said, “Oh you party pooper. Why did you have to bring up that?” she asked trying to pretend that she was upset and displeased.

She stuck out her lower lip and lowered her chin down to her chest as she looked up with the most pitiful expression on her face. Junior reacted with a devilish grin as he reached out to her butt. He started pinching her behind until she came unglued with her wiggling and writhing and she jumped up from the bed and threw herself into his arms.

“I love you Mr. McKinney,” she told him through her smile and warm embrace.

“I love you too soon to be Mrs. McKinney,” he responded letting his hands fall down to her bare butt cheeks. “Now get dressed and get out of here before my folks come home and catch us,” he ordered and gave her a big slap on the rear end.

“Ouch!” she said pulling away. “I’ll slap you on the butt next time.”

Leaving the room with his clothes in his hand, he looked back over his shoulder and smirked, “Promises, promises,” and grinned his way into the bathroom to clean the juices on his groin. She got dressed and walked back across the road to her house before the McKinney’s got home. She walked into her own set of circumstances and her own set of nightmares. How was she going to tell her parents? What would they say?

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