Innocent Ananya Ch. 02

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After taking Ananya’s virginity, I looked forward to the next time I could have her body. The next few times we met, it was in public or when her parents were present. I just smiled at her and got a shy answering smile in return. I thought she would be nervous or tense around me but the girl seemed to have liked what had transpired. I took comfort from that and cornered her in their kitchen when I went to visit them one day.

I pulled her to me with my hands on her waist. “You have not visited me for a long time,” I said in a low voice. “Why?”

“Babli didi, I just… I didn’t know…” she stuttered.

“Didn’t know what?”

She kept quiet, just staying still in my embrace.

I moved my hand to her buttocks and caressed her through her dress. I cupped her soft ass in a hand and started kneading it.

“I want to touch you again like I did last time,” I murmured. “I can’t do that here. I want you to come into my house this evening. There I will undress you and open your legs wide open and…” I trailed off suggestively. “You will come, won’t you, Ananya?”

She nodded quickly.

“Good. Now give me a kiss to seal the bargain,” I commanded.

She raised troubled eyes to mine. “Didi, what if someone comes in?”

“So do it quickly,” I said and took her sweet pink lips up into a kiss. After kissing her thoroughly while my hand roved over her bottom, I let her go and stepped away. “See you in the evening,” I reminded her as I turned and walked away.

That evening, true to her word, Ananya came to my house.

As soon as she was in, I pulled her into the bedroom. I didn’t want to waste any time.

“Take off your clothes,” I ordered.

She hesitantly started unbuttoning her blouse. I started to strip out of my clothes too. I had mine off before she had even taken off her blouse, so I went over to help her. I stripped her quickly and finally she was standing in my room, blessedly naked. I took her small breasts in my hands and squeezed.

“Ah Ananya, you are like such a drug,” I told her as I fondled her breasts. “I can’t get enough of you.

I sat her down on the edge of my bed and stood in front of her. Grasping her behind the head, I pulled her to myself. “Suck on my breasts,” I said, offering her my mounds.

She placed her hands on my waist and leaned down to fasten a mouth around my nipple. Her tentative pulls felt like a small child was trying to get his first taste of a breast. Not like the aggressive torture I was used to with my other lovers. I cupped my breast and fondled it as she suckled me with her sweet mouth.

Eventually I moved my hands down to her small breasts and started playing with them. I kneaded the soft rise of her breasts and gently rolled her nipples around in my fingers. Nudging her bursa yabancı escort onto my other breast then, I pulled her hard against me so her face was pressed against me. I felt so good. She continued suckling and lapping at my nipple and I again moved down to pinch her nipples.

As I took one soft pink nipple in my hand and squeezed, Ananya suddenly stopped sucking and cried out in a soft voice. I loosened by grip and then again squeezed hard.

“Aahhh,” she cried again.

“Yes, sweetie. I am going to pinch them raw, so that when you go back home from here, you are branded by me,” I told her.

She winced but didn’t say anything.

“Keep sucking” I told her and she got back to it.

And I got back to pinching her nipples. I had no doubt that she hadn’t had anyone touch her so roughly as I knew I had been the first to touch her intimately, even the first to kiss her. So the torture I was inflicting on her was definitely going to leave an impression on her untouched flesh.

“Okay, lie back on the bed,” I instructed after I had my fill of her wet mouth on my nipples.

She hurried to do as I instructed. When she was flat on her back on my bed, I saw that her nipples were pointing straight up and red due to my ministrations. I smiled to myself.

“Spread your legs, Ananya,” I said.

She slowly bent them at the knees and then spread them apart. She was glistening wet down there, just as I wanted her. A sparse growth of short hair covered her mound, contrasting nicely with her creamy skin tone. She was so beautiful. And so innocent. And completely mine to do with as I wished.

I settled myself between her spread legs and cupped her offering. Her juices flowed as I parted her pussy lips and slid my hand up and down her slit. She had her eyes closed and her breathing was getting heavier by the minute. I didn’t waste any time in inserting my middle finger into her. As it disappeared up to my knuckle, I felt Ananya struggle and moan. I placed my other hand on her belly and pushed my finger all the way into her tightness. She let out a soft cry and her eyes flew open in the sharp discomfort of the intrusion.

“Shhh,” I soothed her. “It will be okay as soon as I start fucking you.”

I held her eyes as I started driving my finger in and out of her. She still squirmed a bit as it was still her second time and I knew she was feeling more than a little sting at the invasion. I just increased the pace and pumped harder. With my other hand, I played with her little clit, rubbing it against her pelvic bone. In a matter of minutes, I felt her body loosen itself as her hips started to buck to my ministrations.

“Yes, Ananya, feels good? Yes, let me fuck you,” I said softly as I encouraged her bursa sınırsız escort to her orgasm.

The girl responded beautifully and rocked herself to my hand. Faster and faster as I fucked her, she met each drive. As her orgasm rushed over her, I felt her pussy contracting around my finger, convulsing and shuddering as I buried it deep into her and let her ride her high.

When it was over, I pulled out my wet finger and brought it to my mouth. Her taste was salty and sweet. Just as I thought it would be. I licked my finger clean, then bent down to her cunt to lap up the juices there. I opened up her pussy lips and swirled my tongue around, kissing and licking her centre eagerly. I was hooked onto her taste.

Finally, I felt my pussy screaming for attention. It was time I was pleasured by her too.

I moved up to her and situated myself with my legs on either side of her face, I saw confusion on her pretty face and I lowered myself over her.

“Suck my pussy,” I instructed her.

Without giving her a chance to answer, I lowered myself fully onto her face. I felt her open lips touch my cunt. Using two fingers down there, I opened myself to her moist mouth. It felt like heaven! She sucked me, again, just like a child would. Soft, little suckles. Tentative. Shy.

I groaned and ground myself on her face. Her nose hit my throbbing clit and I pushed myself into that. I didn’t have a care even if I was suffocating her; she had me drugged by her innocent behaviour.

Her hands were now on my ass as she touched me lightly. Her mouth was still sucking me and her little tongue was lapping at me.

I kept moving myself into her, grinding into her mouth and tongue. With a hand, I started circling my clit, building my arousal up.

“That’s good, Ananya, use your tongue. Make it hard and stick it into me,” I moaned.

The girl did as she was told. Her hard tongue snaked into me as I slid over her mouth and my hand continued to furiously frig myself.

It was exquisite. I was being sucked of by Ananya, who I had dreamt about having for months now. She was finally under me, completely naked, servicing me. I was riding her face. Her lovely, innocent face that called me didi.

I looked down and saw her lying under me, pleasuring me. I cupped a hand under her head and pulled her to me as I ground down into her. I pushed myself against the girl, rubbing myself furiously. It was not long until I came, arching over her for a long moment as my orgasm thundered through me.

I threw myself to the side on the bed and heaved as my breathing got to normal. When I turned to Ananya, I could see my juices coating the entire lower side of her face — her mouth, nose, cheeks and chin were covered by my görükle escort cum.

“Lick yourself clean,” I directed.

As always, the dutiful girl obeyed. Her adorable pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and she licked all that she could near her mouth. Then she took a finger to the rest of the wetness and gathered it up, licking her finger clean in the end. When all the fragrant cum had gone, I rolled over to kiss her.

It was something else to taste myself in her kiss.

“Come with me,” I said against her mouth. I got up and took her to the bathroom. “Sit,” I instructed like the last time. When she was seated on the toilet, I moved to straddle her spread legs. My pussy was flush against her lower stomach.

I hugged her head to my chest, and started to pee.

Ananya gasped as the first drops of my warm urine started dribbling out and wet her. I pressed my cunt into her as much as I could and really let it flow. The urine was splashing directly against her stomach and flowing down it to her pussy and then down into the pot. I took my time modulating the flow so that I was bathing her in the warm stream for the longest time I could.

Then when the last of it was squeezed out of me, I moved away from her and stood up. I cupped her pussy then as I had the last time.

“Pee,” I said. And like the last time, Ananya’s strong current flowed through my fingers as I rubbed her cunt while she peed. When it was over, I washed her and then myself and we walked back to the bedroom.

“It’s almost time for dinner and I know you have to go home,” I told her. “But there is one more thing I have for you today.”

“What?” she asked hesitantly.

I walked over to the dressing table and picked up my lip gloss. I manoeuvred Ananya onto the bed and spread her legs. Gently pulling her pussy lips apart with a hand, I started inserting the lip gloss into her pussy.

Ananya moaned.

“Does it hurt?” I asked her.

“A little, didi,” she whimpered.

I slid it in slowly and when it was all in, I grabbed Ananya’s panties from the floor and dressed her in them. “I want this to be in you through dinner today, Ananya,” I said, looking into her eyes. “I want you to feel your cunt full as you are sitting with your family. I want you to know what a little tease you are under that innocent face.”

Ananya looked up at me, uncertain.

“And when you’re done with dinner, when you go to sleep, I want you to take your panties off, take it out of your pussy and touch yourself until you reach orgasm, okay? I want you to pleasure yourself thinking about me.”

She shook her head yes.

“Dress now, and go home.”

That night, all my thoughts were for my young neighbour. I pictured her sitting at dinner with her parents with my lip gloss buried in her cunt, squirming and uncomfortable, unable to take it out because I had told her it needed to be there. Tomorrow could not come too soon for me to ask her how the night had gone.

* * * * *

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