Lauren’s Favorite Lapdance Ch. 01

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Aidra Fox

For anyone who has ready my other stories: this story takes place six years after events described in Step-Sister Slut, Can I Get A Ride?, and A Bad Boy.


Tony walked into the strip club down the street from his office in San Francisco. It was late on a Friday night. Tony was tired as hell. He’d worked every day, twelve hours a day, since Sunday! Finally, so late on this Friday night, he had finally finished is project. He wasn’t ready to go home to his girlfriend—there would just be more shit to do at home. So he was going to take a couple of well-earned hours to relax and enjoy himself for a while.

His favorite girl was dancing on the runway when he walked in the door. She saw him come through the door, smiled and winked at him, continued walking across the runway, back and forth, stepping in beat with the loud techno. She was wearing a white push-up bra, which showed off her wonderful tits, and a white thong, which made globes of her tight ass cheeks.

Tony smiled and thought: “Lauren…”

He settled at a table near the end of the walkway. He watched Lauren slowly peel down the straps of her bra. She walked across the stage, from the back to the front, looking at Tony and holding her bra against her breasts with her hands. The music hit a crescendo and she pulled away the bra, letting her tits fall out for everyone to see. The music went down, and she said she’d be back later, and that someone named Tammy was coming out to dance. She picked up her discarded clothes on the way backstage. Tony ordered a beer when the waitress came round. The beer came back to him. He took a few drinks, relaxed a bit, and then Lauren came out from behind the bar. She was wearing a short tight black skirt and a white blouse that buttoned up. The blouse was too small for her and she only had two of the buttons fastened. illegal bahis Her cleavage was clear above the top fastened button. Tony took a long drink from his beer and watched Lauren saunter across the club to him, high heels clicking on the hardwood. He watched her legs as she walked. They seemed smooth as silk. Tony didn’t bother to try to conceal his erection. None of the men grabbed at her; everyone knew the rule: look and don’t touch.

Lauren had her eye on Tony. Tony pulled some cash from his wallet. He wondered if she got wet when she saw that all the bills in his hand were hundreds.

“Hi there, Mister, it’s good to see you again,” she said to him.

“It’s good to see you Lauren, I like your outfit tonight.”

“Thanks! How’s your beer?” she asked.

“It would be better if I could enjoy it in our usual booth,” Tony said. He looked over his shoulder and saw that it was occupied. He liked it because it was way in the back, it was the darkest and most secluded. He didn’t like when it was occupied.

“I’ll take care of that!” she said, and sauntered to the back. The man and the stripper doing the lap dance moved to the next booth over a moment later. She looked at Tony and motioned for him to come over. He finished his beer, left it on the table, and went back to the booth where Lauren was standing.

He sat down and looked at her. It was the darkest part of the club—there weren’t even many people back here. Lauren sat next to him, and slung a leg over his lap. He had a hundred dollar bill in his hand, and he waved it in front of her face. She grabbed it and stuffed it in the band of her skirt, to the left of her belly button. She hiked up her skirt a little bit, showing off her sexy legs, and just a little bit of her ass. He handed her another hundred dollar bill, and she climbed illegal bahis siteleri onto his lap, but faced away from him. She put the dollar bill in the band of her skirt, just above her butt, so he could see it. She put her feet on the ground and her hands on his knees and rubbed her ass into his crotch. She could feel that he had a big erection through his khaki pants. She rubbed her ass against his erection, trying to keep it between her butt cheeks, rubbing her thong against it. She always got so wet when she gave this man a lap dance. She wasn’t sure why, but he really just turned her on.

Tony was waving another hundred dollar bill in front of her face. She grabbed it and turned around, facing him. She took the hundred and put it in the band of her skirt again, this one to the right of her belly button. She unbuttoned one of the buttons on her blouse for him. She was riding his crotch now. She loved how it was so hard. It seemed really big too. Tony handed her another hundred dollar bill! How much was he going to give her? She unbuttoned the last button, and tore her shirt off. She dropped it on the seat next to Tony, and started riding him a little harder. When he pulled out another hundred dollar bill, she started to get a little woozy. She had already lost track of how much he had given her. She looked down and saw that this was the fifth hundred dollar bill she had stuffed in the front band of her skirt.

“Take off your bra now,” he said. She quickly unclasped the hook—it was in the front—and pulled it away, letting her tits out. She was still riding him hard and her tits were bouncing right in front of his face. She was pawing at his crotch now, undoing the button holding his pants together and pulling down the zipper. Tony didn’t stop her—he couldn’t touch her, how could he stop her? All he could do was canlı bahis siteleri hand her another hundred dollar bill. She stuffed it in the front band of her mini skirt and hiked it up further. She suddenly reached into his pants and into his boxers and grabbed his big hard cock! She pulled it out. He graciously handed her another hundred, and she stuffed it in her skirt band.

She rode him hard now, his cock between her thighs, rubbing her soaking white thong against it. He knew in an instant that she was very wet. He handed her two hundred dollar bills. She stuffed them in her skirt band with the others, and reached down to her crotch. Something came over her then, she didn’t know what, and she came up off him for just a moment, just long enough to move the thong out of the way, and then she grabbed his cock, rubbed the head of it against the lips of her pussy, and he quickly slid deep into her, she was so wet and her pussy wanted his big cock so bad. It didn’t fit all the way, though… she had a tight cunt and he had a long thick cock. She pushed against it, humping him hard now, bouncing up and down, pushing it deep inside her, until it was finally balls deep.

His cock was hitting her in all the right spots, and thoroughly filling her every time she thrust down on it. She fucked him hard, tears streamed down her face because he was too big and it hurt a lot to have him deep inside her. He sat back, gripping the cushions of the booth, keeping his hands from grabbing her big bouncing tits or her tight round ass. He watched the money flapping around her belly, and then he started to come! This caused her to fuck him harder then ever, because his cock got bigger when he came, and it hurt her because he came very deep inside her. She used her pussy to pull the sperm from his cock, wanting to feel it deep inside her. She took him out of her when he started to go a bit soft, and she quickly fixed her thong. It was already soaked from her juices. Now it was soaked in his sperm. She hoped it would keep it from creeping down her leg! She still had two more dances!

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