Island Love Ch. 02

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What Might Have Been

He turns towards the shower, leaving me kneeling, tasting the salty remains of his cum in my mouth. “Come and wash the sand off.”

I have just sucked my first cock, willingly, enjoyed it even. I’m in a motel suite with a man I met just a few hours ago, a man almost twice my age. This man, who has just knocked my world off its very heterosexual axis, obviously wants more. And I know myself. I know that what people want I tend to give. So I’m nervous of what I might willingly do for this man.

I stand up, looking nervously towards the shower. I pick up my towel. Am I afraid of him? Or of the things I find myself doing with him, or of the feelings inside me that he is opening up? I head back into the bedroom, pick up my speedos and head for the door. I have made up my mind, I am leaving.

He is standing there, towel around his waist, strong bare chest and strong lean body, standing in the kitchenette making drinks. He is between me and the door with a smile on his face. “You leaving so soon?”

I nod, too nervous to say anything.

“Didn’t your Mother teach you it’s rude to leave without saying goodbye?”

I blush furiously, my hot red face giving me away.

He reads me easily, the shy straight boy trying to avoid confronting his bi side. “Shame not to rinse the sand off and clean up before you leave” he says, reaching out with his hand, stroking my cheek. His thumb rubs across my lips.

I start to stammer some sort of excuse but as my mouth parts to speak he shushes me and my mouth accepts his thumb, his dark eyes looking down into mine. “It’s going to be a lonely afternoon without you, and it was looking so promising.”

I whimper on his thumb as he pulls me closer to him, his hand around my back stroking my back then down and caressing and cupping my buttocks.

“I tell you what, go and have a shower, get cleaned up, we’ll have lunch then I’ll drive you back to the beach, the hostel, or anywhere else you want to go on this island. You can leave anytime you want, but you have to say goodbye properly.” His voice becomes firmer, admonishing my attempt at a cowardly exit, his thumb slowly fucking in and out of my lips.

He leans down and kisses me, removing his thumb. His lips met mine, his tongue tracing them then slipping into my wanton mouth. My tongue dancing around his, my body reacts to his touch, snuggling closer to him, encouraged by his hands on my back and ass, my resistance melting away. My head pounding with confusion, why was I standing here kissing this guy when I had made up my mind to leave?

“You know you want to,” he says grinning.

I look down ashamed, unable to look into his eyes. He lifts my face with his hand “It’s only you and me. It’s our own private little world in here. You haven’t done anything wrong; you don’t need to run away, we just had a bit of fun, relieved a bit of pressure. Nothing will happen that you don’t want, relax.”

I nod. He kisses me lightly on the lips and, with his hand on my ass, nods towards the shower and turns me around, sending me on my way with a gentle push.

“Damn, you have the cutest body,” he says to my naked back as I head for the shower, my towel and speedos now somehow in his hands not mine. A thrill spreads through me, his compliment not lost.

“Here, take this with you, cutestuff.” He hands me a drink. I take a sip, rum and coke, it tastes sweet and cool and refreshing I take another. “Damn, you even drink sexy! Go and have a shower before you turn me on again.”

I blush and turn for the shower hearing him groan “that ass, that ass, that ass!”

I slip into the bathroom and down the drink in one. The shower is already running, steam rising as I step inside. I find soap and shampoo and start to wash, rinsing off the sand and sea salt from the beach and the oil from his massage. I can see him through the frosted glass of the shower, moving around the suite. He stops and watches me, a drink in his hand. He moves towards the shower and my heart skips a beat as I see his towel drop to the floor and he opens the door. Stepping in he lifts the glass to my lips. I take a sip, the mixed rum and coke tasting Avrupa Yakası Escort wonderful, reminding me how thirsty I had become out in the sun. He puts the glass on a high little shelf and takes the soap from me. “Some places are just hard to reach,” he says, his arms wrapping around me and starting to soap my back.

His mouth drops to mine once again and once again my lips part for him as if it were the most natural thing in the world. His hands roam all over me soaping me up. “Put your arms around my neck,” he tells me. And I do it, thrilling at the feeling of wrapping myself into this tall handsome guy. He breaks the kiss as he murmurs how hot I looked in the shower, how he couldn’t help joining me. His hands are moving in a perpetual gentle motion. They glide over my ass cupping my buttocks.

He tells me how he loves my little bubble butt. He slides his fingers into my crack, his soapy fingers teasing my puckered little hole, tempting me. He tells me how much he loves touching me. His soapy finger returns to the spot and my ass moves almost involuntarily back to receive him. He pushes gently and eases his finger inside me. I moan into his neck, surprised at how gentle it feels, an invasion and yet no pain. Eased by the slippery soap his finger glides in and out of me, never coming all the way out.

When it does finally leave me, I feel empty. My hips sway following his touch, teased by the fingers that come close but don’t enter until chuckling he slips another finger into me. I moan into his chest and push back onto the invading digit.

“You like this” he tells me, looking down right into me, recognising the need in me.

“Yes,” I answer almost voicelessly, lost in the thrill of dancing on his fingers.

“Hot little bitch,” He kisses me again, his tongue now strong and thrusting, giving me no opportunity to respond to his comment.

His free hand snakes between us cupping my balls, soaping and arousing my half hard cock, gently he brings me to a full erection then his hands and mouth leave me.

“Turn your gorgeous little horny self around; I want a good look at that sexy bubble butt.”

I turn and self consciously present my ass to him, leaning up against the shower wall as he groans his appreciation into my ear and runs his hand down my back and onto my butt. My ass is again pushing back wantonly onto the fingers that tease their way into my hole. My mind, warmed by the rum, releasing the last vestiges of control it had been trying to exert over my sorely tempted body. He tells me how tight I feel to him as he plays with my ass and sucks and nibbles at my neck.

The water washes me clean as he kisses his way down my back then onto my butt. Kissing, sucking, gently biting and licking his way over my body, thrills shooting through me. His mouth centers across my ass and unbelievably his tongue snakes across my asshole. My mind in a whirl as it too enters me, swirling around making me giddy with the surprise of yet another newfound pleasure. The light buzz of alcohol freeing me from my inhibitions to centre on the pleasure he is giving me. His tongue laps at me and fucks into me with surprising strength, one hand pulling my thigh back onto him, the other gently caressing my balls and cock. I moan as I push back onto him and he chuckles as he steps away from me, handing me the soap.

“Now for me,” he says, handing me the soap. “All over,” he adds with obvious strength and meaning. I start to soap his chest, my hands thrilling at their newfound willingness, roaming over him nervously.

“Take your time and enjoy yourself,” he says lifting the drink to his lips then to mine before casually reaching up to the showerhead.

I roam all over his body with my hands, touching a man for the first time. Casually he directs me, his calm relaxed voice soothing me as he reclines against the shower wall enjoying my nervous first attempts at cleaning the sea and sand from him. His cock hard and proud again as my soapy hands focus in on it. He chuckles as I took him in both hands. “Look what you do to me. Take your time now, no need to rush. You like the feel of my big hard cock don’t you?”

“Yes,” I Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan answer, never taking my eyes off it.

“Good, good, good,” he groans. My soapy hands slide over and over his big cock, the big head soft and red the long thick shaft strong and hard. Again and again as I wash his back and legs and feet my hands snake back to his cock. I wash his buttocks, nervously between them, his knowing eyes on me all the time, relieved that he didn’t want the intimate washing he had given me. I center again on his cock, I can’t resist it and I can’t resist the groans of pleasure and chuckles of light mockery as I grasp it and marvel at it. Finally he takes the soap from my hands and rinses off before turning off the water.

He pulls me out and pads me down with a towel, quickly drying himself as he kisses me and lowers me back onto the bed. His hands are again roaming over me, on my arms, my chest, rubbing and pulling at my nipples, stroking my hips and ass. His fingers find my hole again, this time helped with the baby oil. He kisses me lying on our sides facing each other, his oily finger slipping into me. He rolls me onto my back; kneeling between my legs, he eases one then two fingers into me. The feeling is amazing, the pain I expected has not materialized, instead I feel stretched and wonderfully centered on the friction his movements are making.

Looking down into my eyes, he watches me revel in the feelings, watching my inner struggle with the newfound desire. He fucks me with two fingers, then one finger from each hand, and then I feel another slip inside me. All the time he is murmuring to me, telling me how much he loves my body, telling me how hot I look, telling me how slutty I am lying there letting him fuck me with his fingers.

“You never imagined it feeling like this, did you? You like this don’t you, slut?” he asks as my hips rise to accept the thrusting of his fingers as his other hand slips teasingly over my cock.

“Yes,” I moan

‘You want more, don’t you!”


“It feels good, doesn’t it, these fingers deep inside you,” He slips three fingers as deep as they will go.

“Yes, yes it does.”

And it does, it feels wild, I’m stretched but it isn’t painful, there is pleasure there. Pleasure I never imagined.

“What feels good?”

“It all feels good; everything you do to me feels good.”

“I could do anything I want to my little slut. Couldn’t I?”




“You know what I want, don’t you?” His fingers are sliding teasingly into me, his other hand gently caressing the head of my cock, everything slick with the babyoil.


“Do you want my cock inside you?” Now his fingers are stroking between my legs teasing the entrance to my empty hole

I moan a thin “Yes.”

“Are you sure?” I feel the head of his cock stroking down the groove of my ass.

A whisper “Yes,” then a moan of pleasure as the big head starts to slip into me.

It feels no bigger than the three fingers he had inside me but it starts to stretch me, inside. Inside there is another doorway and this one is resisting, but only a little, more of tightness than a restriction. Gently he nudges at me, gently he coaxes me and slowly I feel myself open to him. His cock is hard like an iron bar, there is nowhere to hide from its slow nudging invasion as he rocks his hips back and forth. He looks directly into my eyes as he takes me, the knowledge of what he is doing to me full in his eyes.

His cock is easing in through all the slippery tightness, my legs spread wide across his chest, he coaxes himself deeper and deeper. I feel something else; I feel his cock stroking something deeper inside me, some nerve bundle that is thrilling to the stimulation. As my mind focuses in on this new amazing feeling, all discomfort is forgotten. All that exists is the sensation of his shaft stirring up the inside of this nerve bundle.

His rocking stops and he leans forward. “Put your arms around my neck.” My hands roam his strong back, my fingers feeling the heat of his tight shoulder muscles.

I’m bent double as his lips meet Escort Avrupa Yakası mine and his tongue thrusts into me. I moan into his mouth as his hips rock forward pushing even deeper into me. There is nowhere to go, the sensation is huge, all enveloping. The feel of him inside me and over me and all around me is so intense. He rests there kissing me, his cock huge inside me.

“Oh damn, this is so good, you are so fucking cute. Your ass is so silky it’s like a pussy.”

He kisses me, his tongue playing games with me as we lay motionless. Then, slowly he begins to rock his hips. The motion is so small to start with that it feels good, again I moan onto his mouth.

He starts to take longer strokes. His thick cock slipping within my tight confines, pulling moans and whimpers of sensation from me. I feel stretched completely but amazingly my body wants it, craves it to continue. The whole sensation is overwhelming, I begin to moan uncontrollably, his cock is the centre of my world and every movement brings new sensation and the most fantastic deep pleasure I can imagine.

He drives into me with longer and longer strokes, pulling out almost all of the way before gliding back into my depths. I am completely lost; every slow slick movement of his wonderful cock sends thrills through me. Every breathy withdrawal makes me whimper and every thrust makes me moan.

He increases his tempo, pinning my arms under his strong hands he rides me with powerful thrusts, the faster strokes making me gasp for breath. His fucking becomes an animal rutting, his control abandoned to raw lust as he pounds into me. I am loving it. It is amazing. I am completely lost in the centre of his lust, my ass afire with the heat of his pounding, the assault on my senses entirely uncontrollable. He looks at me with glazed eyes groaning “fuck, fuck, fuck, oh I love your ass, I love your tight little ass, I love your tight little pussy.”

Slowly he gathers control of himself. He slows his thrusting. He focuses again and looking into my eyes says: “You are such a great fuck, and you love it don’t you?”

“Yes,” I gasp. “Yes, I love it.”

He leans back and changes the angle of his cock inside me. It hits the nerve bundle inside, sending delicious sensations all through me. He rides in and out gently sawing his cock along the length of that sweet spot, grinning at my reaction and my eyes that struggle to keep their focus.

He says “..and it only gets better, bet you’re glad you didn’t leave now, babe!”

“Yes, Yess!” I moan

“You’re having fun being my little slut now, aren’t you?”

“Ohhh, Yess!” I reply, partly in answer and partly in reaction to his cock gently finding that sweet spot inside. He rocks on his heels, nudging it, stroking it with the length of his iron hard cock.

“You’re not going to try to run off anymore, are you babe?”

“No” I whimper, on the brink of orgasm.

“This is where you belong now, isn’t it? You’re mine now.”

“Yes, I’m yours.”

“Good….. Very good, babe. You won’t regret it.”

He rides me with long hard strokes, each one pushing me higher in a long strung out ecstasy beyond anything I have ever imagined. I feel like I am coming but stay so close to it for so long I begin to think I will pass out. His cock is riding the sweet spot inside me, sending pleasure all through me. He rubs the palm of his oily hand across my cock. The slick strong stroke sending me crashing over the edge as his big hard shaft claims me as his. That one stroke and then he grips my cock tight as I spurt. I cum in a haze of pleasure, bucking wildly under him as he fucks me hard and deep. I’m cumming and cumming in a blur of pleasure that exceeds anything I have ever experienced.

He rides me hard all through my orgasm and begins to cum deep and jerky inside me, hammering long hard deep strokes that shake me to the core. My own orgasm subsiding, he erupts in a cry of joy, grabbing my hips and slamming over and over into my willing hole. His cock seems even bigger as he floods me with spurt after spurt of cum deep inside.

“All mine, now, you’re all mine now,” he coos as he settles down, his strong arms and legs around me, his fingers gently swirling in the pool of my cum on my stomach. I wallow in the afterglow, my body still reeling with the pleasure he has given me. My mind whirrs on, happy to relax with this wonderful man but still trying to process the extent to which my life has just changed.

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