Kirsten, the Train and the Marker

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Kirsten got on the train to ride home feeling already very tired. She was just done with the evening shift at her helpdesk job and was really looking forward to be in bed under her soft, warm blankets.

“Dangit, I didn’t start the dishwasher before going out. I’ll better write down a reminder or I’ll forget again. Now where is my pen?”

Half of the neon lights in the train station were out during that chilly night, and after a minute of fumbling around in her purse she gave up her search and gave in into her sleepiness.

The train was an empty welcoming bed for her until three college freshmen came in. They were three 19 year old girls, loud and mean. They stumbled around screaming, passing to each other a heavy bottle of vodka and being obnoxious.

“Shh! You don’t want to wake her, we can’t risk her reporting us for drinking while under 21!” said Barbie to the others, with a worried look. Barbie was a mildly spoiled girl of a low-middle class family with just enough disposable income in the suburbs to feel ashamed of having a punk-goth daughter who dyes her hair black along with her nails, wears a spiked collar and is suspected of making use of illicit substances.

“Ooh now, stop being such a buzzkill Barbie. We thought that giving you such a nickname would get the stick out of your ass, but instead your hair didn’t get one bit lighte.r”

“Jane, Emma, I love you but if you don’t quit this shit I will literally kick your ass.”

Jane immediately shut herself up because she knew that it would be a bad bet to take up Barbie on such a threat.

As they reached Kirsten’s seat, Emma nudged Jane with her elbow. “Look! With all the noise we made, she still didn’t wake up!”

J: “She fell asleep with her hand in her purse! I wonder what’s in it…”

Emma didn’t let a second go to waste as she sat right in front of her, slowly lifted her hand out of the purse and pulled it away.

Barbie went immediately into illegal bahis “lookout mode” and stood tall, chewing gum and looking left and right, far into the train’s corridors. It clearly wasn’t their first time.

E: “A printed picture of her boyfriend? P-leeea—seee, kill me now! Gaaa-aaa-aaag.”

B: “Aww, that’s so sweet! Haha.”

Neither Emma nor Jane could tell if Barbie was being sarcastic, genuinely appreciative or both.

E: “A pen, a notepad, a work pass, tampons, her ID, make-up,-“


J: “Look! One condom!”

B: “Wait a minute, I know these! That’s not a condom, those come in packs of 6! Where are the others?”

J: “Oh-oh… slut alert!”

E in a bitchy, pretentious girly voice: “My name is Kirsten, I’m Asian, I’m hot, I’m like, ohmygod, you know, totally hot and I fuck my boyfriend five times a day, I love him soo much, like, you know?”

J: “She’s a total slut! We should investigate”

Emma took Kirsten’s right hand’s index finger and used it to unlock her phone. Jane snatched it from Emma’s hands, laughing as she got mad and went through the contacts, calls, social media.

J: “You know what? I don’t believe for a second that she has so much sex with this boyfriend of hers. For fuck sake, this ‘John’ looks like an accountant! You know what? I totally think she’s cheating on him. With multiple guys.”

B: “Maybe we should warn him!”

J: “Aaannnd… sent.”

E: “What did you do?”

J: “I sent her boyfriend a text message about how good he gave it to her last time. Three times in a row!”

E: “And?”

J: “And I called him Doug!”

B: “Bwahha! Good thinking!”

E: “Hey, look! A marker!”

J: “Give that to me!”

B: “What does she need with a marker? And do YOU even know what a marker is for?”

J: “Of course.. to mark things!”

B: “…”

E: “You’re so stupid, Jane”

scribble scribble

J: “See? Now it says S-LLLL-UT right illegal bahis siteleri on her forehead! Now who’s a dummy?”

B: “You should write ‘fuckhole’ right above her pussy! Lift her skirt up.”

Emma lifted Kirsten’s skirt, revealing she was wearing designer-branded panties, and lifted her feet so that they would rest on the seat, with her legs spread open. Jane followed suit by producing a pair of scissors out of Kirsten’s purse and cutting the panties sideways down the middle so that half of her pussy was bare and the left side of the support band could be folded outwards.

Barbie jumped right in and wrote ‘CUMDUMP FUCKHOLE’ right above her shaved triangle of pubic hair, with an arrow pointing down and ‘please use me’ and ‘enter me, free of charge’ on her thighs with arrows pointing at her pussy.

Emma quickly took the black marker pen back to add ‘hole 1: $0, hole 2: I pay you $10’.

B: “Emma, you’re a genius! Mmmh.. I’m hungry, do you have any money?”

E: “Sorry, flattery won’t make dollar bills appear in my wallet, it’s empty. Why would I pay anyway? Check this slut’s wallet.”

B: “Good thinking, let me see… aack, her wallet is empty too. Wait, maybe…Yes!”

Barbie remembered that she had recently installed on her phone a credit card replacement app, and so decided to scan and add Kirsten’s cards to her account.

B: “I see a lot of lobster and premium Tequila in our future! Wooo!”

E: “Lobster is nice, but I’ve always wanted to have long hair. What do you think? Should I buy some extensions with her card?”

J: “I think you should get the real thing! Here!”

Jane roughly cut some of Kirsten’s hair with a pair of scissors she had found in the purse and presented them to Emma.

E: “Ew, no!” was her response, letting them fall on the train’s floor.

B: “I think we should leave her something to remember this wonderful night by! Gimme the marker”

Barbie pulled whatever canlı bahis siteleri was left of Kirsten’s panties aside and slowly inserted the marker in her pussy, with the thick round cap side first. Despite its girth after the initial bump at the entrance it slid right in.

B: “Huh. That easy heh? Emma, give me your pen”

Barbie added “loose” before ‘slut’ on her forehead.

E: “I’m gonna take a picture and post it on her social media accounts so she can remember this fun night forever!”


B: “I wonder if her friends will still think she’s hot…”

E: “I wonder if her boyfriend will ever have sex with her again…”

J: “I wonder if her boyfriend will find out that he is into this kind of shit…”

B: “Mmh, I think I’m starting to get kind of hot myself!”

J: “We should do this more often. Maybe we can find another girl on the next train?”

B: “No, I’ve taken a liking to her. She’s my favorite toy now! Write down her address and where she works.”

E: “I’ll do you one better. Let’s take a couple of keys out of her keyring and her work pass card, then we can call her job and let them know that we found these things on the train, and to tell her to come and meet us at our place so we can give them back.”

B: “Sounds devilishly fun, can you imagine how much more we could do to her at home?”

And with that, they left the train at the next stop.

Kirsten woke up to the ticket inspector touching her arm to wake her up, visibly embarrassed and unsure about whether he should have done it.

It took a while for her to figure out what had happened and all of the things that they had done to her, but the biggest embarrassment came out of the double whammy of being seen, with her genitals exposed and obscene self-humiliating writing all over her body, by the employee standing right in front of her only to then realize that there were now other commuters on the train and that some were looking with pervy interest, a lot of women were laughing, and some men were taking pictures. Her phone was full of crazy notifications by friends, family and work asking what was going on and why she was doing this.

What was she gonna do now?

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