Just 1 Good Reason — Ceremony

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I had just finished the weather briefing for the pilots. My last such briefing.

Then a voice said, “Ten-hut!”

I snapped to attention with the others in the room. I heard someone say, “Colonel Thomas, what’s up, sir?”

“First Lieutenant Jasmine Tate, front and center!”

I said, “Yes, sir!”

“Lieutenant Tate. Colonel Haggerty has told me you have decided not to remain an active member of the Air Force.”

“Yes, sir. That’s correct, sir!”

“Well, my pilots and I wanted to give you this before you leave, as a thank you.”

“What is it, Colonel?”

He opened a flat rectangular velvet box, and cleared his throat.

“First Lieutenant Jasmine Tate, in recognition of 3 years of meritorious weather forecasting, and weather briefings above and beyond the call of duty, I hereby confer upon you the honorary Distinguished Flying Cross.”

And he pinned the medal on my uniform blouse.

He said, “Congratulations, Lieutenant.”

I smiled widely. “Thank you, sir.”

Colonel Thomas saluted me.

A young sergeant said, “Honors, Hut!”

All the pilots saluted me. Then the mood dissolved, and they began clapping and cheering and doing the woof-woof-woof thing.

I left the operations building, smiling and blushing, tears brimming in my eyes.

Deciding to leave the Air Force was a tough decision, but ultimately, not a difficult one to arrive at.

Just a few weeks after Todd slipped a diamond ring on my left hand, I received my orders for my new post — in Iceland, of all places. It was January. That place would still be in darkness.

No thank you.

But no matter where they were going to send me, I had all sorts of reasons to stay right where I was. So, after landing a job at a local TV station as the daytime weather forecaster, I submitted my resignation.

Of course everyone is sad to hear the news. I’ve been to more farewell parties than I can count.

But I haven’t looked back. Because I have so much to look forward to.

I’ve already told Todd. We’re getting married as soon as possible. Of course I’ve sent emails to my family. They deserve to know, at least, that I’ve met a good man and we want to get married. I’ve even attached a photo of him. Now I just have to wait for the metaphorical crap to hit the metaphorical fan.

I left the base for the last time, taking this opportunity to properly salute the guard at the gate. Then I headed for Todd’s house.

An hour later, I was in Todd’s house. Sitting with him on his couch. I was dressed in my civvies — a white camisole top and booty shorts — and loving it. Todd was dressed in his ever present blue hooded sweatshirt and khakis.

He said, “So, it’s official, huh?”

I snuggled up to him. “Yes, baby. It’s official. I’m a civilian.”

“No regrets?”

“No. No regrets.”


“What about you?”

Todd smiled. “Not one.”

I smiled and kissed him. “Good.”

“So, when do you start your job at the TV station?”

“Two weeks from next Monday.”

“So you have a few days off. Good.”

I saw the crafty gleam in his eye. “Just what have you got planned?”

“My parents are flying over.”

“Your parents?”

“Yep. They want to meet you, Jasmine.”

“That’s a scary thought.”

Todd laughed out loud. “I’ve told them all about you. They already love you.”

“I’ll have to ask your mother how she likes her wind chimes.”

Todd kissed my forehead. “Seriously. You’re going to love my parents. They’re very cool people.”

“I promise not to be too nervous.”

“Good. Cause I got a surprise for you.”

“What, baby?”

“My mom and my sister are going gerçek porno to hook you up for the wedding. Hair, makeup, nails, the works.”

I squeezed him tightly. “Oh my god, baby, that’s wonderful! When are they supposed to arrive?”

“Thursday. Hopefully we’ll both be able to see them.”

I said, “What do you mean, hopefully?”

“One thing about being a doctor that never changes, Jasmine — the unexpected. Hopefully I won’t get paged.”

“Well, if you do, I’ll just have to tell them that my wonderful fiancé is out doing what he does best — being a doctor.”

Todd pulled me slightly closer to him. “What about your family? When am I going to meet them?”

“I don’t know. This has all happened so suddenly, I’ve emailed them the news only a few days ago. So we’ll just have to see what happens.”

“You mean to tell me, you haven’t told your family about me before now?”

I patted his chest. “It’s not what you think, Todd. If you really know me, you know I don’t talk about anything unless I have something to say.”

Todd sighed. “Yeah. I’ve noticed that about you. And I like that.”

“But it’s not going to stop or delay the wedding.”

“For real?”

I pressed myself against him. “Believe it. For real.”

“I love you, Jasmine.”

“I love you, too, baby.”

“Speaking of the wedding, has the ring arrived yet?”

“Not yet. But it’s only been a couple days since I ordered it.”

“Hopefully it will arrive quickly.”

I smiled. “I hope so too. I cannot wait to be your wife.”

“I can’t wait to be your husband.”

I caressed the line of his jaw with my fingertips. “Husband. Lover. Friend. Confidante.” I giggled. “Clothes stylist.”

Todd chuckled. “Since we both like the same things, that shouldn’t be too hard.”

I smiled at him, as I ran my hands over his chest, down his tummy, and started stroking his cock through his pants. It was dependable as ever. A nice tent appeared.

I grinned. “Looks like you’re hard.”

Todd chuckled. “Yep.”

“I love you, Todd.”

“I love you, Jasmine.”

I kissed him, softly and luxuriously. “I still can’t believe that we’re getting married.”

“Believe it.”

Todd reached up, hooked his thumbs through the straps of my top, and pulled them off my shoulders and down my arms, baring my breasts. He eagerly began cupping and stroking them, licking and sucking on my nipples.

“Oh, yeah, baby, suck my chocolate tits. Suck them.”

He alternated between my left and right breasts, driving me crazy with his technique. God, I love this man.

Then, he put his hand in my crotch. I gasped. “Here, help me take these off, baby.”

I laid down and lifted my legs up. Todd smoothly slipped off my shorts.

Then he ate my pussy. I thanked God in that moment, for blessing me with the man of my dreams, someone whom I got along with, and was an excellent lover.

Before I came, I pushed Todd back against the couch. I took his cock out of his pants and sucked him like a dime store ho.

Then I grabbed a bottle of lube from my little overnight bag.

I smiled at Todd. “You ready for some tight chocolate pussy, baby?”

Todd nodded. “You ready for some white dick?”

I noisily squirted a blob of lube on his cock. We both cracked up.

I lowered myself down on his cock, which smoothly slipped all the way inside my tight chocolate. I no longer had any hesitation or fear. I knew Todd wouldn’t hurt me.

I stayed there for a minute, savoring how his cock felt inside me. I leaned forward and kissed him. “I love you, baby.”

And then I started to move.

“Do you … like … genç porno izle chocolate … pussy?”

“Do you … like … white … cock?”

“Stop … talking … and … keep … fucking!”


“I’m gonna cum, baby!”

“Me too, Jasmine!”

“Come with me, Todd! Come with me!”

“Just about there!”

At the same time, we both groaned. I felt my pussy walls squeeze his dick, just as he tightened up.

“Mmm, that’s my baby.”

“I love you, Jasmine.”

I smiled and kissed him. “I love you, too, baby.”


The next afternoon I was back in my apartment, both to check on my email, and pack my meager things, so I could move to Todd’s house after the wedding.

As I logged on to look at my email, my cell phone rang. “Hello.”

My mother’s voice said, “Hello? Jasmine?”

“Yes, momma, who did you think it was?”

“Well, judging from this email I just read, I don’t think I know you anymore.”

I said, “Well, I’m still me. What is it about that email that confuses you?”

“Everything, Jasmine. All of a sudden, you’re quitting something you love.”

“So that I can have something else that I love.”

“Yes, let’s talk about that.”

I steeled myself for a lecture. I said, “Okay.”

“Jasmine, baby, you couldn’t find a black man to marry?”

I said, “Martin Luther King would be so proud of you.”

My mother hissed out, “Don’t you talk to me about Martin Luther King!”

“Momma, all my life, you’ve touted his wisdom to the world, made me watch all his speeches. Now it seems that you don’t like my husband to be, because the color of his skin. What about the content of his character?”

My mother loudly inhaled and exhaled. Then there was a long silence. Finally my mother said, “It seems I’ve taught you well.”

“Maybe too well, Momma?”

Momma surprised me by chuckling. “How long have you known this man?”

“Almost eight years.”

“And he has taken this long to ask your hand in marriage?”

“That’s not his fault. You know how Uncle Sam is. I completely understand why he took this long.”

“So you met him where, exactly?”

“When I went to Paris for the conference.”

“And you didn’t tell me about him then?”

I rolled my eyes. “Because of the way you’re reacting right now.”

“I suppose I deserve that. Do you love him?”

“Of course I love him. I wouldn’t be marrying him if I didn’t.”

“‘Of course.’ Don’t lie to me, Jasmine. We both know you like that white dick.”

I gasped out loud. “Momma!”

My mother laughed. “Don’t tell your father, but before I married him, I had a white boyfriend. God, I loved him. His dick wasn’t anywhere near as big as a black man’s, but at least when I sucked him off, I wasn’t going to choke to death.”

“Sounds like he was a lot more than a boyfriend.”

Momma sighed. “Yes. Much more.”

“You mean I could have been bi-racial?”


“So what happened?”

“My parents absolutely forbade our relationship. Said they would disown me if I continued to see him.”

For a second, my momma sounded like a teenager.

I let out a sigh. “So. How do you feel about Todd and I?”

“I won’t give you the same grief, baby. I’m glad you found a good man. Just let us meet him as soon as possible.”

I felt a relieved smile spread across my face. “Yes, momma. I promise.”

I flipped my phone shut, then I said, “Thank you, God.”

As the song goes, here I am, looking in the mirror.

I’m wearing a white satin calf length backless halter dress with beads all over, my long black hair worn down, and matching white leather hdx porno sandals, with 4-inch stiletto heels. I didn’t want Todd to have to bend down to kiss me. My nails were done in long French acrylics, to do the ring and the dress justice.

I’m also trembling, from the top of my head, down to the tips of my little brown toes. It’s not that I’m having second thoughts, just I want this day to go right. It’s a small private wedding, with a small, private reception. Just a few friends from the service, and Todd’s family, of course. Nothing major.

Except that I’m marrying the man I love.

Todd’s mother and sister clucked over me one last time, checking my dress. They’ve been wonderful the past few days. His sister looked just like his mother, and had the most beautiful brunette hair, and the most beautiful brown eyes. She had a slender figure like mine, although not quite as curvy as mine. She also had her nails done French style, making her fingers long and slim.

I smiled at them in the mirror. My lower lip trembled.

Todd’s mother patted my shoulder and said, “Jasmine, please calm down. If you cry we will have to re-apply your makeup, and we don’t have the time.”

I laughed, despite myself. I reached up and patted her hand. “No, I don’t guess we do, do we?”

“You’re going to be fine, darling. My son will have the most beautiful woman in the room as his bride.”

Todd’s sister, Terra, said, “Speaking of which, there’s just one more thing.” And she took a bridal veil, carefully placed it on my head, and gently pulled the lacy curtain down over my face. “There. Now you’re ready.”

“How do I look?”

Terra said, “Like the most beautiful bride ever.”

I stood up. I hugged Terra, and then his mother. “Thank you. For everything.”

Todd’s mother smiled. “The best way to thank me is to make Todd happy.”

I nodded.

Terra said, “We’re all ready, mom.”

I said, “Let’s do it, ladies.”

“Terra. Go find your father. He’s going to give away the bride.”

“I’m on it, mom.”

Five minutes later, I had my arm hooked through that of Todd’s father. Talk about a chip off the old block.

Then the doors opened. The organ started.

Everyone rose to see me walk down the aisle.

It was the longest walk of my life. I swear, I was about to die, I was so nervous, with all the flash bulbs going off, everyone staring at me. But then I took one look at Todd’s face, and knew that the place where I wanted to be, was right here. Right now.

I gave Todd’s father a brief hug and a kiss on the cheek, as we arrived at the altar.

Then I turned to face Todd. I smiled at him.

The priest began. “Ladies and gentlemen, honored service members in uniform, we are gathered together to witness the union of this man and this woman, in holy matrimony. This union should be made without fear or doubt. If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be bound in holy matrimony, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace.”

Nobody did. But a young officer who I invited stood and said, “Let’s marry these two, sir.”

People laughed and clapped.

The priest said, “The rings please.”

Terra quickly handed me the ring I bought for Todd. I slipped it on his left ring finger and stared into his eyes.

I said after the priest, “I, Jasmine Marlene Tate, take this man, Todd Charles Meyers, to be my lawfully wedded husband, as long as I shall live.”

Todd took the same ring he gave me before, and slipped it on my finger again. “I, Todd Charles Meyers, take this woman, Jasmine Marlene Tate, to be my lawfully wedded wife, as long as I shall live.”

“Then, with the authority vested in me by this state, I hereby declare you husband and wife.” The priest nodded once to Todd. “You may kiss your bride.”

Very gently indeed, Todd lifted my bridal veil, looked into my eyes, and touched his lips to mine.

Trembling, I melted into him. Everyone clapped and cheered.

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