Lesbian Slave Love in Ancient Rome Ch. 02

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An overseer came up on his horse…we could see him coming from a distance, so I had time to order Julia to resume wearing the field work rags.

He was surprised to see me, a member of the patrician family, out there and even helping with the work. He became deferential, but I also saw the quizzical look on his face.

I easily slid back into the personality I use when with employees and slaves.

“What, are you surprised that we can work physically too?”

He bowed and his words of denial and apology come so fast that I laughed. Julia hid her smile.

“I am touring this estate and it makes sense to understand the tasks required if I am to lead well.”

He bowed again, “You are most wise, Claudia.”

“I am considering moving this slave to house duties. Is her task here finished properly?”

He looked around and confirmed that it was completed satisfactorily.

“Good, I will take her to the villa.”

“As you wish” he bowed and took his leave to continue to the next station.

Julia exclaimed how fun that was, to witness the overseer being bossed and deferential. She explained the overseer was fine, but could get very bossy and drive slaves hard, including with his whip, because it was his job to ensure results.

I nodded, smiling. We began walking, I leading my horse as we continued to talk. After small talk, I quizzed her about being a house slave…and then about becoming my personal slave… at that, she turned and smiled boldly into my eyes, searching them as if for more information.

“Really? Do you mean it? I could be your personal slave?”

I was relieved and excited at this answer.

I grinned like a girl talking to a boy she had a crush on, and nodded.

“Thank you, mistress! Yes!”

I asked about her skills such as reading and writing, music, repairing clothing, but neither of us spoke out loud of the sexual possibilities. We came close to that, however, when we spoke of cosmetics and hair.

Eventually I had the idea of cleaning her, but not the usual way – other house slaves bathing and washing her, but washing her myself. I didn’t care, really, if the estate staff and slaves might gossip… and I wanted to get there faster.

So I mounted my horse and helped her get up behind me. I relished her hands and arms around my middle, and her delight at being atop a horse. I also relished her compliment that my middle was lean and strong… I had seen her tight and flat abdomen while mine was covered.

Stable boys and girls took my horse when we arrived. She followed me to my chambers.

My heart thumped and I couldn’t help but grin in happiness, matching her smile. Though she was of the lowest class, a slave who owned absolutely Bayan Eskort nothing (instead, was owned), and I a wealthy free person whose family was at the top of society (and even claimed descent from a demi-god), she exuded calm and happiness.

We were both grinning. We talked with an easy comfort as if we had been friends for a long time.

We exchanged more personal insights. I confessed that out here at the distant country estate I had felt lonely. She confided there was much missing from her emotional life. Her expression turned sad and I thought of the awful event she and her family endured that resulted in her enslavement.

As we entered my chambers, I told her that perhaps we can each improve one another’s lives. She instantly brightened and grinned, stunning me with her resilience – and especially her beauty. Yes, her smile dazzled me.

I could hardly believe I was having such powerful feelings for someone I just met, and a woman, and so far below my social class.

I thought of tales of forbidden love that defied all

odds. I smiled to myself at my crazy thoughts, ascribing their existence to simple physical attraction, my need for companionship and the rush of the moment.

“These are my rooms – temporary of course, for visiting family and guests. My own are in Roma.”

Julia said these remind her of her home she grew up in, but she did not say it with sadness.

“I actually don’t mind the slave pens.”

“Well, if all goes well, you’ll stay in this main house… or even here…”

I wondered what her reaction would be and I found myself caring a lot, so when she instantly looked quizzically and smiling into my eyes, I nodded, smiling back.

“Yes, mistress, staying here in these chambers would be absolutely wonderful.”

Slaves addressed me as “mistress” as in the boss, even slaves my family did not own. So, it was not a surprise. Part of me wanted us to call each by our names as friends would, but that would be improper, and a bigger part of me wanted control, wanted to be the boss.

I wanted to have her, own her, but also to learn first how she felt, and what she wanted. That may seem ridiculous to some slave owners, but I wasn’t like them, but more importantly, if Claudia were to be my love slave, and not simply a servant slave, I needed to know if she had attraction for me too.

I showed her around, ending at the bath.

She turned to me. She seemed as nervous as I.

I decided to keep it light and positive. I wanted friendship but I also wanted much more. Romance. Lust. To make her my very personal love slave. I knew some of my social class who had such relationships.

“I’ve already seen you naked,” I smiled,” and though even your sweat is beautiful, let’s get you sweet-smelling … and out of these filthy rags.”

I pointed to her tattered bits of field clothing, then started to remove them.

She helped and in moment was totally nude. I took the work “clothing” and threw it away.

“You won’t need those anymore. And if you do work In the fields again – unlikely – it will be without them”

She looked at me puzzled.

I smiled back, basking in my power and feeling aroused.

“I might just have to forbid you from wearing any clothing at all. Ever.”

She appeared shocked.

“But mistress…”

I grinned and she assumed I was joking…

I gestured to the bath.

Time slowed. My heart thumped.

I began to bathe her. I told her she was mine to enjoy. She looked at me with understanding.

It was true. She really was my property. Everyone in the world that we knew understood and accepted slavery as a time-honored and enforced legal institution. Especially slaves like her, from Rome. We grew up in this powerful culture.

To demonstrate the extent of my power, let me explain it was even allowed to kill your slaves. However, one paid a social price if one were so cruel. The slave should have done something very unacceptable. But if I killed a slave of my own, even on a whim, I would not go to prison or be enslaved myself. It would be like destroying your own property, like killing your ox or dog. Foolish. And people would think horribly of you, unless it were a situation in which you needed to demonstrate your power to your other slaves to keep them in line and prevent them from behaving disrespectfully to you.

Of course killing is horrible. I wouldn’t do it. Disciplining makes more sense.

In any case, the point is, I really owned her. My parents would not mind if I took her from the general slave pens and used her as my personal slave. In fact, they would be happy I am being helped, managing slaves, and enjoying myself.

She knew all this too.

Therefore it would be impossible for us to have a mutually equal relationship as I might with a free person of my own social level.

I sighed at that.

Yet I could tell the attraction was truly mutual.

We could not help smiling at one another.

Soon I was naked too, and she washing me.

And then we were passionately kissing and sucking and humping and climaxing. Again and again.

After we dried, she helped me dress.

Once I was dressed, I told her I would procure some household slave garments for her to use when we were in public.

“However, around here, you are not allowed any clothing. Your body is too perfect to cover. That would be a crime.”

She swallowed nervously.

“Um, mistress, really?”

I firmly nodded, looking into her eyes to communicate I was quite serious.

She shook her head and stepped backward.

“No, no, you can’t be serious.”

I smiled with warmth and reassurance.

“I am. You will be nude unless I say otherwise. Your default status will be nude. No clothing. Nothing at all.”

I knew some people of my class that had a slave or two they liked to keep nude. It was not that unusual and I told her so.

This reminder reassured her somewhat. She acknowledged she knew it was not uncommon, and of course had seen slaves working in public or being sold naked.

I reassured her it will be ok.

“What of when the others see me?”

“I will make it clear it is my command and you must. I don’t care if everyone knows we are lovers.”

I flirted with her then… hugged her… she even smiled… but she still tried to reason with me.

Finally, I needed to make it clear.

Within myself I wished our relationship could be on a different basis, but we were at such extremes of society – I wealthy and free – she my completely owned property. It might be harder for to adjust because she she had started life like me.

But that was not the reality. The reality was that I owned her. This is the way the relationship is, and for me to pretend it wasn’t would only cause no end of troubles.

And in any case, I wanted her to be naked. I was crazy about her.

I had her turn around and I tightly tied her wrists together behind her back.

I then tied her ankles together.

I expressed my admiration for her but explained this is for the best. She and I must deeply and fully understand our situation. That was important for me too, for I cared too much about her already, though we had barely begun.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have admitted my falling for her so soon. We had barely met. But it was true.

Perhaps also I shouldn’t have told her that I wished we could be wild naked Amazons in the forest, both free, and lovers, but we were not both free and wouldn’t know how to survive in the forest.

She loved that idea, and said we could learn… I beamed at her and kissed her on the neck.

But I said however alluring that dream, we had better each understand and be clear if we were to thrive in our society.

It was for my own training too, I explained. And I wasn’t joking. I needed to be avoid letting my crush on her give her dangerous thoughts that could cause her terrible harm and me embarrassment.

I grabbed a whip – we slave owners always had a whip or three around, just in case.

I coiled it and had her kiss and lick it.

To my surprise, she did not object, and even looked into my eyes as she obeyed. Keeping her gaze into my eyes, she began licking sensuously…

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