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semi-sequal alert. In “Cancer Free For 62 Months”, Joe and Freya caught sight of a topless Professora Jackson as she walked into nearly empty the classroom where Joe’s friends had held Joe’s 18th birthday party. Freya had finally got the nerve to proposition Joe and as the elevator doors closed, that’s when they saw the topless 30-something Prof. She walked into the room where Joe’s best friend and Professor, Nick Sabin, was. Prof. Sabin decided not to let Joe clean up the aftermath his own birthday party. Beyond this, there’s no background one needs to know with the possible exception that both Brenda and Nick were widowed from a 4-vehicle accident involving two semis hauling unleaded gasoline sandwiched the car with Brenda’s late husband and small SUV with Nick’s late wife and shoved the two mid-sized passanger vehicles into each other, widowing both Professors at the scene.


Dr. Brenda Jackson, professor of Mathematics, walked into the classroom where Dr. Nicholas Sabin who’d just sent the belated-birthday boy out of the room with a female friend. Nick’s smile broadened as he saw Brenda’s huge tits for the more-than-50th time. Brenda’s D’s never got old for him. Brenda was a woman with some extra pounds but not obese. She exercised with Nick at least three times a week (walking across campus at whatever part of the day was closest to 70 degrees fahrenheit, rain or shine). Then there was the more fun exercise… sticking ‘little Nicky’ (Nick’s 21cm of thick, stiff cock) between her legs, among other places.

Brenda had dark brown flesh as well as a body and face that looked almost 10 years younger than her chronological age. Nick was just over 40 with a body that fit someone who built highways, walls and bridges to pay for his schooling. He also had a blasé attitude towards cold that one would expect out of someone with his mother’s ethic background (Russian, German-Jew and Polish — all her grandparents fled Stalin, Hitler and/or Czar Nicholas II). Brenda enjoyed Nick’s powerful arms.

They just stood there in an embrace French kissing all over themselves. He, still fully dressed and she, stripped to the waist. Eventually they broke their kiss and he began to undress quickly, “Race you.” He said with a voice most men had left behind about the time they started chasing girls.

Brenda was naked first. She cleared off an ass-and-a-half sized void on the sturdiest of the tables, then put her ass cheeks against the table and pushed herself up to center herself in the void.

She cut the last of the birthday cake in nearly equal halves. She smeared half on her naked pubic mons and shoved the other in her mouth. With her mouth full, she said, “Try some more cake.” Nick enjoyed when Brenda got this way (the reason will happen later).

Nick locked lips with the intent to French her. She used this opening to shove some cake in his mouth (from hers). His dick was slowly expanding from 2cm to 21. She had never considered having a long term relationship with a white guy (Nick would be the one to change that if anyone). They were widowed the same day, had the same grief counselor and brought into the same ad hoc grief group. Brenda missed cock and Little Nicky was just as thick as her dearly departed husband’s although a centimeter shorter. That said, Little Nicky’s white fountains were better tasting and more voluminous than her dearly departed (width and amount of cum was what she really wanted, the length didn’t matter as long as it was longer than 17 and shorter than 25cm).

Nick broke the kiss, chewed and swallowed the cake. “Have some mama’s milk with that.” She pulled him to her tit and let him drink. She had never stopped lactating since she had her first child. Brenda’s husband loved the taste of her milk and would sometimes eat her out only for her milk. She always obliged her late husband except when she had an unweened child to feed. Nick could take it or leave it, her milk didn’t taste great, but she had several orgasms every time he took long drinks, so he drank to get her off.

He gently stroked her breasts with the fingerprint part of his fingertips, swirling patterns over her areolae with one finger while he sucked the other nipple deeply. She inhaled sharply through her nose, she was close to a small orgasm. Just before was going to cum, Nick switched nipples. He traced a finger of the spit-slicked nipple and areola to the other nipple. Nick licked and sucked her breasts and suckled. She just needed a few more seconds of sucking to cum and when she chose that moment to switch she said, “No you don’t, finish me.” and held him fast against her tit. He felt her twitch and knew she had a small orgasm. She released him and Nick gushed praises about her large breasts. She laid there naked and legs splayed about a quarter of a circle wide and ate up the compliments and he spoke them.

Finally she had to interrupt, “Nick, you know it’s not healthy for me to have cake in my pussy, right?”


“Please clean me.”

Nick squatted down and started eating. He put his forearms görükle escort on her inner thighs and started with some “test licks” to see how strongly she tasted that evening: he enjoyed the taste. She smiled and ran her fingers through his curly hair. He slicked down the hairless on her groin and kissed her clit hood. He then licked her hood and then kissed but held his lips on her hood and hummed one sustained note. She sighed loudly and added, “That’s what I’m talking about, my muff diving slut.” Nick continuted to eat cake out of her pie. He fucked her with her thumb and tongue at the same time, then switched to two fingers and a tongue in her pussy and him ‘thumb wrestling’ her clit. The elevator bell sounds, but it has arrived at another floor, the lovers don’t hear it.

She writhed in pleasure spreading her legs more widely than someone of her size should be easily capible of. She held his head against her crotch with both hands. “Eat me, slut. You can do it.” She arched her back and moaned as he worked her pussy with his mouth and breathed the only way he could: through his mouth. This just drove her wilder. He licked and drove his tongue as deeply as he could. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she moaned loudly. He smiled as her continued to work her up. He breathed heavily, sending hot air over the shallower parts of her wet pussy.

His hands wandered up to rub her breasts as she continued to hold his head down keeping his face firmly burried in her hairless pussy. The elevator bell sounds again and again they don’t hear it. The security guard opened the stairwell door and entered the floor they were on. “Hello, lover.” He genuflected before his wife and kissed her on her lips, letting her tongue penetrate his mouth.

Professora’s eyes rolled back into her head and she panted like a bitch in heat. She moaned, “Eat me you well hung slut!” She spread her legs even wider and screamed like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (the scene even someone who wouldn’t be caught dead seeing a chick flick — even on movie channels — has almost certainly seen). The big difference was Professora wasn’t faking, she was squirting. The security guard ran into the doorway, revolver drawn followed by ‘his little woman’ (Tina, the 3 foot 8 inch tall, 30-something he married a decade ago). The guard looked much like a 5 foot 7 tall Don Knots caricature, but with an amount of courage more typical for a human.

Tina looked up at her man, “Told you so, Donny… Oh, I’ll have what she’s just had.”

“Just lost a bet, Donny?”

“Yes.” Donald, the security guard blushed at the nudity.

“Hey, Tina, there’s more than enough room for both of us, I don’t mind him paying up here and now.”

Tina shook her head. She wasn’t opposed to having an audience (but it’d have to be in a house or a solitary trailer or RV way off the beaten path. Certainly not in a public university’s classroom, even if it’s the Friday night before the MLK day holiday. “No, there’s a special chest of drawers he puts me on so he doesn’t hurt his knees when he does his dyke imitation. I love having a husband that’s strong enough to lift me over his head.”

“Brenda, your turn to go down.”

“But there’s still cake…” Brenda said in a babytalk voice.

Nick lapped her quickly targeting the crumbs in her pussy. After he thought he got them all, he said, “Done.”

She stood and Nick sat in the puddle of her cum and slipped off. He took the presence of her cum into account and hopped on again. Again he slipped, but not all the way off. Her dark hands groped his pale thighs and she fondled his cock and balls, by nuzzling, kissing and licking.

She smiled at him, curled her tongue around her tip and sucked the head into her mouth. She shifted her head to take him farther in and rubbing his inner thighs as she slowly swollowed him. Her goal was to put her tiny broad nose into his pubic hairs, but get there slowly, making him beg for it. “Ooh, I like.” She bobbed down then withdrew partially. “Aw baby, what do I need to do to get some deep throat?” She sucked about 2/3 of him in, locked eyes and smiled at him toothlessly.

She took him out, held him with a fist curled around the base and said, “Besides eating me out so well?”

He nodded.

“Warm me before you cum and do not touch my head. Give me complete control of how deep to take Little Nicky and I’ll take him all the way in and even make all your cum disappear.”

He laced his hands behind his head and she licked Little Nicky up one side and down the other before she took him into her mouth. Brenda hated the taste of cum and she didn’t want to make a mess. She pulled his cock out and smiled deviantly. Then opened wide and deep throated him in two goes (the first down 15 to 16 cm a pause and then rammed her nose into his curly hairs.

Nick looked down unsure what she’s going to do (he already knew she hated the taste of cum). They have know each other for over a decade and never looked at each other as potential alternatives to their spouses in all the bursa escort bayan time until 6 months after they were widowed (the recently ended Christmas break). A month and a half ago, he never imagined she’d want in his pants, now he watched her deep throat him. Nick leaned back and notice the door was closed and no one appeared to be watching through the tiny window in the door (not Don and not his little woman in his arm).

She manipulated her jaw in a most sensual way (she had shoved Nick inside bliss). She moaned and began building towards a fake orgasm. She usually stopped short of faking, because she found moans she usually did as a build up, gave Nick so much pleasure. She swallowed harder than she needed to and Nick jumped and remained prone. She knew what that jump meant: she could either tease him mercilessly longer than she could suck a dick or she could make start blowing his load in just a few seconds. She kept her fingernails short (to minimize chalk dust under the nails), but she put her finger just behind his scrotum (between his scrotum as asshole) and pressed the ‘love botton’ there. She pressed it as hard as Nick needed it pressed to blow his load (no harder, no softer, or rather as hard as she thought she needed to). She was frustrated that she didn’t know her newest lover’s body as well as she believed.

With her left hand, she gave him the finger, pulled little Nicky part way out and spoke with her mouth full, “Suck it. Slobber on it.” Nick just didn’t want this to end or at least not end before he came. He licked her ‘finger’ finger and sucked on it with abandon. Brenda knew Nick liked sex with women (especially women of her size and any color), the skill, the intensity Nick sucked and licked the tiny, cock shaped object made her wonder if she was about to make a bisexual cum. Soon, she took back her own finger (dripping with slobber and glistening with an even wetness. She stuck the finger where the sun don’t shine and he came instantly. She withdrew his finger as soon as he started to shoot his load. She had made sure to have her lips at the very base of his cock when she penetrated him with her finger. Now she swallowed. She had chosen the moment and she was prepared. He shot more than typical, but less than the maximum she anticipated. She really hated the taste and feel of cum in her mouth, if felt okay on her stomach and Nick fucked and ate her pussy better the time or two after she swallows and it didn’t matter how deep his cock was. From the first time she swallowed like this (that morning), she decided this was the best option. All she had to do was quickly remove little Nicky and no cum will get in her mouth. She grabbed an unused disposable plastic cup and moved Little Nicky’s head from the back of her throat to the bottom of the cup in one fluid motion.

Nick gave a lingering deep French kiss to Brenda. No matter where he put his tongue there wasn’t a drop of cum (after that morning’s blow job there was one tiny droplet). Nick assessed and said dreamily, “Oh, Baby, that was the best blow job you’ve ever given.”

“Liar!” She growled. “That’s what you said this morning.” She said more of an innocent schoolgirl’s voice.

“Well you’ve improved.” Nick using his usually even, emotionally detected voice.

“Must be all the practice.” She smiled.

“Well, that’s one way to reward A’s.”

She slapped him in the chest… he wasn’t YOKED, but he was better developed than most 40-somethings or even many 20-somethings. “I want to wake up with you again.”

“My bed or yours?”

She thought for a moment, “Yours, my son isn’t that happy that I’m doing anything to ‘replace’ Daddy.” She used air-quotes around ‘replace’ and used a tone of voice beyond disgust.

“My kids have a similar attitude, but a boy losing their mother isn’t… nevermind, that’s a cruel thing to say, perhaps sexist but only maybe even untrue.”

“Yes, let clean up the room and get dressed.”

“In that order.” Nick insisted. That made Brenda feel beautiful. He didn’t say topless (even a few teenaged boy-men have told her she has a gorgeous rack by words and most men and boy-men in her class have stared at her tits at least once). Nick wanted her completely naked. That just made her horny. They raced to clean up, then dress. Her panties were soiled dusty and had two holes she never noticed that morning, so she stuck them in the trash.

They headed to his place (she had already staged three changes of clothes just as he staged a few t-shirts, boxers and one pair each: jeans and khaki shorts. Nick and Brenda had spent more than half their lives in 18+ year marriages. Nick had two sons (Harvey followed by Timothy, 4 and a fraction years later) and no daughters while Brenda conceived twin girls (Nevaeh and Nefertiti) two years after giving birth to her only son (Arthur).

They headed back to his place. She drove his car quickly and knew the way to his home. She did her best to duplicate the precise way he parked his car in the carport. Brenda did so well, Timothy didn’t notice the difference. bursa escort Timothy was the detail-oriented, OCD, brainiac son who took after his mother, even so far as to plan to follow similar university choices (Air Force Acadamy and law school compared to his mother’s ROTC at a public university and law school). Harvey was the 18 year old son, the high school senior jock with a license to drive. Brenda was irritated at having to keep her clothes on until they walked through two or three rooms and through the master bedroom door. Harvey’s car (a 12 year old, 4 wheel drive truck an aunt gave him). Harvey had that formerly-hot pink truck repainted a bright red color before the ink on the new title was dry. This truck was gone when they arrived. Harvey and Timothy returned about 10 minutes after their father.

Brenda undressed in the master bedroom as she waited for Nick to realize that both his sons were out. He returned to see his naked girlfriend. “I want to get fucked, now.”

“Of corse, Doctor.” Nick moved to her, embraced and Frenched her lips. “Do you want me to undress or cut these off.” He said as he took off the shirt sons gave him last Christmas (less than 3 weeks earlier). Those who live here and every guest leave their shoes at the door.

“Those jeans–“

“Are 3 inches too small, a little tight in the crotch even when I’m placid and will likely never fit either Harvey or Timmy.”

Brenda smiled. She had heard a friend tell about such a thing she did with her husband, and Brenda wanted to try as well. She reached to the floor, dug a utility knife out of her pants pocket and flipped it open. With the master bedroom door still open and no one else in the house (except Purrcy the housecat), she removed his belt and then took the blunt edge of the knife and drew it from the divot at his throat/collar of undershirt down to the crater of his belly button. This knife had a single-edged blade.

She pulled the right side of his undershirt collar to his right and sliced at it. The knife was extremely well whetted and sliced through it almost is if it were smoke. Brenda’s quick reaction to the unexpected ease of cutting, made her come up short of her target (the armpit), but it prevented any injury. She changed her target destination and continued the gash to the end of the right shirt sleeve. She made a similar cut from collar to left shirt sleeve. She closed the utility knife tossed it down near his head (deliberately missing) and prostrated herself on his body. He was prone with his feet over the foot of the bed, flat on the floor. Her pussy was over his denim-imprisoned cock. Placid, the confinement was bearable, at this point it was too painful for him to get fully hard (even with a beautiful naked woman, who was very willing and knew how to please him on top of him and giving every indication she wanted him). She went back to sitting, weight on her ass transferring to his cock and adjacent areas. Nick grimaced and squirmed, Brenda got soaking wet from (what she thought was an act). When Nick begged her to continue cutting him out of his clothes, she took 10 teasing cuts to slice his shirt open.

She stood and felt for his erection (so she would know where not to stick the knife), She smiled, Nick had a nice sized cock… the thought ‘maybe the pain wasn’t an act’ crossed her mind but she dismissed it as irrelevant bit of data and concentrated on cutting her way into getting herself in cowgirl (or reverse cowgirl) with little Nicky. “Shall I free little Nicky.”

“Please, do and quickly… I’ll give any… I put out any way you’d like.”

“Agreed, I’ll collect another time. Expect to do something kinkier than this.” She smiled as her pussy salivated and drooled like a pervert. The only reason she could hold the knife is she hadn’t frigged herself since washing the cake off her hands.

She needed at least 10 ‘hacks’ at it to get through the groin without cutting anything other than denim (this was far more important than speed to her, and Nick would agree). She folded his shirt away, but threaded his cock through his boxer-brief’s fly and mounted him cowgirl. Neither noticed the carport door opening (and it was a relatively noisy door). Nor did they notice Purrcy running by the open master bedroom door hoping that Harvey was back this time. Brenda preferred to be loud, with 3 kids of her own she and her husband couldn’t typically be as loud as she wanted, both knew about Timmy’s and Harvey’s long scheduled movie night.

She moaned in delight at she impaled herself on Little Nicky. She prostrated herself against his chest, giving him deep French kisses. He wore no condom because, to borrow Brenda’s usual phrasing: [Brenda] had [herself] spayed after having the twins. Both she and Nick had been faithful to their spouses (and vice versa). Timmy and Harvey walked in and heard what Harvey thought was a fuck film (and got curious what kind of kinks). He walked and saw Brenda reinserting Little Nicky into her pussy, focusing all her attention on the insertion. She was facing the open door Harvey stood in. Brenda was a bit flabbier that seeing her dressed would have suggested. Harvey thought she had a nice rack (the bigger the better, until about “wrestler sized” or HHH), they hung a little bit, but much more gravity defiance than her early pushing-40 age should have inflicted.

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