Lady in the Boutique

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I just actually saw a woman who took my breath away. I didn’t even know that could happen. I have been attracted to the way a woman looks, and have been known to look at their ass or cleavage, but this woman…wow!

I was looking at panties when this woman about 5’5 breezed by me with the scent of jasmine trailing behind her. It was like spring air after a long winter in the musky smelling adult novelty boutique. I knew I wanted to smell her again right away, so I followed her over to the vibrator section of the store, but didn’t make eye contact. Her scent along with so many toys to look at sent me into a tingling frenzy. I could feel my heart beat a little faster with every breath. Her back was to me, so I took note of how well her ass was shaped in the tight jeans she was wearing. She had a perfect hourglass figure that was complimented by the amply round cheeks that rested atop her long shapely legs. She wore a light pink t-shirt that fit snuggly to her back. Her long brown hair was pulled up showing off her neck that seemed to want me to kiss it.

Well, I wanted to kiss it.

I looked down at the rabbit vibrator that I was holding. right when she turned around and asked me, “Can I help you find something?”

Trying not to seem nervous, I replied, ” I don’t think so, I’m just looking for now.” I gave her a small nod of my head and a crooked smile in appreciation. I can not believe I didn’t take this opportunity to talk more to her! She worked there!

Her lips were glossy and full, her eyes were a beautiful light brown, her nose slim and strong, yet feminine and cute. Her breasts were big, full and round. I couldn’t believe that a woman like this existed outside of a magazine so, I knew right then that I had to conjure up a question for her.

I walked up to her while she was straightening the shelves in a display case in the restraint section. “Excuse me, can you tell me which of these are waterproof?”

“Well,” she said, “You can’t submerge these into water, like in the bathtub or hot tub, but they are made to resist bursa escort water in small amounts, so using either one of these in the shower would be more beneficial to you, if that is what you are looking for.”

Dumbfounded by her intelligence on the subject, I asked her if she could tell me the difference between the rabbit toy and the bird vibrator. She told me from personal experience she preferred the rabbit because of the ears. When asked what she meant by that; she said that the rabbit “ears” would be able to embrace the clitoris while the bird just kind of pecked at it. So we shared a moment of understanding, and I thanked her and said that I would like to purchase the rabbit toy and she led me to her cash register.

Once there, I was able to get a better look down her t-shirt when she bent forward to reach a solid pink bag in the cabinet below her. As she came up, she noticed me staring at her and turned her head as if to ask why but stopped herself. I wish I knew exactly what she was thinking when she said that I should come back next week when they have a sale on panties. If she had any idea the thoughts in my head were about getting into her panties, she may have thought differently about saying it.

So here I am, alone in my apartment ready to take a shower and check out this rabbit. I can’t get her out of my head! I decide to put music on as loud as I can in order to drown out the thoughts of her. I undress and can’t stop touching my nipples thinking of how it would have felt to touch her bare breasts.

I reach for the rabbit vibrator, look at how it is shaped and instantly feel a twinge of excitement as soon as I remember her saying “the rabbit embraces the clitoris..” That’s it, I’m not going to get her out of my thoughts, so I will not resist it anymore, and I rush to the shower.

I wash and condition my hair, then begin to shave my legs, I thought of how her legs were so long and shapely and imagine how soft they must be. With every stroke of the razor, I felt my self getting more relaxed and more excited bursa ucuz eskort about my new found fantasy. It is so difficult to shave my pubic area and not touch my clit. This woman has taken over my senses. As I finally finish shaving, and washing the rest of my body, I gently caress by bare, soap covered breasts. I try to shift the feeling from my breasts to my hands, in order to really imagine and feel how it would be to touch the curve of her breasts and lightly pinch my nipples as if they were hers. My hands are finding their way down my stomach and reach my pussy.

“Mmmm”, the sound of pleasure leaving my mouth excited me even more. I can’t take it anymore, I need to find out how the rabbit feels. I position the water to run over my bare body and reach for my new toy. The shaft of it looks like a penis, and has beads in the lower portion where it has rotating capabilities when it is inside. The rabbit’s head and ears are connected to it in order to stimulate the clitoris at the point of full insertion. I slowly insert the shaft, inch by inch and continue stroking the inside of my pussy. The ears of the rabbit are playing catch and release with my clitoris throwing me into a sea of pleasure. With one hand, I am caressing my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples. How I wish I could do this to her. The idea of inserting a rabbit toy inside her and looking up at her to see the pleasure in her face through her cleavage, sends a shock wave through my body.

I have to have my hands free now: I release the shaft with my right hand, and press the button that rotates the phallic portion.

Each rotation begins a wave of satisfaction with every wall of my pussy being caressed, but I still need more. So, I press the button that send the rabbit ears in a vibrating frenzy. Oh, she was so right! The bunny’s ears are moving fast, yet hugging my clit. With my right hand free, I am able to reach around my invigorating little friend to feel my ass and apply just a small amount of pressure to intensify the sensations bursa anal yapan escort I am feeling down there. My left hand is also getting her fair share of the fun while playing it’s own games with my nipples and breasts. My nipples are so erect with pleasure from my fingers. The only thing that would make this better would be for her to be on top of me with her big breasts and nipples in my face.

I want to see them, I want to touch them and taste them. But I can’t stop there, I need more from her. I imagine her placing her pussy in front of my face, teasing me with the sight of it.

“Do you want this?” I imagine her asking.

“Yes.” I say with longing. “Please, let me taste you.”

There she is, her lips are smooth and soft as silk and the scent of jasmine fills my nostrils. My breath deepens and is getting labored as I dream of licking her clit and touching her lips, spreading them just enough to extend my tongue to taste her juices. Oh, she is so sweet, but slightly tangy, just the way I knew she would taste. I am inserting my tongue into her vagina now, allowing her fluid to drip onto my chin.

Every sensation I am feeling is getting harder and harder to control. My body is not going to stop until it captures the release it is seeking…”Yeah, oh….yeah…I’m going to come now.” She is also getting ready to come as I imaging her saying, “Oh, don’t stop, yes, yes”! And with one last lick, she collapses over me. I suddenly can’t resist the urge to shout “I’m coming, I’m coming!” And with one final buzz of the rabbit’s ears and one more stroke of the shaft inside my walls, I give in to the ultimate pleasure my body can allow.

I lie there, naked, unable to believe I wanted her so badly. I am so relaxed, but the water pouring down from the shower head was beginning to snap me out of my dream state. I turn off the water, and reach for my towel, and suddenly feel like I am forgetting something. I get dressed, and clean up the wrapping from my new rabbit toy and I realize that it’s the best purchase I have ever made. I wish I could tell her that her suggestion was fabulous, but I don’t think I could look at her eye to eye right now. “Where’s my wallet?” I ask myself. Then I realize that I was so turned on in the store that I ended up leaving it there! Now, I have to go back. I wonder if she is still there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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