It Started Online Ch. 06

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Thank you so much to my editor Incredimeters for helping me get my work suitable for publishing.

Please read the other parts of this series first, at the very least the last 3 chapters or you may get confused.

++++ Warning this story contains foot fetish, Spanking, Family roleplaying and

mother/daughter incest scenes. ++++

My name is Margret Brown and I am the worst mother ever. I have spent the last few months becoming more and more entangled in my deepest and darkest sexual fantasy’s. I am first and foremost a huge foot fiend. I have also embraced my bi sexuality and admitted to myself that I am physically attracted to my daughter Mary.

Right now, I am in a relationship with my oldest and dearest friend Robert Thorn and his new wife Grace. Robert had asked Grace to move in with him less than a year ago but she quickly became the center of our world. The three of us have become a family of sorts. I am the Mommy; Robert is the Daddy and Grace is our daughter. I moved out of my apartment and moved my stuff into an attic apartment over the Thorn’s garage. This apartment however, is just for show as I sleep with Robert and Grace every night. It has been so much fun.

Grace is not a physically dominating person. I mean she doesn’t make me wear a dog collar or whip me. That is not her style. She is always protective of Robert and me. I know she would never let anything bad happen to us. She uses cunning and mind games to ensnare a person. She gets you to think that what you’re doing is in fact, your idea. You think you are manipulating her. Then as fast a lightning bolt cuts across the sky you discover that you’re the one being manipulated and not only are you not upset but you’re grateful to her for the privileged of being used.

When we first started playing together, I made the mistake of admitting to Grace that one of my fantasies is to have a sexual relationship with my oldest daughter, Mary. With my help Grace learned everything there was to know about Mary. “I just want to give you what you want Mommy. I need to know more about Mary so I can pretend to be more like Mary,” Grace had said. “Does Mary do her hair like this? Does Mary like this band or that food.” I couldn’t believe how much Grace changed to take on her new role.

Once Grace was done picking my brain, she decided to go right to the source. She accidently, on purpose sent a friend request to Mary. Mary asked me about Grace and I asked Grace why she had sent the request. Grace told me she wanted to get to know Mary better in person and this was a good way to do it. I told Mary who Grace was and before I even finished talking to Mary, Grace looked up at me with a smile and said, “thank you, Mommy.”

Within a week Grace and Mary were best friends. They liked all the same things. They talked all the time via messenger and video call. I stayed awake at night wondering how much Mary was telling Grace about herself because whatever they were talking about it was making Grace more and more like Mary every day.

I asked Robert about it one night while Grace was in the shower. Robert said, “I love Grace. I love you. I love Mary. Grace is doing all of this to give you your fantasy. It’s making her happy to make you happy so I’m totally fine with whatever Grace wanted. Mary is over 18, attractive, intelligent and can make choices on her own.”

“Yes, but she’s my daughter and your God daughter,” I protested.

“I thought this is what you wanted,” Robert asked.

“It was. Is,” I said my emotions warring within me, “the truth is I want Mary so bad.”

“I understand,” said Robert, “I have to admit I’m starting to look forward to have her join our little family. Mary has become such a lovely young woman and Grace is having so much fun playing sister with her. Grace was an only child.”

“You really think Grace can pull it off?” I asked skeptically.

“Once Grace sets her mind to something it usually comes to be,” Robert said. “She wanted you and me to get together with her and look how fast that happened. And I can’t thank her enough for bring you into our life, Margret. I’m so much happier with you in our relationship.”

See what I mean?

So, when Grace put down her phone and announced that Mary was coming, I wasn’t shocked. Robert simply asked, “Should I get the guest room ready or will Mary be sleeping with all of us straight away?”

Grace gave Robert a kiss on the lips. “Guest room for now but soon, Daddy. Isn’t this good news, Mommy? Your baby girl is coming home. She thinks she is only coming for the summer but…” Grace said in a sing song voice. My brain screamed NO! My pussy dared to hope.

We, Grace and I, went to the airport to pick Mary up. Grace told me the secret to seducing someone was to touch them as much as possible as often as possible. Not just kissing or hugging either, you had to touch their shoulders, back, hands, face and of course, hair. Grace had demonstrating all of this to me the grup seks yapan gaziantep escort night before. I don’t know if it was going to work on Mary but it sure as hell worked on me. We skipped dinner and jumped right to carnal desert.

The two women hugged like they were long lost friends who had not seen each other in years. I am sure that several of the passer-by must have thought the two were twins. They were both 5’7 with brown eyes and light brown hair that thanks to me was cut in the same style. I had managed to get Grace to gain fifteen much needed pounds that had made her far less of a bean pole and far more like Mary’s form.

Grace led Mary over and watched as I hugged her. I rubbed her back and sniffed her neck. I rubbed my ear against hers. Then I pulled back, putting my hands on her shoulder and made strong eye contact. Then I just smiled and hugged her again slightly harder this time. Grace gave me a big thumbs up.

Mary didn’t pull away so I kept pressing her against me. It was so nice to feel her breast pressed against mine even through several layers of clothes. I moved my left hand up and started to pet her hair. Her breathing went from slightly labored to very rhythmic and calm. “Oh, Mom you feel so good. I missed you so much.”

“Oh Baby-girl, I have missed you too,” I answered.

I noticed a man stop and look at us. Then a couple. The woman whispered in the man’s ear and then gave us an “Ah, aren’t they adorable. “Look.”

“Mom?” Mary asked. “People are looking.”

“Don’t care.”

“Me either,” Mary said and retightened her grip.

Grace guided us over to some chairs and out of the main thoroughfare. Then she fished the keys out of my purse and volunteered to go get the car. We eventually broke our hug and walked through the glass door of the airport. Mary had already gotten her bag from baggage claim. I didn’t see my Lincoln so we just stood there and talked. I moved a stray hair behind her ear then caressed her cheek as I pulled my hand back. I felt like I was back in high school again and talking to one of the popular kids. “You look good Mary.”

“Thanks,” she said softly almost coy, “you too Mom.”

“Is that a new perfume I thought I smelled?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s called fruit punch number five.” She laughed as she showed me the large red stain on her skirt. “I little girl spilled it on me when we hit some turbulence.”

“Oh honey,” I looked at it closer. “That’s not too bad maybe with some vinegar and baking soda I can get it out.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She drew my attention back to her face. “It’s an old skirt and I happen to know somebody who owns a women’s dress shop.”

We both laughed. Grace pulled up and rolled down her window. “You ladies looking for a good time?” Then she raised her eyebrows at us twice.

With the skill of a veteran skycap, Grace loaded Mary’s two bags in the trunk and was back behind the wheel before we had a chance to get our seat belts on. Then in what I think was a Welsh accent asked, “where too ladies?”

I gave Grace a look that said knock it off. Mary laughed again so I joined her. “You are so funny Sissy,” said Mary using the nick name she had given Grace a few weeks ago and her half-sister Jenny 18 years ago.

Grace pulled into traffic and an uncomfortable silence set in. Grace had a playlist set up on her Iphone of all Mary’s favorite songs. Grace hit play and Adele filled the speakers. Grace began to mouth the words to the songs. Then Grace changed lanes quickly and I slid into Mary. Our legs brushed, my left hand went behind her back and my right went to her breast. “Sorry about that, ladies,” Grace lied, “Darn squirrels.”

“Mom.” Mary looked down at my hand still on her breast.

I pulled my hand back like it was touching a hot pan, “Sorry.”

I thought I saw Mary smile if only for a minute. Mary kept fidgeting. “You take your ADHD meds this morning?” Grace asked.

“Grace!” I admonished her.

“She’s right.” Mary said starting to rub her neck. “I can’t seem to find a good sitting position. My back keeps spasming.”

Grace motioned her head towards Mary and I took the hint. I started to rub her neck. I found several knots in her neck and rubbed them loose. “Does she have more knots lower down?” Grace asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Mary, take your shirt off.” Grace said and Mary obeyed by removing her shirt and then presenting her bare back to me.

“What?” I asked. I couldn’t believe how quickly Mary was falling under Grace’s spell.

“I mean we’re all girls here.” Grace explained, “Mary’s wearing a bra. What’s the big deal?”

I started to rub Mary’s back. Each touch was electric. The tenson in her back relaxed almost immediately. I was trying my best not to lose myself in the task or enjoy it too much. “Oh, Mom. That is so nice. A little lower please.”

I moved lower to just above her skirt and she started to moan, grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan “that’s the spot.”

I was in rapture. “Ah Mom.” Mary asked after a few miles, “when did you realize you liked women?”

Grace was obviously listening to the conversation and was so distracted she faded into the other lane a little before correcting. Mary turned to face me, reading my look of shock. “Who told you that I liked women?” I asked as calmly as I could.

“Grace.” Mary answered confused.

“Did not,” responded Grace.

“Did to.” Mary said.

“Did not,” responded Grace.

This went on for several blocks. “Girls, enough.”

Mary got in a final, “Did to.”

“I told you, your mother liked women’s feet,” Grace explained, “Which you do and is common knowledge, Margret.”

“Oh.” Mary looked sheepish. “If I mis-heard Grace, I’m so sorry, Mom.”

I took a deep breath and then decided to go out on a limb, “No harm done. If anything, I am glad the subject has come up.” I took another breath, “Naturally, this is not how I wanted you to find out but I do like women. I also like men too, just not right now, thanks to recent events.”

“So, you’re bi?” Mary asked to confirm.

“Yes.” I answered and braced for her revulsion.

It never came. Instead, she hugged me again. “That is so cool, Mom.”

“Hey” Grace called form the front seat. “Since we’re all sharing, I’m bi too. Does that make me cool?”

I reached over the front seat and patted her on the shoulder. “Yes, dear. You’re cool. Just not as cool as me.”

Mary sat back in her seat and started giggling. “I’m sorry Grace but you are so much like, Jenny.”

Grace sulked a little. “But get back to your original question.” I grew serious again, “Before I answer your question, I have one of my own. How much do you want to know?”

“Everything.” Mary answered enthusiastically.

“I was in the store.” I began describing the first time I realized I was in love with Grace. “I had seen her a hundred times but for some reason I looked up and the light hit her hair just right and I suddenly felt a pull in my gut and a tingle in my girly parts. It was hard to breath and in the following weeks I made up every excuse to see her, be near her and when possible, touch her. The truth is I have never felt that way about a man but I definitely felt it for this woman.”

Mary had gone all doe-eyed. “Wow. Do you still see her?”

I looked to the front seat. “Not as much as I would like. A lot more recently” I waved my hand in front of my face trying to bat away the memories. “But what about you? How do you feel on the subject?”

“To be honest,” Mary started, “I really don’t know. I mean I know I like this woman but I am not sure about my feelings. She’s older and has had it pretty rough lately. I do have a little experience with woman. Jenny and I have experimented with kissing and petting.” I gasped at this new information about my daughters’ after-hours activities.

“Wow Mom, I thought you knew.” I shook my head no. I recovered and Mary went on “But I mean until recently I didn’t even know she liked women. That’s why I wanted to get some advice from someone I trust and thought had gone through this before. Does that make sense?”

“Of course,” I kissed Mary on the forehead. “I love you, Mary. I will always love you. And I definitely have no problem with you exploring a relationship with another woman. I will help you in any way I can. Just be careful. And of course, if she breaks your heart, I reserve the right to kill her.”

Mary laughed. “I hope she has feeling for me, I think she does, but there are societal complications so I need to be careful.”

Then we drove by a Dunkin, and Grace called out, “Who needs sugar and caffeine?”

Mary and I both raised our hands. Grace hit drive up and the guy at the window barely even noticed Mary was shirtless. After I drank half my coffee and ate most of a Boston Cream doughnut, I was refueled. Mary was too. “I’m sorry Mom,” Mary began, “but I’m glad to hear that you’re into women. I want you to be happy and I am not sure a man can do that for you. I never liked Bill, or Jenny’s dad or really even my own father for that matter.”

Mary’s argument was severely eroded by the foam mustache she was currently wearing on her upper lip. I wiped it away like I had so many times before when she was a child and then licked my thumb. “Now, not all men are bad.” Mary didn’t look convinced. “Robert for example.”

“And Dale.” Grace chimed in.

“It is so unfair that you had two perfect men, Sissy.” Mary said.

“Just lucky, I guess.” Grace said.

“Yes, but Uncle Bob is a one in a million,” Mary maintained.

“Yes, but don’t forget,” I pointed out, “That we both had our shot at him and we blew it.”

“I beg your pardon,” Grace called from the front of the car.

“Mom had a shot at him before he married Aunt Gini,” grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort Mary moved so her head filled the review mirror, “And I just needed three more weeks to finish class, come home and seduce him when you showed up, and stole him right out from under me.”

“Maybe we could clone him,” I wondered out loud.

“So let me get this straight.” Grace asked, “Both of you want to have sex with MY husband?” she emphasized the My.

“Yes.” Mary and I said in unison and with passion.

“Really, Mary?” I asked.

“Come on Mom,” Mary said, “The fact that I would sleep with Uncle Bob shouldn’t surprise you. I’ve had a crush on him since I was twelve. Jenny too. If anything, ever happens to Grace, I won’t wait this time. I’ll grab his ass before her body is cold.”             

“I am not sure what concerns me more, the fact that you want my husband or that you keep calling him Uncle Bob.” Grace called from the front.

“What’s wrong with calling him Uncle Bob?” Mary asked confused, “It’s his name.”

“No, Robert is his name. Bob is a guy I dated who was a total asshole,” Grace explained.

We both an ah-ha moment and mouthed “Oooooohhh.”

“What would you like me to call him?” asked Mary.

“I know that he thinks of you as a daughter, how about dad?” Grace suggested.

Mary and I looked at each other. I was worried that Grace had over played her hand. Mary’s expression said, ‘what do you think?’ I tried to say, ‘I don’t know, what do you think?’ with mine.

“Do you think he would be OK with that, Sissy?” Mary asked her voice sounding hopeful.

“I’m sure he would mind,” Grace answered.

“Maybe we should let Robert decide?” I suggested.

“Cool,” said Grace looking very smug.

“Why do you automatically assume that he will go with your suggestion?” I asked.

“Yes Sissy, enlighten us,” Mary asked as we pulled up to a stoplight that was red.

Grace turned to face us then counted the reason off on her fingers, “I know he doesn’t like the name Bob either. He knows I don’t like the name Bob. He loves being called dad, because he always saw that as the point when one of his foster kids had accepted him, and last but not least, he knows that if he doesn’t agree with me, he doesn’t get any sex tonight.”

The light turned green and Mary looked at me knowing she could not fight Grace’s logic. “Maybe I should practice calling him dad on the way to Grace’s house.”

“Too late,” Grace announced pulling into the drive way, “we’re here.”

We all waived to Robert who was standing on the back deck, the grill going. We pulled into the garage. Mary’s eyes widened as she saw the hot tub. Mary got out slowly, never letting it leave her view, as though it was a mirage that would disappear at any moment. “When did you get a hot tub?” Mary asked.

“Last month,” said Grace unloading the bags out of the trunk.

“It was my happy divorce day present to myself,” I explained.

“Mom,” Mary looked upset, “Why didn’t you tell me. I don’t have a suit with me.”

Grace was still in a playful mood. “Something wrong with skinny dipping?” she asked and then skipped off to join Robert on the back deck.

I just stood there shaking my head. Mary was grinning widely. “Is she always such a kid?”

“Not at the store, thank goodness,” I lamented. “There she is a complete professional and your sister is the childish one.”

Mary and I started walk towards them then, while Grace decided to skip the last 20 feet or so. “She is so nice, so much fun and so lovely,” I explained to Mary.

“I know,” Mary continued were I left off, “She has the pull of a blackhole.”

I took the conversation back, “You can’t say no to her. Half my customers are in love with her.”

“Oh, good. I was worried it was just me,” Mary said.

I stopped walking and made Mary turn to face me. “Is she the one you think you are falling for?”

Mary laughed and shook her head, “No. I like Grace but I seem to be drawn to older woman.”

Robert had made all of Mary’s favorites. She loved anything grilled. Mary gave Robert a big hug. The he took his button-down shirt off revealing the white t-shirt he was wearing beneath. Then he put the shirt over Mary’s shoulders. We all noticed for the first time that Mary was still in just her bra. Mary turned bright red, I looked at my placemat and Grace let out a loud “Oops.”

We all began eating. “Thank you so much Uncle Bob for making dinner.”

Grace kicked me under the table, “Ow.”

Robert not knowing what was going on simply said, “you’re totally welcome. We (Robert pointed to all of us with his beer bottle), are so glad to have you here for the summer.”

“Robert,” I said hoping to get his attention and avoid another kick to the shin, “the girls and I had a discussion in the car on the way home and we were wondering if it would be OK with you if Mary calls you, dad?”

Robert was taking a sip of his beer and slurped a little. “What brought this up?”

“Mary kept calling you Uncle Bob,” I tried to be as tactful as possible. “Because she has always called you that, but there are some people (I looked directly at Grace), who don’t like the name Bob and would like her to stop calling you that. So, we thought because you have been like a dad to her, she could call you dad instead.”

“Well, that is a little weird, Margret.” Robert began, then looked at Mary, “How do you feel on the subject, Mary?”

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