Joan my wife a kennel bitch

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My name is Charlie, and my wife is Joan we have been married for twenty years. I am fifty and Joan is forty-two we have no family because Joan is sterile. We have always had a good social and sex life. I own my own business and Joan works for me part time. She is five foot seven tall, dark haired with a superb figure and loves life, we have always been open with each other. Our only faults if you could call it that, is we both like watching porn and acting out the actions we see, Joan has always had a high sex drive and enjoys all types of sex, she never wears panties not even on our wedding day and enjoys flashing when we are in bars or restaurant’s. She particularly enjoys anal and oral sex.

We have four friends all around my age who I play golf with, all are single, two being divorced. We have them over to our house some weekends for drinks and a meal. Joan always wears a short skirt on these occasions and the lads get an eyeful when she is serving drinks in the lounge after the meal. Sometime back we all had more than our share of drink and everyone was tipsy, and Joan was sat cross legged on the floor giving everyone a good look at her hairy bush, I could see the lads were getting uncomfortable and shifting around on their seats with bulges in their pants. Joan got up to go in the kitchen but was unsteady and stumbled over one of the lad’s legs, landed on one of the others with her skirt up to her hips. This was too much for them and Bill the lad she fell over put his hand on her crotch, she looked at me but just lay there as he fingered her, and I could see she was enjoying it.

After a while she got down on the floor and opened Bill’s pants and got his hard dick out and started licking it and then took it down her throat until he shot his load which she swallowed then sat back on her heels. The other three lads Pete Jim and Dave started to unzip their pants, so I said to Joan why not let the lads see all of you, so she stood up and took off her clothes and stood naked in front of them. They all started feeling her tits and crotch and Pete was snogging her. Soon she got down on her knees and started to suck Jim, then Pete got behind her and rammed his cock into her and shagged her hard until he shot his load.

Dave then got behind her and started rubbing her cunt and then rubbing her arsehole with his wet fingers and pushing two fingers into her, when he had her really wet, he put his dick into her and shagged her arsehole until he shot his load, Bill was hard again so he used her arsehole. All four shagged her twice before going home so I helped her up to the bathroom and waited until she had a piss and emptied some cum from her arsehole then I cleaned her and put her to bed. In the morning I let her stay in bed until lunchtime. When she came down stair’s she said that was a night to remember, I never thought that would happen with them lads, are you alright with what happened. I said I enjoyed watching it all and I could see the lads could not belief it. This was to become a regular event most weekends, and Joan could not wait to greet them, she would strip off and be waiting in the nude for them each time, we started having meals delivered so she could spend more time with them.

One evening we were watching porn and came upon a zoophilia site where women were having sex with dogs, and Joan got engrossed and said look at the size of them cocks, I would love to try that. We talked about it all night and she asked can we get a dog, I said are you sure and she said I would love one. The next weekend we went to an animal sanctuary and she chose a three year’s old Rottweiler named Benji, whose owner an old lady had died. We went in the store attached to the sanctuary and bought a large doggy bed, dishes a collar lead and food. When we got him home, he seemed to settle and took to Joan straight away following her around the house. The next day Sunday we took him out for a walk in the park, Joan had the lead and he kept rubbing against her leg, when we sat down on a Bench, he licked her legs and was sniffing at her skirt as she rubbed his ears.

We got home and had our tea and then sat down to watch TV, Benji came and sat between us, sniffing Joan. I told her to slide forward on the couch and open her legs, Benji stood up and started licking the inside of her thighs and then her crotch, I could see she was getting worked up, so I said are you ready to try it, she said yes. She stood up and got undressed and knelt on the floor, and Benji seem to know what she wanted and started licking her face and tits, then she got on all fours he went behind her licking her, pushing his tongue into her hole. I could see he was getting excited and his red tip was beginning to show. After a while he jumped on her back and wrapped his legs around her waist and started jabbing into her. He jumped on and off three times before he found her hole and rammed into her.

She was moaning as he hammered her then when he knotted, she cried out as she felt him shooting into her, soon he stopped humping and just lay on her waiting for his knot to deflate. After about fifteen minutes Sex hikayeleri he was able to pull out with a gush of cum running down her thighs as she collapsed on the floor. I went to the kitchen and got some kitchen towel to wipe her and get her onto the couch. I hugged her and she was shaking, she said that was the best fuck ever thank you. Benji had gone over to his bed and was licking himself and occasionally looking across at her. I was really worked up, so I had her turn on her side and I shagged her arsehole because her cunt was full of dog cum. The next day after work she took Benji out for a walk in the park and when she came home, she said in future she would have to wear jeans because he kept pushing his head up her skirt. In the house he followed her everywhere sniffing and looking up at her.

After tea we sat on the couch to watch TV and he came and sat between us. I said I think he is waiting for his bitch so she said I will just go to the loo, when she came back down, she was nude. She got on her knees and told me to take my pants off, then began licking my cock, as Benji was licking her all over, before jumping on her back and after a couple of attempts he found the spot and rammed into her, as rammed into her she took my cock in here mouth and sucked until I shot down her throat. Benji was stilling ramming her, so she dropped on to all fours until he finished. and his knot deflated enough for him to pull out, then he came behind her and licked her clean then went to his bed, and she crawled after him and lay with him in her arms. I carried on watching TV and when it was time to go to bed, I noticed they were asleep, so I left them curled up together. I felt her getting into our bed at three in the morning, but she turned her back to me.

At breakfast I asked her did she sleep with Benji until she came upstairs, and she said yes, I asked were you not cold, she said no he was so warm, I could have stayed with him all night. We got home from work and Benji was waiting for her and pushing his head under her skirt as she was preparing tea. After tea I said you better see to him, so she undressed and got down on the floor and he started licking her all over, you could see he was pleased to see her and soon he was behind her and on her back, it did not take him long to find her hole and rammed into her, she cried out as his knot started swelling in her and she could feel him hitting her cervix and flooding her with his cum. He lay on her until he could pull his knot out and then they went and lay on his bed where he licked her clean.

The first weekend the lads arrive and saw the dog they were surprised and said we did not know you were getting a dog, I said he is Joan’s new partner. She greeted them as usual in the nude and they could see Benji was besotted with her as she served the drinks waiting for the food to be delivered, he never left her side. After the meal she cleaned up again with Benji pushing his nose between her legs every time she bent down, the lads said he really likes you. She got some more drinks and then noticed the lads were for some attention. She got down between Jim’s legs and unzipped him and got his hard cock out and started licking the precum off the tip as he played with her tits. Benji came behind her and started licking her and when he was ready, he jumped on her back and after a few attempts he was in her, it really turned the lads on and Jim soon shot down her throat, then she went to Dave, then to Bill and Pete, as she finished with Pete, Benji stopped humping and lay on her back until he was ready to pull out then they went to his bed. Before going home, they all shagged her in her arsehole, I do not think they fancied her cunt with Benji leaking out of her.

A few months after we got Benji we were watching a porn site and reading the comments about a man who owned a dog breeding kennels who wanted to start his own website. He had the idea he could make a lot of money from subscribers if he kept a woman in kennels with dogs and people could watch twenty-four seven all the action. He wanted a woman who liked dog sex who would be willing to spend full time in a kennel as a bitch. She would receive a share of any income payable into her account monthly. Joan got really interested and suggested I contact him but would only consider it if she could take Benji with her. I emailed the man named Paul the next and got a reply asking for a date and time to visit us. I arranged for him to visit us in two weeks so he could see Joan with Benji and see if she is what he wanted.

Paul arrived on a Saturday morning and Joan was with Benji on their bed where she spends most of her time these days and rarely sits on the couch or chairs. Paul was surprised when he saw her and asked is, she with the dog all the time, I told him when she is in the house, he never leaves her. He said she would be ideal for our purpose if agreeable. I said it was her idea for me to contact you, how long would you want her. He said maybe twelve months, but at least six, after six she can decide if she wants to continue, in that time we should have a decent portfolio Sikiş hikayeleri of subscribers.

I asked what the conditions would be, and he said she would be kept in a kennel with up to three dogs, she would eat and sleep with them and all her activities would be on camera. The doghouse would be kept at a reasonable temperature so she would not be cold at night. She would be fed twice each day with the dogs. She would be fitted with a suit that would cover her body from her head to her feet. Her tits and her arse from her hips to the top of her thighs would be bare and available to the dogs. I asked if she could take Benji with her and he said no problem. He asked if he could see her perform with Benji, so she got up and crawled over in front of him and Benji followed and started licking her, until he was ready to mount her, then jumped on her back, Paul asked could he take some photos, I said of course. When Benji finished and his knot was deflated enough to pull out, Paul asked her to stand so he could measure her for her dog suit, I got some paper towel to wipe her because Benji’s cum was running down her legs, he commented on what a great figure she had, and asked if he could use her before leaving. I said yes, so he had her lean over the end of the couch and shagged her. He said he would be in touch when the kennel was ready.

Two weeks later Paul phoned and said everything was ready, so I asked her did she still want, to go ahead with it, and she said yes, but she would miss me and lads. I told her we would have a long break when it was over with the money she would make. I phoned Paul who lived forty miles away and told him we would be over to him on the weekend. I asked what she would need to take with her, and he said nothing just a coat or shawl. We arrived at Paul’s kennel’s on Saturday morning and he showed us round the kennels and introduced us to his two staff. He has twenty dogs of various breeds, and sells the pups for a good price, he also mates them with bitch’s people fetch to him. He took us into his house and fitted Joan with her suit, that covered her hair hands and feet, with special knee pads that meant she could not stand up, he said the pads would be removed each morning, when she would be taken out by staff with the dogs for exercise. The staff would not be allowed to use her, she would be the property of the dogs for the duration. I would be allowed to visit any time and I would be allowed to use her mouth or arsehole, if I wished. Paul said he would take advantage of her also whenever he wanted. He would not allow any contact with her cunt, so she would retain the dog smell, also she would never be washed for the same reason

He told me the doghouse in the kennel was heated and had a mattress on the floor. He said while she was in the kennel she would be known as Cassie. He put a collar on her and a leash and led her out with Benji and put them in. Then he went and came back with a Doberman and put him in with them, he went straight to her and started sniffing and walking around her, soon the Doberman jumped on her back and started humping her. We went back in the house and he switched his computer on, and we watched her on the web site being shagged by the dogs, then she went and lay on the mattress with the dogs licking her. When I got home, I put the website on, and I saw her asleep with the dogs beside her and wondered how long it would last.

She was fed twice each day by Paul’s housekeeper, usually porridge

In the morning’s and chopped meat and vegetables in the evening. She had to eat and drink from a bowl on the floor like the dogs. After breakfast, each day after she had a piss and a shit, one of the lads would come and put their leads on and walk them around the fields. They always took advantage to finger her and feel her tits when not on camera. Paul most days would take her into the conservatory, for an hour or so and use her mouth or her arsehole

The first month sixteen hundred subscribers had joined the website. The fee is five pounds for annual membership. Each week the dog was changed sometimes a Husky or Alsatian would be put in with her. After the first month they started putting two dogs in making it three with Benji. Every time she moved out of the house one of them would be on her, usually when she was drinking from her, bowl they would take advantage of her, always after she had a piss or shit, they would lick her clean. Paul had her checked each week by the vet who looked after the dogs to make sure she was not coming to any harm.

Some site followers commented on what lovely tits she had and would they ever see her with pups. Paul asked Kirk the vet if it is possible to induce lactation and he said yes, he would start her on a course next week, in the meantime have the lads rub her tits for twenty to thirty minutes each morning when they take her on her walk. Kirk started her on a course of galactogil and after a couple of weeks she started producing milk, which the lads started milking each day. When Kirk was happy with the amount she was producing, he told Paul to get a couple of pups for her. A Erotik hikaye week later she got two Husky pups who took to her right off and started feeding. Watching her at night with her pups and dogs all together sleeping a real turn on.

It is now six months since she was made a bitch, and I cannot believe it, I was expecting her home after a week, but she has totally accepted her new life with the dog’s and now she has her pups. The web site now has thirty thousand followers and Paul has set up a joint account, we will be rich when it finishes. I visit her each week and take her to the conservatory and spend some time. She told me she had set her goal everything being right at twelve months. The last time I was there Paul came to us and said a twenty-five-year, old black lad who was a follower asked if he could be a dog like Cassie. We said we had no objections. A week later Paul phoned and told me the lad was arriving and would I like to meet him. I went and met him, his name was Colm, he told us he had been kept by an old lady as a dog for several years until she died. He said he saw our web site, and envied Cassie and wanted to join her. Paul explained to him, that like Cassie he would be a dog twenty-four seven and would be called Brutus. I watched as Paul fitted him with a suit like Cassie with his back end bare and his balls hanging free, he fitted the knee pads and put a collar on him, attached a lead and led him out to the kennel. Cassie was lying on ground outside the doghouse with the pups feeding on her tits. Paul told them there must be no oral communication between them at any time because it would be picked up on the web.

Cassie looked up at him as he crawled in past her and I could see he was getting a hard on, he came back and lay beside her. I said to Paul I think Cassie will be enjoying herself, he said it should increase the followers when they see him shagging her and the dogs using him, I might put another dog in with them. We watched as the pups finished feeding and waddled over to the house. Brutus started humping Cassie until she got up then he got behind her and started shagging her hard until he shot his load and got off her. She went over to the corner and had a piss and Benji jumped on her as she was finished When he was able to pull out, she went in the house and lay on the mattress beside Brutus. At home I watched as they were all fed. After the feeding Paul came and put her leash on and took her to the conservatory where he shagged her arsehole twice. After an hour he led her back out where her pups were waiting for her. I watched as she lay down, and they latched onto her tits, Brutus moved in behind her and put his leg over her hips and snuggled up to her back. I could see they were going to get on well together. I checked before I went to bed and they were all curled up together asleep. I wondered if she would be ever back as my wife or would I lose her to Paul, Colm or Benji.

After eight weeks Paul changed the pups for another pair and she was in tears as they were taken away, because she was really attached to them. She soon accepted the new pups and carried on as a good mother to them. She has spent eight months now as a bitch and I could see her arse and tits had got bigger, her nipples were at least an inch and a quarter long. Brutus used her a least once each day and the dogs used both her and Brutus. Each morning when they were taken for their walk the lads would use her before putting her back in the kennel. Over the next four months Paul changed the pups twice more, this meant she had fed eight pups during her stay.

Paul phoned and said there was fifty thousand pounds in our account and thought Joan had earned a break after twelve months as a bitch. He asked me to come to the kennels and we could decide what we were going to do. When I arrived, he asked one of the lads to fetch Cassie to the conservatory. He asked her if she was ready for a break, she said yes but can I come back sometime, Paul said of course I am keeping the web site up and running. Brutus will be remaining for some time and followers continue to increase. He told the lad to remove her doggie collar and suit and take her to the bathroom and clean her. Th lad stripped her and as I thought she had put some weight on but still had a lovely figure. He took her to the bathroom and showered her and washed her out, then shagged her before fetching her back to us. Paul said I must use her before you leave so he bent her over the couch and shagged her hard. He then had Benji fetched in, he gave her a blanket to cover herself and I took them home.

That evening she had a long bath and got dressed, but no panties and we went out for a meal and drinks. I told her we would go abroad for a month and she could enjoy the sun, she said what about Benji, I said Paul would look after him while we were away. I asked her would she remain at home when we got back, and she said maybe but I enjoyed my life in the kennel. We got a breast pump to continue milking her and used the milk in our coffee and cereals, she was producing three full cups each day and wanted to continue.

My mates called on the weekend before we left for our break and watched her with Benji, before they all used her, and remarked how loose she had become, and said they would look forward our return.

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