Kimberly and a Neighbor

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The Kimberly series started to be about one of the women that my character Willis meets in his accounting department. As happens with some of my characters, they begin to lead their own lives and Kimberly became an incredibly erotic woman and developed a full life story. “Kimberly and the Neighbor” and the follow-on “Kimberly and her Son” and both are actually a prequel to the original story “Kimberly and her Boss.”


Kimberly had been a discreetly wild woman right out of high school. After a few very wild relationships, she settled on the Ronald, the one man that seemed as wild about sex as she was. Their passion for each other had produced three children in quick succession, which had reduced their opportunity for the wild and uninhibited life that had produced the kids.

As Ronald had progressed in his career, he had to travel more than either liked, and their sexual needs drove them both to be unfaithful. The revelation almost destroyed their marriage until they both realized that, in their own minds, that extramarital sex had nothing to do with their feelings for each other. The love was still there between them but the needs still needed to be satisfied. The kids, still in single digits, knew nothing about what had gone on.

They worked through the problems and agreed to limit action outside their marriage. They had done group sex parties for a while but when the first of the children started to hit mid-teens, they had to withdraw from that scene to prevent suspicions. The last few years had not been bad to Kimberly as Robert had managed to stay close to home for quite a while. But the last few months had been absolutely terrible: Robert was a failure analysis engineer and there had been a number of major accidents recently that had kept him working long hours or on the road quite a bit. When he was home, the sex was very good, but when he was gone, the dry spells drove her crazy.

Now here she was in front of her mirror, wondering when she was going to feel a real penis in her again. She was in her monthly cycle where she was most horny, and Robert was going to be gone at least another week and a half. She examined herself critically in the mirror; her wavy blond hair was long enough to reach the small of her back, and glistened in sunlight like a halo. Up close, she could see that some of the hairs were silver-grey, but from three feet or more it gave her hair a platinum blond look.

She looked at the green/grey eyes staring back at her. There were definite winkles at the corners of her eyes and mouth, signs that she was now on the road to 50 years old. Her thin lips needed color as well, but it was not her pleasant face that men noticed first.

Her breasts were only 34Bs, but they still held the same shape they had when she first married. She had been fanatical about wearing bras, especially when they had swollen to 36D while she was nursing. Now her breasts stood proud without a bra, centered in pale triangle of flesh that shown the outline of the string bikini top she wore when sunning or out on the boat.

Lower down, her waist narrowed almost to what it had been out of high school, although her hips were now fleshy and curvaceous. It was her hips and long lean legs that men noticed. As she looked over her shoulder in the mirror, the bikini line on her ass was not as well defined. She frequently pulled the french-cut bikini bottom up and into her ass crack like a thong so as to blur the tan line. Her ass was still firm and high, a result of vigorous lower body workouts three or more times a week.

Examining her body made her think of how much she missed Robert’s hands on it. Last night they had a phone call that had deteriorated into mutual masturbation, leaving her wanting more than her frequently used toys. She loved Robert, and more than that, lusted after him. But there was a need that was not being filled. She glanced at the clock and sighed; there was no time to play with herself as she had to run to the store and get some food to feed her son Kyle before he left for the high school basketball game. Feeling risqué, she put on her very satin & lace bra and matching white thong. Covered with a loose white blouse and tight jeans, she knew she would turn eyes at the store, and she raced off.

Racing down the aisle, she nearly slammed her cart into one of her neighbors. Steve was a Coast Guard chief that lived down the street with his wife, also in the Coast Guard, and their two teenaged kids. He was over six foot, lean and tan with sun bleached blond hair on his arms, but a shiny, shaved head.

“Excuse me, Steve!” Kimberly said. “I was in such a hurry I nearly knocked you over.”

“Kimberly!” Steve smiled back with his big and warm smile. “It is always a pleasure to see you.” His eyes scanned her down and back up. It was always a pleasure to see Kimberly, especially when his wife was not around. She was lean and sexy, and always was great eye candy.

“So how are you?” She asked gaziantep escort bayan haberleri him, noticing how his eyes were scanning her. “How are Susan and the kids?”

“Susan is in the middle of a two month deployment,” he told her. “The kids are doing ok but they miss her. I stopped off on the way home to get some dinner for them. Fortunately, they are pretty self-sufficient except for dinner. Once dinner is done, I can disappear and they get along just fine; they even go to bed without being told.”

“I’m in the same boat,” Kimberly agreed. “Robert has been gone a month and Kyle just appears for meals and then disappears again. Tonight he is off the high school basketball game and won’t be home until after ten. In a house that used to hold five people, it seems awfully empty with just me.”

“Sounds like you need some adult company too,” he said, his eyes flashing a look at her. It was a soft play that could be graciously accepted or rejected without problem. Even if she did accept his offering, he was not sure if it would be friendly or more.

“That actually sounds great!” She said with a big smile. “I would love a couple hours of adult company.” She laid her hand on his arm and squeezed. “Why don’t you come by around 7:30? The ball game starts then so Kyle should be gone.”

“I would enjoy that.” Steve smiled down at her. “I’ll be there.”

“I’ll see you then,” she answered. “Got to get going!” and she raced down the aisle. Steve stood there a moment and eyed her ass as she continued down the row behind her cart. Kimberly could sense his eyes on her and gave it a little extra wiggle before she turn toward the register.

She raced home and made a quick dinner for Kyle. As they ate in their usual minimal-conversation dinner, her mind kept going back to how Steve’s blue eyes looked at her body. To be desired by a big man like him made her wonder what he could do to her. By the time diner was over, she was imagining his big, tan hands on her body and could feel her pussy getting warm and moist. She was very distracted and did not even notice Kyle eyeing her.

Kyle noticed she was more distracted than usual. He pretended not to notice, but when she reached back to the counter to grab her drink, her blouse stretched tight and the lace of her bra was clearly visible. Even more shocking, her nipples were very hard and showed through the fabric. He tried to be cool but when she cleared the table, she leaned over and he saw most of two full breasts inside her loose blouse, the nipples just barely hidden in the lace of her bra.

Kyle knew his mother was the sexiest woman around, as many of his horny friends at school had told him. He secretly lusted after her, and her tiny bathing suits made him prefer baggy swim shorts than a real suit so she would not see the boners she was always giving him. This breasts display was too much for him and he excused himself to get ready for the game. He wanted to jerk-off thinking about what he had just seen, but though better of it. His girlfriend would be there tonight and maybe they could go to his car during the game and get it on.

As soon as Kyle was out the door, Kimberly rushed to her room. She thought about changing into something sexy, but that would be too much. Instead, she put on some high-heel sandals to lift and extend her already long legs. She brushed out her hair and touched-up her make-up, then came downstairs and turned out most of the lights. As she turned towards the door the doorbell rang.

Steve was almost in a state of shock when Kimberly open the door and ushered him in. Although she seemed to be dressed the same, it seemed like she was twice as sexy as she appeared in the store. Her blouse was unbuttoned to expose her cleavage, with a shiny gold dragonfly necklace dangling between the curves of her tits. He struggled to keep his eyes from glancing down her shirt at the soft breast barely hidden inside. This was especially difficult when he noticed the two peaks of her knobby nipples tenting the thin white fabric of her blouse.

“So, Steve, could I get you something to drink?” She said softly. “I was going to have another glass of wine.”

“Uh, wine would be ok,” he mumbled. She swiveled on her heels and walked into the kitchen. In just a moment she returned with a bottle and two glasses. She led him into the den that looked out over the water behind the house. He sat on the sofa she indicated and she poured two glasses of wine, then sat facing him on the sofa, on leg curled up under her. This opened her crotch to him, even though her pants were still on.

“Cheers,” she said, extending her glass.

“Cheers,” he repeated, tapping his glass against hers. He took a couple of sips. They talked for a little while about the kids but the conversation shifted to how empty they each felt when alone. Steve felt a little like they were talking on two levels, and he was the one gaziantep escort hikayeleri being seduced.

“The worst part,” Kimberly continued. “It how empty I feel. A woman has needs too.”

“What kind of needs?” Steve asked. She gave a mischievous smile as she reach down to the buttons of her blouse and slowly opened it to expose her pert breasts wrapped in a silky bra. He reached out a hand and gently touched her pointy nipple through the bra. He noticed the white plastic clip in the center and, with two fingers, unclipped it to expose her small tits.

“Oh…they’re gorgeous,” Steve gasped, staring down at the quivering mounds dangling down from her chest. They were the perfect example of what a young woman’s breasts should look like before being swollen by childbirth. Small, teardrop shaped globes of smooth, pink flesh surrounded by triangular tan lines and faint blue veins showing. There were each tipped with two round cups of darker skin with two swollen nipples pointing straight out. Indeed they were any man’s dream of perfect young woman’s breasts. The fact they were on a sexy forty-something woman made them incredible

As Steve shamelessly ogled the wondrous treasures, Kimberly shrugged her shoulders to let her blouse and bra drop behind her. The two firm mounds jiggled lightly in response to her movement.

“You still think they’re gorgeous?” she giggled, cupping one of the beautiful mounds of flesh in the palm of her.

“God, yes,” he groaned as he leaned in towards her.

“Show me,” she ordered. He pursed his lips around the rubbery nipple and she gave her breast a gentle squeeze like she was nursing. He caressed the offered breast with his mouth, sucking and licking her soft flesh. She moaned when he switched to the other breast, taking this one in his own hand. She leaned forward, moving her nipple farther into his mouth.

“Yes, please,” she whispered as she pressed her soft flesh against his lips. Steve’s cock was a growing problem within his pants and he reached down to adjust it and give it more room for expansion. As he refocused his attention on her nipple, Steve felt her legs spread even further apart, her pelvis tilting up. Aware that she was experiencing the same desires, reached out and gently pressed his hand to apply soft pressure to her groin. She pressed back, translating her need to him. To his delight, Kimberly’s hand moved from the back of the couch down to his crotch.

Although reluctant to move away from her beautiful breast, Steve was sure it was time to move on. He let the stiff nipple slip out of his lips and moved his face up to her level. Slipping his hand around behind the back of her head, he pulled her to his face. As their lips touched, Kimberly quickly forced her tongue deep into his mouth. With open mouths they franticly kissed while their tongues fought with each other.

As he reached down to find the button on the waistband of her jeans, she broke the kiss and pushed him back. He stopped in shock…had he gone too far?

“We need to take this to another room,” she panted. She quickly rose and pulled him up before she rushed down the hall, her blouse and bra forgotten. Once inside her bedroom, she shut the door and pressed her lips against his. His fingers reached down and worked at the button on her jeans as she pulled at buttons on his shirt.

When he was able to get the button through its buttonhole, Steve found the little tab of her zipper and ran it down the front of her pants. With her mouth still locked to his, he was unable to look down but blindly slipped his fingers into her panties. He pressed downwards until his fingers found a tangle of soft curls. They seemed softer and finer than any pubic patch he had ever felt before and he caressed them for a while before searching lower for the soft folds of her womanhood. His fingers first touched the hardness of her swollen clit, then the soft folds of flesh that were the entrance to her chamber of wonders. She was so hot and wet that when he parted her lips, juice dripped onto her underwear.

As his finger pushed into her pussy, her fingers found the snap that held his shorts closed and with a sudden tug, his shorts were open and falling to the floor. Kimberly slipped her fingers into the elastic waistband of his underwear and found the swollen shaft she was seeking. She broke the kiss and rested her head against his chest. As she caught her breath, her fingers explored cock, measuring its size and length from the mushroom cockhead down the length of the shaft to its flared base.

“Nice,” she huffed, giving the cock in her hand a squeeze. Then she looked up at him.

“Take me to bed,” she hissed as she pulled at his underwear, trying to pull it down. “I need this.”

He reached down and pushed his shorts down his legs and stepped out of them and his sandals. Her pants were not as easy to slide off, as they held her legs gaziantep escort bayan ilanları tightly, but the worked together until she was free of them.

She stood back near the bed totally naked, showing him that she was indeed a very beautiful woman. Her long, flowing blond hair hung down her long back, while her fantastic breasts hung freely out from her chest. There was a very slight roundness to the bottom of her belly from birthing three children, but that seemed to add to her eroticism. Her legs were just about the long and perfectly tapered, with not a hint of collagen.

“Very nice . . .” he murmured.

“Glad you like it,” she smiled at him. She sat on the edge of the bed and reclined back, resting her weight on her elbows as she watched him slowly kneel down and move between her long legs. Placing his hands on the soft skin of her inner thighs, he gently spread her legs wider apart so he could see the pink slot below her beautiful pubic hair.

Her whole pussy was glistening wetly in the light from her bathroom as he reached up and gently ran his fingers through her soft hair and then down over her swollen labia.

“Mmmmmmm . . .” she moaned as felt the finger slip through the wet opening of her vagina. A second finger moved inside and began to explore the hot, spongy crevice searching for her G-spot. When his fingers found it she jumped and a soft moan escaped from her lips and Kimberly closed her eyes and eased back down onto the bed.

“That feels…so… good,” she whispered, spreading her legs even further apart. Steve was enraptured by her beauty…and her scent. He could smell her enticing aroma as he moved closer. He I kept his fingers inside her working back and forth across her G-spot while he leaned over her and ran the tip of his tongue across her little pleasure button.

“Yes…lick my…clit,” she said a bit louder. Her hand moved down to the back of his head and gently pulled him closer. He moved his tongue back forth across her clit like she asked, her soft pubic hairs tickling his nose. She wiggled her ass and thrust her hips up against his face as he ravaged her clit with his mouth and her pussy with his fingers. The aroma of her hot and juicy pussy was going to his head and he want to get his cock her. But as a considerate lover, he wanted to give her the first climax of their coupling.

“I’m going to…oh…oh…nownownow!” she yelled as the muscles in her thighs tightening around his head. Then her ass began to thrash up and down as her hands reached out to either side and grabbed fistfuls of bedspread. Steve continued to ride her clit with his mouth until her whole body began to tremble as she was consumed by the orgasm bursting forth from her womb. Her hand reached down and pushed him away and she closed her legs and rolled to her side. She made soft, strangling sounds and her whole body quivered as she came in waves. Her climax seemed to last a torturous forever as she lay on the bed shivering and gasping for breath.

Kyle’s view:

The visiting team had not shown up and forfeited the game, so here Kyle was coming home at eight o’clock. His girlfriend’s mother had never left so he spent no time with her at all. It was his intention to go to his room and pull up some good porn on his computer. He had a taste for mature blonds and redheads with long hair; they reminded him of his mother. Kyle pulled up to the house and noticed the extra truck in the driveway.

He was curious as to who was here, especially since most of the lights were out. He opened the door and was about to swing it closed when he heard his mother scream out.

“I’m going to…oh…oh…nownownow!” His mother was having an orgasm! His mother was having sex with someone and his dad was away!

There was a moment of anger that she was betraying his father, but then he remembered his thoughts about his own mother earlier. Not only did that make him feel guilty, it made him curious. He quietly closed the door and took his shoes off.

The house was laid out so that master suite was at the opposite end of the house from the kids’ rooms and he headed towards his mom’s room. As he walked past the den, he saw a wine bottle and glasses on the table, then a bra and blouse on the sofa. Now very curious, he snuck down the hall. He could see that the door to her room was partly open, but the light came from where her bathroom was. There were clothes on the floor at the foot of the bed. Cautiously he moved forward until he could see his mother laid out on the bed, his neighbor from down the street standing naked at the end of the bed.

“God, I needed that,” he heard his mother say as she spread her legs open again. “I needed that so bad. But what about you?” she asked, her eyes on his cock as it hung down hard and heavily. Kyle watched as his mother spread her legs enticingly for her lover. For the first time in his life he had a view of his mother’s pussy. It was red and swollen and dripping with juice. He wondered if it always looked like that.

“Before you do…” Beverly said as she rolled to her side. Reaching into a drawer on her night stand, she tossed something to Steve. Steve torn the foil package open and unrolled a condom onto his cock without comment. By the time he had finished, Beverly was again laying herself out in front of him, opening inviting him to enter her wet cunt.

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