Jacqui REALLY finds out about sex 2

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My girlfriend, Barby, was really excited when I told her about my experience with young Jacqui. Barby and I have what’s called an ‘open’ relationship, in other words, whilst we don’t screw around as such, we are free to have sex with other people of either sex, as long as we’re honest with each other about it. It works for us anyway!

Whilst I wasn’t into other guys, Barby often brought other bi-girls home for us both to enjoy, so my telling her about young Jacqui was par for the course.

I had told Jacqui that I had a girlfriend, so there were no secrets between us.

Anyway, Barby was in the upstairs powder room when there came a knock at the door – I knew that it was Jacqui. My heart jumped like a teenager as I went to the door.

There she was, dressed in a white cotton top which was see-through showing her dark pink nipples, and white spandex hotpants, showing her cameltoe for all the world to see.

“Hello Bob,” she said nervously, “ am I dressed OK?”

Assuring her she was dressed just fine, I pulled her inside the hallway, pressing my body against her and giving her a deep french kiss, cupping her left breast in a squeeze, making her gasp. “You look so wonderful, anyone would lust after you,” I said. My other hand found her butt and pulled her against my bulging cock. Her breaths came shorter as I slid my tongue into her eager mouth. I told her she would even give a gay guy a hard on.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she said shyly.

“You look very sexy to me,” came a voice from the stairway. It was Barby.

“Jacqui, meet my friend Barby,” I said, as Barby moved slowly down the stairs, smiling broadly. “I’ve heard so much about you Jacqui. According to Bob, you’re the most sexy young girl he’s met in over 20 years.”

“Oh. I err . . . hi Barby,” she said, surprised.

By this time, Barby was at the bottom of the stairs beside us, inviting us all to go on into the lounge room.

Jacqui sat on a couch, Barbie next to her, leering at her gorgeous figure with lustful eyes, letting her arm casually rest on Jacqui’s shoulders, hand straying onto the top of the beginning of the swell of her breast.

I arrived with 2 bottles of vintage Dom Perignon Champagne and 3 chilled glasses, carefully opening one with the classic “shoosh of an Angel’s breath” to preserve the precious bubbles, I poured us each a glass and made a toast to ‘new experiences’, to which we all drank. Jacqui Sex hikayeleri not being familiar wit champagne, let alone $500 a bottle Dom Perignon, swigged the whole glass in one, saying she thought that’s what you do with a toast!

“Of course,” I said, refilling her flute and making another toast – this time to the beautiful and sexy jacqui.

After another couple of toasts, the second bottle was history and Jacqui was flying high and happy as a dog with 2 tails!

Barby suggested that we should go ahead and visit the outside area to enjoy the warm eveing air.

We all went ahead and Jacqui was really taken with the patio, leading onto the kIdney shaped pool and jakuzzi.

“Let’s get in.” said Barby, pulling Jacqui onto the patio. “ Don’t be shy darlin’,” she said, stripping naked and jumping into the hot bubbling water. Jacqui could hardly refuse, stripped off and followed Barby into the foaming water.

Meantime, I turned the exterior sound system on loaded with 10 CD’s, mixed a huge cocktail of Pina Colada, placed the jug on a poolside table with glasses and jumped into the hot water after shedding my own clothes.

I poured us all a glass of cocktail and made a toast to good times – we swigged it down in one again. [Didn’t want Jacqui to feel embarrased about her not knowing the etiquette about toasting, of course!]. So I topped up our glasses. We had several more and it was plain to see that Jacqui was feeling woozy. In fact, Jacqui was almost breathless from the effect of the drink and the hot bubbling water.

I slid alongside her letting my right arm slide down over her shoulder so that I could cup her right breast in my hand. She turned her head to me and we started to kiss passionately, pushing my tongue into her mouth which she sucked enthusiastically. Barby moved in on the left side and soon put her mouth on Jacqui’s left nipple, tonguing and sucking. Jacqui made to move away but I held her, saying through my kiss, this would be very exciting for her. We continued snogging.

Barby was a cheeky bitch and soon had her fingers exploring Jacqui’s pussy lips, finding her slit. Jacqui shivered but found herself opening her legs, allowing Barby free access to her pussy lips. Barby continued to suck Jacqui’s left breast whist she penetrated the now moist insides of Jacqui’s pussy.

Another voice interrupted the sounds of the Elton John music playing over the house audio, and our Sikiş hikayeleri own noises – Brian, Barby’s giant half-brother and his girlfriend, Anita a natural blonde from Sweden, with a body to die for. He was already naked with his 10” dong hanging down limp. Anita was soon naked and both climbed into the jakuzzi.

They introduced themselves to Jacqui, opened a bottle of Moet & Chandon and Peach Schnapps they’d brought with them, mixed drinks and settled into the hot foaming water.

“No we all know each other, let’s indulge our pleasures,” said Barby hoisting Jacqui up onto the edge of the pool. She soon spread her legs and thrust her face into Jacqui’s pussy, her tongue finding the slit and pushing inside. Jacqui had no time to resist and was soon overtaken with the pleasures of having her clitty licked and sucked, having her first orgasm of what was to be many, before the party was over. Her second orgasm followed about 20 seconds later as Barby sucked hard on her pussy whilst inserting a finger into J’s anus in a finger fucking motion.

This time, Jacqui screamed in ecstacy, shivered all over and fell back onto the patio legs spread wide, eyes closed.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I moved Barby aside, stood between Jacqui’s open thighs, pulled her towards me and inserted my now rigid digit into her wet pussy. I fucker hard for many minutes before I could feel the sperm filling my balls, at which I stopped, withdrew my cock and aimed the head at her sphincter.

She seemed to suddenly realise what was to happen, tried to wriggle, but to no avail – I pressed hard into her, my cock popping inside, and I started humping furiously again. This time there was no holding back, as I squirted my sperm inside her bowels until my ball swere empty – she orgasmed just as I finished, grunting and groaning in a pissed, slurring call to “God”.
She laid there as Barby told her to stay still as we didn’t want sperm in the water. Oh no! Barby sucked and licked it all out of her! Then eased her back into the water, but such that a jet of hot water was in direct line with her pussy, so that the water swilled inside her. She whimpered in her pissed state, enjoying the sensation.

Meanwhile, I saw Anita giving Brian a blowjob on the side of the pool, arse in the air. TOO MUCH TO RESIST, so I slid in behind her and stuck my tongue into her open pussy, making her jump and almost swallow Brian’s now hard dick. Erotik hikaye He appreciated it! I spread her cheeks then sought her anus – I licked her until she was wet then plunged my tongue right in there, making her squirt cum all over my face, Brian also shooting his cum down her throat in unison.

Boy, what a scene.

Everyone then relaxed with more drink before Brian spotted the swell of Jacqui’s arse as she reached across the pool for a glass. He grabbed her cheeks, pushed them apart and dove his tongue into the first hole that he hit, which happened to be her pussy. Licking and sucking her pussy, she was quickly aroused, and he soon had the tip of his again hard rod up against her crack. Only thing was, when he thrust forward up to his balls, it was straight into her arse, bringing a shreik of pain that lasted 30 seconds. She was breathing heavily. He waited a few seconds, then started to pump her arse, reaching under her and finding her clitty, which he teased with his fingers, making her forget the pain and enjoy the whole experience, cumming twice more times.

Brian was an athlete, so pumped and pumped for a good 15 minutes, before suddenly shouting, “I’m cumming” and shooting his giant load into Jacqui’s bowels. They lay still for several minutes before he withdrew his dick, on which he noticed streaks of blood – he’d ripped her insides!

They both went into the main house for showers.

Barby introduced herself to Anita by suddenly planting a kiss full on the lips, to which Anita didn’t object, so she soon found Barby’s fingers opening her cunt lips and pushing inside. Barby stopped Anita pulling away by biting hard down on her bottom lip, drawing blood and a whimper.

Barby soon had 3 fingers inside Anita’s twat and was giving her a good finger-fucking, rubbing her protruding clt with her thumb. Anita closed her eye, caught her breath and let out with a scream like a banshee as she had the most incredible oragasm, squirting cum juices in all directions, which barby quickly licked up and covered Anita’s pussy lips with her eager mouth.

As the beautiful Jacqui emerged from a shower room, I was there to meet her, picked her up in my arms as she was unstable on her feet, and carried her up to my top floor bedrrom suite overlooking the bay.

I laid her naked body on the soft bed; she rolled over into the feotal position and I covered her with a sheet, climbing in beside her, wrapping her in my arms and kissing her neck.

Sleep soon found me but not before I resolved that tomorrow would be another magical day of sexual pleasure with the lovely Jacqui.

. . . to be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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