Jen and Alice’s Big Night Out

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Group Sex

We usually arranged a girls day out every six months or so, four or five of us would go shopping, have a long and usually very liquid lunch. Then more shopping, an Italian meal whilst eying up the waiters and getting disapproving looks for being too loud and finally, a mini-cab home. It was rare that one of us didn’t end up knickers down by the side of the vehicle relieving a call of nature. On one occasion it was all we could do to stop one of the girls having her knickers down for the mini-cab driver. She settled for tossing him off as he dropped her off, he did have an impressive cock, bless him.

This time it seemed doomed to be a non starter, even Beth our hand job queen cried off. It was down to just the two of us, Jen and me. Jen was still up for it and it was settled, a days shopping, a meal in the evening and a hotel. The thought of booking a hotel normally wasn’t considered, good job too, even though none of us were spring chickens sorting out potential mischief, cover stories etc. was just too much to contemplate.

So it was Jen and Alice’s big day out. We dropped our bags, only one each honest, at the hotel. It was clean and tidy but we had to settle for a double room with a double bed, no problem I thought, as long as Jen didn’t snore. Hair checked, credit cards checked and off to the shops we went.

I could never resist expensive dress shops and Jen tagged along playing the part of the patient husband, waiting patiently outside. I soon realised that it was going to be one of those days, the one when you see lots of nice dresses but either the shop didn’t have the right size or it didn’t look quite right if they did. Jen made all the right noises, including the “I don’t think that’s quite you,” comment as I shoe horned myself into a dress which showed every curve, and I mean every curve. She tried on an odd one with me but in truth she is more of a skirt and blouse girl and she was more interested in replacing the contents of her “well worn,” knickers drawer. This time it was my turn to play the dutiful husband role, only I was in the cubicle with her.

Jen had picked out a selection of colourful but sexy panties that suited her slim figure and tried each on in turn, I appraised each pair whilst sat on a chair in the corner, not realising for some time that I was clutching her panties in my hand. I have to say that I was impressed with her figure, I knew she jogged but it hadn’t turned her into an athlete, just kept her nicely toned. She bent over to retrieve a particularly nice pair of salmon coloured pants with white lace trim and I was given the full tour, slender but rounded buttocks, pink pussy with her inner lips protruding slightly and her puckered little rosebud. I had to admit it was a lovely sight and to my surprise I felt a surge of wetness between my own thighs. She straightened up giggling and asked for her knickers, I could feel myself blushing as I handed them over.

Having retrieved and purchased the salmon coloured panties, along with matching bra and similar sets in pale blue and in chocolate, we went in search of a coffee pick me up. Sat on the coffee shop sofa Jen took out the undies and said slightly too loud, “which should I wear later?” I half expected a chorus of comments from the other customers but instead it was me alone who suggested the original salmon pair. Jen satisfied with my choice demanded to know what I was going to wear. Again she was a little on the loud side and I felt myself flush. I explained I had another pair of white cotton ones at the hotel, Jen who by now was quite enjoying my discomfiture announced theatrically that we would have to find me some nice black lacy ones. So taking my bursa otele gelen escort arm she guided me out of the shop, as we went through the door I noticed a couple of smiles following us.

Jen was now on a mission and announcing that she knew just the place led the way at a brisk pace that had me struggling to keep up. We ended up in another cubicle with a selection of undies, Jen’s choice. I undressed down to my just my shoes; looking in the mirror, I could see Jen giving me a long look.

“I wish I had your curves,” she sighed.

I grasped my buttocks and wobbled them, “I wish I could have your body. I mean I wish I was more elegant like you,” I replied.

Jen urged me to try on the selected underwear. She was particularly taken with some all lace scalloped pants in pink. She leaned forward and ran her fingers over the material, “very nice,” she whispered. Her finger tips moved under the hem, smoothing out the edge under my cheeks, “very nice,” she repeated. Now she looked flushed. I slipped them down my legs and treated Jen to the same view she had given me. I’m sure I heard her breath “very nice,” for a third time.

I tried on the bra, Jen helped with the fitting, I was sure she lingered just too long as she unhooked me, as if testing the weight of my breasts as they pulled the bra forward. I dressed slowly, Jen’s eyes fixed on my every move, I was a little disconcerted but definitely aroused. After a brief discussion we picked out a black set and another in grey and, purchases in hand, set out in search of more. This was much more fun than Amazon!

Three hours on and with sore feet Jen decided she needed lipstick; fifteen shades later, every tester in the shop, she settled on the first one she tried. She moved close and asked “what do you think of the taste, I’m not sure?” before I could pick up the tester she treated me to a soft kiss on my lips.

” Fine,” I said looking around to see if anyone had noticed.

“Are you okay?” Jan responded.

“Fine.” If a little wet, I thought.

By now it was time to head back to the hotel for a shower and a change of clothes. Jen was first to the shower, I undressed and looked at myself in the mirror and ran my fingers over my breasts, I day dreamed of a pair of hands slowly caressing me and sliding my new panties slowly down my thighs. I licked my lips as I imagined taking my turn, my mouth moving over moist flesh.

“Your turn Alice.”

I woke from my dream to see Jen rubbing her hair with a towel, my fingers were on my clit, had she seen? I headed for the shower.

I returned to the bedroom wrapped in a towel, Jen was in her new panties and bra and looked amazing, her skin glowing and her blond hair flowing to her shoulders, not tied up as she usually wore it. I hurriedly dried myself and slipped my new pants on. I too felt a warm glow, not on my skin but between my legs. I was most definitely turned on by this tall, elegant, lovely woman. Why had I never noticed how attractive she was? I could just imagine my husband enjoying the sight of her, the feel of her, I could see him parting her thighs and driving his hard cock into her. Oh God, I was sure he hadn’t had her but I was jealous of the possibility, I was jealous that anyone had enjoyed her lovely body. I swallowed hard and slipped on my bra, the lace rough against my hardening nipples.

Jen seemed oblivious to my looks but she came close and gave me a hug, “You look great, it’s been a lovely day hasn’t it?” I had to agree and it was getting better, I returned her hug holding her warm body to me and letting my fingertips caress her thighs as we parted. escort bayan I wanted to feel her hands on my breasts, her moth on me, teasing my clit; I wanted her; I wanted to cum.

We headed for a restaurant we had seen earlier, me in a little black number, Jen in a flowing skirt and blouse. I decided to go easy on alcohol, I am a lightweight anyway but if I had too much tonight it would be me making a fool of myself this time, not Beth. I spent most of the evening watching Jen. We sipped coffee, talked and laughed, exchanging anecdotes Jen was radiant in the candle light, her blue eyes flickered with laughter, I was besotted. She moved closer whispering in my ear, drawing my attention to the waiter. He was rather handsome and at this time of night I would often find myself looking at men, imagining their hands on me, or kissing my neck but tonight my attention was elsewhere, the firm swell of her breast against my arm and the touch of her hand laid casually on my thigh made my heart race. It was too much for me, I excused myself and headed for the Ladies.

I locked myself in a cubicle and my dress up over my waist. I had to relieve myself, it was too much to bear. I slipped down my panties and found my hard button with two finger tips. I was in a hurry, no time to be subtle I rubbed furiously on my clit bringing myself to a shuddering climax. I couldn’t hold back my cries as I came. I was sure nobody had been in there when I went in but I was still embarrassed as I opened the door. All was clear, I checked my make up and headed back.

Jan was chatting up the waiter, I sat down and decided it was time to leave. I didn’t want to end up watching men look at her, I wanted her, I’d just masturbated in the toilet thinking of her. I squeezed my thighs together, my nipples were like bullets, my new panties soaked. Whatever happened I was going to eat her pussy even if I had to tie her down. “Let’s go back to the hotel,” said somewhat sharply.

Jan just said “Okay,” and we headed for the door. On the way back I linked my arm through hers, she asked “Are you okay Alice, you’ve not had a bit too much to drink have you?”

I didn’t reply. I was deep in my own thoughts.

When the lift door closed behind us in the hotel I could wait no longer, “Jan please don’t be offended” I stammered and slipped my hands around her slim waist, my lips yearned to kiss her, I turned my face up to hers and found them. The softness of them sent a shiver down my whole body, I pulled away and whispered “I want to make love to you, please let me.” I was pleading.

The lift door opened and I released my embrace, and almost ran to the bedroom door, I could feel hot tears running down my cheeks. Jan closed the door behind me, I turned to look at her, she smiled and held my bare shoulders. “Of course I’ll let you, silly. I almost had you in the underwear shop. When you bent over it was all I could do to stop myself from licking your lovely little arsehole.” She laughed and gently wiped my tears with the back of her hand.

I was sobbing with excitement and relief. “All I could think of was you and that waiter, I didn’t think you’d want me”.

She grinned mischievously, “Perhaps I could lick your cute little pussy whilst he rams his cock up mine, how d5thoes that sound?”

“Horrible, I want you all to myself,” I replied.

Jen held me to her, I could feel her own excitement rising, he fingers trembling slightly as she fumbled with the zip on my dress. It slipped down easily, her fingers burned on my skin. Her mouth covered mine, her tongue exploring, drawing mine into her. I let out a moan as her hands moved over my back, mudanya escort caressing, drawing lines of fire in my flesh. I wanted everything, couldn’t wait, but Jen wasn’t about to give in to lust. She was enjoying herself, savouring every moment. Her fingers traced outline of my bra, her mouth moved over my cheek and down my neck, nuzzling and nibbling, down further to the soft swell of my breast. My bra fell forward and her soft hands cupped both breasts as her lips sought my hard nipples. She sucked gently, her tongue flicking and rolling over them. My orgasm washed over me, gently, up between my thighs and along my spine. Her arms caught me as my knees buckled. “Please don’t stop, ” I pleaded.

Jen’s kiss was soft and loving as she laid me on the bed. She stood over me slowly unbuttoning her blouse, her bra fell away to reveal her firm, small breasts. She turned away and slowly slid her new panties over her buttocks and down her thighs. I caught my breathe at the sight of her. She lowered herself on to the bed next to me, kissing my breasts, running her tongue over me. I ran my fingers through her hair as she moved down lower to my stomach. Her tongue ran along the top of my panties as her fingers slipped over them to my thighs and down my stockinged legs. Her hand moved slowly, languidly over me, teasing out sighs and gasps. fingertips slid over my pants and found my clit, hard, waiting. She circled it, rubbed it, teased it until my back arched announcing another orgasm, this one more intense, making my inner thighs quiver and the muscles around my anus spasm.

I was panting with desire, amazed at the way Jen was controlling my responses, bringing out feelings that no man had ever managed. She wasn’t stopping, her fingers deftly pulled down my knickers, her lips and tongue in one movement opening my pussy lips. She bathed me in soft warmth as she licked and nibbled on me, at the same time I bathed her with my juices as they flowed out of me. Her lips moved over me, sucked on my swollen lips, drawing them into her mouth. I could hear her own moans, her soft words of love and desire. Her mouth moved up to my clit, her fingers opened me, entered me. Two fingers gently fucking me as her lips enveloped my hard node, the sensations were more intense than I could bear. Jen turned me, I mourned the loss of her mouth on my pussy but her tongue slipped between my buttocks, her hands parting them. Down her tongue moved until it found its target, the tip moved over my anus, swirled round it, probing, licking. Her lips moved over my little bud, her tongue forcing its way in. I cried out as her fingers slid inside.

I lay panting in Jen’s arms, sated.

I knew that I wanted to return the love she had given me, wanted to make love to her, feel her respond to my touch. I propped myself on my elbows and moved my breasts over her. She smiled up at me and pulled my face to her, but it was my kiss, my tongue on her lips, on her breasts, circling her hard nipples. I pulled at them with my teeth, drawing a gasp from her. Her fingers were in my hair pushing me down. I was desperate to taste her, I had wanted it from the moment I saw her pink lips in the changing room. I let her move me downward until my lips were caressing the silky soft hair of her mound. She opened her thighs, inviting me to pleasure her, I traced her tiny clit with the tip of my tongue, but that could wait, I wanted to taste her juices. Her lips parted as I moved to my goal. My tongue worked her sugar sweet lips, coating my mouth with her nectar. She writhed, pushing my head deeper between her legs. I couldn’t match her earlier restraint as I ate her, devoured her. My thumb worked her clit, my fingers opening her fold as my lips and tongue melted into her wetness. Her cries filled the room as she reached her climax. I was close behind as my excitement tipped me over the edge once more.

Jen pulled me away from her pussy and up into her arms. Held me close, into warmth, softness and sleep.

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