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Rain was whipped from the sky by high winds, slamming into the Earth as if trying to beat it into submission. In the dim hours of evening, Mat Parks pushed his 18 wheeler into the stormy night, only a little concerned about the weather. Mat liked driving in the rain. He liked driving at night.

Night made the world inside his truck self- contained. With his music, coffee, and a few little white pills, he could push on through the blackness and dream of women he had known long ago, or those he had never known. Sometimes those were the best kind.

After nearly five years on the road, Mat had seen almost everything. People of all sexes making love, a hundreds skirts riding up, or blouses hanging down. He had picked up women of all ages, the younger the better, and even a few men. Mat liked blowjobs, and he wasn’t particular where they came from. Men or women, it was all the same to him. Young, old, and anything in between. A blowjob would be especially good on a rainy night like this. Teen girls often ran away, and teen girls loved to ride in trucks. Once inside, he had ways to get them to do what he wanted. The threat of leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere, usually worked best.

Lightning struck less than a mile away. Mat “wowed” and shook his head in wonder.

“Close one,” he whispered to himself. Truck drivers often talked to themselves. It kept them awake.

“No I don’t wanna fall in love…” Mat roared at the rain-soaked window. He knew he couldn’t sing well, but since he was alone, it didn’t matter. It was the song in his head he was really listening too. He took a cd from the case and slipped it into the tray. It wasn’t his favorite, but it was noise. He had a tv back in the sleeper, which he often listened too, and sometimes watched in his mirror. But at the rate he traveled, he often grew annoyed at the speed in which he lost a local station, and had to find a new one. Music was best.

Lightning struck again and Mat whistled. This one was a hundred yards away. It blew out a transformer in a shower of sparks. There was a truckstop up ahead, he hoped the transformer didn’t feed electricity to them, he needed fuel.

He was in luck. The sign glowed in the dimness of the storm, an island in the middle of hell, he thought to himself. He pulled into the brightly lit pumps, shut down his truck and sat listening to the rain, and the click of cooling metal. In a moment he opened his door and stepped out into the rain. From his high vantage point on his step, he took the time to look around. Lightning flashed again and he saw a rain-soaked girl up near the interstate, looking directly at him.

“Filler up Mat?” Jason asked as he neared the truck.

“Yeah, fill her,” Mat said absently. “Hey, Jason. What’s with the girl?” Mat pointed.

Jason looked up at the girl and grimaced. “I don’t know, but she gives me the willies. She’s been standing there in the rain for over an hour. And you know what’s really strange?” Sex hikayeleri he asked.

“What?” Mat was only half listening.

“She’s turned down at least three rides that I know of. Probably more.”

“That is fucking strange,” Mat said. She was still looking at him. He got the girl’s attention and waved her forward, then stepped down from his cab. She met him in front of his truck. She was wearing a black raincoat. For an hour in the rain, she looked remarkably dry.

“You hungry?” Mat called above the rain, wind, and traffic.


“Come on, I’ll buy,” Mat grabbed her arm and hurried her toward the restaurant. They stepped in out of the rain, and Mat looked her over. She was nice, fairly young and fairly pretty. She really wasn’t remarkable in any area. She was just… ok.

She gave him a funny glance, then followed him into the restaurant. They ordered the minute they hit the chairs. It was a truck driver’s policy to eat fast during a fillup. It saved time and money. But he had to order fast and eat fast. She didn’t object. She ate scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and sausage. The funny thing was, she didn’t act hungry. She seemed to be eating just to pass the time. When they finished she meekly followed him out and climbed into the passenger side of the truck without asking. He paid Jason and climbed into the driver’s side with a shake of his head.

“Good luck,” Jason said with a funny look. Mat shrugged and waved. He started the truck and pulled out onto the interstate.

“Do you have something dry I can change into?” the girl asked with a half smile.

“Uh… if you don’t mind wearing oversized shirts,” Mat said, pointing at my suitcase. She nodded and climbed into the back. Mat watched her in the mirror, mostly to make sure she didn’t steal anything. Mat didn’t trust anybody he picked up on the highway.

She didn’t hesitate, she took off the raincoat, the black shirt and pants beneath, and there she sat in all her naked glory.

My God, she had a fabulous set of breasts. Small and firm with unbelievably puffy nipples. She couldn’t be much over 18 with a pair of tits like that.

Mat’s cock was hard and he was thinking with his second brain, the one between my legs. With his eyes glued to the rearview mirror Mat started thinking of all the things he wanted to do to those breasts. He could feel his cock sliding up between them. Mat could feel her mouth tipping down to capture the head of his large cock between those soft lips. Oh how he’d love to feel those breasts in his hands. He would smash…

The mood was broken when Mat felt the truck hit gravel. Mat jerked the rig back on the road, feeling the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. Mat held his breath, waiting to see if it jackknifed or went over on it’s side, but it followed the tractor back on the road and settled back on all 12 wheels.

Mat slowed the truck along the road and stopped with a screech Sikiş hikayeleri of air brakes.

Wiping sweat from his face he glanced back into the mirror. She was smiling. The bitch was smiling at him. Of all the…

“Can you help me find something to wear?” she whispered.

Mat’s eyes bugged out. He turned and looked at the naked girl in the soft light of the sleeper. Somehow she looked more beautiful in the truck, much better than she had back at the truckstop. She was much more alluring, almost irresistible. Mat swallowed nervously and scrambled back into the sleeper. She fell into his arms and they lay down, kissing passionately.

Her hands explored every inch of Mat’s body. He, in turn, explored hers. Her skin was so damned soft. So hot beneath his hands. Mat grabbed her small, firm ass and squeezed it. She didn’t complain. In fact anything he did made her hotter.

Mat rolled over, with her body held tightly against his until Mat was laying on top of her. Mat mashed those incredible breasts in his hands. They felt as wonderful as Mat dreamed they would feel. She whimpered a little with a cute, innocent expression that drove him wild.

Mat’s cock found itself touching the entrance to her womanhood. With a mind of it’s own it began pressing, trying to fight it’s way inside. Because of his preoccupation with her breasts, it took him a moment to realize what his cock was trying to accomplish. When Mat did he dropped his hands to the mattress on each side of her tiny body and thrust up inside her.

Although she wasn’t a virgin, she cried out as his large cock entered her small, swollen pussy lips. With tears in her eyes she looked up into his face questioningly, as if asking, “why did you hurt me”. He knew if he fucked her well she would forgive and forget. Mat leaned down and kissed her fiercely. Mat’s hand recaptured her breast and squeezed hard. She whimpered for a moment, then began thrusting against his cock. He knew he had it made now, she was hot, horny enough to do anything.

Mat’s huge cock was stretching the thin lips of her pussy. He was hurting her, but he didn’t care. He figured the pain would turn into pleasure eventually and everything would be fine. It always was.

Eventually her pussy stretched enough to enjoy the fuck. She closed her eyes and rode on his cock, trying not to bang her head in the small cabin. The huge cock still hurt a little, but she could endure it and the passion now ruled her pussy, not the pain. She began surging on his cock in real appreciation. He had a large cock which stimulated her well up inside her abdomen. She moaned in a small, broken, little girl voice. She licked her sweet red lips and looked down at him.

Whimpering louder, she began riding faster. Mat was desperate for an orgasm, but she was coming much too quickly. He tried to hold her in desperate hands, but she ignored him and pulled out of his grip with an almost inhuman strength.

“Oh, Erotik hikaye oh, oh…” she moaned, stiffening above him, while her pussy bucked against his cock. He tried to get an orgasm from her jerky movements, but it wasn’t enough. Mat now whimpered. He was desperate, hurting.

She calmly climbed off his prone body and sat on her knees looking down at him.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of you,” she said warmly with a twisted smile. Mat felt a chill of premonition, but shook it off. He needed an orgasm bad. He could not remember feeling so bad for… hell, a long, long time. It was he who was always satisfied, while others must fend for themselves.

Pushing her hair back out of the way, she sank down at his side and took his cock into her hand. She stroked it a few times, then sank her extremely hot lips over the end of his cock.

“Oh fuck, that’s wonderful,” Mat gasped in deep appreciation. He could feel every inch of his cock disappearing into her mouth and down her throat. That was hard, because his cock was so large. He was proud of his huge manly cock. It was his life, his personality. Without it he was nothing.

Mat felt the first tendrils of fire burning in his balls. With her incredibly hot mouth the heat intensified almost immediately. He began to squirm, restraining moans of pleasure. He didn’t like showing too much emotion, even during sex. People who knew you, could control you.

He stiffened and closed his eyes as the orgasm intensified. The Earth suddenly stood still and he paused, on the brink of a huge explosion. Then his orgasm exploded. The girl drank greedily, swallowing his seed and sucking his dick to find more. He watched for a moment, then closed his eyes with a huge smile on his face. As the orgasm began to wane, he felt his cock jerk violently. He felt a sort of snap, but basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, he didn’t care what the crazy bitch was doing.

The fire in his cock seemed to grow. In fact it was actually hurting. He squirmed a little. The pain was becoming intolerable. He sat up and looked at the face of the girl. But she had changed. Her face was red. Something red was actually dripping from her chin. Her hand was covered with… BLOOD!

“What the fuck did you do to me?” he screamed, kicking her away. Her eyes chanced from the adorable hazel eyes he had seen a moment before, to horrible yellow eyes with slits in the middle. Screaming, Mat tried to kick her away. Whimpering, he held his hands over his severed cock and screamed.

With a smile she wiped her face on his shirt, then found her clothes and calmly dressed. He started to reach for his cell phone, but claws appeared at the end of her fingers and she swiped at his face. Fire burned his face and he screamed, cowering in the corner of the cabin. She smiled once before she climbed out of the sleeper, checked her makeup in his rearview mirror, then switched angles to focus on his blank, sightless, dead eyes. She giggled and opened the door to his truck. She slammed it and began walking down the highway in the torrential rain.

It wasn’t long until a truck stopped with a screech of air brakes, and the girl climbed in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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