keeping it real–pt.2 of “Barbara was just right”

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This section of this mostly true story picks up about two years later from the end of part 1. I have not seen Barbara now for just over 25 months and expect no continuing of our relationship.

It was a nice spring day and a work crew was just starting to clean out the skeet house from old parts and cardboard that had accumulated there from a long fall season of target shooting. I say Carol sitting at the lunch counter as I went to find the crew some gloves for the work ahead. I never realized that I would not be joining the work party that day after all. Unless Barbara had confided in her mother about our relationship, she probably was not aware that I had been banging her daughter on occasion during the last 2 years. Ah Carol, sitting with legs separated, boy style, wearing what was left of a tight pair of jeans, and cowboy boots. She was the only offspring of a well to do truck farmer in our country community.

Carol was about 5 foot ten inches and weighed about 140 pounds of muscle. “mom” was a youthful looking 39 years old. She got down and dirty working the farm and never thought a thing about wearing farm clothes in public. I was aware that she and her daughter had had many a conversation about me, and it was clear that Carol found me attractive, although I had found her daughter more attractive of the two. Billy is Barbara’s twin brother, tall and lean 21 year old that took care of the girls and the farm.

Barbara and I spent long hours together on my boat and many hours in the master berth when I plowed her in every position imaginable. Our relationship was described in great detail in Part one of this series.

I the evening, I would make her wear the most feminine night gowns to contrast her rough farmer exterior. It was also mandatory that she remain topless as we anchored in a bay or public dock. Her tits were not that large but what was immediately noticeable was the long hard nipples and her large areola.

I often would require her to insert a vibrating egg in her pussy when she had her bikini bottom on the few occasions we were not alone on the boat. One time her brother could hear the egg vibration but was totally unaware of what was the cause. When he and I talked about where the noise may originate from, Barbara’s eyes were fixed on Billy’s crotch and the big package contained behind that few ounces of cloth. It was amusing to watch her facial expressions as the egg produced orgasm after orgasm in front of our friends.

Now my mind back to the reality of the present, I stepped into the club house. When Carol saw me enter she dropped a conversation she was having with her Son, Billy and yelled at me to come over and show her my new shotgun. Now she had enough money to buy any shotgun she wanted but she fussed over my new skeet shotgun. It was clear that she wanted something else that day. We took a walk down to skeet field 7 to check target inventory and further examine my shotgun.

The skeet houses were dark and bug infested but complete out of view of anyone. Carol put my shotgun in the gun rack and walked into the skeet house with me close behind. When I went to snap on the overhead light, Carol put her hand over mine and pushed it away from the switch. In the semi darkness, she kneeled and pulled my shorts down to my knees in one fluid firm pull. Her mouth began to envelope my cock with her lips closing over my hardening shaft. She let out a cry of surprise when she pulled the foreskin back to reveal an uncircumcised 7 inch cock. This was always a surprise to all women that had never encountered an unmodified cock. This showed the “hippie” culture that my parents espoused at my birth Sex hikayeleri and the times I grew up in.

This move not really take me total by surprise since she was staring at the bulge in my pants for the entire walk down to the skeet house. Several times she “bumped” into my cock with her knee or hand. What came next was totally unexpected. Carol stood straight and tossed her jeans, boots and shirt onto the wood floor of the house. When she returned her attention to sucking me, she was stark naked kneeling on the dirty wooded floor. It was like a fantasy come true to see Carol, naked, sucking my hard on. She stood up again and my shorts dropped into her pile of clothes. Since there was no room in the shed for comfortable sex, I grasped my penis and picked her up slightly and slid my tool up her pussy. She was wet and warm inviting my dick in all the way until my balls banged against her pussy lips. Carol hopped on one foot as she drove the head of my dick in and out of her pussy. We did change positions when this got uncomfortable. I turned her around and made her kneel on the rough floor, ass sticking in the air. I kneeled between her legs and pushed my uncircumcised cock all the way into her with one push. I could just make out that little ass moving with the steady rhythm of a woman enjoying every stroke. The feel was tremendous and the urgency to finish was overwhelming. This was a short fuck not a marathon session for many reasons. I came in one long burst with my cock on the out stroke resting the lips of her wide open pussy. The majority of the cum sprayed her pussy lips, crotch and tiny ass hole.

It was all over in three minutes and we were both satisfied with the zipless fuck. She wiped the cum off her pussy and crotch with my jockeys and threw the soiled underwear in the dark corner. Carole was back dressed in a few minutes. I made note that she wore no undergarments at all. No bra or underwear. She giggled as we left the skeet house. The air in the house now smelled like old sex.
Certainly a surprise for the next visitor.

When we got back to the main area , Barbara was standing there with her brother Billy. It was clear that she suspected that Carol and I had a private moment. Carole also sensing that Barbara wanted her pussy fucked. However, only partially dressed and needing a shower, I retreated to my car after greeting her with a quick hug. The smell of her Mother and my cum was hanging in the air and she was quick to get the hint.
Next Wednesday evening the skeet league started and I was surprised to see the whole family show up for team sign up. Carol, Barbara, Billy and his girl friend Kimmie. Kimmie worked on Carol’s farm and planted vegetables in all the green houses. She became attached to Billy and since Kimmie was a few years older than Billy, she had resolved to marry Billy some day and get a piece of the farm. Beats working at WalMart in this one industry farm community. I also knew from good sources that she stayed in an upstairs bedroom in the large farm house and provided for all of Billy’s sexual needs. She was also very small at 23 years old. 5 foot 5 inches at about 130 pounds. About normal breasts for someone that size but these stood straight out from her body defying gravity, again Billy could not take his eyes off the melons as she always went bra-less, nipples visible. I was thankful for good air-conditioning in summer time in the club house.

Barbara was the last shooter and I was next to last every station. The other five shooters had moved on closer to the next station by the time we began to shoot. As I positioned myself on the shooters pad, Barbara stepped up behind me and whispered “ Mom came home very happy last time we were here. It wasn’t from anything Sikiş hikayeleri you did was it?”. I say this because she was asking me about people that had
“ uncircumcised cocks. “ . I am always available for more games we played on your boat and would not be happy if Mom was now a part of these games. Jealous, yes. Jealous with a shot gun, hell yes.

With that, I missed the next three birds in a row. “You keep that uncircumcised cock zipped up and out of Mom’s pussy.” Barbara spoke softly. I did not misunderstand her meaning.

After that, my motivation to shoot skeet had gone completely. I did watch closely as Kimmie and Billy played grab ass behind the thrower house. I had planned on going up to the Lake the next weekend and would accept Barbara’s invitation to play more at the boat. The weather was getting hot and it was Bikini weather again. I would have Barbara meet me at my dock on Lake George Friday night. I would stock the boat with enough beer and wine for the weekend. I did not need a lot of clothes just money to buy gas and lunches.
The week moved fast and soon I was hearing Friday morning that the weather this weekend would be hot and sunny. I packed a few more condoms just in case. I got there mid afternoon and after a quick lunch started to stock the boat and gas the twin tanks full of expensive gasoline. The 30 foot Sea Ray had two 75 gallon gas tanks plus held 50 gallons of drinking water with an ice machine.

By 3 pm , I saw Barbara walk down the docks to my berth. I got a vicious stare from her as I helped her step on the side rail to jump in. Carol, Kimmie, and Billy got out of a second car and started down the dock. Looks like it will be either a lonely weekend or a never ending sex weekend. I was confused o say the least.

Barbara looked up from the galley as I looked down from the main deck. She had her shirt open and both hands cupping her tits. “Take a good look, this is all you will get this weekend”. “Asshole.” Now that is trouble. My semi hard on deflated to absolutely limp as her words echoed in my ears.

Carol hopped over the rail and landed in front of me and kissed me open mouth. “There, that’s the only thing you did not get last time we played in the skeet house”. Of course everybody heard that little comment.
Everything was place in storage and kitchen and we started up our two engines and prepared to untie our lines from the marina dock. Barbara disappeared below and came up the forward hatch dressed in a thong bathing suit. She made herself comfortable on the lounge cushion. The cushion was attached to the sunbathing area on the forward deck. It was recessed about 2 feet beneath the rail and offered a degree of privacy when sunbathing. As she lay back below the rail her suit top came flying over the windshield and dropped at the Captain’s station at my feet. I guess she felt that she no longer needed the small amount of cover-up the top offered as well as teasing me that she was now topless.
However, being honest, when she reclined on her back her boobs disappeared owing to her slender build.
Carol was at my side pressing her body against mine when we slowly made the exit from the Marina no wake zone. Billy and Kimberly were in the aft bunk section which contained a giant king sized mattress. All the vents were open to my deck and that’s all I could see was Kimberly’s naked ass lying on the bed.
Well, I guess everyone was happy. Carol had moved to the aft couch seats while Barbara had positioned herself legs were hanging off the upper deckWhat a remarkable position, the light brown hair on her pussy was cut way back to reveal small pussy lips and a very small mound in general. Carol had the same shaped pussy that her daughter possessed. In Erotik hikaye the dark of the skeet house, I had only felt that mound of flesh as I fuck Carol and had never seen it in detail as it appeared before me now. I was familiar with every square inch of Barbara’s body having photograph every sex act we had ever tried in great detail. My hand would always reach for my hardening cock when I looked at those pictures, sometimes at night, looking at that combination of harden athletic build with the large nipples and ample firm breasts, I would cum in a very few seconds of stroking myself. She is that hot.

I glanced down the vent holes again only to find that carol’s pussy was covered by the back of someone’s head. Carol was making so much noise that she could be just heard moaning over the roar of my engines. It did not surprise me that she was having her pussy sucked, it did surprise me when I realized that the head belonged to Kimmie. Billy had his cock buried in Kimmie’s asshole kneeling between her legs folded high in the air. His balls gently slapped her ass and he penetrated her right up to his sack. He had begun to service her with long slow strokes of his cock which meant that he and she was enjoying the activity and in no rush to end it.
The smell of suntan lotion was everywhere as that white sunblock oozed out of her ass and dripped down on her cunt lips.

My attention was immediately drawn to Barbara as she got up from the forward padded lounge. The waves had produced a little bumpy ride and she walked toward my compartment. As she held on, I decreased the speed of the boat and turned into a back cove off the Eastern shore of the Lake. Remembering to keep a distance from any boaters or fishermen that may be in that cove. Barbara showed no intention of moving off the upper deck or covering up. We soon came to a picnic dock that was not occupied large enough for my boat. With the boat stopped Barbara descended the ladder to stand half way down in front of me sitting in the Captain’s chair. Her lovely pussy was 6 inches from my noise. When opportunity knocks who am I but to answer the call.

As my tongue lightly licked her wet pussy, the taste of pussy, salt, and tanning oil flooded my senses.
My finger reached the side of her butt hole, roughly pushed it into her ass up to the second knuckle. Her body quivered from her first orgasm, I wonder how long she was holding that one back. My trunks were off my body quickly and she threw them in the galley sink.

She drew the foreskin back from the cock head and placed her mouth over its head and sucked hard. The result was a massive weapon that surprised even me in its size. I was really turned on and ready to play.

I will admit that I could still see the threesome that were fucking and sucking like crazy on the aft bed. Also I will admit that Kimmie’s body attracted me and hoping that there was some way I could have that body, with the cooperation of its owner, or not, for even half an hour.
It was not even 4pm yet on a day that usually got dark around 9:30 pm. There was still time for exploring the unknown. My attention went back to Barbara‘s mouthing my uncircumcised prick and stripping the skin up and down my shaft. I concentrated on Kimmie’s hard nipples as Barbara showed no sense of slowing down or changing her rhythm. Orgasm came fast and hard as my jism jumped high out of my cock. My cum had decorated her tits not unlike frosting on a cake. Both her nipples were covered in white as was her neck and mouth. She used my trunks as her towel and wiped up all that was dripping from her face and boobs. tossing them in the far front of the boat . I guess those trunks needed a wash before wearing them again. My problem was that we were very close to other boaters and me standing there with my cock in hand, naked caused curious stares from campers .We needed to go where there was more privacy and less campers and boaters.

end of part 2 ….part 3 to follow`

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