Innocent Indian Wife’s Degradation Ch. 09

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Thanks to kenji sato for editing this story.

Kayalvizhi slept ’til late morning after the trip. Her pussy was hurting like hell. Thankfully, Selvam had gone to the native place for a week, so she had time to recover. When Selvam and his friends broke her chastity, they kept fucking her non-stop, day and night, for close to a week. There were times she had literally begged them to stop and give her some rest, but they just laughed away, and kept fucking.

But still, her pussy and arse were as sore as she was feeling currently, due to the two tribal men who had brutalised her. She could feel that their bodies were different, and maybe only tribal women could enjoy them, without subjecting themselves to pain.

After Selvam had taken her virginity, Kayal was afraid she might get pregnant, so she rushed to see a gynaecologist nearby. The doctor prescribed a morning-after pill, and then a regular pill to prevent any pregnancy. Since none of her sex partners even bothered to wear a condom, Kayal was taking those pills regularly, without her husband’s knowledge.

She felt that she needed another check-up to handle the pain. After Anand went to the office, Kayla walked to her doctor’s office, and said, “Excuse me,” to the receptionist behind the desk.

“I want an appointment with Dr. Aparna Iyer.”

“Yes, ma’am.” She replied, “I am sorry, but Dr. Iyer has gone to an international conference and will not return for two weeks.”

The receptionist told Kayal that all of the other female doctors were booked for at least two months, and that the only option was a male doctor named, “Dr. Ramesh Iyer. He is her husband, and he is one of the best we have in our clinic.”

Kayal thought for a moment, but she said to herself, what the hell, and decided to get an appointment with a male doctor, as she was in pain. She had been waiting for about ten minutes when her name was called. She followed a nurse to one of the exam rooms, went through the weight and blood pressure exam, and then she was left alone to change into one of the hospital gowns. It looked bad as it made her more exposed.

She stripped out of her clothes, then cringed as she wrapped the paper gown around her body. She looked around the room, then sat down on the exam bed to wait. She didn’t have to wait long. She had been sitting there for about five minutes, when Dr. Ramesh Iyer knocked on the door, opened it, and walked into the room, looking at her chart.

When he looked at her, he smiled. “Hello, Mrs. Kayavizhil. My name is Dr. Ramesh Iyer, and I understand you here for a check-up due to soreness.”

Dr. Iyer was a very impressive guy, tall and fit, with a firm handshake and a friendly smile. He was in his fifties, but had a young skin like a man in twenties, except for his greying hair.

Kayal felt a bit uncomfortable, as the doctor was eyeing her. She also felt a bit aroused, at her state of undress. The doctor ignored her discomfort, and lowered his eyes like he was looking at her chart; while, in fact, he was checking out her body wrapped in the paper gown. Ramesh Iyer liked being an OBGYN, because he had loads of fun fucking his patients.

He licked his lips as he thought about burying his hard cock into this little morsel.

After he had his fill, he did look at her chart. “I see you are recently married, and are you enjoying your sexual married life?” he asked, putting her chart on the counter beside him, while he lifted his eyes to hers.

Kayal just nodded, as she had been enjoying it–but not with her husband.

“Aha,” he said, looking at the chart.

Kayal was startled.

“You are Anand’s wife. Now I get why your face was so familiar. I came to your wedding. We are distantly related.”

Kayal’s heart sank. The last thing she wanted was someone from Anand’s family to know about her sex life.The last time her uncle-in-law knew, he blackmailed her into servicing his sexual needs. But she couldn’t back out now. She prayed that he wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

Dr. Iyer stood up, and quickly washed his hands, then moved towards the bed she was sitting on. He never let a virgin leave his office untouched if he could help it.

“Why don’t you lie down, and we will do the exam.”

She smiled at him, and then lay down on her back on the bed.

“When was the last time you had a breast self-exam?” he asked.

Kayal shook her head.

“Early detection of breast cancer is key in the quick diagnosis. Nowadays, women as young as twenty are getting it. All it needs is a five-minute self-exam every month or so. Don’t worry, this time I will teach you,”

He pulled her up a bit, so he could slip the gown out from behind her then pushed her down onto her back on the bed. He lowered the front of her gown, until her breasts were open to his gaze. Dr. Iyer knew that most doctors would put their hands under the gown to give a modicum of privacy. But he liked to look at his patients, though.

He wasn’t bursa escort disappointed. He had seen a lot of D-cup breasts, but very rarely did they have a slim waist to complement. Kayal’s mammaries stood like domes of a mosque, with big areolas on top, without any sagging. He secretly rated the boobs of his patients, and this was certainly in the top one-percent category.

She did close her eyes, as his hands moved over her flesh, almost in a caress. “Hmm…nice,” he said under his breath, as he moved his hands over her breasts, supposedly looking for lumps. When he pinched a nipple, Kayal opened her eyes looking at him, but he just smiled, and then continued the exam. “When was your last period, Kayal?”

He asked her to move over, to pick up her chart. She lifted the gown back up over herself. “About two weeks ago,” she replied, watching the way his butt moved, tightly encased in his scrubs.

Ramesh made a notation in her chart, and then turned back towards her. “Well I didn’t feel any lumps or anything. I think we can move on to the vaginal exam.”

For Kayal, the metal shoved up her pussy was uncomfortable. Plus the latex gloves the doctors always wore usually chafed her delicate skin. She closed her eyes again, as she waited for the torture to begin. Her eyes flew open suddenly, when she felt, not the metal object slide up inside her, but his fingers, instead–his bare fingers.

“Dr. Iyer!” she gasped, in surprise.

Ramesh stared at the bare pussy in front of his face, and his mouth watered. He saw a bit of her juices clinging to her lips covering her slit, and had to force himself not to lick it up. He lifted his eyes to hers, as he slowly spread her pussy open with his fingers then slid two fingers inside her well. When she gasped, he didn’t respond; he just pushed his fingers further into her, while slowly stretching her out.

Kayal couldn’t hold back the moan that left her lips. Dr. Ramesh Iyer smiled, as he moved his face closer to her pussy. He made it seem like he was looking for any abnormalities, while in actuality, he inhaled her female scent. He pressed his nose against her clit, as if to see closer, while he rubbed it back and forth gently.

“Ohhh,” Kayal moaned. Ramesh smiled again. He moved his fingers in and out of her slowly, as if trying to stretch her out more.

What he did next, though, Kayal knew was not part of any exam. “Well, looking at the bruises, it looks like you have had some rough sex recently. Your husband must be a very aggressive man.”

Kayal just smiled weakly, as she allowed the doctor to assume whatever he could.

“And I thought Anand wouldn’t be able to get erect for at least eighteen months, but looks like he has recovered quickly. Maybe having a hot wife created a medical miracle.”

Kayal totally froze. How did he know that? What could she do now? Tears began to flow from her eyes.

Ramesh looked at her, and stopped talking. “Don’t worry, dear,” he said, “I’m a doctor, not a priest. It’s not my job to judge you. I’m here for your health.

“We doctors have a vow of secrecy. I was the person who gave first aid to Anand after the accident, but I have not said anything about his condition to anyone, yet. You will be surprised to see the number of unmarried women who come here for contraceptives and unplanned pregnancies. Do you want me to continue the check-up?”

He said all of this against her pussy. Kayal was embarrassed, and was wiping the tears from her eyes; she wasn’t sure if he would keep up the promise. At this time, Dr. Iyer knew he had this young wife where he wanted her, and now he could use her any which way he would like, without her protesting much or telling anyone about what he was going to do to her. He pulled his fingers back, feeling her pussy tighten around them. Then he darted out his tongue and ran it lightly over her clit.

“Doctor!” Kayal cried, half sitting up.

“Shhhh, I won’t hurt you. Call me Ramesh,” he said, against her pussy. He lifted his free hand and gently pushed her back down, as he licked her clit again. He was making little circles around the top of her pussy. He then started licking the sides of it, before dragging his flat tongue from the base, back up to the clit.

“Oh, oh, doctor, I don’t think we should be doing this,” she protested, even as her hips moved and she felt his hand move up under her gown, until he cupped her bare breast. He moved his hand over her breast, while he continued to devour her pussy with his mouth. She was moaning and meowing like crazy.

He sucked her clit right into his mouth and looked like he was licking it hard from there. He went more forcefully at her pussy. He sucked hard on her clit, biting it occasionally, while he slammed three fingers in and out of her. He started to maul her breast, squeezing the nipple painfully.

Kayal started saying, “Ooooh yeaaaah, right there, don’t stop! Gopuram! AGH!” Kayal cried out, at the pain, just as she started bursa escort cumming.

“I’m cumming, doctor!” she cried, as she sprayed her pussy juices all over his thrusting fingers.

Ramesh pulled his fingers out of her pussy, replacing them with his mouth, slurping up all her juices, while he dug his tongue deep inside her. Ramesh kept his mouth locked on her pussy, until he made sure he had gotten every last drop, then he finally pulled away.

Kayal lay back on the bed, panting and trying to catch her breath, with her eyes closed. Ramesh Iyer watched her for a minute; then standing up, he pulled his pants down around his hips so his seven-inch cock was standing out in front of him. He moved up by her head and pressed it gently against her cheek. She opened her eyes, while she turned her head.

“I don’t think–” she started to say, but was cut off when he pushed his hard cock into her mouth.

“Mmm… Suck it, baby. No one will know,” he purred, as he stroked her hair and slowly fucked her face. She looked up at him, not moving, just letting him slowly fuck her face. She knew this was wrong, but at the same time, she was excited. Plus she did like the feel of his cock in her mouth. All of this happening in an office, no less.

He saw her wide eyes, and smiled. Some of his other patients had been like this in the beginning–not sure how to react. Now, all of them willingly opened their legs for him. He continued smiling, as he reached between her spread legs, gently brushing his finger over her clit.

Kayal groaned around his cock, as pleasure coursed through her. Looking up at Ramesh Iyer again, she lowered her eyes and started softly sucking on him. “Yes, baby, that’s it. Suck on my cock, and then I’ll give you a special gift,” he sighed, as he continued stroking her clit, and slowly feeding his length to her.

Ramesh looked down at her. “Just swallow, baby; let me slide down into your beautiful throat.” He could see that she had a lot of experience in sucking cock.

He ran his hand slightly over her neck. Kayal kept her eyes on him, as she did as he suggested. She was startled when she felt his cock slide into her throat. She breathed hard through her nose good as she let her muscles caress him.

“OOOOHHH!” Dr. Iyer cried, as he felt her throat muscles massage him. He flicked her clit harder and started ramming his cock in and out of her mouth, as he tangled his hand in her hair.

Unsure of what to do about this, Kayal just lay still, letting him fuck her face.

“OH GOD!” he groaned, slowing down his strokes, while Kayal sucked the life out of his huge dick. Without warning, he stood up, pulled his dick out of her mouth, and began to spray her tits with a fountain of cum.

The first spray alone seemed to last two or three seconds. It looked like a stream of piss, it was so much. That was followed by four or five more ropes of thick white jizz. All of it was painted across her tits and chest, giving her a glazed appearance. As the last rope fired, Dr. Iyer stuck his softening cock back in her mouth for what she guessed was a cleaning. Kayal licked it as clean, as she would an ice cream cone. He pulled a small towel from his desk drawer to help clean her up.

He said, “Let’s finish these exams quickly, and head to my apartment to finish what we have started here.”

He performed pelvic exams, where he spread her pussy lips gently apart. He ran his finger along the outer labia, and spread them open a little. He spread a drop of lubricant on his fingers and inserted his index finger into her pussy gently. Next, he examined her cervix. He rolled one finger around her cervix and pressed it lightly against it. He then got a speculum, and gradually inserted it in her, while holding her pussy lips apart with the other hand.

She winced when she felt the cold material entering her. Kayal’s legs spread obscenely apart, and her cleanly shaven pussy on display, was held open with the speculum, so that he could see deep inside her pussy. The insides of her pussy looked very moist and pink. He checked her cervix closely with the speculum, and took a sample for a Pap smear. He then said that he would next check her rectum for haemorrhoids or other abnormalities.

He jokingly asked her if she ever had anal sex before, to which Kayal nodded yes, shyly. He spread her butt cheeks apart with his left hand, and inserted his index finger gently into her ass. He told her to relax her muscles, as he inserted the finger all the way in, and rolled it around inside her. He continued to check for about a minute. When he was done, he took some tissues, and wiped the excess lubricant from her anal area.

He wrapped up the rest of the exam in another few minutes. After he was done, he helped her get down from the table. Dr. Iyer asked Kayal to put her clothes back on quickly, while he finished his report and prescribed a cream to ease her aching pussy lips. And, he also said that bursa eskort he couldn’t wait to get back home to fuck her.

Once they both became presentable, Dr. Iyer asked Kayal to wait downstairs, while he finished with his work, and he would take her to his apartment. Kayal nodded, and finished paying her bill, and waited downstairs for the doctor to arrive. The receptionist gave a knowing smile, as she knew what this doctor did with his patients.

While she waited, she started to feel like a real slut. “Why can’t I say no to anyone? Selvam has really changed my sexuality, and now I am not able to say no to anyone who wants to fuck me.” While she was in thought, Dr. Iyer pulled over in his car, and asked Kayal to get in. She hopped in the front seat. Both of them were silent, as the car picked up speed, and they drove for twenty minutes to arrive at his apartment building.

Ramesh got out of the car and opened the doors, while Kayal looked around and relaxed a bit, but realised she did not recognize the place at all, and didn’t know which part of the city she was in. They entered a building and pressed for the service lift. They got into the lift and he pushed the button which took them to the fourteenth floor. He led her to a flat which was fully furnished and complete.

Once he closed the door, he placed one hand on her right arm, and his other sneaked to her waist and gently held it, within a second, his lips were on hers. He grabbed her waist tighter, pulling her closer to him, and Kayal wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

It was the steamiest kiss Kayal had ever received in her life. Dr. Iyer, still kissing her, pulled her away from the door and took her to the couch. Kayal felt his hand moving up her back to the back of her head, before clutching her hair. As they continued to kiss, his hand gripped her hair tighter, and with his other hand, he pulled her into an even tighter embrace. Kayal opened her mouth and he sneaked his tongue in, making the kiss even more passionate. They sat on the couch, their mouths still glued to each other, as their tongues danced beautifully and lips munched rhythmically. He kissed her hard and long, arousing her to no limit.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered, “You are so hot,” in her ear. “I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before,” he promised, and started removing her clothes. While he was doing that, Kayal wore an expression of curiosity and of slight submission. She knew she wanted to have sex with Ramesh, as well; she also started to undress him.

Kayal finally examined Dr. Iyer’s cock as she saw it in front of her, completely erect and twitching every now and then. It stood erect at least seven inches and had an equally impressive girth, while his crotch was clean shaven, which added to its allure.

He saw her staring at his cock. “You like it?”

Kayal nodded absentmindedly, as her left hand wrapped around its girth and the right hand cupped the balls. She slowly lowered herself to the ground, while she kept playing with this cock like it was a new toy. Kayal slowly started jerking the cock and fondling the balls, all the while staring at it. Ramesh sat down on the sofa, and Kayal got her ass on the back of her calves, on her knees. Upon doing so, she was face to face with his lap.

He reached his hand out and took a firm grip of her ponytail. Using her hair to manoeuvre Kayal’s head, without further ado, he pulled her to his cock and directed it to her mouth. She moved her mouth upward, her lips making contact with his dick, and quickly enveloped his obsidian cock with her soft orifice, gurgling, and making clear gagging sounds that echoed throughout the room. She felt the hardness of his knob with her tongue, swirling it around to scoop up the pre-cum that was all over it. She inhaled his musky, manly scent, which compelled her to suck harder. Dr. Iyer roughly kept bobbing Kayal’s petite head frantically up and down on his cock, while moving his hands all around her chest, mauling her tits.

After two minutes of gagging her on his tool, he took her mouth off his penis, which was coated in a thin sheen of spit, and it looked like Kayal had slobbered all over it like a slut. Ramesh Iyer placed his right arm under her knees, and his left arm under her back and lifted her off the couch. He carried her to his bedroom, all the while, their eyes locked into each other’s. He gently walked to the bed and threw her on it. He sat next to Kayal, and he cupped her breasts; one in each hand, and gave them a squeeze. He lowered his head to suck on her nipple. He licked the areola around the nipple, making it wet with his saliva, before clasping his mouth over it.

She pulled his head in further, to let him suck her breasts. He continued with his oral play on her tits, sucking on one and squeezing the other, not letting either be deprived of attention.

“Your tits are the best I’ve ever seen,” he said.

She just smiled, pulled him over her, and he rolled over to lay on her. He positioned the tip of his cock against her pussy lips, then slowly pushed it inside.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He pushed a bit more inside her.

“UGH,” she groaned, as she felt him slowly fill her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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