Jamie’s Turn Ch. 01

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It was approaching one in the morning and Jamie’s slumber party was starting to wind down. Her parents had gone to bed hours ago and her four friends were starting to unroll their sleeping bags. Jamie turned out the lights and took her place on the couch.

Just as Jamie began to close her eyes Melissa spoke up, “Have any of you ever…” Her voice trailed off, she sounded a little nervous.

“Have any of us ever what?” Tiffany asked in a drowsy, apathetic voice.

“Have any of you ever tried…you know… uh… masturbating?” Melissa asked in a shy, nervous voice. The room fell silent for a few moments. Melissa anxiously awaited an answer, terrified that her friends would just laugh at her.

Eventually, Sarah bravely came to her friend’s aid, “I’ve tried it.” The dam had been broken, one by one the girls confessed.

“Yeah, once or twice.” Tiffany responded.

“It’s…natural.” Amy squeaked. The other girls could tell that Amy was blushing her head off, despite the darkness.

It was Jamie’s turn to confess. She thought back to the first time she had ever masturbated. It was a warm afternoon and she had just gotten back from school. She had spent the whole day thinking of the fun she could have with the boy who sat next to her in English class and she could feel the juices running down her inner thigh. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. She ripped of her pants and removed her panties, she couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly plunged two fingers deep into her pussy. Her fingers pulsed in and out of her tight, fevered pussy and she began to loose control. She couldn’t stop now if she wanted to. She thrust her fingers deeper and deeper faster and faster. Her warm juices spilled down her open legs and onto the cold tile. And there, convulsing on the bathroom floor, Jamie had her first orgasm.

“Jamie, what about you?” The sound of Melissa’s voice brought Jamie back to the present.

“Yeah, I’ve done it.” Jamie replied. She realized that just thinking about that first time had turned her on. She stealthily brushed her finger tips against the crotch of her panties and discovered they were already damp. She began to wonder if she could get away with fingering herself in the dark while her friends slept right next to her.

“Good, because I love fucking myself!” Melissa said, interrupting Jamie’s train of thought. “I do it at least two or three times a day. In fact, a few weeks, ago my mom caught me doing it!”

“What did she do?” Sarah asked, shocked.

“That’s the best part,” Melissa said as she fumbled through her backpack in the dark looking for something, “she said that it was perfectly natural and she bought me this.” As Melissa finished talking there was a click and a slight humming sound.

“Is that…” Tiffany began.

“Yup, a vibrator.” Melissa answered without listening to the rest of the question. “Do you guys want to try it?”

“Of course!” Sarah almost shrieked.

Melissa got up and flicked on the lights. She was standing in the doorway, completely naked. She was 5’6″ and had long, straight, black hair that fell to her lower back. Her breasts were about the size of two large softballs and her small, pink nipples stood completely erect. There was a neatly-trimmed patch of black hair between her thighs. But most importantly of all to the girls, she was holding a six-inch piece of pink plastic in her right hand. Melissa looked down at Sarah with an evil smirk spreading across her face, “You’re first.”

Melissa knelt down to Sarah’s sleeping bag and unzipped it slowly. Beneath it Sarah was only wearing a tight white T-shirt and a light blue pair of panties. Sarah’s long, curly, blonde hair spilled across the floor. Melissa brushed the crotch of Sarah’s panties gently with the fingers of her right hand. Sarah’s breath quickened, and she spoke up. “What are you doing? Just let me have it, I can do it myself.”

“You need to be wet first.” Melissa replied, her voice thick with desire. “Besides, it’s much more fun for both of us if I do it to you.”

“Look, I can do it myself, this is getting kind of weird.” Sarah squeaked. Melissa responded by gently rubbing the crotch of Sarah’s panties with two fingers in a circular motion. “No, no. Please….” Sarah pleaded, but she put up no physical resistance.

“Shhhhhhh, it’s okay.” Melissa purred, while setting the vibrator on the floor so she could gently stroke Sarah’s hair with her left hand and the crotch of her panties with her right. “What’s the difference if I do it? You’ll like it either way.”

Sarah closed her eyes and gave in. Melissa moved her fingers faster and soon a dark, wet patch had spread all across the crotch of Sarah’s panties. “Looks like you’re ready.” Melissa said as she pulled Sarah’s panties down around her knees, revealing Sarah’s drooling pussy.

Jamie watched this sight in complete awe. She was a little frightened by the fact that she was being turned on by watching two girls but, at this point, it didn’t matter. She looked at Melissa, who was facing away from her. Melissa was bent down between Sarah’s thighs bursa evi olan escort completely naked, ass in the air, her pussy a pink glistening slit. The sight made Jamie so horny she couldn’t stand it. She slowly slipped a hand down her panties. She was so wet it seemed like she had peed herself, but she knew that wasn’t the case. She just was not used to being this wet. Then she remembered her other two friends were still in the room, she quickly pulled her hand out and looked over at them.

Both Tiffany and Amy were still in their sleeping bags, staring at what was unfolding between Melissa and Sarah. It didn’t look like they were paying any real attention to Jamie and, judging by the subtle motions she was making under her sleeping bag, Tiffany was already having some fun with herself. Jamie figured it didn’t really matter at this point and slid her hand back underneath her panties with a relieved sigh. Then she turned her attention back to Melissa and Sarah.

Melissa picked the vibrator up off the ground. Then she slowly spread Sarah’s nether lips with her left hand and nudged the head of the vibrator in with her right. Sarah moaned softly as Melissa worked the full length of the vibrator into her wet, yielding pussy. Melissa flipped a switch on the back and a deep humming sound filled the room. Sarah’s eyelids shot open and she began to work her hips in a circular motion, involuntarily. Melissa quickly clasped her left hand over Sarah’s mouth while pumping the vibrator in and out of her friend’s pussy with her other hand. Sarah’s whole body began to spasm and her face began to clench. She shoved her hips violently into the air, but Melissa laid on top of her, pinning her to the ground. Tears rolled down Sarah’s cheeks as every muscle in her body began to spasm.

The sight of Sarah convulsing underneath Melissa while Melissa pounded the vibrator in and out of Sarah’s sensitive, little pussy had Jamie hypnotized. She couldn’t help feverishly stroking her throbbing clit if she wanted to.

Sarah’s muffled cries could be heard through Melissa’s fingers. Then, all of a sudden, Sarah’s whole body went limp. When Melissa was sure it was over she rolled off of Sarah, pulled out the vibrator with a squishy sucking sound, and turned towards Tiffany. “I never tried it on the highest setting before, myself, but at least Sarah seemed to like it.” The other girls looked at Sarah who was lying on her back, panties around her knees, staring glassy-eyed at the ceiling, juice still slowly oozing from her pink, quivering pussy lips.

Melissa noticed Jamie and Tiffany pleasuring themselves. “Cut that out, both of you! Wait for your turns!” Jamie reluctantly pulled her hand from her drenched panties and the frantic motions underneath Tiffany’s sleeping bag came to an abrupt stop.

Tiffany erupted out of her sleeping bag and lay on her back, her short red hair was a sharp contrast to the dull-colored carpet. She was already completely naked. “Please, me next.” she moaned. Melissa knelt down between her thighs and admired her pussy.

“Yours is a lighter shade of pink than mine.” Melissa said, spreading Tiffany open. “And you have such a big clit! It’s so hard…” She said as she rubbed it slowly. “Well it’s normal, I guess, but it’s a lot bigger than mine and it’s so hard. I love your clit!” She exclaimed, giving it a little squeeze. Tiffany sat up and let out a little cry. “Well, it seems you’ve already gone and gotten yourself all wet, so I guess I’ll use it on you now.” Melissa said as she started to work the vibrator into Tiffany’s flooded hole.

“I’m gonna start you off on the lowest setting and work my way up.” Melissa whispered in Tiffany’s ear. A quiet buzzing sound could be heard and Tiffany’s eyelids began to flicker. Melissa gently blew cool air onto Tiffany’s hot, hard clit. Tiffany’s back arched and Melissa moved up a notch. She turned up the vibrator and began working Tiffany’s clit with two fingers in a circular motion. Tiffany couldn’t take any more. She ground her hips into the carpet and began to cry out. Melissa quickly stopped rubbing Tiffany’s clit to clamp a hand over her mouth. Tiffany continued moaning and grinding her ass into the carpet as a flood of pussy juice exploded from between her thighs and drenched Melissa. As Tiffany’s orgasm tapered off into a few incoherent words and gasps for air Melissa stood up. Her face and perfect tits were glistening with Tiffany’s pussy juice, her long black hair swayed gently as she slowly turned towards Amy. Jamie couldn’t help but think that Melissa was gorgeous.

“Well, Amy, how about you?” Melissa asked with her evil grin. Amy was still completely covered by her sleeping bag.

“I…I…don’t know.” Amy stammered. Amy was a shy, refined Asian girl who was obviously embarrassed by this whole scene.

“I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to,” Melissa said, “but if you want to use this on yourself, under the covers, it will feel really, really good.”

Amy blushed and just held out her hand. Melissa gave her the vibrator which was still altıparmak escort slick with Tiffany and Sarah’s juices. Amy’s hand disappeared inside her sleeping bag and soon a soft humming could be heard. Amy began breathing deeply, then moaning. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and soon her face began to contort. The other girls could see the frantic thrusting motions her arm was making underneath the sleeping bag. Suddenly Amy cried out softly and then went limp. A few seconds later her arm reappeared and she handed Melissa the vibrator. Melissa turned towards Jamie, “It’s your turn.”

Jamie had been dying for this. By now her panties were soaked through and she could barely keep her hands away from her quivering, little, hungry hole. “But I’m gonna make you work for yours, Jamie. “Melissa said, that grin of hers slowly crossing her face.

“I’ll do anything, please, please just stick that thing in me please I can’t stand it.” Jamie begged.

Melissa laid down on her back, “I want you to eat me out.”

Jamie was shocked, “What!?”

“You know, stick that little tongue of yours in my pussy and lick me ’til I come.” Jamie had never even been with a boy before, but she was too horny to argue. She knelt down on the floor and spread Melissa’s quivering pussy lips. Melissa’s hole was glistening with juice. Jamie slowly ran her tongue around Melissa’s opening and let it dance across her clit. As she did, Melissa moaned. Then she thrust two fingers in and began sucking Melissa’s clit, hard. “OHHH just like that, yeah…” Melissa began to moan and squirm as Jamie began nibbling her sensitive little clit very gently while thrusting her two fingers in and out even harder. Melissa began to grind her pussy hard into Jamie’s face as she came. Soft groans and squishy fucking sounds filled the room until the spasms of Melissa’s orgasm subsided. When she was done Melissa sat up, “You’re good at that, Jamie. I’ll want more from you later, but now it’s your turn.”

Melissa picked up the vibrator, knocked Jamie onto her back, and slowly slid down Jamie’s soaked panties. Melissa moved her face close to Jamie’s little pussy and stared at it, then she began softly blowing cool air on Jamie’s swollen clit. A shockwave of pleasure permeated Jamie’s entire body and she arched her back and moaned softly. Then Melissa began slowly working the vibrator into Jamie’s tight, wet hole. Jamie squirmed with pleasure, she felt so wonderfully filled. Then Jamie heard a humming noise and she began to feel intense sensations of pleasure spilling out of her pussy and filling her entire body. She couldn’t hold back, she had no control over herself, she had to scream. She tried but at some point Melissa had clamped a hand over her mouth. The sensation in her pussy was too much, she rocked her hips up trying to get away but Melissa was on top of her, holding her down. The sensation was too intense for her handle, it felt like her brain was turning to mush as the pleasure rocked her body into spasm after spasm. Suddenly she had to push down, she had to grind into the carpet, she had to get away. She pushed as hard as she could. Suddenly it felt as if she was peeing, but she didn’t care. She could feel the wetness between her thighs grow as her pussy shot juice all over Melissa’s body. And with that Jamie’s eyes rolled into her head and she slumped down, completely relaxed and content. Her turn was over.

Within an hour all of the girls had fallen asleep. All of them except Tiffany, anyway. Tiffany lay awake, staring at the ceiling, her panties soaking wet. She was still thinking about Jamie eating Melissa’s pussy. She could still see Jamie’s soft pink tongue dancing over Melissa’s clit. Jamie’s fingers thrusting faster and deeper into Melissa’s hot, little hole. Melissa grinding her pussy into Jamie’s face while she came.

Tiffany couldn’t take it any longer, she had to do something. She glanced around the moon-lit living room. As far as she could tell her four friends were all fast asleep. She got out of her sleeping bag and crept stealthily over to the couch where Jamie was sleeping. She nudged Jamie awake.

“What do you want?” Jamie asked sleepily. She obviously wasn’t happy about being awakened.

Tiffany put a finger to her lips and spoke in a whisper, “I want you to eat me out.”

“I can’t…I…I’m not a lesbian.” Jamie replied in a hushed voice.

“But you just ate Melissa out.”

“Yeah, but I…I had to. I was so horny and it was the only way to get her to use…her…her vibrator on me.” Jamie stammered.

“I know you liked it, I was watching, you really got into it. Even if you didn’t like it just think of it as…as doing me a favor. I’ll do it to you too.” As Tiffany said this she slowly moved her hand beneath Jamie’s covers and began to rub Jamie’s pussy through her panties. Her panties were already a little wet and as Tiffany rubbed they got wetter and wetter. Jamie lay there stunned, not knowing what to say as Tiffany’s fingers aroused her.

“Come on, your pussy is saying yes, you can’t hide how wet gemlik escort your panties are.” Tiffany purred.

“No….no….” Jamie moaned. But she did nothing to resist.

Tiffany got under the covers. Jamie was wearing nothing but her panties and Tiffany wasted no time in licking Jamie’s erect, pink, nipples. While she did this she continued massaging Jamie’s pussy through her now soaking wet panties. Tiffany began pressing her fingers hard against Jamie’s pussy forcing the cloth from her panties deep into her hot, little hole. As she did this Jamie squealed and writhed with pure pleasure. Tiffany began to nibble softly on Jamie’s nipples, sending streaks of pleasure from her nipples down to the tips of her hungry pussy lips. Tiffany then began to kiss Jamie’s stomach gently, slowly moving her face down towards Jamie’s pussy as she went. She eventually reached Jamie’s pussy and kissed it through the soft fabric of her drenched panties. Tiffany then slowly pulled her friend’s panties down and moved her face closer to her pussy. The pungent smell of her friend’s pussy filled Tiffany’s nostrils. Jamie’s pussy was soaking wet and quivering, waiting to be tended to. Tiffany parted Jamie’s pussy with two fingers she flicked her tongue quickly across her swollen clit. Pleasure rocked Jamie’s body and she began to moan softly.

Tiffany began working two fingers in and out of Jamie’s wet pussy. As she did the walls of Jamie’s pussy contracted hard, holding Tiffany’s fingers in place. Tiffany licked and sucked Jamie’s clit harder as spasm after spasm of pleasure flooded over Jamie’s body. Finally Jamie’s orgasm subsided and Tiffany got her fingers back.

As Jamie lay panting, Tiffany looked out from under the covers to see if they had been noticed. Standing right next to them was Melissa. She was completely naked and she was stroking her own pussy gently with one hand and while holding her cell phone with the other. “Smile.” She said, pointing the face at them and hitting a button. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just wake Sarah up.” She said, an evil grin crossing her face. Jamie sat up with a sigh.

“Well, I guess it’s your turn now.” She said. Tiffany took Jamie’s place on the couch while Jamie knelt between Tiffany’s legs to deal with her needy pussy.

Meanwhile Melissa unzipped Sarah’s sleeping bag and positioned her face between Sarah’s legs. Sarah was still asleep, but Melissa had never been much for formalities. Melissa began slowly licking Sarah’s pussy through her panties. As she did a dark wet spot grew quickly across the crotch, a delicious mixture of Sarah’s pussy juice and Melissa’s saliva. Sarah began to moan softly. “Awake, now, are you?” Melissa asked. Sarah just nodded her head and Melissa went back to work.

On the couch Jamie was feverishly licking Tiffany’s hot wet pussy. Tiffany arched her back with pleasure as Jamie’s tongue flicked back and forth across her large clit. All of a sudden Tiffany felt an intense pleasure that she had never known before. She could feel a wet finger sliding into and out of her tight little ass while Jamie continued licking her clit. The pleasure coming from both her ass and her pussy was almost unbearable and she looked up to see what was going on. Jamie was still working on her clit, but Melissa was the one sliding the finger into her sensitive little ass hole. Meanwhile Sarah was lying on the ground, her face buried deep in Melissa’s pussy. Melissa’s pungent juices running down the sides of her cheeks. Melissa noticed Tiffany looking at her and she smiled. “You like it don’t you. My finger pumping in and out of your sweet little ass while Jamie sucks your clit. I knew you would. I always have a finger in my ass when I masturbate, which reminds me, Sarah honey do me a favor and slide a finger up my ass would you?” Sarah stopped eating Melissa’s pussy momentarily and spread Melissa’s ass cheeks with one hand. With the other she slowly slid a finger up her friend’s tight ass hole. She kept it there as her mouth went back to work on Melissa’s hot, wet pussy.

Tiffany could barely believe what was happening. Jamie had her face buried between her thighs and was sucking and nibbling her sensitive clit while thrusting two fingers deeper and deeper into her hot, yielding hole while Melissa rammed a finger in and out of her tight ass. The pleasure coming from both of her holes and her clit was overpowering. Tiffany’s body rocked and spasmed involuntarily with pleasure while she moaned and mumbled incoherent words. Tiffany was lost in a world of pure pleasure as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her little body.

When Tiffany came back to the real world, she had quite a sight waiting for her. Melissa was standing next to the couch, her eyelids flickering with pleasure, and her hands feverishly massaging her own breasts. Knelt down on the floor in front of Melissa was Sarah who was wildly licking and sucking Melissa’s throbbing clit. Positioned behind Melissa was Jamie who was reaming Melissa’s pink vibrator in and out of Melissa’s cute, little ass. Melissa moaned and groaned, her hips working wildly from side to side. It looked like she was either trying to increase her pleasure or get away from the over powering sensations. Melissa let out one last moan of absolute pleasure as her back arched and she completely lost her balance. Jamie propped Melissa up from behind as her intense orgasm nearly brought Melissa to her knees.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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