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Lailani’s Sidekick II rang, vibrating on her 1.5 million dollar bathroom sink. Although the sink itself wasn’t that costly her over all house was. Lailani stepped out of the shower onto her cold marble floor; not bothering to cover up answered the phone. It was her closest cousin Diamond, they’d been planning a night out with Diamonds boyfriend and his best friend.” Hello.” Lailani said barely being able to hear with the shower still running. “Are you almost ready?” said Diamond
“Yeah, i’m just getting out the shower, all I need to do is put on my dress ill put on my earrings and stuff in the car.”
“Alright, well ill be there in about 15 minutes.”
“What car are you driving?”
“The Ferrari.”
“Alright ill see you in a minute.”
Lailani stepped out the house wearing this short jean purple and white EVISU skirt with matching white VANS and Evisu white shirt. Exposing just the right amount of all her assets. She was 5’5 and about 142 lbs, smooth chocolate skin, brown eyes, and a weave that went to the middle of her back. Diamond was her opposite she was 5’7, about 147, caramel skin, and a blonde weave about the same length. She got into the pearl pink Ferrari and they drove to San Francisco. Most people they knew often compared them to Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. Not only because of their good looks and expensive taste, but also their wealth.
Lailani and Diamond use to live in Oakland other parts of the Bay Area, always living in the hoods. But that soon changed when both of their single mothers invested in real estate making a huge fortune selling houses in Beverly Hills to a lot of known stars.
They pulled up to the apartments in the Sunny dale Projects, one of the nicest in the ghetto neighborhood getting out of the car they headed to the front gate. They walked up the stairs to apartment 108 and knocked on the door. John Marc, Diamonds boyfriend, answered the door “Hey babe! Lailani. Me and Len-Duce will be ready in a min.”
John Marc and Leonard, were inseparable they played the same sports and often were the judges of each other’s new girl patnas. They decided to go to City Nights a club in San Francisco so they took Leonard’s scrapper. They drank, danced, and then at around 1:30am decided to go back to the house.
Leonard wasn’t Lailani’s boyfriend yet but he was well on his way. They met through John Marc and Diamond. They had been on a few dates, went to few functions together, and even talked on the phone Sex hikayeleri and in person for countless hours, but they hadn’t made it official. But last night when they were on the phone, planning tonight’s events, Len had told her hat tonight was going to be the “make it official” date.
In the car on the way back to the boys house Lailani and Diamond started to talk about how they had auditions at a club to become dancers. “Ya’ll tryna be stripper?” said John Marc. “Yeah, why?” said Lailani.
“No reason.” said Leonard
“We just thought we could help ya’ll out with ya routine.”
They all started laughing; playing last nights conversation over in her head said, “We’re going to hold you guys to that when we get into this house!” And that they did.
They sat the boys on the black leather couch and went to the bathroom to freshen up. On the way back Diamond turned the air conditioner on and told the boys, with a devilish smile on her face, it was just in case it got hot…

We walked over to the boys and started to perform our routines, undressing down to our nude chocolate and caramel bodies. After a min I stared only concentrating on my soon to be man. I loved his light skinned body and his long freshly braided hair. His baby but manly figured face and his just big enough juicy lips. I straddled him and like most boys i’ve been with, his hands went straight to my ass. Well what can I say with measurements of 34-28-45 what was I supposed to do; besides I love to be spanked.
He looked at me and bit his lip. I leaned for ward and kissed him while unbuttoning his shirt. His hands ran up and down my back smacking me once lightly on my ass. I leaned back and stood up grabbing his hands to help him up. With a seductive look on my face I told him to follow me, hey obeyed with this excited smile on his face.
I lead him to his room while trying to unbuckle his belt and pants. We got to his room and I gently pushed him onto his bed kissing him again passionately. I leaned down towards the floor to remove his size eleven Jordan’s while he removed the already unbuttoned shirt and the white tee under it exposing his sexy athletic body. I continued and removed his socks, then his pants, just as I stood up to remove his boxer briefs to give him the best head he had never gotten. He sat up grabbing me by my waist placing me on his lap.
He wrapped one arm around me back and started playing with my Sikiş hikayeleri clit from behind. Saying ooh to my little secret that’s nice. He cupped my 34B breast with the other hand and begin kissing and sucking on my neck. He leaned back taking me with him still fondling my pleasure zones he gently sucked on my bottom lip then asked me was I ready.
I moaned “Yes” with a quiver in my voice. His soft but manly touch was driving me crazy. We adjusted ourselves so we were able to fit length wise on his king size bed he lifted me by my waist so that I straddled his face. My piercing pink diamond dangled in his face I smiled as I saw the grin on his face as a reaction to my little secret piercing.
He twirled his tongue around my clit causing my back to arch and letting out a loud moan. He moved his tongue in and out of my hole returning to my clit. He placed his middle finger into my pussy using his finger to fuck me while he tongued the rest of my pussy. I felt it cumming, I was going to nut on his face, “Oooh Len, FUCK ME, oh yeah, MAKE ME BUST,”
I got quiet and the orgasm caused my whole body to vibrate tried to remove myself but he made the “umh uhn” sound letting me know he wasn’t letting me up nor was he finished, so he kept going. I came about 2 more times then hopped of and told him it was his turn. I kissed my way down to his 10inch dick starting from his lips; still teasing him I kissed and licked my way up his inner thigh and onto his hairless balls. I sucked on his balls while stroking his dick with my small soft hands. I put my lips on the head of his dick and swirled my tongue around it like it was a lollipop then taking all but a inch of his cock I deep throated him my head going up and down and his cock going in and out not even activating my throat reflexes, I pressured my tongue while rolling it making a kind of wave while his cock was still buried in my throat and mouth.
He let out a deep groan and his hips started to thrust up and down, forcing it deeper. he started to put both hands on my head but just then I gently got a hold of them before they did interlocking our fingers. While holding both hands I came back up to the head of his penis and sucked on the top, he urged me to take him back into my throat. So I did just after he shot a load of his cum down my throat. It was hot and sticky but I swallowed every drop of it. Then I heard a noise like something fell in the hall way but I quickly dismissed Erotik hikaye it getting back to my job.
I could tell he wanted to let go of my hands to remove my head from servicing him and his cock was getting soft, but I kept his hands and his cock gripped. He asked, “What are you doing?” I told him I was driving him crazy the way he did me earlier.
His sensitive cock started to harden again this time much quicker his hips started moving again, his toes curled and he let out a deep groan basically begging me to stop as he busted another nut.
Our bodies locked face to face as we tasted ourselves from one another. I climbed on top of Len and guided his dick into my pussy I rode his dick as he licked his finger playing around my asshole. He put just the tip in and while I played with my clit it sent me into ecstasy. He removed his finger and rubbed one breast while taking the other into his mouth.
He told me to stand up and face the wall on the side of his bed. He kissed my neck from behind and started playing with my clit. He asked me if I liked anal and being the freak I am I said yeah leaning my head back onto his shoulder he said good and bent me over the bed lubing up my ass with his KY Jelly. He put some on his dick and placed it at the hole then started slapping my ass with his dick.
With a gentle but firm push he entered my ass I let out a soft high pitched moan letting him know I was loving it, he started fucking me harder and harder I lift my torso up placing my arms around his neck and he started kissing me from behind. He flipped me over and kept fucking me in the ass “O baby this feels like heaven from now on this is my shit.” He said with ownership on his mind. He kept fucking as he thumbed my clit. I felt his cum shoot into me and it sent me into a shuttering orgasm.
He leaned down and kissed me, I gestured him to trade positions and I laid him on his back straddling him and placing his silk covers over us while we were making out. After about 10min I positioned myself to lay in between his legs with my head on his chest.
Then he asked, “Can I have it…?”
I responded with “Since you ate it, its yours.” He smiled and complimented my jewelry…I guess that was his way of making it official. The next morning I didn’t get up till 12 in the afternoon I woke up not to Leonard but to a small box with my name on it and a card that said for every hour last night… love Leonard aka ”Len-Duce” I opened the box and it was three clit rings. I smiled and laughed on the inside. Then I thought, “now I’m a rich bitch with a fine ass boyfriend”, but what happened with Diamond and John Marc last night… TO BE CONTINUED!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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