Late-night Entertainers

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In the past, I had been very thankful to be in the university marching band for a variety of reasons, but especially because it meant that I would be the first person in the dorm room, so I could select the best side of the room, the best bed, the best dresser, and the like.

This year, however, I had a single dorm room. With this being my fifth year of studies, I had definitely earned it!!! However, I was definitely disappointed with the location of my dorm room, its single window opening almost directly onto another dorm, leaving me with truly no view whatsoever.

I had actually arrived a day early for marching band, so there were rather few students on campus already – just the fall sports athletes and a few students preparing for the following week’s New Student Orientation. After dinner, I watched one of the DVDs I had brought with me, then turned off the TV and soon went to bed, the window open to allow a cool breeze into the small dorm room.

Perhaps ten minutes later, just as I was about to drift into sleep, my room suddenly became a little brighter as the light in the dorm room across the narrow alleyway was bathed in its own light. I heard the voices of two female students, laughing about something they must have spoken about in the hallway. I listened Escort Bayan intently for a moment when they began talking again, but I did not recognize either voice, and so I tried to go to sleep again, pulling the sheets a little more tightly around me.

Soon, the voices quieted, then I heard nothing at all from the dorm room across the alleyway.

“Undress me.”

Upon hearing that, my eyes snapped open. What I about to “witness” the beauty of two young women being intimate together?

That would indeed be quite an interesting return to dorm life!!! And if I truly was to “witness” a lesbian encounter, what was the possibility that it would repeat itself throughout the year?

Rolling to my back, I listened carefully. Several minutes of silence passed, broken only by the distant sound of a car horn. I began to believe that I had simply imagined the “Undress me” statement and rolled to my side again.

“You have a nice touch.” A soft giggle.

This was definitely lesbian foreplay… and these two women had no idea that someone was listening to them.

Closing my eyes, I tried to imagine who these two women might be.

“Lick it.” Then, a few seconds later, “Your tongue feels good.” Then, a few seconds later, “Hey! Don’t bite so hard!”

“Sorry,” came the giggly reply. “Your nipples are just so biteable!”

They both giggled a bit, then quieted again. One of the women sounded like she might be a Latina, but I could not place the accent of the second person in the neighboring dorm room.

As my mind attempted again to picture what was happening in the fourth-floor dorm room across the alleyway, I began to touch myself. Once again, I was definitely glad that I had a single dorm room, so that I could touch myself and enjoy this “radio show” in complete privacy.

“Oh my goodness…” I heard softly, just barely audible against the background noise of the night. “I’ve missed this these past few months…”

Slowly, her pleasure spiraled skyward, signaled by the gradually-increasing volume of her soft sounds of delight. I imagined her on her back upon the bed, perhaps wearing only a necklace and earrings and maybe a bracelet, propped up on her elbows, her head tipped back with her long hair cascading down onto the sheets, her long legs spread wide with her knees pointing skyward and her equally-naked partner prone before her, fingers holding open her sex and licking her slowly, focusing on her clitoris but occasionally dipping inside her dripping body…

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Clearly, she was very close to an orgasm, and I listened intently as I continued to pleasure myself.

I heard nothing from across the alleyway for about fifteen seconds. I could only imagine that it was because her orgasm was so intense, so powerful, so consuming that it simply sucked all the breath out of her lungs, transforming that air into a liquid passion which was being expelled upon her partner’s face. When I did hear another sound from the dorm room opposite mine, it was a long, throaty, satisfied growl, a primal sound very unbecoming of a woman yet very erotic in its own right.

A few minutes later, I heard the Latina say to her partner: “It’s a good thing we’re the only ones in the building tonight, or else the guys living above or below us would be banging on our door to get in on the action!”

As I envisioned that very image – a half-dozen guys storming the dorm room to partake of both young coeds – I shuddered through my own orgasm, somehow able to remain as quiet as a mouse. Shortly afterward, the glow from the light across the alleyway was extinguished. I listened carefully, hoping that they might continue their reunion in the darkness, but if they did, I could not hear it.

I looked forward to the morning, when I could hopefully be able to see into the opposite dorm room and learn the identities of my late-night entertainers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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