Jenna’s Erotic World Ch. 01

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The Dinner Party – Tony:

I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous as hell. We had been waiting at the dinner table for about 10 mins now. Jenna was reading the wine list while I nervously looked at my watch and tried to make it look casual.

I do not know why the in-god’s name I had agreed to this dinner date. We were meeting an old friend of mine and her new boyfriend; Jason I think his name was. I did not know him. Taryn on the other hand I had known for 10 years. Half as long as I had been married to Jenna for, but in some ways, I knew her just as well.

I thought to myself (not for the first time) how our relationship had grown. We had worked together for a couple of years. When she left, we stayed connected via the internet, our chats grew deeper and more complex as the years went on with a liberal sprinkling of online flirting as well. It was all innocent fun but there were things I could share with Taryn I just could not share with my beautiful wife.

Taryn was always open about her sexuality. She was a short woman. Whilst not fat, she was not thin either. I often told her she had the perfect ass for spanking, to which she would tease with “Only if you can catch it!”

Over the years I would share my secret fantasies and she would tell me about her latest sexual conquest.

She had finally met a guy that seemed “to fill the hole in her” she would text me with a winking emoticon.

Taryn wanted me to meet him for months. I finally caved in and agreed to a dinner date. Explaining to Jenna that an old work friend and her partner wanted to catch up for a dinner was not hard. We had agreed to go to the local Hotel complex where there were many beautifully lavish restaurants. We did not get out much, so this was an exciting excuse.

I looked up again and saw Taryn walking hand in hand with her new boyfriend. He was about my height which is to say average but built a lot sturdier than me. It was obvious he worked out a bit.

“Taryn it’s great to see you again” I said in way of greeting as I rose to embrace her and kiss her on the check.

“You remember Jenna” I said.

“It has been a long while but yes, I remember her. Jenna you are looking beautiful”

Taryn said as she turned to her partner.

“Tony and Jenna, I’d like to introduce you to Jason” Taryn introduced.

“Please just Jase” was Jason’s confident reply.

We sat at the table and Jenna ordered a bottle of wine. We chatted about what we had been up to catching up on years of news.

We ordered our entrees’ and a second bottle of wine. We then ordered our mains and a third and fourth bottle of wine. By this stage we were all relaxed and more than a little drunk. When Taryn’s dish came out, a German Sausage dish, Jase leaned over looked at the large sausage on Taryn’s plate.

“Hey babe that’s nearly as big as mine”

“Not quite, yours is thicker” Taryn smiled wickedly at him.

I looked over to Jenna embarrassed for her. As long as I have known her, she has always been reserved when it came to sex. To my surprise she was laughing along with them.

“Tony’s not as long but he is thicker” she said giggling while she sipped more wine.

I looked at her shocked. Never in a million years would I have expected her to come out with that. I was also a bit embarrassed that she would talk about my member that way.

“Jase is amazing with his cock. What he can do with it makes you just want to come again and again” Taryn said.

I could have died in embarrassment, but Jenna just laughed and came back with

“Tony’s got the most incredible tongue. When he works it on your pussy you feel like you have gone to heaven”

I was looking at her incredulously. Was this my wife? I had to admit listening to her talk this way turned me on.

“Really” said Taryn “that sounds like something I Hd Porno have got to try”

“Well, I am happy to give Jenna a sample of the goods, if Tony is OK with that” Jase put in.

“Yeah, I want to try this tongue thing that Tony has going” Taryn said in a cheeky and seductive way.

“Now hang on a minute guys, I think this is getting inappropriate” I said.

Jenna looked at me and with a playful and seductive glean in her eyes that I had not seen in a while.

“Oh, come on Tony they are just playing around” she said.

“Actually, Tony I would love to give your wife a shot” Jase said.

“And we have flirted so much online that I really am curious” Taryn put in.

“Online flirting?” Jenna queried looking at me, eyebrows arching.

“Oops let the cat out of the bag” was all Taryn could say smiling behind her wine glass.

“Listen honey what she means is…” I started.

“Tony, I want to try Jase’s cock.” Jenna said suddenly interrupting me.

“What?!” was all I could say.

“Yes, I want to try something new. I think you should lick her pussy clean and show her your magic. I really want to try a new cock.”

“It’s all settled,” said Taryn. “When should we do this?”

“How about tonight? We can just book a room in the hotel, what you say?” Jase suggested.

“Sounds great” Taryn chimed in

“I’m game” Jenna said.

“How can I say no” I said totally turned on.

I went to the booking desk and spoke to the young lady behind the desk.

“Hi, I would like to book in tonight. I would like one of your penthouse suites. Something with a king size bed and spa if you have one.

“We have a dual room in the penthouse suite. Its two rooms adjoined by a door. Both have king size beds, and they share an enclosed private balcony with a spa. Would that suite you?” she said after checking the rooms on her computer console.

“Perfect” I said as I handed over my credit card.

We got to the top floor, and I used the key card to open the door, the rooms were massive with every imaginable luxury.

Taryn took Jenna’s hand and led her to the bathroom.

“We’re going to freshen up a bit” she winked as she dragged Jenna to the spacious bathroom.

I turned to Jase.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked.

He just threw himself on the bed and grinned. He took his shirt off and kicked of his shoes.

I took my shoes off and was taking my shirt off when Jenna and Taryn came out of the bathroom. Taryn was wearing a sexy bra and G-string which showed her ample buttocks. Jenna who after twenty years was still in great shape, though she now had a little belly which I always find incredibly sexy, followed. She was wearing ordinary lace under wear and normal everyday bra. Her ample DD cup breasts trying to burst out of them.

I was as hard as a rock. Jenna looked over to me and smiled nervously. Jase was lying naked on the bed with a massive hard on springing up between his legs. He was huge and thick. I was not small, but he made me feel like I might be!

Taryn led Jenna by the hand grabbing my arm as she walked us both to the bed. The two of them sat on the edge of the bed. Jenna looked a little nervous and sat stiffly. Taryn leaned over and kissed Jenna gently on the lips. It was a sensuous kiss. Jenna had her eyes closed but seemed to enjoy it. Taryn moved in closer and kissed her again on the mouth, a little more passionately this time. Jenna opened her mouth to receive the kiss and ever so gently flicked her tongue out to lick Taryn’s lips.

Taryn smiled and returned the kiss using her own tongue. As she did this she reached around the back of her bra and undid the clasps. Her bra fell away exposing her shapely round breasts. She then reached around the back of Jenna as she continued to kiss her and unclipped her bra.

Jenna’s Türkçe Altyazılı Porno heavy breasts spilled out. They were not as firm as they used to be, but they were full and gorgeous. Taryn then embraced her so that their breasts crushed together as they wrapped their arms around each other and continued to kiss passionately, tongues almost wrestling with each other.

At that point Jase moved up the bed and gently pulled Jenna’s face away and began to kiss her with some force. I was immediately jealous but had no time to act on this. Taryn pulled my face down and kissed me with so much force I thought my lips would bruise. She then began to unzip my pants and tug my jeans and boxers down in one yank.

My rock-hard cock sprang to attention aching to be touched.

“I’ve imagined this for nearly 10 years, I can’t wait to get my mouth around it” Taryn said grinning up at me.

She cupped my balls in one hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. She then ran her tongue from the base of my now throbbing cock all the way up to the sensitive head where she gave it a gentle kiss. I was shuddering with anticipation. I opened my eyes and saw that Jenna was lying across the bottom half of Jase with his monstrous penis in her mouth.

It was such an exciting sight I forgot my jealousy.

Taryn got of the bed and grasped the shaft of my cock in her hand and began to lead me to the adjoining room.

“Let’s leave these two for a bit shall we” she said.

I had no other option but to follow, being led by the dick as I was.

We went through the door leaving it open and went straight to the king-sized bed. Taryn slipped out of her G-string and dropped on the bed spreading her legs, giving me a perfect view of her swollen wet pussy lips.

“I want to see if your tongue is as good as Jenna thinks it is.” She said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Babe it’s better!” I boasted.

I knelt on the bed between her legs.

“Pull your legs back.” I said.

Taryn complied by bring her knees up to her chest and hooking her arms under her knees. In this way both her glistening sex and the tight pink pucker of her asshole were not only clearly visible but also very accessible.

I lay between those thighs and gently kissed and licked my way from her knees down to her moist holes.

I went down very low and gently kissed the puckered flesh of her anus. She moaned softly.

“Has anyone ever kissed you down her?” I asked her.

“No” she whispered.

I then ran my tongue in a slow wide lick of her asshole. Again, she moaned. I then used my hands to force her cheeks even further apart and stiffened my tongue. I gently licked around her tight ass feeling her rectum clench in spasms of ecstasy. I then pushed the tip of my tongue into her asshole.

Taryn let out a gasp. I worked my tongue further into her tight hole, enjoying the salty taste of her sweat. I then stuck my middle finger into her wet pussy feeling the tightness. She groaned as I began to move my finger in and out of her.

I continued to lick and probe her ass for a little bit longer, then I moved up with slow long strokes of my tongue to the outmost lips of her cunt. I ran my tongue in wide-flat strokes around her entire sex, lapping up the juices.

I then used my fingers to pull her lips apart exposing her deeper layers. I ran the tip of my tongue down the centre starting from the very base of her pussy all the way to her clit. When I felt her clit on my tongue, I closed my mouth around it and sucked hard.

She bucked with her pleasure and let go of her legs and grabbed the back of my head.

“Tongue fuck me, oh god yes tongue fuck me” she cried.

I sucked hard again and began to lick all over her pussy. She was so wet when I put two of my fingers in her. I pulled Brazzers one of them out and found her tight asshole again. This time I pushed my index finger in deep. She gasped and wriggled on my fingers as I continued to lick and suck at her sex.

Finally, she pushed my face deep in her pussy nearly suffocating me as she began to come.

When she had finished coming, I moved up her, face covered in her slick juices and kissed her deeply on the mouth.

“Well how was that then?” I asked her a little breathless.

“Jenna is right, you have a magic tongue. Now lay back. Time for me to show you what I can do” she said with a mischievous grin.

As I lay down, I could hear moans and gasps coving through the open door to the other room where I had left Jenna and Jase. I briefly wondered what they were doing until the warm wetness of Taryn’s mouth engulf the head of my cock.

It was my turn to grown now. She ran her mouth up and down the head sucking hard and flicking her tongue over it. While she did this, she cupped my balls again in her hand and gripped the shaft with her free hand.

She sucked hard so that when her mouth came off my cock head it made a popping noise. She grinned and began to run her tongue down the shaft of my penis. When she got to the base, she took one of my balls into her mouths, sucking and licking at the same time. I thought I was going to go mad from the pleasure.

Taryn then lifted her head, looked me in the eye while she slid my cock into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she went until I could feel the tightness of her throat around my shaft and her lips on my belly. She had taken me all the way in her throat!

As she slid her mouth up and down, she made sucking noises which I thought was going to make me come. Her hand squeezed my balls gently all the while she was doing this.

“Oh fuck, fuck yes! Fuck babe I’m going to come!” I gasped out.

She quickly slid my cock out of her mouth and then began to pump it hard and fast.

I could not take it anymore. The familiar tightening from my balls, then up through the stomach. Suddenly I was shooting hot white streams into the air and all over Taryn’s face and breasts.

She continued to pump my cock and I continued to come! I had never had an ejaculation as powerful or as long. It felt like I went on for ever.

When I had finally stopped, Taryn licked her fingers clean of the sticky white mess and lay on top of me. I could feel her sticky come drenched breasts push against the hair of my chest. She leaned into me and kissed me on the mouth.

I could taste the salty yet sweet essence of my come on her lips, but it just made it that much more exciting.

We lay like that for a few minutes then Taryn began playing with my cock again.

To my surprise and delight I was getting hard again.

“Ooh someone wants to play some more” was all she said.

When I was hard again, she had me lay flat on the bed while she mounted me. I could feel the tight grip of her hand on my shaft guiding it into the wet moist folds of her pussy. As soon as I was all the way into her, she squeezed the muscles of her cunt making my cock jerk in anticipation.

She continued to ride my cock getting quicker in her need for climax. I watched as my stiff rod slid in and out between the pubic hairs of her pussy lips. I rolled Taryn off me so that I was now on top. I knelt in front of her and lifter her legs up high and wide holding her ankles. I then pushed my cock head into her now very swollen lips. I groaned as I felt the warm wetness suck me in. I pushed further and Taryn moaned aloud.

I then began to thrust my hip. I watched as Taryn tried to match my thrusts, lifting her waist up to meet my every down stroke. The intensity grew and Taryn gasped loudly as her body shuddered in orgasmic release. It was too much. I thrust even faster until I felt my cock spasm again this time inside the folds of Taryn’s sex. I came hard, thrusting in jerks now as I released my come inside her.

Finally, a collapsed-on top of her we lay in each other’s arms. We stayed that way for a while before finally falling asleep.

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