Laura’s Story Ch. 01

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FOREWARD This is the first of a few stories I wrote for a friend to give her boyfriend. The name’s have been changed to prevent an investigation, but it’s all fiction anyhow! Enjoy!

It’s about 10:30 at night. You come back from some errands you had to run after work that have kept you out. You call out to see if I’m there, but there’s no reply even though lights are on.

Slipping your keys on the counter and your feet out of your shoes, you pad over to the kitchen to get something to drink. Just as your hand touches the fridge door, you hear a small muffled noise coming from the bedroom.

You turn and look in that direction, but all again is silent. Just as you return your hand to the door of the fridge another sound emerges from the bedroom. This time though you vaguely recognize the sound. A moan. Smiling, because you know me so well, you start off towards the bedroom. As you get closer you realize that the light coming from the bedroom is candle light and as you turn the corner, that’s not all you realize. The moaning is not mine.

Your jaw drops as you look in and see me kneeling next to the bed in a red silk robe. Sitting on the edge of the bed is one of the most incredible red headed girls you have ever seen. She looks to be about 21, definitely younger than us. She is in a matching robe which is open exposing her 34C tits and her legs are spread to accommodate my face which is buried between her legs, as I slowly lick her over her red g-sting panties.

Her eyes are closed and another moan escapes her lips as I work my tongue over her satin covered clit. She leans her head forward and looks up at you. She smiles as her red hair falls in front of her face and a small giggle escapes her. She puts a hand on my shoulder and whispers, “Laura, he’s here.”

I withdraw my tongue, sadly, into my mouth. I was having too much fun. She looks down into my eyes and says, “That was fun,”

“Just the beginning.” I reply. I turn and look at you standing in the doorway. Your mouth still open. A noticeable bulge in your pants. I slowly get up and walk over to you. My hands reach out for your chest.

“Um I..uh” you sputter and I put my fingers on you lips. You can faintly smell her on their tips.

“Shhhh.” I say in a hushed, but forceful tone, “Ken this is Megan. She’s incredible isn’t she.” You nod. You aren’t stupid.

I continue, “I was out today and stopped by Victoria’s Secret, looking to buy myself a present.” My hand takes yours and puts it on my shoulder over the red robe, “and this was so soft that it just made me wet to touch it. I knew I had to have it, so I went up to the register and asked the woman if I could take it home with me.” I look back at Megan. “So here she is.”

You smile that big, shit eating, grin you smile when you know you’re going to get some. I smile, knowing what your thinking. “Oh but Ken, she’s all mine. You can’t have her. But if you can be real good, I’ll let you watch, okay?”

You nod.

“Okay then sit over there,” I say as I indicate the chair bursa escort bayan in the corner, “and be a good boy and we’ll let you stay.” You are in the chair in seconds and I giggle as I stroll back over to the bed.

Megan is still sitting on the edge bed and I straddle her knee. I look down into her eyes and brush the red hair from her face. “God you are so beautiful,” I tell her as I lean forward to kiss her. Our tongues instinctively find each other and begin to swirl around themselves and I bring hers into my mouth.

As we kiss her hands move up to my ass as mine travel down to her tits. Her nipples are so hard and as she touches my ass through my robe mine get equally rigid.

I push her backwards and land on top of her. Our tongues are still locked in an embrace while my knee grinds into her panty clad pussy. I can actually feel how wet she is with my knee, through her panties.

She moans in my mouth and I grind against her clit. I release her tongue and pull back a bit and she looks up to me, panting. I growl at her, “I want to see your pussy now, don’t you Ken?”

You nod, again you’re smart enough to know when to say yes. I slowly begin sliding down her body, licking as I got. It’s a very slow movement that seems to take hours. I bathe her body with my tongue as I go. Kissing, sucking and licking her neck. Rolling her left nipple around in my mouth and gently biting her right. I lap at her incredible flat and very sexy, stomach down to the belly ring in her navel. Finally, I am at her panty line with is a mere inch from where I want to be. I run my tongue along that line from hip to hip as Megan squirms on the bed.

You are squirming too. Your cock is about ready to rip through your jeans. I can see it stretching the buttons. You so badly want it to be free, but you know that it’ll be better if you wait.

I look up at Megan who is panting in anticipation. I hook a finger in the waist band of each side and slowly begin the process of pulling down her panties. Normally in the heat of passion this is a quick affair, but I want to drive her, and you, crazy, so it’s even slower than any other movements so far. As I slowly expose a centimeter at a time of her tanned skin, no tan lines, I trace the previously covered area with my tongue. Slower and slower until I’m down far enough for you to realize that she is completely shaven. I figure this out too and smile over at you.

The first of her slit appears. The area right above her clit. I lightly lap at it with my tongue. Megan is bucking her hips and clenching the bedsheets with her fists. I move the red undies down even more. Now her clit is free and my tongue traces light circles around it. In moments her pussy is completely uncovered and her panties are slipped off over her ankles.

I look up at her as I slowly move my head to right between her legs. I lower my head, extend my tongue and place the back of it against the bottom of her now dripping pussy. I begin moving up, as I do the entire length görükle escort of my tongue touches the entire length of her mound. She is breathless until a minute later the tip of my tongue sweeps past the top of her clit.

Her breath is no ragged and yours is as well. I like this. When you have regained some of your thoughts, you slowly start to undo your pants and slide them down your legs. Your cock is tenting your underwear and there is a large part at the top of your cock that is soaked with pre-cum. You sit like that, glad to be free from the tightness of the jeans.

I look you in the eyes, “She tastes SO sweet. I know you’d eat this pussy for hours wouldn’t you?” You nod. “Too bad you can’t though. It’s all mine.” I giggle as I lower my head back down. I drive my tongue into her with a fury now. I’ve taken it slow long enough, but now I want her to cum.

My tongue twirls in her and she twirls on the bed. Her moans become louder as I eat her with more of a frenzy. She just tastes too good. I cannot get enough of her. I reach up and grab he ass and pull her as close to me as I can.

My tongue moves up to her clit and I circles it frantically. I slide one of my hands around to where she is dripping and slip a finger inside. This sends her over the edge and she cums immediately. I’m amazed, but not at her cumming, I’m amazed that I only have one finger in her and she is SO tight. It’s like a hand gripping my finger. I slip two fingers in and she cums again.

My tongue keeps working on her clit as I slowly move my two fingers in and out which is no easy task because her pussy is squeezing them so hard. In between licks, I look over at you. Your cock is out now and you are stroking it, slowly.

I lift my head a little, “Ken she is so tight. I can’t even believe it. I bet your cock would feel so good in here.” You writhe as I say these words and dive back down to lick her.

I slowly build up momentum again, working on her clit with my tongue and her pussy with my fingers which are drenched now. She is moaning uncontrollably now, “God Laura…..feels too good. Your tongue is so fucking hot….Oh God…cumming again.”

She does all over my fingers and I lower my tongue so I may taste her. Her breathing is becoming less rapid as I withdraw my fingers and slow down my tongue. She is slowly coming back down. I look up at her as I gently kiss her inner thighs.

When she opens her eyes I realize she’s staring directly at your cock which is so big now and dripping pre-cum. I slowly begin caressing her clit with my finger, “Did you like that Megan?”

“Mmm yeah.” She say dreamily.

“Mmm good baby.” I reply.

“Laura?” she asks.

“Yeah?” I respond.

“I want more.” She moans. I notice she’s still fixed on you hard dick.

“Really?” I grin as I quickly swipe at her clit with my tongue, causing her back to arch, “What’s that?”

“I want his cock in me.” she pleads.

“Oh you do? Huh?” I say.

“Yes. I need that it me now.” bursa escort bayan she begs.

“Mmm you want Ken to come over and fuck you?”

“God yes Laura please.”

“Want that big cock in your tight wet little pussy?”


“Oh I’m sorry Megan, but didn’t you hear? You are all mine. He can’t touch you.”

“God please Laura! I need to be fucked so bad.”

“Oh poor baby. You do huh? Well, then I will just have to fuck you.” I reach under the bed to find the little brown box I keep there. My hand finds my 8″ vibrator. I bring it up to my lips and my tongue sneaks along it. “Yeah, with this.”

Megan’s whole body writhes as I slide it along her slit near her clit. Her breath is rapidly picking up again and she is so wet that the length of the vibrator is covered with her sweetness in only a few passes. I move the tip to the opening of her pussy. She’s going nuts.

I slowly lean forward and snake my tongue out of my mouth as the plastic cock begins to slip into her. Megan’s hips lift from the bed and he clit meets my tongue. Her moans rise up again.

As I lick her clit slowly and gently thrust the cock in her I look over at you. Your cock is so big and hard. I think about how good it would feel in me as I do this, but this is all for me. You just have to watch.

My eyes never leave yours as I tongue her clit and begin to pick up speed with the vibrator. She tastes so good. In no time I have her cumming again. Her perfect tits are covered in sweat as they rise up and down.

I let me tongue linger longer between her legs as she comes down from her climax. Every moment or so she shudders. I withdraw my tongue and slowly lick my way back up her body.

Soon my tongue is once again in her mouth and she is frantically trying to suck every last taste of herself off of it. Our kiss ends and I stroke a lock of her red hair away from her sweaty forehead.

“You are incredible Laura.” She says between pants.

“Thanks. And you taste incredible.” I reply. “Why don’t you go shower while I take care of Ken.”

She giggles and gets up and saunters to the bathroom. I roll over and look at you. Your cock is so big throbbing in your hand. I crawl off the bed and over to you. My eyes never leaving yours.

When my mouth is inches from your cock, I position it at the base of your balls and stick out my tongue. Never leaving your gaze I take a full minute to lick all the way up the shaft of your cock. As soon as my tongue reaches the head you can’t control yourself any longer and start to cum all over my face.

Some reaches my mouth and that that doesn’t I begin to lick up with my tongue. I love the way your cum tastes. My eyes are still locked with your as I slip the head of your dick into my mouth. You are so hard.

After sucking for a minute I let your cock free from my mouth and move up to give you a big wet French kiss. You can taste yourself and vaguely Megan on my tongue and this just makes your cock harder.

I free myself and look at you as the water turns on in the bathroom. “Honey, I’m going to go shower too.” I say and get up, slipping off my robe. I turn and smile as I head into the bathroom and close it behind me. You get up to follow and then pause when you hear the lock click and seconds later a giggle is heard above the running water.

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