Kacey’s Adventure Ch. 01

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Kacey was twelve turning when she first met Anya, they didn’t get along much but became friends by the end of their first week together at summer camp. Since then they stayed in touch through texting and emailing, now through Facebook and this year she’s been invited to fly up and celebrate Halloween in Belden, a small town in Northern California. She hadn’t seen Anya in years, she had seen her facebook profile pic before the flight up, and couldn’t seem to find anything on her roommate Alexis. Nothing could’ve prepared her for her beauty.

Kacey didn’t consider herself lesbian, but she could imagine pleasuring many of her friends whom of which she knew would never reciprocate the feeling. She didn’t know that this would be the first time she could openly approach another women and share her feelings, even if they would never meet again.

With her tight work schedule she could only be there for a week, they set her up on the pull out couch in the living room of their small two bedroom two bathroom trailer. The place was a wreck, they had been single handedly working for months on this project and no the weekend was upon them, and although she was there to help Kacey had other intentions on her mind.

The drive up Anya and Kacey talked on and on about the years they spent apart, about graduating high school and how Anya moved up there for work and college. How her and Alexis met, her cousin set them up and they became fast friends and living together was easy. When they pulled up she came out to greet them and Kacey was instantly taken, she was much shorter than Anya, who was almost six feet tall and just a few inches shorter than Kacey.

The first night in the trailer they got straight to work putting the few decorations they had left together, Kacey felt all too eager to help Alexis make the badges they were raffling off. While she was explaining the process it gave Kacey a moment to take in her features, her light brown hair fell just past her shoulders, she had light freckles that went across orhangazi escort the bridge of her nose, her bright brown eyes, and creamy skin proved to be far more distracting and when it came time she fumbled through and found herself still caught in her beauty.

She could easily imagine leaning over and kissing her undoubtedly soft lips and laying her back on the couch to have her way with her, not caring who was in the room. Kacey smiled as she continued putting them together as her mind got carried off playing through the many fantasies of the many ways she could reach out. She found herself constantly watching Alexis, as she got up and would sit in the kitchen putting things together on her lap top, putting dishes in the sink, all adding to the list of growing ideas in Kacey’s head.

That night as soon as both girls shut their doors to their rooms which happened to be on opposite ends of the trailer, Kacey laid back and slowly slipped a hand under the blanket. She smile as she ran her hands down, over her breasts, across her smooth stomach and then under the lining of her pajama pants. She held her breath and started playing out a scene, she was careful to exhale, the silence was deafening and she didn’t want to be caught, not yet at least. She pictured herself sneaking up behind Alexis before Anya awoke, wrapping her arms around her waist, and start kissing her neck. Gently nibble on her ear, slip one hand lower, sticking to the outside of her clothes, just enough to tease, one hand up to cup her small, but firm breasts.

Someone opened their door, she still and slowly exhaled, and Anya walked across the living room, and stood in the kitchen area as if she was making sure Kacey was asleep. In the dark she watched her glide to Alexis’s room and slip in, she left the door cracked. This was too much for her to bear, trap or not, caught or not, Kacey arose and snuck quietly over, she could hear them whispering, she heard one of them gasp. She peaked in and stuck a nilüfer escort finger in her mouth to bit down on.

With Alexis hanging halfway off the end of the bed dressed only in a shirt three times her small size, Anya was under it and between her legs. Kacey didn’t need to see what she was doing, in the moon light she could see the expressions of pleasure on Alexis’s face. She leaned back and the floor creaked, both girls froze and before they could look in her direction Kacey dashed back to the couch. She faced the wall and shortly after Anya slinked back across and too her room. Too tired from traveling to finish Kacey smiled and fell asleep thinking that could’ve been her underneath that shirt.

The next day was a blur, they had gotten everything set up for the party on Friday, and Anya had to run to the store for some more supplies with Alexis leaving Kacey alone in the trailer. She started to explore, bored of watching movies and playing with their cat. She slipped into Alexis’s room and walked straight over to her bed, her underwear had been left on the side and as tempted as she was to smell it she continued looking about the small room, not finding much she slipped across the trailer and into Anya’s room. She noticed one drawer on the other side of the bed had some sort of cord hanging out of it, upon pulling it open she couldn’t help but smile. The innocence these girls had portrayed, and despite the events of last night Kacey knew exactly what had begun here. From the harness to the various sized of dildos with a label for a few characters in a book they had been writing together. Anya did say that sometimes acting out their book scenes helped, but she never said what their book was about exactly.

When they arrived home Kacey had left everything as it was and was a bit disappointed to have another session interrupted but was soon distracted by dinner and Alexis. The girls excused themselves to Kacey as they slipped out onto the porch to have a conversation, one türbanlı escort that ended abruptly with Anya driving off and an upset Alexis who went straight to her room. She appeared to have forgotten Kacey was over when she came out in nothing but her shirt and underwear, she stopped seeing the look on her face.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to be indecent.” She turned to go back to her room, Kacey shook her head as she placed a dish in the sink.

“I mean we’re both girls, its nothing I haven’t seen before,” in the chill of the trailer, Kacey noticed how erect her nipples were, she suddenly got the image of rolling one and licking the other. She swallowed hard, “Something on your mind?” she shook her head and walked over to the couch.

“What are you watching?”

Kacey shrugged, “Something Anya left on,” Alexis nodded and took a seat next to her on the couch and place a pillow in her lap. Kacey watched out of the corner of her eye as she slipped a hand underneath the pillow, the rhythmic movement caused her heart to race, she almost didn’t care if she knew Alexis was watching, she wanted to join.

“Well,” her sudden stretch startled Kacey, “I’m going to bed.” She left her underwear pressed in where she had been touching herself as she walked to her bedroom and left her door wide open. Kacey took a breath and started to get up when she could hear Anyas car pull in the driveway. She pretended like nothing happened and as soon as she declared she was going to bed Kacey did the same and quickly mad her bed and got ready to sleep.

“Shh.” She could smell the alcohol, but that wasn’t what woke her, having someone straddle her did, she felt turned on and sleepy at the same time. “We don’t wanna wake Anya.”

“What are you-.” Her lips covered hers before she could even finish, she didn’t want to ruin it, and Alexis slipped one leg between hers and proceeded in grinding on her leg. “How much did you drink?”

“Does it matter? Anya won’t pleasure me tonight, will you?”

What happened next was a blur, Kacey felt bad about falling asleep on her, but was happy to have gotten her first taste. She was a bit disappointed to wake up alone, but after sneaking in and finding Alexis asleep with with nothing but her shirt on, legs open, no panties on, filled her mind with possibilities.

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