Just What The Doctor Ordered

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“Take off your clothes and put on this robe, it ties in the back like this,” explained the 60-something nurse, as Jaynthe tried to imagine the tiny paper gown covering anything but a tiny part of her torso. “There’s a restroom through that door, feel free to use it. Dr. Smith will be with you in just a moment.” Jaynthe nodded and gave a quick, nervous smile to the old woman as she left the room.

Jaynthe had no idea the therapy would be this intrusive. When her boyfriend, Ryan, had suggested it to her, she went half-heartedly to see Dr. Smith, psychotherapist/MD., specialist in human sexuality.

Jaynthe had never had an orgasm. Well, actually, she told her self, that wasn’t entirely true. She remembered vague moments when she had woken up from a dream, her vaginal muscles straining and screaming hot. She remembered the craving ache, the pleasure and pain of those moments.

She quickly disrobed, praying that Dr. Smith wouldn’t come into the room at an awkward moment. Dr. Smith was a young man, she guessed around thirty. He had suave eyes and naturally spiked hair. He kept his face closely shaven except for small, black go-tee, prim and sexy. Jaynthe had only recently admitted to herself that she found him attractive. But, she convinced herself that the only man for her was Ryan. Now, she wasn’t so sure. Ryan and she had had an argument the night before. He bluntly told her he had been seeing other women. She was heartbroken, but she had been suspicious for months. She knew the relationship wasn’t going to be a long-term one, but she had hoped for a little more time.

After a few minutes of utter confusion, Jaynthe positioned the paper robe around her body the only way she could possibly imagine. The smooth curve of her back was almost completely open, save the small tie she had made around her waist. For a robe, the outfit was short, she couldn’t sit down without the tiniest tuft pubic hair crawling out from underneath, so she contented herself to lean on the edge of the chair and wait.

Jaynthe jumped as Dr. Smith entered the room. He didn’t even look up from his notebook as he walked over to her. “Jaynthe Peters, that’s you?” He glanced up with a smile and she nodded. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Dr. Smith had, according to the therapy’s method, not told her what was to go on, today. She had thought of calling in sick, so to speak, but she couldn’t stand to be at home without Ryan. After much deliberation, she had left their crappy basement apartment, half-heartedly.

Dr. Smith closed the door and Jaynthe felt a breeze inside the tiny skirt the robe provided. “I see you’ve got your robe on upside-down… I’ve never seen it done that way before,” Dr. Smith said with a warm smile. Jaynthe blushed and looked down at herself, not quite understanding how ‘rightside-up’ would look any different.

Still smiling, he informed her, “it’s alright, the robe is really only here for psychological purposes. But, the therapy actually works better if you don’t wear anything. That is, of course, if you feel completely comfortable with it.” Casibom Jaynthe hesitated for a moment, then gave Dr. Smith a dry smile as she attempted to untie the back. She arched her arms back as far as she could, but couldn’t manage to reach the tassels of the ties. Her nipples pierced through the paper dress like tiny erections as her ample breasts tightened the weave almost to breaking point.

Dr. Smith put down his clipboard and came over, quickly untied the knot and slid his fingers gently up her back, around her shoulders and down her arms. Jaynthe couldn’t hold back a shiver, she could feel heat begin to rise from her soft labia, as she closed her eyes.

“This is all about your pleasure,” Dr. Smith said, casually, “I make my living figuring out what women want and teaching them how to get it. I want you to lay back, Jaynthe,” he said as he gently pushed her onto the cream leather by her breastplate. She crossed her legs, anxiously. Why was she so ashamed?

The chair gently started moving down to Dr. Smith’s level with the slightest hum of a well-tuned engine. Dr. Smith began caressing Jaynthe’s breasts. He cupped each one in his large, capable hands. He had the hands of a practiced doctor, moving swiftly and confidently over her chest. He leaned forward and licked her right nipple, circled it, and finally enclosed it within his mouth, sucking tenderly at first and then hard. Jaynthe moaned and leaned back in her chair. Ryan had never done it like this…

While he busied his mouth on her nipples, he reached between her crossed legs and slowly moved them apart onto the back of the chair. He moved his right hand down, ever so slowly, following her neck to her belly-button to the beginning of her hair. His finger slid gently down the line of her lips until it reached her clitoris. Jaynthe moaned out, craving more.

Dr. Smith turned to her and said, “call me Jason. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you like.”

“I… I like what you’re doing,” she said shyly.

Jason kissed down her front, following the line he made previously with his finger, until he reached her cunt. He barely touched the skin, drifting along a millimeter above, again and again, until Jaynthe felt like grabbing his head and pulling him into her. Instead she said, “oh, God… I need you.”

Jason kept his face in her mass of hair and asked, “what do you need?”

“I need you… I need your tongue… I… I want to feel you inside me…” she could barely speak coherently, but was greatly rewarded for her efforts. Jason finally allowed his salivating tongue to reach her tender skin. He opened the wet folds of flesh to find a large, hard clitoris. Jaynthe was so wet, she could taste it in the air. She felt like she was engulfing the entire room. All she could manage this time was a deep moan of pleasure.

Jason kept his mouth around her clitoris as he moved his hand gently up her leg, her thigh and, finally, to the border of her aching cunt. He toyed with the outside for a moment, while licking the dewy juice from her mound. Jaynthe was beyond words, her back arched Casibom Giriş in the air, it seemed her entire world was centered around Jason’s finger and mouth. Jason plunged his middle finger in, hard, as Jaythe’s mouth opened for a gasp of much-needed air. “I need you, I need more!” She heard the words echo in her brain long before she realized that she had actually spoken them.

Jason pulled his fingers out of her, stood up. Jaynthe gasped, looked at him like the world had just come crashing down around her feet. He opened a drawer in the chair and pulled out a large, skin-colored dildo. Jaynthe had only ever seen these before in the cheesy pornos that Ryan used to rent. This one was the biggest one she had ever seen. “How on earth is he going to…” she wondered to herself.

He maneuvered around her open leg until he stood between her legs, her body a good 2 feet below him. He played with the sex-toy for a moment, dragging it along her stomach, up into her open mouth, and back down, just along the line of her vagina. Jaynthe couldn’t believe it, she was wetter than she had ever been before and she wanted Jason more than she had ever wanted another man. She craved for him to take off his pants; she could see the erection tighten his pants – an occupational hazard.

He pushed the large dildo into her just an inch and pulled out, then two, then three, until Jaynthe couldn’t hold back. She grabbed his arms and pulled them towards herself as she lay back in the chair. “Jaynthe,” Jason said, “tell me what you want. Tell me how you want it.” His voice demanded her immediate response. “I want you, I want to feel your cum inside of me, I want to feel you push against me hard. I want you, now!” Jaynthe couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth, or that she was screaming them at the top of her lungs.

Jason pushed the penis into her deeper and harder, she felt it push up against the very back of her wet flesh. Jason ordered, “turn over” and Jaynthe tried to assemble herself enough to follow the command. The plastic penis still inside her, she flung her leg around and spread her legs over the chair, wetting the seasoned leather with the ample juice flowing from her pulsating body.

Jason slid the dildo out of her and pulled out a blindfold. As he bent over her backside, Jaynthe could feel his massive penis pressing against her buttocks. She moaned slightly as he tightened the cloth around her face. She licked his fingers with desire as he pulled his hands from her mouth and to his own pants. Jaynthe heard the slow clicking of a metal zipper being undone. She ground her pelvis against the chair in anticipation. She heard him shuffle out of his clothes and felt the nakedness of his hot torso rub against the back of hers. She heard him open a drawer and then silence for a few moments.

He slid his finger slowly down the curve of her back, following the dainty crease in her skin, plunging his finger into the folds. Only when he reached her warm hole did she realize that he had some sort of lubricant on his finger. He gently pushed Casibom Yeni Giriş one finger inside of her. Jaynthe moaned as a fleeting thought raced through her head, “what would your mother think….” Next, came the pointer of his left hand and then he spread her open to allow for his large member. She felt him tease the outside of her with the tip of his now pulsating penis. He leaned forward onto the chair as he slowly slid deep into her.

Jaynthe had always been told by her lovers that anal sex was a sick endeavor. Perhaps because of this, she felt incredibly turned on by it. It was irresistible. He pulled out and in and then made use of the dildo, sitting on the table next to the chair. With him inside of her, he pushed the dildo into her still-dripping cunt. Back and forth, he pushed and pulled both, as Jaynthe clung to the warm leather, digging her prim nails deep into its skin.

Jason asked her again, “What do you want me to do? Tell me what to do.” Jaynthe could hold it back no longer, she wanted him so bad that her whole body ached. Her clitoris swelled and faded with her quick pulse, dripping with orgasmic juice. All she could do was say, “fuck me.”

He pulled his penis and the dildo out of her, turned her over. Jaynthe felt like she was on drugs, everything in the room seemed to be swirling around their bodies, like water down a drain.

He pulled both her feet up so that they were around his neck and kissed both of them playfully as he eased his hot limb deep into her. She arched her back as he plunged deeper and deeper into her. She started moaning, she could feel sweat running down her face and neck in little rivulets. Louder and louder, she moaned until something took her breath away.

Small contractions, like tiny shocks. Her body was doing what her mind had wanted to, ever since Jason had walked into the room – holding him, burning all around him, absorbing him into her own body. Just as she thought it could get no better, she noticed Jason close his eyes and his arms go limp. He thrust his penis into her as hard as he could, as the mechanized chair vaulted backward. She felt a faint pulses inside her, as he came into her welcoming flesh.

He remained inside her for a moment, his large head resting on her chest, his muscular shoulders shivering on her stomach. Jaynthe couldn’t move. She noticed her cheeks felt like they were on fire. It seemed their bodies were cemented together with cum and sweat.

She managed to move one of her hands up and drizzle her fingers down his back. His skin shivered and goose bumps appeared everywhere.

He kissed her sweating stomach as he pulled out of her, allowing his ample cum to spill onto the floor. He went into the bathroom and came out with two warm washcloths. He wiped off his penis and cum-coated balls carefully. With the other washcloth, he bathed her neck, stomach, legs, and back before wiping down her still tender pussy. He put on his underwear and pants, then slipped Jaynthe’s tiny thong through her legs and up to cover her. Jaynthe grabbed his shirt and slid it over his arms, proceeding to fasten each shell-colored button, sleepily. He touched her shoulder tenderly as he pulled her short, sundress back over her head.

Dr. Smith grabbed his clipboard and said with a smile, “Jaynthe Peters, I’ll see you next week.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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