Julie’s Freetime

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Julie stood in the bathroom, looking at the mirror. To think, two days ago she had turned nineteen. Julie brushed her long, blonde hair and took a shower. It was Saturday, so she didn’t have to work or go to school. She thought about how great her nineteenth birthday was. She thought of how her friends managed to save up enough money and rent a room at the Brallier Hotel.

Julie remembered the party well. Thomas and Paul made sure that it was a night to remember.

“Two days ago”

Julie walked down the hallway, her black dress tight against her 13C bust and her tight ass. She came to the room, number 316, and slid the keycard through. She opened the door, and saw something she never thought she’d see. Thomas was leaning up against the closet door, talking to Denise. Paul was watching TV with Jenette. She closed the door with a loud slam, which was barely audible over the erotic music.

Denise came closer to her, looking eager. “Welcome, birthday girl. Today, we convinced our two friends here, Tom and Paul, to do something special Casibom for you, and Jenette and I. We thought that it would be fun if you had your first orgy.” she said, waving her arm to the two men.

Julie looked at them both. There stood Tom, 5’7, wearing a white wife beater and blue jeans. Paul stood up and was, as Julie saw, a leather jacket and blue jeans. She looked at Denise, who sensed the question in her mind. ‘Is it protected?’ was the question. Denise nodded her head.

Tom came closer, as Julie began to take off her dress. The dress hit the floor, and Tom motioned her over to the bed. He kissed her, their tongues wrestling. Julie grabbed the straps of Tom’s wife beater, ripping it over his head and throwing it into the floor. As she set on the edge of the bed, waiting while Tom unbuckled and unbuttoned his jeans, he saw Denise locked in a tight embrace with Paul, their tongues hitting, fighting.

She felt a sudden burst of pleasure, looking down to see that Paul had stuck his fingers into her pussy. She moaned softly as the Casibom Giriş fingers moved about inside her. Tom was half stimulated, and with his other hand, putting on the condom. A drop of her juices leaked from her pussy, hitting the ground.

She looked over and saw Paul, lying on the couch. Denise had his cock in her mouth. Julie noticed that Jenette had laid on the bed, one hand in her pussy.

She felt Tom’s powerful arms grab her and lay her on the bed. 7 inches of cock went into Julie’s pussy, hammering her. She moaned with every thrust, as juices slightly trickled out. She wasn’t even a quarter of the way to her orgasm. Each thrust of Tom’s cock was more powerful, more fast, than the last. Jenette licked up the juice that trickled out.

Paul and Denise came over. Denise had taken the room’s smart remote, which was extra-long, and pushed it into Jenette’s open pussy lips, who moaned with pleasure. She slid it into her own pussy, and began to thrust it. Jenette thrusted her hips, too.

Paul rubbed his cock a little, Casibom Yeni Giriş making sure that his cock stayed rock-hard and 9-inches long. He stuck his cock into Julie’s ass, her eyes opening from the shock of two cocks. They both hammered, destroying her ass and pussy. Jenette and Denise had stopped fucking, and began to pleasure her more. It was too much. Between Jenette rubbing and kissing her groin, Tom and Paul thrusting their cocks in and out with such strength and speed, and her fingering Denise, she orgasmed onto the floor.

“Current day”

Julie sat on her bed, looking at the floor, becoming horny from just the thought. She reached under her bed, and took a vibrator. She turned it on medium, and toyed with her pussy, rubbing it against her groin. She moaned with pleasure, glad her apartment/room was soundproof due to it used to be a recording studio. She pushed it between her pussy lips, teasing them. She moaned more, as the vibrator vibrated, making her warmer. She pushed it all the way in, moaning louder. She closed her eyes and thrusted it in, remembering Tom and Paul’s thrusts.

She orgasmed onto the towel that lay on her bed, yet a good part of it was on her legs. She put her finger in the juice, licking it off.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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