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Tina woke up with a slow stretch and twisted about until most of her muscles had been alerted and duly stretched. When she relaxed she craned her head back to the window behind her and smiled when she saw blue sky above the tree top that came to just below her bedroom window. Finally, she thought with a smile, a nice day and I am definitely taking advantage of it. She went through a myriad of possible excuses in her head, but eventually called her business partner David and simply alerted him that she was taking a personal day. She found herself smiling again as he chuckled and asked her to be careful, obviously knowing what she was all about.

A long yawn spilled from her lips as she made her way to the bathroom and turned the water on, adjusting it to run a bit cooler than normal. Warm water for the 8-5 working girl, but a nice cold shower would do her yearning body wonders before she set out for her personal day. The chilly water successfully took the edge off the liquid warmth in her abdomen, but she soon realized it was not enough to remove the sexual tension she was feeling. Just as well, she figured, it would provide a certain level of anticipation that always helped fine tune her focus, and she was going to need it today.

Once out of the shower she quickly dried her body and towel dried her chin length black hair. Black eye-liner, mascara and a little lip gloss later and she was sifting through her drawers for something to wear. She decided on a low cut, stretchy black number that ended a good inch and a half above her belly button and was sure to help her stay cool. Putting the tight garment on wasn’t nearly as fun as having it peeled off, she remembered fondly, but managed to pull it over her small breasts without too much trouble. Reaching for the tight-fitting faded blue jeans with frayed cuffs, she was reminded of the amazing attention she’d received in them at a concert only weeks before. Tight jeans and rock and roll were certainly two peas in a pod. The memory would have been much more exciting if she’d been inclined to pursue anything with the interested parties, but rock and roll concerts drew just as many loser guys as it did tight-jean clad women. This was of no consequence today however, as she quickly pulled on her socks and black biker boots complete with silver ring and leather strap across the top. Functional, alluring and yet still stylish was Tina’s way and she gave herself an approving wink when she passed the full length mirror on her way downstairs.

Deciding on a bagel and some orange juice, she stood before the toaster and was distracted by a persistent scratching at the back door. Deserting her breakfast she unlocked the door and slid out to greet the excited golden retriever on the deck.

“Jack. Good morning sweetie. I assume all is well in the land of squirrels, birds and alley cats?” She teased and ruffled his rust colored fur as he licked at her frantically.

“I missed you too, nutty, but today is for me and I’m going for a ride. We’ll play catch when I get back, okay? You’re a good boy. Now go play and I’ll see you later.”

Once back inside she washed her hands and finished preparing her breakfast. Tina made quick work of the bagel and unceremoniously gulped down her orange juice before rinsing her things in the sink and heading to the living room to grab her jacket. Sliding into cool black leather had always sent shivers up her neck, but this morning those shivers were amplified for some reason and she was suddenly reminded that she’d been almost six months without a lover. Suddenly saddened, she moved toward the garage before it could get the best of her. The smell of dust, stale exhaust and gasoline suddenly filled her nose and she bounded down the stairs landing directly in front of the shiny red sport bike that gleamed and shone beneath the long fluorescent bulb overhead.

Tina almost laughed at herself when she felt her arousal stir with the simple act of tracing her finger down the sleek lines of the machine’s gas tank, but fast motorcycles were her passion and she actually welcomed the warm stirrings. Spring had taken an especially long time to arrive and she had been anxiously awaiting the first ride of the New Year as the snow melted and the temperature rose day after day. Today is the day; she said to herself and reached for her custom painted helmet. She took a moment to let her finger trace the bright silver star abstractly painted across the back of the shiny red shell before combing her hair back with her fingers and sliding the helmet on. Zipping the black and red leather riding jacket up to her neck, she felt her pulse quicken and made quick work of sliding on her matching gloves.

Reaching for the key was always a weird moment and she felt as though she were in some sort of warp zone. Tina had dreamed of owning a bike like this all her life and finally bought it for herself as a late graduation present last year. It was sometimes hard to remember it was finally bursa escort bayan hers, hence the awkwardness of turning the key on a vehicle you’ve spent several years drooling over in various motorcycle showrooms. The anticipation and excitement was thick and she turned the key before reaching out for the starter. Thumb in place she pressed it and held until the motor sprang to life, causing her to throw her head back and laugh like a mad scientist. God the wonder of it was intoxicating. The sound, sight, smell and soon enough the feel of the powerful machine would have her as drunk as a skunk on pure adrenaline. Unable to just sit and listen in delight, Tina quickly pressed the button to open her garage door and threw her right leg over the narrow machine as it idled loudly. The firm cool leather seat beneath her was welcome against her needy sex and she thrilled at the thought of finally being able to ride, as all she’d done for the last few weeks was sit on it and let it idle in the garage. Using her thighs and feet she hefted the motorcycle off of its kickstand and onto the center of the tires before backing onto the driveway and turning around.

Ah yes, the time is now, she thought with satisfaction as she reached for the clutch and pulled the lever all the way in. She kicked the machine in gear with her left toe and slowly rolled on the gas while releasing the clutch in the same moment. Finally, she was rolling and once onto the street she could barely hear the whine of the motor for the deafening sound of blood pumping past her ears. Not wanting to screw around with city traffic, Tina made her way to the outskirts of town and headed straight for her favorite set of twisties. The last stop light before the bottom of the winding hill must not have had very sensitive weight sensors because she sat at the empty intersection for what seemed like an eternity before deciding to run it.

No sooner had she kicked the bike into first gear to do just that, than a screaming high pitched whine pealed past her ears a split second before she felt the wind of the passing motorist that hadn’t even bothered to slow down for the red light she was sitting at. Tina snapped her head forward and realized it was another biker and by the looks of it, one who was just as eager to tackle the same stretch of road she was headed for. Suddenly feeling as though she’d been bested, she rolled hard on the accelerator and dumped the clutch causing the bike to dart off the line on nothing more than the back tire. Tina leaned forward and set it down when she changed gears, keeping the other rider in her sights. There was no doubt in her mind she would catch them, the only variable was how soon and she opted for sooner rather than later. Having made up her mind that the champion had been decided she let the sensations fill her and take over for the time being.

The crisp morning air whipped across her and though it was still very cool Tina had become turned on and was suddenly feeling hot. To accommodate the heat that was creeping up her neck she unzipped the jacket to her belly button and sucked in sharply with the contact of biting wind on her warm olive skin. The smell of burning fuel combined with the sound of a whining Japanese engine were exciting enough, but add to those two things the intense vibrations between your legs and you had an all out one person orgy. Not to mention, forty five degree air rushing across your tits at a hundred and fifteen miles an hour was almost as good as having a hot wet mouth covering every square inch of both of them at once. Yes, she decided, hauling ass on two wheels was very nearly better than sex and since that wasn’t an option for her at this point a good hard ride would do her some good. She felt horny enough now to get off without even touching herself, and was quite certain it could be achieved in this manner of riding, but had yet to experience it for herself.

Perhaps today would be the day and rather than immediately passing the rider before her she dropped down a gear and cranked on the accelerator which increased the vigor of the machine’s vibrations and strangled a startled gasp in her throat. It was a wild tangle of sensation with her lower half vibrating itself into a state of frenzied numbness and her top half caressed and tickled to goose bumps by the wind whipping across her. She must have become totally focused on the intense tingling between her legs because when she looked up to measure her distance from the mystery rider she saw nothing but empty road.

“Shit!” She declared and though it was difficult to ignore her arousal she leaned farther forward and up-shifted, to speed around the sweeping curve. All she saw at the top of the hill was the other rider’s back wheel disappearing to the other side. Tina thought her sexual excitement had been replaced by determined concentration, but was alarmed when this manner of aggressive chase actually turned her on more. The mystery görükle escort rider was toying with her and it snagged the part of her heart that loved to best an arrogant male rider. There was no doubt she had an intense love for riding, but the drive to be the best in a male dominated sport was what made her push so hard. And she was good, damn good, if she did say so herself, but she didn’t need to rely on that. She had so many notches in her belt for whipping the hell out of egotistic male riders, most she’d left with busted egos, that she never doubted her ability. If anything, she was grateful this particular rider was giving her a run for her money. It had been so long since she’d been truly challenged that she embraced it with open arms and felt as though she were flying as she crested the hill and raced after the leather clad figure.

When she finally caught up to the stranger her confidence bred enough arrogance to attempt a pass on the next turn. She’d done it enough times to know she’d pass him easily and felt victory begin sweeping up from her toes, through firm calves, muscular thighs and upward. But she was floored when her counterpart’s black helmet turned her direction, when they were side by side and shook in denial. The next thing Tina knew, the shiny black bike beside her was pulling away and she was again chasing this stranger. Puzzled, she examined the make and model of motorcycle to make sure she was being out-ridden instead of out-machined altogether. A healthy mix of panic and admiration rose in her throat when she realized it was the exact model of the machine she was currently straddling only a different color. That meant that whoever was piloting the vehicle knew what the hell they were doing and had probably deliberately slowed to allow her to catch up.

All panic and admiration disappeared and were quickly replaced by fury and determination as she tucked her knees tightly against the tank and rode like the devil. She had been officially taunted and made quick work of catching the back wheel of the other rider. Here she studied her competitor and noted he was very fluid and comfortable on the black machine. Probably 5’6″, Tina figured, and noted the tapered waist and flared hip that were tightly crammed into black leather pants. The protective leather jacket made it impossible to see any hints of muscle tone or overall size, but it didn’t really matter. She’d get a good enough look at everything once she’d beaten him to the bottom of the hill and at that point he’d be so pissed that his looks wouldn’t matter because no guy had ever wanted to be her friend once she’d beaten them. At this point, she wished she’d donned her racing leathers and had the freedom to drag her knees as it allowed her to carry more speed through the turns. Unfortunately that decision was way behind her and she was having to work quite hard to maintain the pace being set by the stranger.

Tina wondered why she’d never seen or met this person before since she rode this particular stretch of road often and knew most of the other sport bike riders in town. Maybe he’s new to town, she thought, but scratched that idea when she realized how well he knew the roads. No, he’d ridden here many times before and knew it almost as well as she did. Almost but not quite, Tina smiled as the mystery rider swung a bit wide on the next turn and she made her move on the inside. This time she was successful and had the satisfaction of seeing the solid black figure in her rear view mirrors. Now the real work began, because it’s considerably easier to pass than it is to defend your lead and she knew there was no margin for error once you were out front. Tina rode hard and honed her focus to include nothing but the road before her and the rider behind her. Even with all her focus and effort she lost her lead to him and when the black machine passed her they were so close she could have reached out and tickled his ribs. Not that she’d have wanted to, but the adrenaline that came from the closeness drove her to push just a bit harder, thus recapturing her lead and slowly pulling away. By the time they reached the bottom of the hill she was breathless and let out a whoop as she downshifted and pulled over to catch her breath.

She was just stepping off her bike when the black machine pulled in front of her and parked inches from her front wheel. Tina tugged off her gloves and quickly released the clasp on her helmet before jerking it off and shaking her head back and forth. Tina was panting and had just raked her fingers through her raven locks when the other rider dismounted and began removing black gloves and unbuckling the strap of the helmet. She was excited about meeting the skilled rider and smiled wide when the buckle had been freed and they pushed the shiny black shell up and off.

“Oh my God!” Tina breathed, before she could even think of how rude it was.

Standing before her, head to toe in black riding leather, was the bursa escort bayan most beautiful woman she’d ever seen. She was more girl-next-door fabulous than super model gorgeous, but Tina felt her grip on her helmet slip and almost dropped it as her logic and manners left her. Just as she had, upon removing her helmet, the woman shook her long red hair out before running a hand through it and looking back to Tina.

“Yes, I’d say that was a near holy experience, as well.” The woman teased and Tina’s mouth literally fell open when she looked into laughing green eyes.

Suddenly feeling shy and incredibly turned on she turned toward her motorcycle and looked over the tires and oil window for distraction.

“Seemed to be running just fine to me.” The woman said and Tina looked up at her.

“What? Oh yeah, it’s running great.” Was all she could think to say.

Her head was spinning and as the adrenaline rush subsided she felt a dull pounding begin in her brain. Was it possible for there to be another woman out there that could ride as well as she did? And was it a joke that she was so easy on the eyes and had such a heart-stopping a smile? Tina instantly convinced herself it was God’s sick joke to introduce her to the woman of her dreams and then render her totally speechless, when all she wanted to do was find out everything about the intriguing creature before her. Instead she looked back to her boots and kicked a pebble while hooking her thumbs in her back pockets.

“You’re a tremendous rider.” The redhead said and the sincerity caused Tina to snap her head in her direction. When her eyes locked with the stranger’s happy green ones she felt as though someone had just flipped a switch inside her. It was like the woman was looking into her soul and after several long seconds she smiled to let Tina know she liked what she saw there. Would she swoon? Tina thought it likely and suddenly felt bold enough to walk toward her.

“Do I know you?” Tina asked, knowing it was impossible, but was unable to stop the question.

“Sort of feels that way, huh?” She responded and suddenly seemed nervous.

“My name’s Tina.” She finally offered and stuck out her hand.

“Good to finally meet you. I’m Valerie.”

Finally, she said finally meet you…Tina’s heart raced at the words as well as the soft warmth of the woman’s pale fingers closing around her hand as they shook ‘hello’. It was exactly as she felt, as though they’d known the other existed all along and were finally meeting and getting the confirmation they needed. Apparently she began staring again and the woman looked away and giggled, causing Tina to quickly release her hand and run her fingers through her own hair. She’d developed this nervous habit in high school and it had stuck with her. Lucky for her, she wore it short enough that it wasn’t a constant mess and the subconscious habit normally helped any windblown or misplaced strands fall back to their rightful places. She secretly wondered how it was possible to feel so comfortable with Valerie one minute and so nervous and uncomfortable in the next.

“Well it was nice to meet you Tina, but I’ve gotta get home in time to shower and change for work. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“Oh, okay.” Tina stammered and panicked when the shorter woman pulled her helmet back on, quickly following with her gloves. Hating herself for this sudden shyness she almost began to pace as the woman mounted her machine and rode a half circle to turn around. Tina watched helplessly and waited for the woman to blow by her, but was surprised when she pulled up right beside her and stopped. She flipped up the black visor on her helmet and Tina’s eyes quickly found hers and froze there. She might never have been able to tear her gaze away, were it not for the jagged bolt of pleasure that shot from her left nipple straight to her pussy, as the bold red head reached past her open zipper and pinched it playfully, then winked and rode off quickly. A flood of conflicting emotions swept through Tina as she watched the slight woman disappear around the curve of the first hill.

“What in the fuck just happened?” Tina said out loud and turned to see three black and white cows standing at the fence near where her bike was parked. “You saw it too, right? I didn’t just imagine the whole thing…did I?”

Tina almost laughed, when she realized she was talking to cows and actually waiting for them to respond, but she was desperate to know she hadn’t dreamt the whole thing up. Almost subconsciously she reached up and ran a fingernail over her left nipple that was hard as a rock and immediately felt the same bolt of pleasure ripple through her.

“No, I didn’t imagine it. Sure, I can get turned on by imagining things but I’m pretty certain if I swing a leg over that motorcycle right now and rev it up I’ll be coming all over myself.” She explained with a giggle, before pulling on her gloves and helmet. She was almost afraid to turn the bike on, lest she make a mess of things, but she was beyond the point of caring and did it anyway. And while she didn’t shoot off immediately she was more than halfway to the heartland by the time she peeled her clothes from her body and masturbated to an intense orgasm when she arrived home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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