Kendra , Sam Set Boundaries Pt. 03

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(Note to Readers: This nine-part story follows a young, straight, American couple from dating to marriage and parenthood, and from exclusive sex to separate side action, swinging, and group sex. All characters are at least 18 years old. The previous two parts are recapped to some extent, but if you read those parts first, you’ll follow along better and also read a lot more sex. Click on my author name above, or the stories link, to find them.)


February 2013:

Kendra, clad in a sports bra and running shorts, massaged Sam’s back. She’d found that she and her spouse could get to a nice sensual build if they didn’t strip immediately, and she wanted to get rid of their workday tension before starting them on the sexual kind. Straddling him at kidney level carried no special sensation. Yet.

They watched online porn on the bedroom’s flatscreen. Three women and two men, very attractive but seeming unaffected by what they did together.

“Just going through the motions,” said Sam. “Maybe it gets boring if they have to do a lot of takes.”

She enjoyed Sam’s lean muscled frame nearly always, but kneading it strained her fingers. She used the heels of her palms when necessary, and even her elbows.

“I hate to sound like an old fart,” said a woman who had just turned 26, “but the tats and piercings seem like a bit much.”

He turned his head to the side so she could see his smile. “Tats? Piercings? Hadn’t noticed.”

She leaned back and slapped his ass through his boxers. “I guess your indifference to the pain these women went through is better than insisting that I do the same.” She had thought about getting a little ink, unthreatening and girly, but she had never seen much of an upside.

A couple minutes later, when he closed his eyes and hummed while she knuckled between his shoulder blades, she watched with more than cinematic interest a close-up of an uncut prick sliding into and out of a shaved vagina. Then the dick emerged, and the head and some of the foreskin were rubbed slowly on and around the wet labia. Then there was another slow insertion. Kendra’s groin tingled. She enjoyed that without moving. Yet.

Sam gathered in his elbows and leaned up slightly. “Switch.”

“You sure?”

“Getting the third shop up and running has gone pretty well,” he said. “It just has me either moving around too much or sitting too much. You’ve cured my case of Internet-Staring Stiff Neck.” Sam’s knowledge of the digital side of auto maintenance had paid off huge. He had invested in the repair shop where he had started as a grease monkey while studying for his engineering degree. The downside was that he put in long days at work, sometimes more than five a week.

Kendra was equally busy at work, but less favorably. Travel agencies were beset by websites seeking to deal direct with customers, and she scrambled to show that her office provided value that the internet couldn’t. She tried to leave her anxiety at work, and didn’t always succeed.

As Kendra moved a leg and Sam rolled to the side, he smoothly got her into his arms, and kissed along her neck. That, and the sight of the porno cock glistening with vaginal secretions, changed the focus of Kendra’s anxiety.

She faced away from Sam as she knee-stood on the bed and lifted away her bra. She flipped her ponytail to one side and went gut-down without showing him more than side curves. Then she was simultaneously soothed and aroused, as his strong fingers found her muscle knots, and his straddle on her hips put a slight but growing pressure on a dimple above her butt.

Sam went without breast contact, for now. The woman on the screen was less-endowed than Kendra, but the sight of her had much to do with Sam’s growth along Kendra’s butt dimple. The longhaired blonde rose up enough from the prick she rode to show her slow, lavish grind on it, and she took into her mouth most of a porn-sized putz while fingering the hairless balls. The Asian woman with long straight hair licked one of the blonde’s breasts.

“You’re amazing,” murmured Kendra. “You can look at that and mangle my back at the same time.”

Sam recalled their bachelor party videos. Kendra, at one point, jerked one man, sucked another, and took a third in her pussy. Three women climaxed on Sam’s cock, sometimes with another’s breasts filling his hands and mouth. The memory of pleasuring many partners focused Sam on what had lately been a vague urge.

He leaned down to kiss Kendra’s neck, and moved his hands to brush the sides of her breasts. “You need more mangling?”

She bucked up enough to push back his weight, spun to lie on her back, and pulled his head onto her bosom. “Nope! Now I want mingling!”

They stopped watching the porno.

They had been lovers for nearly two years, and had never grown stale. Sharing life had made their time together less exciting day-to-day, but once they allowed themselves to get frisky, familiar aspects like eyes and lips and skin quickly became stimulants. escort tanıtımları Kendra had a hunch, however, that soon their interest in wider-ranging sex might become a need.

Right now, though, she was thrilled by a slick move of Sam’s fingers and thumbs that slid down both pairs of shorts at once.

“Yeah!” she said, grabbing the hair at the back of his head. “Your massage on my butt dimple did nothing for me outside, but my inside sure noticed!” She hooked a leg around his, and shivered as her clit hood rubbed across his thickening tool.

He said something in response, but didn’t bother to get his mouth off her tits.

They rolled around, nipping and tickling and laughing. It’s like when we agreed to become primaries, Sam thought. Our hearts got serious while our bodies got frivolous.

She separated to knee-stand. Her look smoldered as she pulled off the band that mostly tamed her hair. She had allowed it to grow to mid-back after the wedding. His eyes widened as he lay flat, prick now going vertical.

She shook out the hair, some of it now obscuring her breasts. Then she angled her head and moved it slowly. The thick, straight, midnight tresses caressed his crotch. His cock grew more, pushing through the soft, teasing strands.

Back and forth she flowed the hair. She picked up his nearest hand and gently licked the fingers. His head tipped back, his throat emitting a gargly cry.

With each other, they had few boundaries. The main one ruled out harsh physical pain. Another was anal: More than glancing contact between butt cheeks would require advance consent, and this seldom arose, since neither enjoyed it much. But other initiatives within intimacy were on a try-and-decide basis. Thus Kendra had no problem when Sam grabbed her hips, hauled her lower half to him, and pressed her pussy on his mouth. Understanding their don’ts allowed spontaneity on anything else.

His thumbs probed her hood to find her clit, and his tongue encircled her labia. Feeling a relief she hadn’t known she lacked, Kendra spread her legs wider and gave him more access. After one last swirl, she lifted her hair away and raised his wang to her moist lips.

She was positioned to see the screen. She saw again the uncut cock as she licked Sam’s cut one.

This kindled her first-stage fantasy, to make love with Sam and one other man. The other didn’t have to be well hung or handsome, because Sam took care of that for her. The other would simply have to maintain a good erection, and do everything in his power to elevate her pleasure beyond the very high level she reached with Sam alone. And she wanted to pleasure both men, and enjoy their climaxes.

Kendra’s secretions gathered on Sam’s face. He had no problem with his wife’s smell and taste, but didn’t want to waste the product of her arousal. He drew back his head enough to say, “Doggy?”

“Oh yeah,” he heard. They moved and reconfigured.

Whatever they had thought initially of the porn performers’ involvement, Sam and Kendra were now quite involved with them. Kendra got on all fours and Sam knee-stood behind her, so both faced the screen.

The Asian woman was now lying on her side, the pricks pumping deep into her vagina and mouth, her upper breast in a steady circular motion. “Two disembodied dicks!” Kendra commented on the framing of the shot, with the screen filled almost entirely by the woman. “And a third one railing me!”

Sam tried to embody for her, resuming his massage, this time to Kendra’s dangling breasts. “The lady on the screen,” he groaned, “is helping with the railing.”

“Which, I, appre-, ciate,” Kendra huffed.

From that point, the conversation lapsed. In a few moments, they no longer saw the screen.

Kendra still had plenty of juice. Its heat jolted Sam almost to climax, but he held back and maintained his rhythm. He was capable of three erections and orgasms in a session, but lately their sessions started late and had to end soon. Thus, he tried to maintain a nonstop boner for Kendra, rather than spend any time in recovery.

She was in a nice sizzle, squeezing on Sam and getting stretched, but this was a work night. She yearned for the multi-orgasmic marathon she could achieve, but that would have to wait for this weekend, or maybe the next one. Feeling close to a peak, she denied herself a long ride and began rubbing her clitoris. Sam noticed, and increased his speed and depth, and shifted his muscles away from restraint on his pleasure.

Spasms convulsed her trunk, and dopamine surged in her brain. Her mouth dropped open, howls and saliva escaping. Sam moved his hands to steady her hips, just as a whiteout seared his closed eyes. Gobbets launched from his swollen tube to her thick warmth, and his balls and prostate tried to follow them.

In time they became aware that they had slid to one side, still conjoined. Kendra’s cat, Nuggins, issued a meow that seemed to mean, ‘Is that over now?’ gaziantep escort telefonları On the screen was a block of text, asserting that all the performers were of legal age, and giving the location where the proof of this was on file.


They took time for pillow talk, once their bed use switched over to the approach of sleep. “We have less than two months before this building goes condo,” said Kendra. “We can only keep renting as a legacy for so long. That’s what’s getting all my mindshare. We should do more househunting.”

“We will. I’ll devote every Sunday now to open houses.”

“Good. I’ll ramp up shopping for mortgages.” She tried to read his face in the dark. He had seemed more than work-edgy during dinner. “So…what’s going on in that male mind?”

He turned to her and said, “Swinging.” He sensed her body language and added, “When you’re ready for it.”

“You know I want to,” she said. “But that scene is so hard to read from outside. Getting to know one or two people would be best, but since we got married we haven’t gone out trolling. And I’m not going to risk STIs while we haven’t yet had kids.”

Under the covers his hand found hers, and held it. “You, me, and porn seem to be enough for us,” he said, “but that’s just making clear what we want and don’t have. It’s insane, really, that I should want anyone else when I’m married to you. I sure can’t call it a need. But maybe if we try it, we’ll get the disappointment we need to stay an exclusive couple.”

“Hmm,” she said, thinking that over. “Good point. Maybe we just need a one-and-done, so we can go back to being work-frazzled pre-parents.”

“How about this,” he said. “I’ll take over the mortgage search. I think you have the most concerns about the swinging scene, so you can take the lead with that investigation.”

With this shift in tasks, it seemed to her that progress had been made. The image of the uncut cock in the porno flashed in her mind. It didn’t affect her physically, but it seemed to be an aspect of what might now be an achievable goal.

“Deal,” she said. “But I’ll look only for single events. I want to keep the boundary against overnights with other lovers.” She gave him a light kiss on the lips. “You’re the only one I want to wake up with.”

He started to turn in her direction. She pulled back and said, “And fall asleep with. As soon as possible.”

“Agreed,” he said, “but you can’t invade my space like that without consequences.” He leaned enough to give her a similar kiss. “Now we can sleep.” And they did.


“Welcome,” said a man with iron-gray hair, pulling back the door. His smile struck Kendra as also saying welcome. Behind him, on the threshold of an inner door, she and Sam saw a tall woman with short blond hair, waving. As plain a pair of fortyish white people as one might find in this city, or most other places.

“I’m Vince Ghirardello, and somehow I lucked into marrying Audrey Tate, here.” He took the visitors’ coats and put them on hangers. He had the quickness sometimes associated with short men, but was actually about average height. He was on the way to male pattern baldness.

“Are hugs all around okay?” Audrey asked as they moved into a large living room. She was almost Vince’s height, long in the limbs, which also made him seem shorter than he was. “Some men only handshake other men.”

“Hugs are fine,” said Sam. He found both hugs to be friendly, and from what he saw, Kendra found nothing disturbing in hers.

“Can we get you anything?” Vince asked. “Beer, wine, coffee, water?”

“Water’d be nice,” said Kendra. “We don’t tipple much.”

“Good policy,” said Audrey, moving on. She looked back and said, “He offers, I serve. An unenlightened division of labor.”

“Would you like to fix the motorcycle next time?” Vince called after her. As far as Sam could tell, this exchange was good-natured and unrehearsed.

After Audrey returned, they settled on sofas on either side of a coffee table, Sam and Kendra facing Vince and Audrey.

“We’re glad that you’re interested in our club,” said Audrey. “We hope that you can join us, but I have to tell you, admission isn’t a done deal.”

“I’m sure you understand,” Vince took over in what seemed like a more rehearsed set of speeches, “that the people in the club insist on privacy, and we guard it absolutely.”

Kendra said “Of course,” and Sam nodded, both knowing that the hosts would have more to say.

“Do you know what the main problem is for swingers’ clubs?” Audrey asked.

“Avoiding a surplus of men,” said Sam.

Vince nodded. “Thanks to biology, culture, and so forth, more men want to get into an open-sex environment than women do. We adhere to all federal and state laws for private clubs, including the ones against discrimination. So, for instance, we don’t turn down same-sex couples. But we insist that they be married or legally committed, to keep straight guys gaziantep escort bayan telefonları from sneaking in. For legal equity, we also insist that all other couples be married.”

“To each other,” Audrey threw in, showing mild amusement and no tedium.

“The purpose of this session,” said Vince, still friendly, “is to determine if there are things about the club that you wouldn’t like, and, to be frank, if there are things about you that would rule out your admission.”

“You’re both dreamboats,” said Audrey. “If the only criterion were looks, you’d already be in, and we’d change our schedule to fit yours.”

“But we don’t know how you’d respond to an orgy—yes, we don’t shy away from calling it that—and you may not know, either.”

“Do you have questions about the kind of fun we have here?” sked Audrey. “I’m afraid we can’t provide any details online.”

Kendra said, “Well, I guess you’d say we’re straight and vanilla. Role play doesn’t appeal to us, and neither does dom/sub, racy outfits, or anything that might happen in a dungeon.”

“If I can speak freely,” said Sam, “what we’re interested in is having the same kind of sex, but with more people.”

“If we can’t speak freely about that,” Vince said with a smirk, “then this conversation would be over, and the club wouldn’t even exist.”

“We have several fun zones here, catering to different interests.” Audrey stood. “I guess it’s time for the nickel tour.”

The hosts led them first to a room in the basement with coat racks and storage bins, some of them padlocked. “Here’s where everybody starts and finishes,” said Vince. “All personal electronics go in here, along with the clothes. Some people keep toys and other accessories here all the time. We know everybody pretty well, but we encourage using locks.”

The tour then went through several large, plush-carpeted rooms, from the basement to the second floor, some with beds, others with large floor cushions, and dispensers of condoms and lube. In one room there was a disco ball and stripper poles, in another some severe-looking structures and furniture that might serve as restraints. “Each room has a club-designated captain,” Audrey explained, “who makes sure no acts are performed without full consent, and provides first aid or other assistance if needed.”

They were then shown an addition with a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, and several deck chairs and chaises. “This serves as a common space,” said Vince. “You can bang here, but we’d rather that happen in the fun zones. The bar over there is the only one in the house, and everyone has a two-drink limit. Tobacco can be used only out on the driveway. No drugs on the premises, ever.”

Sam and Kendra said they had no problems with any of this. On the way back to the living room, they were told the club’s STI testing requirements, and the policy on behavior outside the building. “This is a big house on a two-acre lot, but we respect our neighbors,” said Audrey. “If we don’t, they could get us shut down. No rowdiness, and no noise beyond what there is from twenty cars arriving and leaving.”

Back at the sofas, Audrey said, “Our main worry with new people is jealousy. If you’ve never actually seen the one you love getting busy with someone else, you can’t know how you’ll react. And sudden, severe jealousy can lead to violence.”

Vince eased towards good-cop. “Have you had group-like experiences before? Say, in college.”

“Umm, not me,” said Sam, responding to the college prompt.

“Once,” said Kendra, doing the same. “It was drunken, unpleasant, and fortunately didn’t go far.”

“You’ll really need to provide us with something to go on,” said Audrey.

Sam and Kendra described their experience as primaries who slept around, and the boundaries they set to ensure that they held things back from their other lovers. Also, how those other lovers cut them off when they perceived that Sam and Kendra would never split up.

Vince looked at Audrey. “I tend to believe that, even though it’s anecdotal.”

Audrey looked at Sam and Kendra closely. “If you really did do all that, you’re exactly the kind of people we’d love to have in the club. But I’m reluctant to go along only with your say-so.”

“I’ve got it!” Kendra said. “The videos!”

“Of what?” said Vince. “You should know that the club has a strict rule against taking photos or videos. We take videos for safety purposes, and erase after.”

“That’s good,” said Sam, “but we mean videos we had taken of us during our bachelor parties.” He and Kendra explained that they had given each other permission to bid farewell to single life by banging strippers, in separate locations. They were videoed in all their licentious glory, but set a firm boundary on the recordings: Kendra was the only woman who would ever see Sam’s excursion, and Sam was the only man who would ever see Kendra’s.

“I screwed three women,” said Sam, “and Kendra, um, did that with three men.”

“I love watching him shtupp them!” declared Kendra. “And when he watches me get planked, Sam gets very eager.”

Audrey chuckled. “Good for you! When can we see them?”

Sam put up a hand. “Just a second.” He looked at Kendra. “That boundary is still in effect.”

“Yes,” she said. She looked at their hosts. “What we could do is, bring the videos, but only Audrey can watch me, and only Vince can watch Sam.”

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